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Many years ago my mother-in-law commissioned an artist to do a painting of my wife (her daughter) and our children. My wife, thirty-one years old at the time, went to his studio with the kids and the painter told he wanted to sketch the boys before they got bored and the wife in a second time. In two session the kids were done so the wife begun to pose going there alone. Four other sessions and the wife was ready too. On the last day, taking a break, he got her a glass of wine and they chatted for a bit. He told her that she was very attractive and an excellent model and asked her if she might be available to pose for other paintings. For a small fee of course.

She was very flattered and said she would love to, just give her a call. In a week the painter called. He had to do a series of portraits and female full figured paintings for a gallery in a nearby town and thought at my wife as a possibly model. She had a lot of free time in those days, the kids were in school and she wasn't working. Money wasn't bad and she went. The painter gave her a drape to wear for a bare shouldered pose and very politely he asked the wife to leave her bra off just to avoid ugly marks on the skin. My wife did it without a problem and started to pose baring a shoulder. In the beginning he took a lot of pictures to progress the work when she wasn't available, then she posed for a while he sketched and painted. They did small talks and very politely he asked her if she was embarrassed posing bare breasted under the drape or she was cold. It was pretty warm in the studio and she admitted to be perfectly at ease. So he mentioned the possibility to pose naked for an extra money. They discussed the extras dealing quickly, then she removed the drape baring her small breasts. So there she sat topless for about another hour.

She seemed to be spending a lot of time posing for him but he had twenty paintings to do for the aforesaid gallery and the sessions lasted about two months.

Step by step she undressed totally for the painter in half his pictures. She teased me a bit with the details of posing nude, and an evening she chuckled "if only my mother imagined what she started sending me to pose for him," but she said he never made a pass at her and it was very professional. He was not exactly a sex god, but a short, rumpled, quiet type. "He is not the right guy," she giggled again.

We were invited to his art show at the gallery and I was excited about seeing her nude and very identifiable image. She received many compliments that night and the gallery owner treated her like a star. What surprised me was not the paintings, which were very good and sold well, but that most of her poses were with at least one man. Now this really got my attention and excitement level up. This was early in our marriage and we had not ever really discussed such fantasies as cuckolding or wife watching.

When we were alone I asked her "why didn't you tell me that there were other men involved?"

"I was afraid you'd get jealous and make me stop, and I love doing it".

She went on to answer my questions, yes she liked seeing the men nude, yes she loved it if they got an erection, she liked to stay in the buff with them also, of course they had a drink after the sessions, but no, she had not gone any further than just posing.

At the time I was too short of money to buy at least one of those expensive paintings, but the painter was a gentleman giving my wife a few sketches and coloured drawings as a present which we still cherish. She went back to work shortly after so the posing just died on its own. But a few years later, remembering those times, she confessed me she gave a couple of hand jobs to one of the male models. He reciprocated for her but that as far as it went. I wish she could tell me she made love with him, but apparently it didn't happen.

Now my wife is in her early fifties. Still fit, beautiful and sexy to die as she was as a mere thirty years old mom at the time she modelled for the painter. Being a well-known teacher she never posed again, but I'm sure she had an affair with two different colleagues from school. Of course she never confessed but she admitted to warm up to them only and no more. What to do with a cheating wife? She is so loving never the less.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/21/15

Where is the rest?

Great start but needs a lot of details to make it really hot.
What went on during the sessions? Touching? Fondling?
Fooling around? What were the poses?

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by Anonymous01/31/15

My nude wife

My wife posed nude for a guy a couple of times we love the pics ,it was her first time posing for other men she loved it .he also played with her nipples since they were pierced

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