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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Football Star Pt. 02

 — This little adventure isn't over yet. by jasliz03/31/084.69HOT

For a Better World

 — Treason gets her into the hands of her enemy. by Munachi04/11/083.79

For a Kingdom Ch. 01

 — Lanna finds herself at the future king's mercy. by evilliza04/17/134.42

For a Kingdom Ch. 02

 — Lanna is sent to the dungeon. by evilliza06/07/134.49

For Amusement Purposes Only

 — It's business & she's the main attraction. by Jillian7507/21/024.11

For Amusement Purposes Only Ch. 2

 — Dawn's capture continues. by Jillian7507/30/024.46

For Better or Worse - Obey

 — Mob daughter is married off to controlling husband. by melairkalana08/08/113.79

For Every Action

 — A violent act begets a violent response. by techsan09/21/064.36Contest Winner

For Her

 — Short but Very Sweet. by DancingWithKafka03/08/124.16

For Her Family Ch. 01

 — She surrenders to blackmail for her family's sake. by Athena_e1911/04/064.35

For Her Family Ch. 02

 — Alex falls deeper into the routine of her blackmail. by Athena_e1911/05/064.43

For Her Family Ch. 03

 — Alex's descent takes a leap forward and things fall apart. by Athena_e1911/19/064.40

For Her Family Ch. 04

 — Alex is on the brink of a chasm. by Athena_e1901/15/074.57HOT

For Her Family Ch. 05

 — Service requirements and the fall of Alex. by Athena_e1902/12/074.50HOT

For Her Family Ch. 06

 — Alex and David embrace their mutual blackmailing. by Athena_e1903/10/074.58HOT

For Her Family Ch. 07

 — The plot unravels; is it too late for Alex's decency? by Athena_e1903/11/074.39

For Her Family Ch. 08

 — A final experience. by Athena_e1903/11/074.39

For Safe Keeping

 — He said it was just to keep her safe. by AndiAnders02/06/023.98

For Services Rendered

 — She takes care of the geek for his tutoring help. by Azuldrgon10/15/094.16

For The Debt Owed

 —  by zelfito07/16/144.34

For The Debt Owed Ch. 02

 —  by zelfito07/19/144.52HOT

For the Honour of Clan Tavish

 — Highland warrior takes his clan enemy. by McKenna07/08/054.64HOTContest Winner

For the Pleasure & the Pain

 — Man gets 'taste' of his own deception. by stockton1307/16/044.05

For the Thrill of It

 — A shoplifter is caught and used for personal thrills. by dazzling_darling12/07/134.32

For Their Father's Pleasure

 — Fathers trade daughters. by RaycerEdge11/26/083.92

For You

 — A side of yourself revealed when the pairing is perfection. by _TIED_02/24/152.80

For Your Viewing Pleasure

 — Donna gets taken while audience watches online. by PAS07/07/074.28


 — kristin is forced into ultimate submission. by lilkristin09/06/083.81


 — Professor Alex must have her. by ProfessorAlex03/05/124.27

Forbidden Basement

 — A busty wife is kidnapped by her neighbor. by NYTimesBest05/08/073.96

Forbidden Desires Ch. 01

 — Sensual Man makes Doc realize her inner desires. by dark_angel92607/18/053.86

Forbidden Fantasy

 — Locking up the office as I leave for the night... by Damned_Eternally12/26/104.00

Forbidden Fruit

 — I take advantage of my passed-out wife and her friend. by Upskirt_fan07/12/104.10

Forbidden Knowledge

 — He uses blackmail to obtain older woman. by Robski07/02/044.06

Forbidden Liberties

 — Camp custodian tries to do the right thing - at first. by LaPatitMort10/19/084.20

Forbidden Regret

 — Boss forces beautiful employee to make a career decision. by Ellisyn01/26/024.06


 — She's ravished by her best friend's husband. by Jkay1206/01/073.94

Force Fed

 — An obsession with ass gets me a whole lot of trouble. by lfullback11/17/124.31

Force Fed Ch. 02

 — I get a surprise visitor at home. by lfullback12/05/124.65HOT

Force from Two Angles

 — Two short pieces about power and men. by Paris_Garters10/15/074.36

Force or Fantasy

 — She's forced into having sex in every way. by darkheart6909/15/03

Force-Fucked and All Square

 — Angry wife + waiter + a knife = great fuck & even score. by likawriter03/23/084.21


