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How To Write A Character Biography

 — Guided exercise that lets the character emerge from within. by JUDO06/14/024.47

How To Write a Fifty-Word Story

 — Fifty word stories? Easy? Try to write fifteen. by oggbashan05/14/064.66HOTContest Winner

How to Write a Good Sex Scene

 — Tips on believable written sex. by dweaver99905/06/074.52HOT

How To Write a Holiday Contest Story Entry

 — Practical writing advice for newbies & others. by sack11/23/044.59HOT

How to Write a How-To

 — Contribute your brilliance to the world! (Contains sarcasm.) by Noira02/01/114.00

How to Write a Novel

 — Getting through the plagues that plague draft one. by Noira01/16/124.45

How to Write a Personal Ad

 — A thinking girl reflects on what draws her to an ad. by Tyr5105/07/084.25

How To Write A Poem

 — There may be less to it (and more) than is imagined. by Cal Y. Pygia01/25/093.56

How to Write a Porn Review

 — A quick and dirty guide to reviewing porn. by Sean Renaud03/30/092.92

How to Write a Sestina

 — Some history and advice in writing sestinas by MungoParkIII12/23/073.67

How To Write a Song

 — Tips and tricks for the novice, pro, or clueless. by SikFuk05/10/083.75

How to Write a Tanka

 — Some history and advice on how to write a Tanka. by MungoParkIII12/18/074.50HOT

How to Write a Triolet

 — Some history and advice on how to write a Triolet. by MungoParkIII12/22/073.50

How to Write a Villanelle

 — Some history and advice on writing a Villanelle. by MungoParkIII12/18/075.00

How to Write an Erotic Story

 — Pornography vs Erotica, a writer shows how to write erotica. by SusanJillParker11/20/12HOT

How To Write Fiction

 — How and where fiction writers get their experience. by AzPilot02/15/103.58

How to Write for a Text with Audio

 — Writing for a Text with Audio submission on Literotica. by SunrockSin12/15/084.00

How to Write for Literotica

 — A guide for new authors. by Bakeboss02/12/103.71

How to Write Good Sex Scenes

 — A brief list of examples and observations for better sex by JUDO10/09/024.46Editor's Pick

How to Write Historical Fiction

 — Advice to would-be writers of historical fiction. by jon.hayworth06/19/024.50HOT

How to Write Interracial Cuckoldry Stories

 — Tips for writing stories in Interracial cuckoldry theme by nocluescooby08/09/073.97

How To Write Lesbian Sex Scenes

 — Writing F/F scenes appealing to women. by Colleen Thomas06/04/044.68HOTContest Winner

How to Write Other Japanese Poetry

 — How to write other Japanese Poetry forms. by MungoParkIII12/19/074.69HOT

How to Write Period Pieces

 — An amateur historian's notes on some of the pitfalls. by Colleen Thomas04/28/064.84HOTEditor's Pick

How to Write Realistic Transsexual Characters

 — A how-to guide for authors writing stories with transsexuals. by TGirlNerd04/04/134.74HOT

How to Write Romance

 — The secret formula. (Sssh!) by MarshAlien05/22/074.74HOT

How to Write Simple & Light Poetry

 — How to write simple and light poetry forms. by MungoParkIII12/21/072.75

How To Write, Haha!

 — Yes, she dared to call it that! by DireLilith07/04/07

How To: Anal Sex

 — Simple explanation of approaching anal sex. by mstwistedangel02/24/114.17

How To: English Titles

 — How to distinguish and use English titles. by velvetpie01/07/054.16

How to: Evaluate a Master

 — A Christmas Gift for fellow masochists. by Barbara12/26/024.27Editor's Pick

How To: Female Ejaculation

 — The art of bringing your lady to ejaculation. by black saphire05/26/064.43

How To: Make Her Wild for You

 — A simple guide to getting the sex life you always wanted. by ShyVixen3306/10/114.59HOT

How To: Pussy Fisting

 — A detailed, but simple explaination on how to fist fuck. by mstwistedangel03/20/114.38

How To: Reboot Your Sex Life

 — How to "Man Up" your sex life with your lady by SlimFat05/04/134.00

How To: Young Wife to Shared Wife

 — How you might develop your wife into a hot shared wife. by Tabbisfull10/11/144.34

How You Can Get Free Stuff

 — Get free stuff just by writing and sending an e-mail. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/02/083.39

I Challenge You All...

