Listed below are the stories entered in the 2006 Literotica Halloween Erotic Story Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

In this contest, stories were organized randomly and moved around often to keep things fair.

Top Rated Story ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Bitter Harvest

by Aurora Black
- AND -
by i_love_u_in_me

Runner Up Story ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
The Birdcage
by ohida

Second Runner Up Story ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
What's a Good Pet for a Vampire?
by HelenofTroy

Halloween Contest 2006
3 Haskell Street tak_sothoth
A Black Cat's Path My Erotic Trail
A Broken Halloween Butterfly Guy
A Change of Seasons Alysdaire
A Command Performance BabyJamesBoy
A Crazy Halloween Party breastfixated
A Friend in Need Edge23
A Game of Tricks and Treats Hallowed Eve
A Ghostly Love windwriter
A Grave Matter duddle146
A Halloween Inspired Editorial Egmont Grigor
A Halloween Party Tipson
A Halloween Vampire Lesson Wolf Bennington
A Halloween Vixen's Evening Ball microwave oeuvren
A Happy Howling Hallo'weeny sexygodess06
A Little Witch Named Ruby Lady Malachite
A Masquerade Tom Collins
A Night Out With Friends Ch. 03 wyo_girl
A Pirate's Life for Me Roscoe0829
A Second Chance TheBriarRose
A Soul to Take alansnipe
A Treat for a Trick BookWurm
A Wood, East of Traffodshire Antfarmer77
All Hallow's Wish naughtylibrarijan
All Hallows, Eve Lillian2Yung
An Australian Halloween ddimilano
An End to Indian Summer i_love_u_in_me
An Unexpected Treat HelenofTroy
Apology ungenderless
Birthed oggbashan
Bitter Harvest Aurora Black
Black Eyes of the Fallen tamalied
Blind Date rachlou
Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 01 100 Angry Bananas
Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 02 100 Angry Bananas
Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 03 100 Angry Bananas
Blood for the Vampiress Ch. 04 100 Angry Bananas
Bridal Spirits castawaydave
Butterfly's Sacrifice Penelope Street
Carnival Fusionnée
Cheating Life ohida
Copping a Squeal sarahhh
Daughter of Undark Ch. 1 Ravlicious
Deadly Artefacts oggbashan
Death Travels Ch. 01 Angel12878
Demon Flesh EHawkins
Destiny Awaits sweet_kitten
Dinner's on Me TE999
Distant Lover ALEXIS_96
Do-Right Service Station Aswrite03
Ed (Bones): Mission Impossible caprine
Fallen Angel Macro7
Fancy Dress Time vitesse
Fangs for the Mammaries sourdough999
Feeding the Young sourdough999
Filling the Void brentzad
George kbate
Ghost Party Jenny_Jackson
Ghostly Visitation Erolexicon
Gifting Night deathlynx
Halloween - The Taker TonyDowse
Halloween - Two Wizards TonyDowse
Halloween Again! sam1809
Halloween Filmfest Conversion sr71plt
Halloween Hayride ABradleyLewis
Halloween Hooker windwriter
Halloween Hunt Erotica_Writings
Halloween Invitation LaLaLady
Halloween Night Someonesfreak
Halloween Offering Jenny_Jackson
Halloween Party wcuddyf
Halloween Party at the Frat House ALEXIS_96
Hallows Eve in Casanova's Bed ThePassionateGoddess
Happy Halloween cptgreg
Happy Halloween Party Blue88
Happy Halloween, Briley blondiesheart
Harry Dick: Halloween Caper Jenny_Jackson
Harvest of Blood Darkniciad
Haunted House Fun BlewWater69
I.S.: The Rector House Sethleham
I'm Yours! SpankerSam
In a Heart, Darkly museless_me
Incubus dr_mabeuse
Instrument of Destruction nyte_byrd
Into the Grey ohida
Invite Her In dragonfeather
Just a Normal Hike HelenofTroy
