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 — Just another slut wife. by Just Plain Bob03/02/053.39

Helen & Me

 — How he became a wife watching submissive. by hulbert19712/27/034.10

Helen & Me Ch. 02

 — Cuckold watches wife descend into further degradation. by hulbert19701/26/043.73

Helen and Harry and Me

 — She loves how I eat her pussy and the way her husband fucks. by Boxlicker10111/02/094.08

Helen Fulfills A Fantasy For Tom

 — Wife has an affair while away for the summer. by hondo5310/06/063.93

Helen Goes Dancing

 — A Valentine's Day present neither will forget. by vitesse01/24/054.27

Helen Has First Threesome

 — Helen fulfills another of Tom's fantasies with a threesome. by hondo5310/14/064.31

Helen Lets Go

 — Wife gets drunk and lets strangers and husband fuck her. by authorpete03/22/123.82

Helen's A Bitch

 — My girlfriend vents on my cock! by Sean Renaud07/23/142.66

Helen's Awakening

 — Older conservative wife give's a show. by Jay1955306/05/074.16

Helen's Christmas Surprise

 — Helen gives husband a present he won't forget. by vitesse11/24/034.24

Helen's Fantasy

 — Husband makes wife's interracial gangbang fantasy come true. by weirdherald12/26/013.13

Helen's Fantasy

 — Wife's fantasy becomes a reality. by vitesse03/08/064.25

Helen's Fantasy Ch. 2

 — Wife's interracial gangbang gets into high gear. by weirdherald12/27/014.10

Helen's Fantasy Ch. 3

 — The end of a great night in Helen's life. by weirdherald01/16/023.79

Helen's Online Adventure

 — A pregnant wife finds fun online. by Reshbod03/12/093.70

Helen's Story of Seduction

 — Helen treatsJames and gets rewarded. by vitesse11/09/034.00

Helens Sister Stays

 — Sister in law stops over for Christmas. by vitesse12/08/074.15

Hell Hath No Fury

 — She wants revenge. by Svenskaflicka09/08/053.79

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

 — A revenge story. by theaquarianpen03/27/124.28

Hell Hath No Fury...

 — My wife only denied me one thing. by trashcan4402/03/103.15

Hell Hath To Fury

 — Wife accuses him of having an affair. by Enamored03/27/074.52HOT

Hell of a Ride

 — A tale of wife swapping. by Texas2Long04/01/084.07

Hell's Angels

 — A couple on a picnic have an encounter with bikers. by ukresearcher09/28/133.42

Hello Father

 — Five years after he left, he is found. by Hanover_Fist07/24/144.42

Hello Father Ch. 02

 — Robert's Story: Robert's continuation of the Hello Father tale. by Hanover_Fist08/02/144.38

Hello Father Ch. 03

 — Sandy's story by Hanover_Fist08/11/144.11

Hello Goodbye

 — Husband is obsessed with famous neighbor. by Harddaysknight01/19/064.58HOT

Help Ch. 1

 — Husband seeks aid in impregnating his wife. by Ray Dario01/12/014.35

Help Ch. 2

 — Mike brings home a friend. by Ray Dario02/04/014.34

Help Ch. 3

 — Good friends get together for a fun night. by Ray Dario02/28/014.29

Help is at Hand Ch. 01

 — Ron rescues a lady but the distress follows later. by CronustheTitan03/05/104.28

Help is at Hand Ch. 02

 — Kathy's friend arrives and is persuaded to join in. by CronustheTitan03/06/104.34

Help the Disabled

 — Disabled man encourages wife to sleep around. by NiceEyes04/03/014.40


 — Couple chaperones high school seniors on an island adventure. by Harddaysknight02/29/084.40

Help! I Married A Pornstar

 — A husband watches his wife filming her first porn scene. by Billshaw198207/28/123.94


 — Helped by a stranger, they decide to repay the favor. by Averagejoe112/31/034.05

Helping A Friend

 — Married friend makes special request. by scottieinnaples01/10/044.23

Helping a Friend

 — A night by the hot tub leads to some hot action for Jill. by dustybeard01/08/114.18