 — A special Valentine's Day homework assignment. by Tara_Neale01/29/154.44

I Pushed My Pud Up Her Poop-Chute

 — & other words/phrases to avoid in stories. by Quint03/28/024.33Editor's Pick

Imagination for Dummies

 — A guide to making your work not look like bad 80s pron. by Lucifer_Carroll05/20/043.78

Improving Your Sex Life

 — His wife changed from reserve to wild; yours can, too. by photoxtreme03/02/07

Incredible Blow Jobs

 — A simple read on how to do incredible blow jobs. by mstwistedangel07/24/094.29

Instructions for My Boyfriend

 — This is what I would tell my boyfriend if I had the guts. by BeautyInDarkness03/30/034.63HOT

Internet Romance for Beginners

 — Reach out and touch yourself. by BatsandGlamour04/29/034.59HOT

Intimate Waters

 — Helpful hints for an erotic couple's shower. by angelicminx05/14/064.42

Into The Abyss: Vaginal Fisting

 — This article takes a look do's and dont's of fisting. by Kael0105/06/124.39

Intro to Ropes 101

 — A how to Introduce a Novice to Ropes. by Redstones05/26/164.80NEW

Introducing Spit Play to Your Sex

 — How to introduce spit play to your sex. by HeyItsDani12/16/114.35

Is BDSM For You, Ladies?

 — A handy guide to understanding your inner self. by TheStarlet01/07/164.59HOT

Is Female Ejaculation Real?

 — A how to on achieving female ejaculation. by okbymee07/11/144.26

It Ain't Literature

 — What is the difference between a good and a bad story? by fishgullet11/15/044.37

It's and Its

 — The key to learning which is which. by Whispersecret02/11/024.75HOT

It's How They Say It

 — Tips for writing conversations! by pacifist91w04/15/144.31

It's Not Just Talking Dirty

 — Tips on writing erotica while leaving one's clothes on. by Barnaby01/18/094.00

K.I.S.S.: P.O.V.

 — Different P.O.V.s and how to use them. by Gaelfling04/06/084.22

Keeping It Interesting

 — Variety is the spice of life in erotica, too. by Cal Y. Pygia09/09/094.60

Keeping Your Better Half Happy

 — How to stay in love or how not to piss off your better half. by dirtyjoe6907/19/064.47

Keeping your Marriage Exciting

 — Advice on how to liven up your marriage. by PrincessErin05/19/084.08

Knickers, Rubbers, Arses And Fannys

 — or translating American/English vernacular. by shandal10/20/114.86HOT

Knowing What Women Want, Updated

 — One man's take on the battle of the sexes. by KingRichard92306/28/103.78

Kurt Olsson XXX-Special

 — How to make your own super-size condom. by Svenskaflicka08/01/021.83

Lactation & Pregnancy Facts

 — Make your pregnancy/lactation story more believable. by Wordgoddess01/28/054.19

Lactation Is Sexy As Hell

 — How to make the fantasy sound real. by patientlee08/21/144.42

Last Longer, Do Better Sex, Rock!

 — How to last longer during sex as a human and make her mmmm. by smoothbadman05/14/123.24

Leather Care for the BDSM Community

 — How to look after your leather equipment. by Navajazz07/24/094.60HOT

Let 'Em Eat Cock!

