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Seconds of Tom

 — Tom is invited back for a second engagement. by FreeWithHisHands02/11/074.29

Secret Desires

 — She longs for the excitement of being taken by a stranger. by AGreatAndTerribleBeauty01/02/083.73

Secret Formula for Marital Bliss

 — So obvious, yet so obscure. by mintabal323908/04/054.26

Secret Fuck

 — Wife secretly gets fucked with everyone around. by sharedhousewife10/22/084.25

Secret Life Ch. 01

 — A husband discovers his wife's secret. by jnw00106/27/093.67

Secret Life of a Guilty Wife

 — One thing leads to another, starting a string of affairs. by theoncomingstorm02/06/143.43

Secret Life of a Guilty Wife Ch. 02

 — The affairs continue. by theoncomingstorm02/07/142.93

Secret Life of a Guilty Wife Ch. 03

 — Another affair... things might be getting too complicated. by theoncomingstorm02/11/143.21

Secret Life of a Guilty Wife Ch. 04

 — Friday night brings back bad memories and Logan. by theoncomingstorm02/15/142.67

Secret Men's Business

 — Father and son discuss anal sex. by quietcantor04/20/074.28

Secret Passions

 — Wife takes it hard and deep. by Julbo88108/20/113.50

Secret Picnic With Ling

 — Chinese housewife seduces white co-worker. by QuietStorm197001/08/134.35

Secret Slut Wife

 — He finds out what his wife is doing behind his back. by Joatster08/06/033.27

Secretary's Day

 — Secretary's Day turns into a threesome after dinner. by BlueFish1111/07/084.14


 — Temptation overcomes a wife's guilt. by Kathi02/16/044.10


 — Are some things best left unsaid? by magmaman05/03/114.15

Secrets Among Friends

 — Good friend discover things about each other. by SubBabs01/07/103.24

Secrets and Betrayals Ch. 01

 — Her secrets, Gary's story. by writingdragon07/16/054.25

Secrets and Betrayals Ch. 02

 — His Betrayal: Alicia’s Story. by writingdragon09/21/054.31

Secrets and Lies

 — A tale of how deception catches up with you. by DeYaKen09/08/114.38

Secrets and Lies Ch. 02

 — The resolution of Harry, Susan, and Sarah's problems. by DeYaKen09/21/114.53HOT

Secrets of a Seductress

 — The inner workings of a woman's mind. by PublicAffection03/19/093.50


 — An affair. by Boulevardgirl4168208/14/143.02

Security Begins at Home

 — Wife cheats with client. by Boxerpete04/29/132.68

Security Clearance

 — How to get custody of the kids; a BTB story! by imhapless11/04/134.47

Seduce My Wife?

 — A husband hatches a plan to have his wife seduced. by cdnexpat06/18/123.93

Seduced & Debauched

 — His boss uses his young wife. by LustyLee7709/10/054.01

Seduced By My Husband's Boss

 — She falls prey to seductor. by Susimol10/15/003.82

Seduced By The Devil

 — A tale of the wicked and the adulteress. by Bazzza06/08/074.40

Seduced by the Game

 — Sexy but conservative wife is lured into a very adult game. by FatjackFallstaff08/14/134.35

Seduced into Sin Ch. 1

 — Young wife is seduced into a sex club by neighbors. by Rod Walloper01/30/024.38

Seduced into Sin Ch. 2

 — Lori meets another neighbor. by Rod Walloper02/02/024.46

Seduced into Sin Ch. 3

 — Lori goes out on the town. by Rod Walloper02/05/024.41

Seduced into Sin Ch. 4

 — Lori is inducted into the club. by Rod Walloper02/08/024.23

Seduced Into Submission Pt. 01

 — White wife seduced by black man into sex. by tinycuck8410/19/143.91

Seduced on the Road

 — Jessica is a faithful wife who would never cheat, or is she? by Juliewife05/24/103.85

Seduced on the Road Ch. 02

 — Jessica meets Gordon again. by Juliewife05/10/113.92

Seduced with Kisses

 — Mature fisherman meets a rich man's wife who cheats. by mangrove jack03/30/034.41

Seducing a Cheater

 — Cheating husband returns from his deployment. by navywife201301/21/133.88

Seducing a Cheater Ch. 02

 — Robert shows his point of view; Drew gets an eyeful. by navywife201302/09/133.56

