Listed below are the stories entered in the 2013 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are here. Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2013 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
That Old House

by Tx Tall Tales

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Halloween Wedding

by JJ_Kennedy_Smith

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Streetwalking with a Succubus

by manyeyedhydra

Contest Winners must contact Literotica
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2013 Halloween Submissions
A Lust For Liferobertreams
Haunting ExhibitionA_Little_Show
Join The Clubjavawarrior
A Love for Every CreatureBethyboo
Streetwalking with a Succubusmanyeyedhydra
Ghostly Ghouls and Ghoulish GoblinsSusanJillParker
The Pirate Girlsandymonroe
OMG! (Oh My Goddess!)justboycrazy
The Spider's BrothelMiles63
Halloween DreamsGasMaskSlaveGirl
Explaining the MysteriousTessa_Kealey
Succubus UnleashedYshomatsu
Sex in the Cemetery on HalloweenSusanJillParker
Halloween TrystBrettJ
I Love Halloweenjust_another_voice
Dance with the DevilTotzman
The BearingSecondCircle
A Side TripTxRad
Embrace the DarknessSoulwolf78
The Hotel PenlandAlexisMontage
Aoife, the Queen MakerThe_Technician
The Not-So-Glittery VampireDinaDevereux
The Halloween Partysensualsharon
Draining the Countm_storyman_x
Shub-Niggurath's DiscipleTE999
October 31, 10:06 AMYDB95
I Put a Spell on Youcarlieplum
The Tanksheablue
Three Good WitchesYDB95
Peep ShowAllThingsGood
Halloween Sucks!JayDavid
Do Witches Really Exist?DG Hear
Legend of The Headless Horse CockStrangeLife
Edgar has a Wet DreamSubtext
Closer, My God to TheeCDallas921
Called by the CovenAcktion
The Accidental Modeltrappedinside
The Chosen SonBostonsub52
No Reservationlauralevot
Fresh Meatauthorguybailey
Detective to SlutHeyAll
My Delicious Little WitchRegularGuyinOly
An Itch to be ScratchedBethyboo
A Slut is BornHeyAll
Ride of the Headless HorsemanAcktion
Spirit of Halloween NightmareLitEroCat
The Trap of FleshJames Cody
Death's New BrideTinyBeth
The Masquerade of 1900daniwilliams
A Costume for Every TrickBethyboo
All Hallow's Eve: The Gameslyc_willie
Halloween Party: We Open Upsexyparty
Monster of Incesttheoncomingstorm
Gull Cottage HorrorA_Little_Show
Night of ChoicesJagFarlane
The Black CatPlayfulLittle1
Excise Dutiesoggbashan
Halloween und schlechte DrogenAleksana
"Witch" Hitterwalterio
Tricking Twin Sistersilkstockingslover
Dealing with the DeaDtotallyatease
Suffocating DarknessSean Renaud
Redheaded BeautyRjThoughts
All Hallow's EveDocCIS
The Monster in my ClosetEJLit
Mrs. Lambert's PrisonCavyConsultant
The Harvest Moonkanniblekitten
Choose Your Costume WiselyBethyboo
The Hunting CabinThe_Technician
A Manly CostumeBethyboo
The BansheeTamLin01
Butterfly Spiritsxelliebabex
My Amuletmalabar13
Halloween WeddingJJ_Kennedy_Smith
Labyrinth of LustNymphWriter
A Little Halloween MagicMagicaPractica
Mercurial and the BeastA_Little_Show
Happy Anniversary, BabyPlayfulLittle1
Bloody MaryStrangePanda
House of Sexvoluptuary_manque
Don't Answer the Door!Seanathon
Vampiress, MineDieselJester
The Bag SnatchersMSTarot
A Beavis and Butthead Kind of NightAwful Arthur
The Devil's BullThe_Technician
Vampire Encounterava23
Magnum InnominandumBramblethorn
Poe has a Wet DreamSubtext
A Kept PetAgentNeptune
The Pumpkin PatchTamLin01
Deal with the DevilThe_Technician
Swingers Club: Halloween Partysilkstockingslover
Every Midnight to DawnHeyAll
Kellingpoint MansionSaltPillarSagas
The PresenceCndrlla69
That Old HouseTx Tall Tales
Best Ever Erotic Halloween PartyRomantic1
Jeffrey's Murdererpatientlee

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