Helping a Friend

 — Stud helps friend to become a cuckold. by djonlothario05/09/143.59

Helping a Friend On Leave

 — Shy wife exposes to husband's friend. by Chestnut_Tree05/07/084.25

Helping Friends

 — Greg & Harry lend a hand. by Ms.Stery07/26/034.18

Helping Hands

 — Husband, wife, friend all lend a hand. by xeagle6909/20/082.62

Helping Make Ends Meet

 — Wife takes a job to help during financial emergency. by RachelSilk06/21/104.37

Helping My Wife to Cheat

 — Wfe tries cheating with help from husband. by derrida11/24/074.13

Helping Out a Friend

 — Hotwife gives divorced friend some TLC. by joanymike12/31/123.92

Helping Out a Friend Ch. 01

 — Wife's friend could not afford insemination. by 3fingermojo08/07/074.31

Helping Out a Friend Ch. 02

 — They decide to help his wife's friend out. by 3fingermojo08/13/074.32

Helping Out a Friend Ch. 03

 — He & Trish have sex in hopes of impregnating her. by 3fingermojo08/20/074.42

Helping Out a Friend Ch. 04

 — We decide to not help out anymore - or will we? by 3fingermojo08/27/074.43

Helping Out Her Friend

 — Wife asks husband to fuck her friend. by mikoli576304/20/133.88

Helping Out Uncle Douglas

 — Megan has to clean for uncle Doug while her husband is away. by SusanSeeker01/20/124.00

Helping Santa, Helping Herself

 — Friend Santa finds unexpected release in neglected wife by Scarcrow12/12/024.36

Helping the Bikers

 — I thought we were going to help a couple of stranded bikers. by pleasingthewife06/16/113.14

Helping the Brother in Law

 — Wife consoles brother in law. by guzzieathome09/19/133.65

Helping with Panty Fetish

 — Wife borrows dirty knickers for husband to play with. by mayfairgirl12/24/094.32

Helpless Wife

 — Abigail can't help betraying her loving husband. by ptstewart01/22/103.16

Helter Skelter

 — Deja vu, all over again. by Harddaysknight07/09/063.76


 — Wife struggles with husband's fantasy. by karma_rider05/04/043.84

Hen Night

 — Slut bride gets gang banged on hen night. by gabrielleslut09/18/083.40


 — A clear cut case of cuckoldry? by Britease05/28/113.93

Henry and Janice Ch. 01

 — Playing with the neighbor lady. by Just Plain Bob11/16/064.48

Her Adventure Ch. 01

 — He didn't know what he had started. by CBM51406/25/133.63

Her Adventure Ch. 02

 — He accepts what he created, but whose idea is it? by CBM51406/26/133.60

Her Anniversary Surprise Ch. 01

 — His insatiable wife gets a fantastic anniversary surprise. by imakeisabellasquirt11/06/073.84

Her Anniversary Surprise Ch. 02

 — Her anniversary gift is a fantastic orgy. by imakeisabellasquirt10/03/083.93

Her Awakening

 — She finds hunky neighbor to be very friendly. by OLDER AND BETTER07/15/053.88

Her Baby

 — She remembers her first time with Janice. by whiskyman10/25/014.05

Her Best Birthday Ever

 — Renee is the center of sensual attention. by salukidawg07/26/064.28

Her Best Friend, My Worst Enemy

 — Why did she enjoy tormenting me? by Omega1205/21/082.95

Her Best Husband Ever

 — Hubby allows insatiable wife to date college stud. by legalbeagle06/07/114.02

Her Big Regret

 — A wife gets a chance to correct a "big" mistake. by New2FL200908/13/093.58

Her Birthday

 — It was her birthday. He asked what does she want. by Asmodeus99904/15/123.34

Her Birthday Surprise

 — Marlene's birthday surprise with strangers in adult theater. by luvjuice4308/06/124.12

