Listed below are the stories entered in the 2005 Literotica Valentine's Day Erotic Story Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers alike!

Top Rated Story ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Prince Charming? Ch. 07

by brightlyiburn

Runner Up Story ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Valentines in the Dregs
by Lucifer_Carroll

Second Runner Up Story ($50 Cash Prize Winner):
Thank You for the Days
by davidwatts

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2005 Valentine's Day Contest Submissions
".........." cookiejar
A Fantasy Fulfilled (Sort of) swingtime91
A Ghost of a Chance elfin_odalisque
A Little "R and R" turtledove
A Night For Old Time's Sake Penelope Street
A Question Of Trust magicalmouse
A Strange Seduction Green_Gem
A Valentine For My Childhood Sweetheart Gypsy in MI
A Valentine's Day Gift dwise80
A Valentine's Day Homecoming euphoriadev
A Voyage North Elizabetht
Abducted Heart Fflow
Another Shade of Red dr_mabeuse
Baby Can I Hold You Lovepotion69
Be Mine Firestar
Better Than Chocolate christophe
Blizzard Revisited dreampilot79
Brown's Shoe Store Ch. 04 Slickman
Candice oggbashan
Carpet of Roses Alice_Nestleton
Cheating Hearts Belle_in_south
Chicago-Style Valentine's Day eric shawn listo
Cobblestone Bridge cookiejar
Conditioning Brian's Heart Wordgoddess
Cupid's Caper Excitedmind
Cupid's Revenge dreampilot79
Cupid's Wish pixiesjuice
Dance of a Kiss My Erotic Tale
Dig If You Will A Picture... logophile
Do You Want A Ride? Elizabetht
Enjoying the Valentine's Scenery sirhugs
Faded Card oggbashan
Football, Fairies, & Valentine's Day Belegon
Hard and Soft oggbashan
Helen Goes Dancing vitesse
How To Send Love on Valentine's Day English Lady
I Can't Watch Benny Hill... shereads
I Hate Valentine's Day eighteen and wet
I Love You, Dear? kbate
Inamorata English Lady
Jake impressive
Joy neonlyte
Jumpstarting the Girl Next Door sarahhh
Love Potion #69 My Erotic Tale
Love, Lust, and Chicken Soup MysteryMaiden
Making Love in the City of Love WFEATHER
My Funny Androgyne thrillerauthor
My Funny Valentine moonbladem
No Present? oggbashan
No Valentines For Me mismused
Once Upon a Valentines moonlight elf
Only You jessy19
Petals of Pleasure: A Valentine... LuciousBi-Writes4U
Pluck Yew! sarahhh
Porn Interrupted English Lady
Pretender dr_mabeuse
Prince Charming? Ch. 01 brightlyiburn
Prince Charming? Ch. 02 brightlyiburn
Prince Charming? Ch. 03 brightlyiburn
Prince Charming? Ch. 04 brightlyiburn
Prince Charming? Ch. 05 brightlyiburn
Prince Charming? Ch. 06 brightlyiburn
Prince Charming? Ch. 07 brightlyiburn
Prince Charming? Ch. 08 brightlyiburn
Secret Admirer Revealed navymansangel
Shelby's Office Roy Jones
Silky's Valentine's Party maggie2002
Single Again M Crim
Super Bowl Slutday sarahhh
Surprised neonlyte
Tehya and Isius Elizabetht
Thank You for the Days davidwatts
The Chocolate Girl Alicia Night Orchid
The Gift Saucyminx
The Gift Ch. 02 Saucyminx
The Launderette Lovepotion69
The Limo sharojoe
The Real Saint VD Massacre sarahhh
The Rolls and the Pipe Ch. 06 D. Mattanthas
The Trip Home duckiesmut
The Valentine Beach Ch. 01 R. Richard
The Valentine Beach Ch. 02 R. Richard
The Valentine Beach Ch. 03 R. Richard
The Valentine Beach Ch. 04 R. Richard
Tomboy Ch. 02 Slickman
Topping Love impressive
Treats For My Valentine woodnymph_O
Treats For My Valentine Ch. 02 woodnymph_O
True Love My Erotic Tale
Up Up & Away For Valentine's Day dreampilot79
Valentine Candy Hearts EroticWhizpers
Valentine Spell Midnite_Bohemian
Valentine's Day Anniversary Jonathan Pryce
Valentine's Day Meeting VixenLaFlamme
Valentines Day Remembered Danolikes
Valentine's Gift Aleister_Wolfe
Valentines in the Dregs Lucifer_Carroll
Valentine's Night Surprise Goldeniangel
Virtual Memory Pt. 01 brightlyiburn
Virtual Memory Pt. 02 brightlyiburn
Willie and the Brain Rumple Foreskin
Without Reservation logophile
Wrapture Clive Cromwell II

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