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The Maltese Fuckin'

The Maltese Fuckin' is a chain story written by several of our authors. Authors who volunteered to write on this story were divided into 3 threads of 8 authors each. Then, they were assigned one of eight chapter titles, as follows:

Ch. 1 - "Murder in 33-B" - Eve (1), Phantom (2), Crom Murnau[aka Bent Ampersand](3)

Ch. 2 - "The Streets of Sin City" - Shintani (1), Deborah (2), Sabrina (3)

Ch. 3 - "The Dame in Red Velvet" - Eve (1), PeterR (2), StraightRazor (3)

Ch. 4 - "The Family Jewels" - Endlessly (1), flashlight7.5 (2), Kip Carson (3)

Ch. 5 - "The Plot Thickens..." - Xander (1), Angel (2), Lilianna (3),

Ch. 6 - "A Night in the Slammer" - BluesManII (1), Dakota Ryan (2), BJ (3)

Ch. 7 - "The Killer - Unmasked!!" - Shaggy2Dope (1), Stef Carson (2), mrhappy (3)

Ch. 8 - "All's Well That Ends Well.. Or Is It?" - Bryan P. (1), HotMale (2), Butterfly (3)

Their challenge was to write a chapter that integrates with the one before it, and reflects the title of their chapter. If you'd be interested in writing a part of a future chain story like this, please email me! Enjoy!

NOTE: The story splits off in two different threads from the main chapter.
* = Thread #1, ** = Thread #2, *** = Thread#3.

Ch I by Eve - A dangerously curvy case walks into Joe Steele's office.*
Ch I by Fantom of the Opera - Joseph meets Lilith in Vegas casino.**
Ch I by Bent Ampersand - Sexy blonde meets hunk on train to Vegas.***
Ch II by Shintani - Joe is framed.*
Ch II by deborah - Charlie Tuna arrives on the scene.**
Ch II by Sabrina - Madeleine is caught with dead Black porter.***
Ch III by Eve - Joe questions Ivana Hump.*
Ch III by PeterR
- Sheila dons dress with magical powers.**
Ch III by StraightRazor - Madeleine seduces Hugo.***
Ch IV by flashlight7.5 - Joel meets the Tuna.**
Ch IV by Kip Carson - Joel and Kim are kidnapped.***
Ch V by Lilianna - Hugo meets Amelia, and discovers Maddy's past.***
Ch VI by BJ - He encounters Red, a blonde, and microfilm.***
Ch VI by Dakota4646 - Sergeant Friday is on the case.**


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