Her Blue Dodge Minivan Ch. 01

 — Only one possible reason for it to be where it was. by ohio03/09/074.50HOT

Her Blue Dodge Minivan Ch. 02

 — Can she make up for her cheating? by ohio05/29/074.53HOT

Her Blue Dodge Minivan Ch. 03

 — Danny considers his options & makes his choice. by ohio05/31/074.50HOT

Her Choice

 — Our first MMF threesome. by ThatJohnDoe04/16/143.20

Her Confession

 — He doesn't get what he wants nor expects... but better! by pretty_hung04/02/094.19

Her Confession Ch. 02

 — Later That Day, after her confession has came to fruition. by pretty_hung04/06/094.21

Her Confession, My Release

 — My wife makes a confession which works out for the best. by that_other_other_guy06/17/133.78

Her Curiosity

 — Wife cheats with big cock. by mikoli576309/25/133.56

Her Curiosity - His Fantasy

 — Wife & friend experiment as his fantasy is fulfilled. by literalvirgin01/22/054.50HOT

Her Desire

 — A wife's oral sex fantasy. by A_Member08/25/084.32

Her Desire Ch. 02

 — A wife continues to explore her new-found submissive side. by A_Member11/24/084.23

Her Fantasy

 — Husband discovers wife's threesome fantasy. by twohere07/03/013.63

Her Fantasy

 — Wife gets herself into a situation, but doesn't complain. by naughty mel05/24/054.11

Her Fantasy

 — Lonely woman tells husband her secret dream. by Phil Aeschio06/22/053.97

Her Fantasy Becomes Mine

 — Threesome takes a turn. by jentinokc11/13/084.01

Her First Ass Probing

 — She has her first anal experience. by jetstream3206/21/044.20

Her First Ch. 01

 — Wife's first time with another. by moman23402/19/103.49

Her First Ch. 02

 — Amy enjoys. by moman23403/07/103.98

Her First Ch. 03

 — Amy sets the Stage. by moman23403/15/103.93

Her First Ch. 04

 — Amy rediscovers and remembers. by moman23404/01/103.67

Her First Date as a Married Woman

 — Wife's first date. by dateingagain12/15/104.07

Her First Double Dip

 — His wife's first time experiencing multiples. by weliketoparty06/06/084.03

Her First Sperm

 — Young woman's first taste of a man's seed. by SirenSeeker12/20/06

Her First Surprise

 — She didn't realize we had made other plans. by Radar4506/13/132.91

Her First Taste... Ch. 04

 — He listens to her scream her love for Mandy. by vastiesmith09/07/054.14

Her First Taste... Ch. 05

 — "I'm telling you she is a lesbian, Vastie." by vastiesmith09/09/054.27

Her First Taste... Ch. 06

 — "Did you enjoy me taking both holes?" by vastiesmith09/11/054.31

Her First Taste... Ch. 07

 — Both women now had thong bikinis on. by vastiesmith09/15/054.20

Her First Taste... Ch. 08

 — The sounds and smells of sex were everywhere. by vastiesmith09/17/053.87

Her First Taste... Ch. 09

 — Final: Vastie's made a terrible mistake. by vastiesmith09/18/054.45

Her First Threesome

 — Prudish wife takes on her husband and a stranger. by MrVern07/07/053.96

Her First Time

 — Can she overcome her conscience to enjoy a MFM? by Greenpin03/05/044.03

Her First Time

 — Sharing my wife with a friend, outdoors. by LetsShareHer06/23/114.29

Her First Time Going Black

 — My wife gives in to my requests. by Rocinante110/19/094.14

Her First Time Teasing

 — Sexy wife exposes herself for the first time. by jaredandtanya06/16/094.23

Her First Time With Another Guy

 — Shy, chaste wife acts upon her urge with a co-worker. by justan00b09/19/133.67

Her First Trio

 — She admits her first threesome. by hanibal02/08/064.42

Her Horrible Holiday

 — She wanted, she bought, and she paid. by Winterfrog05/27/054.07

Her Husband's Boss

 — Patty gets help to earn husband a promotion. by deepemerald04/09/044.38

Her Husband's Fantasy

 — Julia is fucked for her husband's fantasy. by BlackSnake04/02/064.21

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