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Submission Guidelines

If you're reading this, you most likely have an erotic story or poem you'd like to share with our readers. We happily consider all stories and subject matter, but only if they follow the guidelines as presented here. Please take the time to read through this before submitting, as it will help you see your work published on the Web much sooner.

By submitting a story to Literotica, you certify the following stipulations to be true:

  • You are the sole creator of the submission;
  • You are 18 years of age or older and legally able to write, submit and read erotic or pornographic material;
  • You grant Literotica the right to publish your submission as received by
  • You grant Literotica the right to use all legal means available to protect your published work from unauthorized use by other parties.

Still with us? Great! Here's how to be a Literotica author.

* Steps To Becoming A Literotica Author *

1. Sign up as a Literotica Member. Remember, your author name will be public, so choose your pen name with this in mind.

2. Be sure your story has a sexual theme, unless you are submitting to the Non-Erotic category. Chose a title and a category. Note: We reserve the right to edit the title and description.

3. No sexual activity involving bestiality (you can write stories about supernatural beasts like ghosts, unicorns, werewolves, etc.) or underage persons will be considered. For the purposes of this site, the minimum legal age is 18. This site does not publish stories, articles, essays, or other material supporting, encouraging, or defending child abuse and/or exploitation.

4. We do not currently accept submissions under 750 words.

All manuscripts must be submitted as via the site scripts as Word files (.doc), text files (.txt) or Rich Text Files (.rtf), or pasted into the submission form. If your story uses bolds ot italics, you will need to submit it as a .doc or .rtf.

(You may submit via email, but your story will be considered & posted much, much faster if you submit through your online profile as described in our FAQ. Important Note: If you DO submit via email, you MUST follow the instructions for doing so in the FAQ. If you simply send us a story via email without following the procedure, your submission will be ignored.)

6. Run your manuscript through a spell checker and then read it over for anything the spellchecker missed before submitting
. This should eliminate the majority of errors which might cause a manuscript to be rejected.We expect submissions to come to us ready for the public. Stories with obvious spelling and grammatical errors are poorly received by readers. Even spell-checking your work with a software program can make the difference in whether readers like or dislike your work. If you're looking to further polish your piece, we strongly encourage you to contact one of our Volunteer Editors.

We encourage both seasoned and first-time writers to submit their work, and do not expect grammatical and structural perfection in every piece. We expect that as you post stories and apply the suggestions from readers and Volunteer Editors to your work, your abilities as a writer will be honed.

7. Please break your story into reasonably sized paragraphs. Reading on a screen is different from reading from a book or magazine, as the flicker from computer monitors is tiring on the eye. Excessively long paragraphs are hard on readers' eyes.

If you have specialty formatting requests, such as the need for bolds or italics in certain parts, PLEASE LET US KNOW in a note at the top of the story. Otherwise, all special formatting will be stripped from the stories before posting.

No HTML links or web addresses are allowed within stories.

Manuscripts are copyrighted in the name of the author. This means you must be the author of any story you submit.

More specific information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions area. Please go through these before emailing us with any questions you may have.

Now you know what we want from you, but what do you get out of this? The first question is always about payment. As a free story site, Literotica does not pay for manuscripts. Of course, your story under your name is inducement enough for many, but Literotica offers much more than that. The following section should answer your questions.

VOLUNTEER EDITORS: There are a number of people willing to read and edit your manuscript free of charge. Using this program significantly improves your chance of publication at Literotica. Volunteer editors range in experience from those who did well in English classes right up to professional copy editors. For more information, check the Volunteer Editors section.

WRITER'S RESOURCES: Feel free to take advantage of the articles and other help at our Writer's Resources section. We add articles here as we receive them, so check back occasionally!

LITEROTICA MONTHLY CONTESTS: Every month, the stories with the best reader votes are eligible for cash and prizes. For full details and lists of winners, go to the Literotica Contests page.

END-OF-THE-YEAR AWARDS: Each story is given a voting meter and those selected by our readers as the most outstanding are honored each year in the Literotica Awards. The Award winners & nominees are posted to a permanent list for all readers to see for years to come. In addition, they win cool prizes and the accolades of their peers. :)

BULLETIN BOARD: You can vent, brainstorm, and just hang out Author's Hangout forum, read or request feedback from readers at the Story & Poetry Feedback forum, or submit your story for critique by other Literotica authors in our Story Discussion Circle.

There is much more to be found at Literotica, from free e-mail to an erotic chat room to a Bulletin Board, but the chance to polish your skills is the single best inducement for becoming a Literotica author.

Now all you have to do is write that story!

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