Seducing Brian

 — Wfife goes to a party without hubby. by sharedhousewife02/16/083.83

Seducing Janet

 — Wife decides to share her husband. by shutterpsb02/28/154.38

Seducing Our Neighbor

 — A couple wants to try a threesome. by mdiver10/11/144.30

Seducing Sarah

 — He seduce his mate's wife, with husband's consent. by Belgarion1009/05/084.36

Seducing the Boss

 — Hotwife. by sharedhousewife05/27/104.03

Seducing the Cuckold's Wife

 — Black personal trainer turns husband's fantasy against him. by wants2bsub12/15/064.17

Seducing the Cuckold's Wife Ch. 02

 — Michael's plunge into cuckoldry. by wants2bsub12/28/064.24

Seducing The Paperboy

 — Horny wife takes on a young man. by amethyst wind03/12/044.32

Seducing You

 — A Hormy House wife in a passionate fantasy. by CHARLEY4U204/28/104.00


 — A man and woman describe sex as it happens. by mcdonng08/19/103.11


 — Husbands best friend seduces wife into a threesome. by eroticawriter_101/15/124.14

Seduction by Story

 — A story from the net led to the seduction of his wife. by scorpio0015507/03/033.68

Seduction of a Married Indian Woman

 — Young man takes another's wife. by kamasutra_man02/05/033.54

Seduction of Debbie

 — Wife's instincts force her to yield to husband's friend. by Day Dreaming09/24/024.40

Seduction of Housewife

 — Literotica helps a writer out. by Rusabhshah06/12/034.13

Seduction of Jacob

 — Joy seduces married visitor while hubby watches by Buckiowa08/18/144.33

Seduction of Tamanna

 — Neglected, lonely, and lured into adultery by her colleague. by sadhu21304/06/144.15

Seduction of Tamanna Ch. 02

 — She pays the price of being curious. by sadhu21305/01/143.63

Seduction of Tamanna Ch. 03

 — Monjo keep on surprising her with his skills. by sadhu21306/05/143.77

Seduction of Tamanna Ch. 04

 — She missed his big cock. by sadhu21310/24/143.91

Seduction to Cheat

 — I persuaded my ex girlfriend to cheat on her new boyfriend. by Robert36112/21/10

Seductive Repair

 — Housewife gets more then she asked for...or can handle. by Johnonymous12/27/034.07

See Ya

 — Willing cuck gets a rude awakening. by lakelover07/19/123.93

Seeds of Doubt, Harvest of Sorrow Ch. 01

 — Anonymous letters plants doubts in a marriage. by lucsmith12/02/074.18

Seeds of Doubt, Harvest of Sorrow Ch. 02

 — Husband finally discovers the painful truth. by lucsmith12/21/073.97

Seeing Too Much

 — Wife sees neighbors fucking, can't stop thinking about them. by edmead06/01/093.65

Seeking Advice

 — What advice is he going to give his wife? by CeeeEsss11/07/083.54

Seizing Moments

 — A young wife flirts with wife sharing. by oldfart4fun09/25/12

Seizing Moments Ch. 02

 — Young wife fulfills wife watching fantasy for husband. by oldfart4fun09/29/12

Seizing Moments Ch. 03

 — Wife takes wife watching to another level. by oldfart4fun10/13/12

Sela Makes a New Friend

 — Wife entertains, hubby watches and cleans up. by withmyfeetup09/12/063.98

Sela's First Foursome

 — Sela and Mike play with friends. by withmyfeetup09/13/064.08

Sela's First Swing Meet

 — A hot wife leaves hubby at home. by withmyfeetup09/12/063.82

Selena: Four-Play

 — A horny housewife spends a morning with three lifeguards. by Tommiefrazier03/11/143.94

Self Discovery

 — She discovers other men also find her attractive. by Christyfan04/14/064.36

Self Discovery Ch. 02

 — An adult board game takes things further. by Christyfan04/22/064.37

Self Discovery Ch. 03

 — She learns more about her sexuality. by Christyfan05/18/064.33

Self Discovery Ch. 04

 — Ray pays her a surprise visit. by Christyfan08/28/064.30

Self Discovery Ch. 05

 — She and Traci take things further. by Christyfan08/29/064.36

Self Discovery Ch. 06

 — Their voyeur and exhibitionist sides take over. by Christyfan12/28/064.26

Self-Discovery Trek Pt. 01

 — A poor little rich girl needs to take control of her life. by amyyum03/27/144.33