Just One Bite Ch. 03 neonurotic
Katie RomanCEisdead
Last Chance Diner Aswrite03
Laundry Tales: Riding for a Fall jeanne_d_artois
Laundry Tales: Twins' Charade jeanne_d_artois
Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 07 vastiesmith
Love Bites LibidinousQT
Love Fucking Hurts English Lady
Love Will Find a Way cptgreg
Love's a Bitch, then We all Die Ch. 01 artisticannonymity
Love's a Bitch, then We all Die Ch. 02 artisticannonymity
Mary Lewis Saw It First Egmont Grigor
Mary-Lou's Big Halloween Egmont Grigor
Mask of Zaloh Ch. 01 LitShark
Masquerade rrickgauer
Massage Appointment magmaman
Melia The Fairy maharat48
Midnight in the Garden of Eva sweetnpetite
Misery Loves Company evyltwyns
My Halloween Visitor nighttimestories
My Last Halloween RonClarkeson
Naked Halloween R. Richard
Nice Kitty TE999
Night of the Darned lilredjammies
Notebook Found in a Deserted House gossog
One Last Gift bella_arcana
Ouija luvpsy
Pass the Body oggbashan
Paths Less Travelled RogueLurker
Playlists: Harem Kev H
Playlists: Scream FallingToFly
Possessed by a Witch sirhugs
Project: Ghost My Erotic Trail
Pumpkin Eater SelenaKittyn
Purloined Tryst sr71plt
Regaining Life for Caroline Egmont Grigor
Same Time Next Year Nocturnalist
Samia Ran Away maharat48
Saucy Jack Jen24
Seven Deadly Sins: Envy FallingToFly
Sex in the Woods kinkidusti
Shoshone hmmnmm
Sister's Surrender china-doll
Smile FallingToFly
Something Horrid Erotica_Writings
Something Wicked Erotica_Writings
Statuary Rape TE999
Strange Love DragnsFyre
Surrender i_love_u_in_me
Taking the Plunge Athena_e19
The Aftermath dirtislave8
The Bedroom Window Decayed Angel
The Birdcage ohida
The Cats of Rhodes sweet_katrina579
The Dark Lover Jaiden_Kane
The Drive Gyrefalkyn
The Enchanted Pumpkin Patch sack
The Grand Zucchini at 45 Decayed Angel
The Graveyard's Secret Ch. 01 BarondeSade
The Graveyard's Secret Ch. 02 BarondeSade
The Graveyard's Secret Ch. 03 BarondeSade
The Graveyard's Secret Ch. 04 BarondeSade
The Halloween Party goblinbox
The Halloween Surprise Party ABradleyLewis
The House on Whore Hill leaky_one
The Legend of Ruby's Place Green_Gem
The Other Woman leapyearguy
The Pirate and the Vampire WickedTemptations
The Red Velvet Suite SweetWitch
The Sickle DG Hear
The Spawning - Chapter 1 BookWurm
The Spell of Appalachia Ch. 01 SweetWitch
The Spell of Appalachia Ch. 02 SweetWitch
The Spell of Appalachia Ch. 03 SweetWitch
The Spider and the Fly lady_cat13
The Transformation of Man Ch. 01 j3zza
The Vampire's Buffet Boxlicker101
The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 01 SEVERUSMAX
The Violinist EHawkins
Thirteen Years Munachi
This Will Hurt Kev H
Time Warp Alessia Brio
Too Smart sr71plt
Trapped Souls Ch. 01 oldfart4fun
Trapped Souls Ch. 02 oldfart4fun
Trapped Souls Ch. 03 oldfart4fun
Trapped Souls Ch. 04 oldfart4fun
Trapped Souls Ch. 05 oldfart4fun
Trick or Treat JimPet
Trick or Tryst kbate
Trick or Tryst RogueLurker
Trick or Tryst SexSweetheart
Trick or Tryst deathlynx
Trick or Tryst angelicminx
Trick Or Tryst Jenny_Jackson
Trick Or Tryst: Thing Under The Bed Jenny_Jackson
Trick-a-Treat bedtymelover2
Truth keyala
Twixt The Devil & The Deep Blue Sky caprine
Unexpected Halloween RonClarkeson
Unicorn femininity
Wearing Her Clothes TheEvelyn
What's a Good Pet for a Vampire? HelenofTroy
Willow's Weep robert12
Work of a Genius sweet_katrina579
Yvette Meets a Restless Woulff Brandii

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