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Trick Into Wife Swapping

 — Wife is tricked by husband's boss into swinging. by ladda11/24/083.72

Trick? Or Treat?

 — Gena gets tricked & treated by husband & stranger. by MorbidAngelRen10/10/034.29

Tricking Christine

 — Hubby gets wife to unknowingly fuck a college boy. by oraldave3908/11/064.00

Trilled, Drilled and Filled

 — Bored wife finds a young fuck toy. by SlyDog96902/15/134.06


 — She was his and then she wasn't and then she wasn't and....? by Just Plain Bob10/18/094.25

Trinity Ch. 01

 — Threesome recalled from the perspectives of the participants. by Castis07/13/044.22

Trinity Ch. 02

 — That fateful threesome - told from the wife's perspective. by Castis07/28/044.24

Trinity Ch. 03

 — Who really seduces whom? by Castis07/29/044.00

Trinity Ch. 04

 — Ela takes the plunge and spreads her wings. by Castis08/11/043.93

Trinity Ch. 05

 — Paul takes the plunge, but forgot the wings. by Castis08/20/043.67


 — Man talks wife into exploring her bisexuality. by tvr06/19/014.08


 — A long weekend for three. by jacquioh209/24/054.42

Trio Ch. 01

 — An old girlfriend opens a surgery in the neighborhood. by Tarbut04/07/113.32

Trip Of A Lifetime Or Was It?

 — Maria goes to Thailand. by submarie03/08/034.38

Trip to a Midwestern Town

 — Husband and wife visit photographer. by Jumper12/24/004.38

Trip to Cancun

 — Wife makes the money to cover their trip. by Just Plain Bob04/11/064.64HOT

Trip to Cancun

 — Wife gets fucked in Bar. by ps746804/08/104.13

Trip to Desire Ch. 01

 — Pat and Kelly meet new friends in the tropics. by pat_722312/06/103.04

Trip to England Ch. 01

 — Middle-aged wife learns obedience. by evals2205/22/044.22

Trip to England Ch. 02

 — Wife's submission continues. by evals2205/22/044.31

Trip to England Ch. 03

 — Lori & husband make decisions. by evals2205/23/044.28

Trip to England Ch. 04

 — Submission of wife on vacation. by evals2205/24/044.23

Trip to England Ch. 05

 — Submissive journey. by evals2205/26/044.23

Trip to England Ch. 06

 — Submissive journey on vacation continues. by evals2205/28/044.06

Trip to England Ch. 07

 — Final chapter based on feedback from readers. by evals2206/02/044.33

Trip to Florida Ch. 02

 — Tracy just can't stay off cock. by MrsCanyon12/19/044.12

Trip to London Pt. 01

 — Most unbelievable story of my trip to London. by plez2tease03/14/143.84

Trip to London Pt. 02

 — The reason for the trip by plez2tease03/16/143.44

Trip To Remember Pt. 01

 — Couple went for a vacation they will never forget. by bangcouple09/19/143.60

Trip To Remember Pt. 02

 — Wife's courageous step. by bangcouple09/20/143.39

Trip To Remember Pt. 03

 — Fun ride for pleasure. by bangcouple02/22/153.55

Trip to the Islands

 — Drugged wife has a ball, hubby finds out. by Grey Eagle 28611/19/053.60

Triple Trouble

 — Husband discovers wife and sisters have an agenda. by curious2c11/30/074.25

Tripping the Switch Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife's sexual relationship begins to change. by kelmag10/01/094.04

Tripping the Switch Ch. 02

 — Trina tells the story from her point of view. by kelmag10/23/093.63


 — She seduces hubby's admin. by jacqui4u202/07/094.20

Trish and I Meet Gary

 — Couple meets the friend of Ted's for a very fun night. by Style_Cruizer04/27/083.79

Trish and Jerry

 — A story about infidelity and malaise. by Matt Moreau10/18/083.51

Trish and Ted's First Time Ch. 01

 — Trish wanted to try a threesome; they met Ted. by Style_Cruizer04/25/084.12

Trish and Ted's First Time Ch. 02

 — Trish, Ted and myself met again, this for a threesome. by Style_Cruizer04/25/084.11

Trish Emerges

 — A modest wife emerges in a big way. by FLrider07/17/114.14

Trish Tells All

 — She tells you of her experience with three guys. by realguy45409/08/083.43

Trish The Dish Act 01

 — Trish wasn't expecting Todd home before late afternoon. by JAMESBJOHNSON01/26/13

Trish the Trash

 — Todd landed a job with a construction company... by JAMESBJOHNSON02/17/13

Trish's Unearthed Fantasy Fullfilled

 — Ricks sets up a night of group passion. by realme45403/13/013.74

Trisha's Quest Ch. 1

 — A Calcutta housewife's search for Nirvana. by theThirdEye01/24/013.83

Trisha's Quest Ch. 2

 — Quest takes Indian wife to Birbhum. by theThirdEye01/25/013.76

Trisha's Quest Ch. 3

 — Will Trisha find what she seeks on the river's banks? by theThirdEye01/30/014.00

Trisha's Quest Ch. 4

 — Trisha & tribe crash through the doors of perception. by theThirdEye02/08/013.64

Trisha's Timely Treatment

 — Counseling session has unexpected affects on doctor. by masterfeedlarry02/29/123.98


 — That's when you come home early. by magmaman02/03/144.26


 — He learns the dangers of loving a wife too much. by ARGEE01/14/013.25

Troll Bait

 — A husband's fantasy; a tolerant wife; their black friend. by fastandsloppy08/21/093.59

