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The Millennium Project
The Millennium Project was the brainchild of Crystal, a reader and author at Literotica. It is a chain story written by several of our authors. More information on this can be found on this Bulletin Board thread. If you'd be interested in writing a part of a future chain story like this, please email me! Enjoy!
NOTE: The story splits off in two different threads from the main chapter.
* = Thread #1, ** = Thread #2.

Chapter I: Crystal - Laurel & Manu prepare for party.
Chapter II: HSWriter - HSWriter arrives.*
Chapter II: Sabrina - Sabrina arrives. **
Chapter III: Laurel - Guests arrive, and the party gets started.*
Chapter III: Mrhappy - Mrhappy & Manu get lucky.**
Chapter IV: Fallen - The group, finally assembled, gets down to business.*
Chapter IV: Deborah
- The reunionites play a little, um, ball. **

Chapter V: Michael
- Attendees get kinky, and Michael meets Kat. **
Chapter VI: SpecialK - The group competes in kinky contest. *
Chapter VI: Butterfly - Reunionites erase Butterfly's doubts. **
Chapter VII: hullo_nurse - They try a "daisy chain".*
Chapter VIII: BluesManII - The group parties on the beach.*

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