Self-Discovery Trek Pt. 02

 — Candace becomes Amber and starts her trek. by amyyum03/29/144.17

Self-Discovery Trek Pt. 03

 — Amber returns home and re-connects with her best friends by amyyum04/02/144.35

Selfish Bitch (Full Version)

 — Wife cuckolds and enslaves her husband. by davidjacobs203/01/092.98

Selfish Spouse

 — Husband is concerned about wife distancing herself. by javmor7908/12/144.02

Selina's Date with the Ex-Boyfriend

 — She goes out to dinner and brings home a creamy dessert. by selina2803/26/053.95

Selina's First Time Shared Ch. 01

 — My wife being shared for the first time. by baxternz11/03/144.06

Sell Baby, Sell

 — Trying to get ahead in a man's world. by Just Plain Bob10/28/063.78

Selling My Wife's Pussy Ch. 01

 — Struggling financially, I rent my wife to a young black man. by littledickboymatt10/22/123.25

Selling Myself

 — A wife's journey into the escort trade. by KatieBreckenridge07/27/094.44

Selling Myself For You

 — Your submissive wife enjoys humiliation at your urging. by Wanton and wet12/19/054.28

Selling Myself Jeff's Complaint

 — After the laughing, comes the crying. by Mandy0111/02/104.36

Selling Our Honeymoon

 — We sold it at a very high price. by ali1bali10/20/133.23

Semper Fi Brothers and Wives Ch. 01

 — Marine brothers and our wives begin a path of sharing. by eroswizard09/24/144.02

Semper Fi Brothers and Wives Ch. 02

 — Dawn's taming of CPL Cindy. by eroswizard09/25/144.01

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 05

 — Savannah finds her own fun after she helps out Brad. by RedHairedandFriendly11/13/064.35

Send Three and Four Pence

 — Helpless hubby is dragged nearer to a cuckold life. by Boomerang703/15/143.09

Senior Fun

 — Advert leads to couple's fun. by sex4u464708/25/114.10

Sensitivity Training 01

 — His tiny wife wants him to have sex with a beautiful Amazon. by edrider7302/06/143.02

Sensual Business Trip

 — Business trip turns into more for married woman. by LovinSouthernCouple11/25/064.31

Sensual Massage

 — Story based on her fantasy of being an escort. by Owlyn06/03/023.80

Sensuosity Comes With Age...Sometimes

 — Married couple swings so wife can learn sensuousness. by lance6208/07/124.00

Sentenced to Life

 — The life of a married man. by huedogg11/02/114.12

Separate Bedrooms

 — Problems with snoring lead to problems with faithfulness by balboa_rain04/13/142.55

Separate Lives Pt. 01

 — He catches her cheating, and won't put up with it. by Longhorn__0707/17/054.60HOT

Separate Vacation

 — Two couples go on vacation with others spouse. by sex4u464708/25/114.13

Separate Vacations

 — Keeping running shoes under the bed. by DanielQSteele109/08/104.50HOT

Separated for a While

 — The one thing we always got perfectly was sex. by assbr02/25/102.14

Separation and Anxiety

 — One of them wants to try a separation, the other does not. by TCct08/31/144.31

Sequel to Goa Resort

 — Indian wife repays the favour of the masseur. by rupanita10/13/063.93

Serena and John: The Conclusion

 — The end to Silver Anniversary. by thecelt02/22/064.21

Serie Noire 01

 — The power outage that blacked out my life. by likegoodwine10/10/114.17

Serie Noire 02

 — Misery likes company. by likegoodwine12/01/114.15

Serie Noire 03

 — A man lost in a sea of sorrow. by likegoodwine10/04/134.43

Serie Noire 04

 — A short story of late contrition. by likegoodwine04/09/144.05


 — Wife questions the wisdom of husband’s trip to a strip club. by masterfeedlarry08/21/123.82


 — A slut wife helps with the work of the Lord. by Franco Pauli11/11/093.60

Service Call

 — A power outage is easily resolved and paid for. by Ashson06/22/134.04

Servicing a Client

 — Insurance agent makes a housecall. by jcallah112/22/064.35

Servicing My Buddy's Pregnant Wife

 — He's given written permission to "help" friend's wife. by dinstigator09/12/054.37