Trolling for Vengeance Ch. 01

 — The first time her husband cheated. by satinlvr_mwf04/21/044.08

Trophy Wife Ch. 03

 — Jane is left for the pleasure of the innkeeper. by Explorer22203/13/124.36

Trophy Wives

 — Desperate husband uses open marriage to max results. by Trimpostinger10/10/084.52HOT

Tropical Obsession

 — A native and a tiki head leave a lasting impression. by MKEguy04/15/103.20

Tropical Storm

 — Wife explores her wild side. by MissAndy12/06/073.54

Tropical Vacation First

 — Exotic photo session turns into a unexpected threesome. by wife2share11/29/124.15

Trouble At The Office

 — Just one mistake, but Paula pays heavy price. by quinn rogan11/19/023.89

Trouble in Paradise

 — A cheating wife discovered, but nothing is what it seems. by Temuchen01/02/084.25

Trouble in Paradise Ch. 02

 — Betrayal through blackmail. by Temuchen01/09/084.41

Trouble in Paradise Ch. 03

 — Jack meets with his wife to discover what happened. by Temuchen02/04/084.12

Troubled Marriage

 — They didn't cheat but the result was the same. by charleybear01/10/064.10

Troubling Question

 — Sometimes things just don't work out. by magmaman12/23/133.78

Truck-Stop 101

 — A routine stop turns anything but routine for a lonely lady. by RedHairedandFriendly04/24/104.41

Trucker's Delight

 — Hubby dreams of wife giving truckers show on the road. by icansatisfy02/11/083.91

Trucker's Unfaithful Wife

 — Trucker finds out his wife is screwing the help. by justanotherjoe01/02/093.33

Trucker's Wife

 — A trucker's wife takes her revenge. by BobBaker06/30/083.92

Truckers Get A Bird's Eye View

 — My wife decides to show all on a road trip. by JRob01/07/094.38

Truckers Get A Bird's Eye View Ch. 02

 — Continuation of couple's frisky car action. by JRob01/28/094.35

True Lines

 — He meets his dream girl in a bar. by MasterBates1307/23/044.57HOT

True Love

 — A massage in a Palm Springs resort. by terri7403/28/074.27

True Love Ch. 01

 — A private dick gets hired and then cuckolded by his client. by cuckoldtony02/29/122.87

True Love Ch. 02

 — I watch my wife with the Major and things start to get crazy. by cuckoldtony03/01/124.10

True Love Pt. 01

 — A man, a woman, a marriage. by angiquesophie06/05/094.24

True Love Pt. 02

 — A man, a wife, a lover. by angiquesophie06/06/094.16

True Love Pt. 03

 — A man, a wife, a marriage. by angiquesophie06/07/094.46

True Meaning Of Sacrifice Ch. 01

 — A wife forced to make the most difficult choice of her life. by S-Des01/04/063.97

True Meaning Of Sacrifice Ch. 02

 — As Michelle's decent continues, Mike finds out the truth. by S-Des03/29/064.31

True Meaning Of Sacrifice Ch. 03

 — Husband forced to make most difficult choice of his life. by S-Des03/30/064.45

True Meaning Of Sacrifice Ch. 04

 — Husband's actions shock wife. by S-Des03/31/064.46

True Recollections of Tuballcain

 — Young stud is invited to service mature wife. by tuballcain08/13/104.37

True Story of a Flight Attendant

 — An exciting evening among the VIP’s in Singapore. by lucioz01/25/114.28

True Story of a Lovable Slut

 — Were any of their children his? by Softly03/20/023.28

True Tale of the Beginning

 — How we started down the path of sharing. by tangaloungedreaming08/22/124.08

True to You in My Fashion

 — Devoted wife confesses infidelity to best friend. by truman503/26/103.72


 — A religous man and a matter of trust. by H20wader03/08/062.82


 — A loving wife. by kellyhockey07/29/074.09


 — Who can you trust? by Agena08/02/10


 — He trusted her completely. Did she deserve it? by Katmai01/26/124.23

Trust and Respect

 — A story of trust lost and regained. by Agena03/17/064.12

Trust Ch. 02

 — The Bachelor party starts the wheels moving. by kellyhockey07/30/074.25

Trust Ch. 03

 — The accident. by kellyhockey07/31/074.19

Trust Her with Your Kid? Ch. 01

 — Christine's mother-in-law would be wise not to by ISawYourMommy12/23/054.35

Trust in Fate, with a Bit of Help

 — They paid for all weekend. by RedHairedandFriendly04/22/064.20

Trust Left Out

 — Secrets revealed lead to intense reactions. by juanwildone03/07/114.12

Trust Me

 — A training course becomes a journey of self discovery. by wanda898709/02/043.93

Trustworthy People Ch. 01

 — A bride to be gets new initiation at bachelorette party. by Kyle_Stephens03/21/103.90

Truth & Consequences

 — Wife tries to explain why an affair happened. by capecodmercury05/21/053.77

Truth & Consequences: Phil's Reply to Janet

 — The reconciliation wasn't working. by Presidio08/07/074.33

Truth & Consequences: The Other Half

 — Phil's reply to Janet's letter. by fdkman26201/25/064.42

Truth and Marriage

 — After six years, isn't her secret safe? by H. Jekyll12/24/063.91

Truth Doesn't Matter

 — He is accused of an affair, wife tries to get even. by WantABWriter10/14/124.39

Truth Is Stranger To Fiction

 — Husband & wife share a revealing movie experience. by Torridous11/25/013.38

Truth of the Matter

 — The story of Connie from (Truth Doesn't Matter). by WantABWriter11/07/123.64

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