Listed below are the stories entered in the 2013 Earth Day Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2013 Earth Day Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner)::
The Dryad

by Armphid

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner)::
Bonsai Hunting

by eclare

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner)::

by slyc_willie

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2013 Earth Day Submissions
Mom Goes Environmentalalwayswantedto
Dalliance of the Earth Goddess IsisRedHairedandFriendly
Cernunnos' Lessonihartekenny
The Most Beautiful ArtCndrlla69
A Backwoods AwakeningYDB95
The HikeBeelzebub72
The Chief DirectiveRutabaga72
Christie's College Funding Planmsgrant67
The Devil and an AngelTxRad
Feral Heartslyc_willie
Pirate DaysJasmynn_Brown
"No Boundaries" Water Canoe Areacurlyspurs
Bird Manhoo_hoo_boo
Hipster Sister's Clothing BanHeyAll
Dalliance of Earth Goddess DurgaRedHairedandFriendly
The DryadArmphid
Hiking NudeAshson
A Date with Mother Naturechocolatecookie3
Opposites Attracttk5555
Cleaning Cans and Bottles ToplessSusanJillParker
Nature's "Miracle"Tx Tall Tales
My Brother, My Mastersilkstockingslover
A Day in the ParkStaciRay79
The Good Samaritancarlieplum
Birth of the Burnt Sprigganvencuyot
The Sound of Silencelitfan10
May to December Earth Day RomanceJuanVato
Earth, Wind, and DesireOpalEssence
A Father's DreamMSTarot
The OutdoorsmanBrettJ
Earth Day EncounterStacy469
For the Glory of the Earthsr71plt
In The RedwoodsLovefreely1993
Trial 1717CatRun
Morgan's Canaleclare
Earth to AnnaNeonurotic
Caribbean Tales: Jamaican Wild LifeAlwaysHungry
Not What I ExpectedDG Hear
A Seed Called Pygmalionsubwryter
Bonsai Huntingeclare
By the LakeRjThoughts
The After DanceEuphonic
Tree Hugger Loves Butt PluggerBrookMeier
Garden Romancerandibyrnes
A Weekend in AppalachiaJagFarlane
That Hippy Chickxelliebabex
The Problem with MonsantoJagFarlane
Hypnotizing MotherHeyAll
The HikersAunay
Green Fairy DreamMichaelWest
Save a Tree Become a Sex Slavesilkstockingslover
Eco-"Friendly" CleaningTx Tall Tales
A Winter Hike with MomCavyConsultant
A Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)theravenfox

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