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  • Liam Humphreys: 'Sex in Class is going to be the most marvellous culture clash'

    Also responsible for two of the broadcaster's biggest hits of 2014, The Jump and The Island with Bear Grylls (not without a rumpus of its own), Humphreys can expect another kerfuffle with Sex in Class, in which Belgian sex therapist Goedele Liekens ...

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  • Sex-Trafficking Lures Increasing In Denver, Officials Say

    DENVER (CBS4) - Denver has evolved into a breeding ground, officials say, for sex-traffickers who lure young runaways, often in exchange for drugs, into the underground business. “We see more and more minors that are being trafficked into the ...

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  • Why is it so difficult to talk about sex?

    Sex is something that's difficult to ignore in our lives because it's everywhere in our culture; it's reflected in magazine and TV advertising, fashion, music, TV series and movies. You'd think we would all be open, relaxed and comfortable with it, but ...

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  • Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Drop Nearly a Grand at Toronto Sex Shop

    0901-ian-somerhalder-nikki-reed-sex-shop-tmz- Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed either went to an awesome bachelorette party or they have an amazing sex life ... because the two hit up a Toronto sex shop and walked away with nearly $1,000 worth of stuff.

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  • My wife won't have sex with me unless she's drunk - what should I do?

    More recently, however, my wife has become less and less interested in sex and now only seems to be able to make love when she's drunk. But when this happens, it's all just as it used to be and she appears to enjoy it very much. Even she is starting to ...

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  • Mother-of-one Brittney Wood hasn't been seen since May 2012

    The suspects in the sex ring include Brittney's mother, Chessie Wood, her brother, Derek Wood, Nelton 'Butch' Morgan, Dustin Kent, William 'Billy' Brownlee, Mendy Kent, Wendy Holland, James Cumbaa, Randall Scott Wood and Jennifer Moore, the most ...

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  • Masters of Sex, episode 8: 5 reasons for the messy second season

    At the end of "Mirror, Mirror," this season of Masters of Sex is two-thirds over, and it's time to start seriously worrying about whether the season is going to cohere in any way, shape, or form. It's getting harder and harder to imagine that all of ...

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  • Bikini coffee shops made millions 'selling sex acts'

    EVERETT, Wash. — The owner of bikini coffee stands in Washington state banked more than $2 million in just three years because her baristas were also selling sex acts, according to local prosecutors. Snohomish County prosecutors charged Carmela ...

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  • Drugs, sex, and violence: My hell as a Rikers guard

    They're in here giving [oral sex] and stuff so they don't have to work with these prisoners and work those areas,” Miller says. “This girl used to have a house in Queens where she would gather a bunch of [female] officers. The wardens would all go ...

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  • Channel 4 hires former Miss Belgium to shake up sex education in schools

    A Belgian sex therapist and UN goodwill ambassador who believes that all children should get a qualification in sex education is to start a Jamie Oliver-style campaign to change the way British schools tackle the subject. Goedele Liekens, a former Miss ...

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  • Tinto Brass: Maestro of Erotic Cinema:

    Semi-legendary sleaze-meister Tinto Brass (Caligula, Salon Kitty) has aged gracefully and gently into a stylish director of softcore erotica, with a deft touch and a real eye for the ladies. As his output (nyuk nyuk) makes its way into the HD arena he ...

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  • Three sex workers stage protest at Festival of Dangerous Ideas

    Three Sydney sex workers have staged a protest at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas over the representation of their profession in a panel discussion on the global sex industry called Women For Sale. They handed out pamphlets to festival goers and posed ...

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  • Sex educator's tips for mom, dad on 'The Talk' with teens.

    Vernacchio has been in the sex education field for more than 20 years, currently teaching 9th- and 12-graders in the Philadelphia suburb of Wynnewood. He's seen the rise of the abstinence movement, the digital revolution and the impact on teens of ...

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  • Female coaches at Catholic school 'had sex with students for years'

    Mahoney, 25, who was also the assistant athletic director at the 450-student school in the Bulls Head section, would pick him up and take him to secluded spots to have sex, the boy said. “We would just drive around and [do it] in the car,” he said. He ...

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  • Female teacher who had sex with students sentenced to six months in jail

    She told police she had performed sex acts with multiple students, one as young as 15 years old, inside her locked classroom, as well as sending them sexualized pictures of herself. She resigned and surrendered her teaching certificate shortly after ...

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  • Drugged and targeted for sex. They were the lucky ones

    Vicky counts herself as one of the lucky ones. Stalked from the age of 15, plied with drink and slipped drugs until she became estranged from her despairing parents; ferried at night by strangers twice her age to unknown male-only parties; on one ...

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  • 'Doctor Erotica' Soma Stanford releases new lesbian erotica novel on Amazon ...

    Dr. Soma Stanford (author's pen name) is a physician and writer in Canada. She is breaking boundaries with her new novel, Jade Wallace. Jade, the novel's protagonist, is an open-minded woman in her mid-twenties intent on exploring her own sexuality.

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  • Sex trade follows oil boom

    But with the oil boom overwhelming everything here the past few years, understaffed local law enforcement has let much of the sex-trade go unchecked, unwilling to pour time into what some view as low-level, victimless offenses, leaders say. The region ...

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  • High school teacher who had sex with students sentenced

    On Friday she was sentenced to 60 months in prison, but was granted a special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, which means she will spend just six months in county jail as long as she complies with court ordered sex offender treatment, registers as ...

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  • Siblings have sex near church after watching 'The Notebook'

    Christopher Buckner and her half-brother Timothy Savoy were arrested after they watched "The Notebook" and then had sex three times in a church parking lot. Photo: Everett Collection, Handout ...

    - Read the full story at New York Post

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