Listed below are the stories entered in the 2006 Literotica Earth Day Erotic Story Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

Top Rated Story ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
The Lighthouse

by dr_mabeuse

Runner Up Story ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Cry Wolf
by SelenaKittyn

Second Runner Up Story ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
The Story of a Girl Named Green
by i_love_u_in_me

2006 Earth Day Contest Submissions
Buffy Meets the Vampire Lestat SelenaKittyn
A Paperback Romance Ch. 07 Elizabetht
Earth Mother zeb1094
Planting Season SlickTony
Summer Storm WyldKarde
A Piece of Paradise Rougeblue
Life Cycles kbate
Red Rock Canyon Ch. 05 LuciousBi-Writes4U
Veiled Light damppanties
Down Amongst The Daffodils English Lady
Adam Does Eve emilyrose
Fucking Tree Hugger sinthiadellaselva
Making Love to the Earth my_yearning
Cliffhanger sirhugs
April Showers bluechick1976
Enchanted Forest Aurora Black
Earthy Fifties oggbashan
Breathless Stargazing oggbashan
Red Rock Canyon Afternoon 02 LuciousBi-Writes4U
How Humans Do, It Rumple Foreskin
Steppin' into Storyland Sean Renaud
A Walk in the Woods Sean Renaud
Ditched RebeccaMorton
E-man vs Octopussy My Erotic Trail
The Story of a Girl Named Green i_love_u_in_me
A Big Big Blow Job sarahhh
The Old Man and the Semen sarahhh
She Needed That JessMalarkey
Sister Suck sarahhh
Cry Wolf SelenaKittyn
Elvira's Earth Angels LustyLee77
Electrified Heaven MistressJett
Red Rock Canyon Day 01 LuciousBi-Writes4U
Red Rock Canyon Day 02 LuciousBi-Writes4U
The Tree LadyAria
The Hike Hallowed Eve
Jungle Roses Munachi
In The Bald Belle_in_south
Ancient Cycle of Lust Kev H
Servicing the Satyr Ch. 03 LuciousBi-Writes4U
Servicing the Satyr Ch. 05 LuciousBi-Writes4U
Servicing the Satyr Ch. 04 LuciousBi-Writes4U
Across the Great Divide Alicia Night Orchid
Even a God Can Love Daniellekitten
Ellowynthe drksideofthemoon
Bird of Paradise neonlyte
1750 dreampilot79
The Lighthouse dr_mabeuse
An Earth Day Voice dreampilot79
MudSlide (The Birth of Pleasure) Unsung Muse
Life in Deep Rock dr_mabeuse
Echoes of Global Warming hyulhyulhyul
Red Rock Canyon Night 02 LuciousBi-Writes4U
Recycled Mummy oggbashan

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