A Family Gathering


She turned back around to face me and we began kissing on the mouth again. But it wasn't long before I bent down to bury my face in her irresistible breasts. She helped pull my head down with one hand, and used her other forearm to lift up both of her breasts up, smothering my face in her giant tits. I stuck my tongue out and greedily licked as much of her as I could with my aunt still smothering me. She let go of the back of my head and used both of her free hands to lift up both tits, inviting me to suck on her now hardened nipples. And I did just that, rolling each one of her nipples in my mouth causing her to moan in pleasure.

She freed both of her hands to take her bottom off, and as I lifted her breasts to continue sucking her nipples. She took a step back revealing her fully nude body to me for the first time. She was incredibly voluptuous, not just with her large breasts, but with her wide hips as well.

I got a nice view of her large rear end as she walked over to sit on the bed, which jiggled heavily each time her legs moved.

"It's time to return the favor from yesterday..." she said with a naughty look on her face as she sat on the bed with her legs spread wide open for me.

"Anything for my aunt" I replied as I pulled t-shirt off and got down on my knees.

I took a quick look at her vagina which was right in front of my face. Her pubic hairs were dark and neatly trimmed. And her vagina looked the way I imagined it to look for such a busty woman as it had a long labia and a large clitoris.

I planted kisses on her crotch before making my way down to her vagina. After a few more kisses, I stuck my tongue and ran it across her labia before sticking it inside her. She started moaning right away. Her moans became more intense as I started sucking and licking the insides of her soaking wet vagina causing her to lay back on the bed while I continued eating her pussy for a few more moments.

She put her hand on my head to get me to stop, "Lay on the bed now, I want to fuck you. We better hurry."

I pulled my swimming trunks off, leaving us both fully naked in her room, and laid on the bed she shared with her husband as she commanded. She positioned herself on top of me and grabbed a hold of my hard on and slowly lowered herself. She held her lips open to let the head of my cock to enter her. As soon as I went in, she lowered herself all the way down allowing me to fully penetrate her warm vagina.

She started fucking me by first slowly gyrating her hips. Then she started increasing her tempo, which had her tits swaying back and forth. Before long, her giant sagging breasts were wildly bouncing in all directions. Seeing that and feeling the warmth of her insides as we fucked had me in a state of sexual ecstasy.

She pressed both of her hands onto my chest, leaning on me, and started fucking me even harder. "That's it...cum for me...cum inside your auntie..." she said as her big tits were now swaying just above my head.

I felt her vaginal muscles contracting for me and that was more then enough to send me over the edge to cum inside her. Streams of cum were now flowing deep into her womb. She reached down with one hand and began furiously rubbing her clit which was now covered in my sperm. It was obvious she was having an orgasm of her own as she moaned really loud and squeezed her eyes shut.

Then she collapsed on top of me after we had both came. It was nice feeling her heavy breasts on me while we were both trying to catch our breath over what we had just done.

She rolled over to the side and finally spoke- "So how do I compare to your mother?" she asked with a smile as she was still breathing heavy.

I smiled back at her and leaned over to give her a kiss on the check. "You're both incredible women who I love very much and have had amazing sex with which I'll remember for the rest of my life. And we'll just leave it at that."

"Aww...you're so sweet. My sister is crazy for giving you up, married or not, you're a really good fuck."

"So what's next?" I asked her. "I mean after all this, when we all head back home to our normal lives, would you still be interested in keeping this up? I can understand if you don't want to given your family and everything."

"I would absolutely love to continue this with you." She then looked at me with a mischievous smile. "But...there's something you should know first; I've been doing more with my son than I initially admitted. It hasn't just been that I show him my breasts and let him masturbate in front of me...it's...well...more along the lines of what we did yesterday in the bathroom with me using my mouth. My husband knows about the whole thing and he loves hearing about it. Maybe someday soon I'll tell him about us, I'm sure he'll enjoy hearing about this as well."

"Well I can't say I'm that surprised. This is one fucked up family we have."


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loved the ending!!!

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wow it sounds like thats one lucky guy

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