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MILF and Did! Ch. 04

 — Thanksgiving with Monica, Frank, Judy and a guest. by walterio01/08/074.66HOT

MILF and the BBC

 — The story of a divorcee's first experience as a MILF. by Silfy6907/24/144.43

MILF at the Mall

 — I meet a MILF in a mall and want more. by James_4804406/22/134.23

MILF Finds Herself on Adult Site

 — Working Indian mom finds her photos on an adult forum site! by OnlineSlut12/11/133.66

Milf for Hire!

 — Nick finds out what his friend's mother really does for work. by lovecraft6801/17/144.66HOT

MILF Hunter: How It All Began

 — A young guy has an affair with an old teacher. by silkstockingslover12/26/104.27

MILF in the Neighborhood

 — That day is his turn with the neighborhood hot woman. by Boxlicker10101/13/124.19

Milf Tails: Back in the Saddle

 — Divorced cougar takes her best friend's son for a ride. by lovecraft6812/23/144.75HOT

Milf Tails: Clean Dirty Fun

 — Mark has fun in the tub with his best friend's mom! by lovecraft6812/31/144.75HOT

Milf Tails: Housewarming Party

 — Hot cougar, Allison helps Danny break in his first apartment. by lovecraft6803/25/154.71HOTNEW

Milf Tails: Star of the Show!

 — Hot Milf Molly helps Greg break in his new camera. by lovecraft6801/30/154.75HOT

Milf Tails: The Benefits Package

 — Selena teaches Austin the meaning of hard at work. by lovecraft6801/09/154.76HOT

Milf Tails: The Grateful Milf

 — Melanie shows her son's helpful friend some appreciation. by lovecraft6812/16/144.69HOT

MILF's Night Out

 — Meg's girls night out takes an unexpected turn. by hafnium1007/10/124.31

MILF, My Best Friend, & Me

 — He falls for friend's mom - & more. by im_a_jedi05/01/043.68

MILFs in Moscow

 — Lucky guy enjoys all the Russian wives he can handle. by Magna1212/15/034.12

Milk for Dave

 — An older man and a younger woman. by SweetcheeksSt02/07/034.41

Millers Road

 — Colin's good deed is rewarded by big titted lady. by Tin Man12/01/024.41

Millers Road Ch. 02

 — Colin have it off with his Landlady as well. by Tin Man12/02/024.53HOT

Millicent and the Stranger

 — A middle-aged virgin is deflowered by a flasher. by Llacheu01/10/144.23

Millie, From The Office Ch. 01

 — An older co-worker helps release some frustration. by BiffBurns02/01/084.39

Millie, From The Office Ch. 02

 — Under the skirt of an older co-worker. by BiffBurns02/02/084.48

Millie, From The Office Ch. 03

 — She told him no last time. by BiffBurns02/13/084.45

Milly Ch. 01

 — Neighbors endure the summer's heat together. by Jimbow12/12/034.16

Mimi and Me

 — Being a mature woman doesn't mean frumpy. by RetiredReprobate03/14/094.42


 — Min does Jack & Aunt Fran. by 80niner05/29/024.61HOT

Mind Games Ch. 1 Pt. 2

 — The game moves to the next step. by skywriterxxx05/17/014.26


 — Mindi's first time with a man - a sexy older man. by BrettJ11/13/064.61HOT

Mindy Ch. 01

 — A weekend with his mother in law. by reyobt09/05/024.44

Mindy Ch. 02

 — They awaken to the start of a beautiful thing. by reyobt11/26/024.42

Mini Mind's Eye

 — A cafe patron eyes a goddess walking and dreams on. by reavan11/19/033.94

Minister's Wife

 — He experiences an old woman. by mustanger7up11/22/034.59HOT


 — Lonely older BBW tries online personals. by LadyDanali01/09/024.26

Mira Ch. 2

 — Mira and Hiroshi meet. by LadyDanali01/15/024.51HOT

Mira Ch. 3

 — Mira and Hiroshi go to his home. by LadyDanali01/22/024.52HOT

Miracles Website 1: The Library Pleasure

 — Depressed teen meets the mysterious Kitty. by Agony09/27/014.24

Miracles Website 2: The First Shoot

 — Joseph goes to Kitty's place. by Agony09/29/014.32


 — Mature man on MILF hunt loses his heart. by Vitorio06/01/054.82HOT

Mirror Image Ch. 01

 — Mr. Marcus accompanies Harriett on a business trip. by HarveyMarcus02/27/064.21

Mirror Image Ch. 02

 — Erica devises a plan to get her father into bed. by HarveyMarcus03/28/064.55HOT

Misako Ch. 01

 — He finds passion with older woman he met at work. by socalrhino09/11/074.03

Misako Ch. 02

 — He follows Misako home and meets Maria. by socalrhino10/02/074.23

Miss Bixley Lends a Hand

 — And perhaps a bit more than that. by Charles Petersunn03/31/094.74HOT

Miss Boman Ch. 01

 — A great, eventful day on the island. by Libertine01/29/064.74HOT

Miss Boman Ch. 02

 — Miss B and Mom tell about their shocking Sunday. by Libertine01/31/064.57HOT

Miss Boman Ch. 03

 — Mom calls in sophisticated lady for Erik to practice on. by Libertine02/03/064.69HOT