Servicing the Furnace Makes For Fun

 — We find out that Maggie has a furnace of her own. by okayjack11/09/133.98

Serving our Troops Ch. 02

 — Wife acts out desires again with construction crew. by SLICKHEAD06/24/114.26

Serving the Servant

 — Paki woman cheats on hubby and seduces the servant. by paki_ikap03/25/084.04

Set-up Wife Turns The Tables

 — Hubby sets wife up for group action. by subFLmale01/24/043.86

Setting Her Up

 — Time to get rid of her. by Just Plain Bob11/22/134.26

Setting Sun

 — The lodger gets his way. by tamol04/14/023.75

Setting Up Jackie

 — She was a bitch and she had it coming. by Just Plain Bob09/02/104.07

Setting Up the Wife

 — A wife, a friend and a plan. by JustJimColo08/24/074.18

Settling In

 — Lisa takes a well hung lover after their move. by shapeshifter3704/14/054.16

Settling the Debt Ch. 01

 — Carol, an attractive young wife, is forced into performing. by ladyellen09/09/104.35

Settting Up Jackie

 — Going to get back at the bitch. by Just Plain Bob12/27/094.06

Setup by Hubby

 — Tina just wanted a good fucking. by RipRespon07/09/133.87

Setup By My Wife

 — Wife sets up him for a fucktastic weekend. by q242902/02/054.01

Seven Days of Lust

 — A tale of week long fantasy fulfillments. by Master_Vassago02/24/034.27

Seven Facts About Your Wife

 — He learns some surprising facts about his wife... and yours. by misterstan03/23/114.13

Seven Men & Wife

 — Weekend getaway gets away from couple. by xyz12354506/04/023.94

Seven Year Itch

 — What started the itch? by dangerouslydead09/18/094.01

Seven Years

 — She's taken by best friend during anniversary party. by xenome11/06/032.99

Seventeen Days in June

 — Stan's camping vacation at Pleasure Grove. by stanleytpowers09/16/053.86

Seventy Two Hours

 — A wife's ultimate fantasy gift for her husband. by Domwoolf08/01/114.51HOT

Sex and the Windy City

 — Chicago's sights bring out their mutual attraction. by sexyvijaya04/28/063.48

Sex at an Older Age

 — Wife hates sex with husband, but loves it with another. by ARGEE05/26/012.78

Sex at Sixty MPH

 — Fucking with the truckers, and fucking truckers. by MaryAnn67806/28/084.28

Sex Counselor Ch. 2

 — Sex-crazed wife wants more cock from husband. by Anal Slave07/28/023.60

Sex Craving Housewife

 — Sexy Indian housewife gets taken. by Rockyhardy01/05/063.42

Sex Ed / Masturbation Lesson

 — You take your wife on exploration of her pussy. by bonebe12/12/053.85

Sex Ed After Marriage

 — A sheltered young married couple are in bad need of sex help. by imhapless02/03/124.37

Sex Ed After Marriage/ Luke's View

 — Hubby's take on a sheltered couple's sexual awakening. by imhapless02/12/123.94

Sex for Money, Rent, & Food Ch. 01

 — Married woman turns to prostitution to make ends meet. by SusanJillParker07/25/124.08

Sex for Money, Rent, & Food Ch. 02

 — Desperate for money, June gives prostitution a try. by SusanJillParker07/26/124.20

Sex for Money, Rent, & Food Ch. 03

 — June catches her husband & mother. by SusanJillParker07/27/124.13

Sex for Money, Rent, & Food Ch. 04

 — June has a late night, sexy date with Mr. X. by SusanJillParker08/01/124.17

Sex for Money, Rent, & Food Ch. 05

 — Mr. X will pay extra. What Mr. X wants, he gets. by SusanJillParker08/02/124.13

Sex for Money, Rent, & Food Ch. 11

 — Home sweet home, June has an unexpected visitor. by SusanJillParker09/30/124.10

Sex from Afar

 — Wife takes it hard and deep. by julbo08/18/113.39

Sex Goddess Wife

 — Wife threesomes and moresomes. by sharedhousewife04/27/104.37

sex in bed - cheating

 — Sex with friend's wife while husband is passed out. by stlimanika12/12/114.24

Sex in Front of Our Good Friend

 — Husband and Wife tease and satisfy their good friend. by aquam01/06/143.95

Sex In Store

 — Indian women have sex in a store. by amig1981200007/10/034.11

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