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  • Lauren Harrington-Cooper jailed for having sex with 2 students and flashing a ...

    A Pennsylvania teacher who had sex with two students an flashed her breasts at another teen has been jailed for up to 23 months. Lauren Harrington-Cooper enticed the students into sexual affairs by telling them: 'All the candy you need is right here.'.

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  • 'Sex education should be made compulsory in schools'

    What does sex feel like? Is this right? Is this normal? What's really striking is that young people want to be good at relationships, they want to use condoms, they want to get it right. Of course, like adults, they don't always manage, but they do a ...

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  • 'Masters of Sex' showrunner teases Masters and Johnson's 'cuckoo' lives after ...

    Masters of Sex's second season found Masters and Johnson exploring sexual dysfunction (including Bill's), Libby Masters getting involved with St. Louis' racial politics, and the show entering the Kennedy era.

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  • Sex therapy: Stop trying to be 'normal'

    And people come to sex therapy with the hope that it will make them "normal". Generally what they mean by that is the ability to have sex that involves penetration and orgasm, lasts a certain amount of time and takes place an average number of times a ...

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  • British sex survey 2014: 'the nation has lost some of its sexual swagger'

    In 2008, the Observer undertook a comprehensive survey of British sexual behaviour and attitudes. Six years later, a follow-up survey has revealed some surprising trends, such as a declining national libido and a collective lack of satisfaction with ...

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  • Sex Uncovered: austerity-hit Britons have sex less than once a week, poll finds

    As to the question of what people are doing instead of having sex, the survey shows that 53% of women (compared with 36% of men) read erotica, in particular novels such as Fifty Shades of Grey. By contrast, 76% of men (compared with 36% of women) ...

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  • FDNY emergency medical service captain arrested on charges of having oral ...

    A captain in the FDNY Emergency Medical Service has been arrested for criminal sex acts involving children, authorities said. Capt. Wilbert Riera was picked up at work by an FBI task force on Friday on a warrant issued out of Los Angeles on Sept.

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  • Men flock to become agency's next undercover sex operative

    Applicants are lining-up to become the next undercover illegal brothel agent for a Sydney private investigation company. Last week The Sun-Herald revealed how ratepayers were funding undercover operatives to have sex with prostitutes as a last resort ...

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  • Records detail U. of I. sex-assault settlement

    President Barack Obama's administration has launched a series of initiatives aimed at reducing sex crimes on U.S. campuses, where statistics suggest nearly 1 in 5 women will be a victim of an attempted or actual sexual assault during her college career.

    - Read the full story at Chicago Tribune

  • Indonesia Province to Punish Gay Sex by Caning

    Lawmakers in a conservative Muslim Indonesian province passed a law Saturday that punishes gay sex by public caning and subjects non-Muslims to the region's strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law. Human rights groups have said the law violates ...

    - Read the full story at ABC News

  • Two local educators are accused of having sex with a student

    DESTREHAN (WGNO) – Two school teachers are under investigation for allegedly having sex with a student. The case has been a topic of conversation at Destrehan High School. WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has exclusive details and reaction from ...

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  • Administration to Back Same-Sex Marriage at Supreme Court: Holder

    The Justice Department will urge the Supreme Court to uphold state laws granting same-sex couples the right to marry, Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday. "I can't imagine that we would take any other position while this president is in office and ...

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  • Sex abuse charges against former teacher, 94, raise questions about his past

    William Hartwell Bricker, 94, was taken into custody Tuesday at an assisted living facility in Traverse County, Mich., on a felony arrest warrant issued in Wyoming for one count of immoral acts with a child and one count of immoral or indecent acts.

    - Read the full story at Chicago Tribune

  • Rowan students face disciplinary action for posting sex video

    Two male students at Rowan University are temporarily suspended and could face further disciplinary action by the school for their involvement in a sex video posted online that included a female student who was not aware the act was being recorded.

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  • Bay City middle school teacher pleads guilty to having sex with underage ...

    BAY CITY, MI — A 32-year-old teacher has confessed in open court to having sex with a minor student on multiple occasions, an act of illicit carnality that will net her up to 15 years in prison. Sarah M. Raymo on Friday, Sept. 26, appeared before Bay ...

    - Read the full story at The Bay City Times

  • Why There Will Be Lots of Gay Sex on How To Get Away With Murder

    "I knew I wanted to push the envelope, especially with the gay sex," Nowalk explained to me. "And to me, writing the gay characterization and writing some real gay sex into a network show is to right the wrong of all of the straight sex that you see on TV.

    - Read the full story at E! Online

  • Pennsylvania Priest Held on Sex Tourism Charges

    A priest accused of traveling to Honduras to engage in sex with children while promoting missionary work with the poor there has been arrested by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. The Rev. Joseph Maurizio Jr., 69, was arrested ...

    - Read the full story at ABC News

  • Sex education in schools: it's just bananas

    When people started discussing their personal experiences of school sex and relationships education (SRE) on Twitter this week as part of the #SREnow campaign, the responses were, well, eye-opening. One person described being taught the “sex life of a ...

    - Read the full story at The Guardian (blog)

  • Police: Iowans caught having sex in Florida park

    Devin Thunhorst 26, and Nicole Rains, 26, were arrested at Lake Wyman Park, located after police received an anonymous call reporting that two individuals were on the boardwalk having sex in the open, the arrest report said. The officers reported ...

    - Read the full story at KCCI Des Moines

  • Is This the Term the Supreme Court Settles the Same-Sex Marriage Battle?

    The speed with which the same-sex marriage question returned to the Supreme Court has surprised advocates and opponents alike. In its 2013 Windsor decision, the court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, on the grounds it was unconstitutional for ...

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