Miss Boman Ch. 04

 — Telling mother gives double relief. by Libertine03/05/064.56HOT

Miss Boman Ch. 05

 — The demanding Miss A comes straight to the point. by Libertine03/08/064.69HOT

Miss Boman Ch. 06

 — The spirit of Miss B takes the shape of mother. by Libertine03/23/064.67HOT

Miss Boman Ch. 07

 — Miss B, virtually and in reality. by Libertine05/30/064.68HOT

Miss Boman Ch. 08

 — Mother gets taken on her own merits. by Libertine06/04/064.72HOT

Miss Dixie Confronts A Spy

 — Wild west madam confronts young voyeur. by magruder10/03/013.75

Miss Jameson

 — The Ice Spinster is defrosted. by reminnes06/28/064.42

Miss Jameson Ch. 02

 — While Miss Jameson's away, her friend will play. by reminnes07/14/064.44

Miss Jameson Ch. 03

 — After all these years... by reminnes10/03/064.68HOT

Miss Lynette

 — She was a successful painter, but she wanted something more. by SamScribble11/16/134.46

Miss Martha

 — Who knew mom's friends were so hot? by mustanger7up03/02/034.44

Miss Martha Ch. 02

 — He gets close to mother's friend. by mustanger7up04/12/034.51HOT

Miss Miller Ch. 01

 — Older office girl finds romance with a younger associate. by Kirk48200211/18/034.60HOT

Miss Miller Ch. 02

 — Office girl makes man out of younger associate. by Kirk48200211/28/034.65HOT

Miss Noble Ch. 01

 — A student goes to his Guidance Conselor for advice. by SullivaenMackaene01/04/094.41

Missed Opportunities

 — Libby and I get close, but miss. by FLrider04/23/123.92


 — Backpaker in Australia is involved in an air crash. by Rellik0411/29/044.65HOT

Missing Daddy Ch. 1

 — Her steamy reunion with an older man. by babygirlheather09/24/024.41

Missing Daddy Ch. 2

 — After being reunited, you take good care of her. by babygirlheather10/12/024.55HOT

Mistletoe Lane Ch. 01

 — Young man finds himself alone with an older woman. by dazedandconfusedintx07/07/064.31

Mistletoe Lane Ch. 02

 — Another encounter with a sexy older woman. by dazedandconfusedintx07/08/064.18

Mistletoe Lane Ch. 03

 — Jason continues his adventures with another older woman. by dazedandconfusedintx07/15/064.40

Mistletoe Lane Ch. 04

 — Jason scores with a hot tennis mom. by dazedandconfusedintx07/27/064.39

Mistletoe Lane Ch. 05

 — Another day, another hot MILF. by dazedandconfusedintx10/03/094.20

Mistletoe Lane Ch. 06

 — The final chapter. by dazedandconfusedintx03/02/104.26

Mitzi at Poolside

 — An old friend, a summer afternoon. by puppop07/07/034.48

Mixed Emotions

 — Mature gets an education from young man. by BebeEversJ10/19/094.43

Model House

 — Two people decide to "break in" a house model. by Darling_Nikki2512/15/084.14

Model Mum Ch. 01

 — Mandy's Mum could be a Joy. by Lee_206103/06/034.38

Model Mum Ch. 02

 — Joy shows where her daughter's talent cums from. by Lee_206103/07/034.51HOT

Modem Magic

 — When cyber sex gets really good. by Hitchhiker01/01/104.57HOT

Modern Maturity

 — A couple who haven't been swinging for years renew interest. by MatureMike04/03/054.48

Moist Lips and The Sacred Monkey

 — Alexandra and I pursue a comely middle-aged teacher. by DesmondAndromeda08/18/124.71HOT

Molly's Refuge

 — She sleeps over to escape a drunk husband. by Lee_206103/19/034.29

Molly's Treat

 — Trick becomes treat when he spies Molly through her window. by Archer205010/15/074.45

Molly, Alyssa And Me

 — An older man, 2 girls he helps, and a reward. by woodmanone06/21/094.79HOT

Mom & Daughter Night Ch. 1

 — Young guy fulfills his older woman fantasy. by tonythom07/02/024.44

Mom Best Friends Can't Hide Secret

 — Two MILFs get discovered by a son. by TeenForMILFs12/18/144.06

Mom Helps Out

 — Mother acts as surrogate to daughter's overeager boyfriend. by msprettypink02/26/084.14

Mom Loans Me Out

 — Mom loans me out to friends and neighbors for chores and... by BigKahunaCat2105/11/104.20

Mom No More

 — Son's best friend gives Marlee the love she's been missing. by hollyh06/08/064.59HOT

Mom's Best Friend

 — He's caught naked with a porno by an older woman. by JackorJill12/04/044.05

Mom's Best Friend

 — Entertaining Megan is not Chris's idea of fun... or is it? by JudeWrites07/27/114.53HOT

Mom's Best Friends Ch. 01

 — An invitation to a good dinner and a fantastic dessert. by flim6207/26/084.51HOT

Mom's Best Friends Ch. 02

 — Carol wants the same treatment as her prettier friend Sheila. by flim6207/27/084.53HOT

Mom's Best Friends Ch. 03

 — Double your pleasure with Sheila and Carol. by flim6207/30/084.53HOT

Mom's BFF

 — Ashley cums for a visit. by JasonRichards01/30/143.38

Mom's Boyfriend Wanted Penny

 — "Peanut" was an even more petite version of her Mom. by JustLikeEwe01/25/124.41

Mom's Friend

 — An average summer night turns into something great. by USGA One05/21/013.86

Mom's Friend Gert

 — Son fixes friends fan and gets a great blowjob and sex. by shoeslayer01/24/123.91

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