 — Anal sex is forced upon His girl. by sexychik6910/27/044.01


 — Forced to have sex with my boyfriend during a fight. by BondiLisa05/31/073.95


 — What happens when the love of your life is forced? by DG Hear05/12/134.22


 — Not quite a seduction...or is it? by fantasyfirst11/09/133.94

Forced But Not Broken

 — Sahara loses her innocence against her will. by MisterE2706/29/093.39

Forced Ch. 01

 — Forced to give a blow job at gunpoint. by westcoastjohn03/29/123.89

Forced Ch. 02

 — She tries new things. by sexychik6911/05/044.31

Forced Ch. 02

 — She's forced to have sex with her boyfriend. by BondiLisa06/18/073.89

Forced Ch. 02

 — Forced to listen to his wife having sex. by westcoastjohn04/04/124.11

Forced Ch. 03

 — Preparation for double penetration begins. by sexychik6911/12/044.44

Forced Ch. 03

 — Damon rediscovers his manhood. by westcoastjohn04/14/123.75

Forced Ch. 04

 — The final chapter to the 'Forced' series. by sexychik6911/17/044.49

Forced Cooperation

 — A young woman forced to do favours. by lialani04/23/124.03

Forced Dental Hygiene

 — Dental hygienist is kidnapped and raped. by MOGUY03/28/013.47

Forced Entry

 — Wife is taken by her husband's friend. by innocentwife10/04/013.84

Forced Entry

 — sub is used by a stranger. by fadinglory_uk01/11/024.01

Forced Entry

 — Large guys take wife in front of her husband. by Vic510/15/023.89

Forced Entry

 — Married woman is ravished in her home. by JAGDFLEIGER02/09/074.18

Forced Entry

 — Her dark fantasy finally gets played out. by Darkness8409/06/123.79

Forced Entry Ch. 1

 — Strange men invade Karen's bedroom. by Edwina01/08/013.47

Forced Entry Ch. 2

 — Couple is forced to submit to sexual acts in their apartment. by Edwina03/26/013.83

Forced Family

 — Family has car trouble, and that's just the beginning. by PAS11/19/014.43

Forced Family

 — Family is assaulted and kidnapped. by Queen_of_Dairy03/12/023.78

Forced Family Ch. 2

 — The dirty farmers continue their pillaging. by Queen_of_Dairy03/17/024.01

Forced Fantasy

 — He fullfills your rape fantasy. by speednutz05/22/034.12

Forced Fantasy Ch. 02

 — He fulfills your rape fantasy - again. by speednutz06/06/034.29

Forced First

 — Her boyfriend couldn't defend her. by satinlvr_mwf05/29/044.16

Forced First Ch. 03

 — Her introduction to multiple partners. by satinlvr_mwf06/17/044.12

Forced First Orgasm

 — He makes her cum when no one else could. by sensualnshy09/08/054.24

Forced Foursome

 — Modeling assignment is not what Beverley expected. by Bruce Swain08/17/003.98

Forced Fuck at an Office Party

 — On Halloween, I take bitchy coworker against her will. by megatron300011/05/114.00

Forced Gang Bang

 — He's banged by six men. by micheal44200002/16/033.68

Forced in a Hot Hole

 — Arrogant glamour model ravished by humble truck driver. by FINC12/25/034.29

Forced in the Forest

 — Morgan is forced on her jog through the forest. by ravaging rhiannon09/03/053.08

Forced Inc.: Airport Examination

 — Western wife is intimately interrogated by revolutionaries. by FINC06/21/054.40

Forced Inc.: Power Lady's Destiny

 — Black girl must ride electricity-sapping cock. by FINC04/15/044.30

Forced Inc.: Prison Nurse's Tale

 — Sexy woman at mercy of evil men during riot. by FINC04/14/044.23

Forced Inc: Niece's Funeral Horror

 — From kind Uncle Bertie, niece never suspected a thing. by FINC08/13/054.34

Forced into a Van

 — Jogger gets more than she bargained for. by standingstones12/03/114.02

Forced Into Marriage

 — All his life, Sarah is the one he wants. by SexMaster7304/25/044.21

Forced Into Marriage Ch. 02

 — The morning after. by SexMaster7305/12/044.20

Forced into Prostitution

 — A mature woman is forced to prostitute herself. by fannyrat12/11/144.48

Forced into Prostitution Ch. 02

 — Jill's torment continues. by fannyrat12/27/144.54HOT

Forced into Prostitution Ch. 03

 — Jill's torment concludes. by fannyrat01/08/154.50HOT

Forced Lactation Ch. 01

 — Trying to find good stock for milking. by abandon_thought05/21/093.64

Forced Ménage a Trois

 — Forced threesome between man, wife, and mistress. by SpankMeDaddy08/08/054.04

Forced One Or Three?

 — I follow you into a lingerie changing stall. by ahz109/06/073.90

Forced Passion

 — Forced to orgasm, then brought over the edge. by Midnight_Sleeper11/06/133.84

Forced Passion Ch. 02

 — Humiliated and forced to orgasm in public. by Midnight_Sleeper12/29/134.07

Forced Passion Ch. 03

 — Tied up and shown off to the neighbours.. by Midnight_Sleeper01/18/143.97

Forced Pleasure

 — He will have her pregnant and submitted to his mastery! by ChoctawMan09/06/094.27

Forced Sale

 — Real estate agent gets an attitude adjustment by GasPedalJoe02/26/034.51HOT

Forced Sex with our Maid

 — Live-in maid gets it in the shower. by cj20026709/01/093.69

Forced Slut

 — Sneaking into her house, he finds her alone. by Itzkat05/12/074.45

Forced Straight

 — College lesbian is forced to satisfy several men. by PAS04/04/014.26

Forced take his cum

 — Her first taste of another man's cum by Deeprover02/25/143.74

Forced To

 — Swinging goes awry. by mrfriction07/09/083.97

Forced To Be A Sex Slave Ch. 01

 — Jennifer is forced into being a sex slave. by stevemike0806608/24/103.42

Forced to be a Slut

 — She's blackmailed into sex, learning about herself. by doctor_devon06/01/094.24

Forced to be a Slut Ch. 02

 — Kimmy's humiliation continues. by doctor_devon09/24/094.36

Forced to be a Slut Ch. 03

 — Kimmy hates what she is forced to do, or does she? by doctor_devon09/28/094.31

Forced to be a Slut Ch. 04

 — Kimmy's daughter joins in. by doctor_devon10/31/094.46

Forced to Come for Them...

 — A woman at night, forced into a van and pleasured. by clitsexbitch05/31/063.97

Forced to Like It

 — Woman is taken by her neighbors. by randyauthor06/01/034.04

Forced To Like It Ch. 02

 — Kitty is further used by her invading neighbors. by randyauthor06/08/034.48

Forced to Serve Ch. 01

 — Plump Mature is kidnapped and forced to service. by LovesNipples11/26/123.99

Forced to Serve Ch. 02

 — Plump mature is kidnapped and force to service her captors. by LovesNipples11/26/124.38

Forced to Serve Ch. 03

 — Mature plumper kidnapped and forced to service her captors. by LovesNipples12/02/124.25

Forced to Serve Ch. 04

 — Plump Mature is forced to service her captors. by LovesNipples12/06/124.26

Forced to Serve Ch. 05

 — Plump mature is forced to service her captors. by LovesNipples12/16/124.06

Forced to Serve Ch. 06

 — Mature plumper is forced to service her captors. by LovesNipples12/26/124.32

Forced to Strip on the Beach

 — Two sisters are strip-searched by a horny guard. by kcsilkwood06/11/143.59

Forced to Whore in Mexico

 — A church mission gone horribly wrong. by fyrehart06/28/123.80

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 02

 — Lexi's first night in the club. by fyrehart08/15/124.02

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 03

 — Lexi's first customer. by fyrehart09/06/124.08

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 04

 — Lexi's first night continues. by fyrehart09/21/124.09

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 05

 — Lexi's sad journey continues. by fyrehart10/21/124.07

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 06

 — Lexi is made ready for her first lesson. by fyrehart02/03/134.13

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 07

 — Lexi is forced to suck her pimp's cock. by fyrehart03/06/134.62HOT

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 08

 — Lexi is forced to suck like a pro. by fyrehart03/15/134.55HOT

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 09

 — Just when Lexi thought it couldn't get worse. by fyrehart04/08/134.55HOT

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 10

 — Lexi's big weekend begins. by fyrehart06/24/134.53HOT

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 11

 — Lexi works the glory holes. by fyrehart08/25/134.55HOT

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 12

 — Lexi is used as an innocent. by fyrehart12/06/134.60HOT

Forced to Whore in Mexico Ch. 13

 — Susan has Lexi to herself. by fyrehart09/18/144.71HOT

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