 — How to make a cake for a bachelorette party. by Svenskaflicka05/20/053.94

Let Him Use Your Face

 — Let yourself go and let him take control. by Goey05/27/124.57HOT

Let The Characters Do The Talking

 — A short guide for writing believable dialogue. by ronde01/08/044.79HOT

Let's Get Fit

 — How to lose weight in a healthy manner. by davion230807/22/094.47

Leykis101: How To Be Happy

 — Tips learned from Tom Leykis. by cvent_black12/28/034.46

Lisa's Suggestions for Happy Swinging

 — Suggestions for swingers. by Lisa34d06/16/114.24

Love and Logic

 — How to apply "Love & Logic" for life. by Selena_Kitt12/18/084.44

Love Your Readers

 — Your readers are precious. Help them. by Tx Tall Tales08/02/134.83HOT

Love Your Readers: Categories

 — Help Your Readers. Categorized Your Story Correctly. by Tx Tall Tales11/02/134.77HOT

Maintenance Manual for Male Private Parts

 — Guide to care of penis & scrotum. by Shale01/25/044.46Editor's Pick

Make Big Bucks Selling Fiction

 — How to sell your dirty stories and make big bucks. by BarbraNovac10/03/084.56HOT

Make Big Bucks Selling Fiction Ch. 02

 — The Marketing Process - Section One. by BarbraNovac12/09/094.36

Make Your Wife Cuckold You

 — How to make your wife cuckold you. by BJayCool12/23/154.51HOT

Making a Realistic Vampire Story

 — Some stories just seem more real than others. by Goldeniangel03/03/084.32

Making The Best of Phone Sex

 — Simple tips for safe phone fun. by nitengale02/26/013.92

Making the Chain

 — A "How To" on the makings of a good chain story. by RedHairedandFriendly01/25/125.00

Male Multiples

 — Giving a guy a "multiple" orgasm. by Goldeniangel03/19/054.55HOT

Manual for Playing Skin Flute

 — This textbook would increase enrollment. by AndiAnders10/30/014.20

Manual Stimulation for Dummies

 — A simple guide to the female hand job for men. by Illusionz05/24/054.36

Marriage Material?

 — How to spot the men who aren’t relationship material by xelliebabex08/02/144.14

Massage What?

 — My wife of twenty five years is my little prostate masseuse. by MightyCasey02/10/154.47

Match Me! A Guide to Online Dating

 — A beginner's guide to meeting someone online. by sophia jane11/05/054.49

Maze Runner Movie

 — Sex in the Back Row. by Huntressinred01/23/153.93

Meditation: Simple Techniques

 — Simple techniques of meditation for everyday living. by Lord DragonsWing02/10/054.65HOT

Men and Suspicious Wives

 — Sex outside marriage is risky, fun and hoot...except... by HarrietBay05/11/163.20

Miscues and Mistakes

 — Learn what to do after you get the girl home. by DG Hear05/14/064.39

Mixing with Vanilla Pt. 01

 — Safely introducing power exchange into relationships. by IvanMazlow08/01/154.08

Mixing with Vanilla Pt. 02

 — Introducing D/s into vanilla relationships. by IvanMazlow08/02/154.00

Mood Hair

 — Hair: an overlooked means of characterization. by Cal Y. Pygia12/12/103.25

More on Haiku: Anthropomorphism &

 — More on Haiku: Anthropomorphism & Suchness by jthserra01/25/043.36

More on Haiku: Books

 — Delve deeper into haiku with these helpful books. by jthserra01/30/044.13Editor's Pick

More on Haiku: Kireji...

 — Through break, true beauty of haiku is realized. by jthserra04/10/044.00

More on Haiku: Nature & Kigo

 — The use of Nature in haiku. by jthserra02/05/044.20

More Oral Bliss & Lips to Kiss

 — Giving or receiving sensational oral sex. by LaceySheets03/18/013.96

More Than Meets The Hair

 — Rules of getting a haircut. There's more to it than ya thought! by EmeraldKitten11/20/103.82

More Tips for the New Streetwalker

 — Advice and info for the newbie streetwalker. by Martika_Duponte10/13/154.18

My Blowjob Technique

 — Oral vixen shares a few secrets. by Hullo_nurse10/08/004.26Contest Winner

My Guide to Sex in a Relationship

 — Some tips and tricks I picked up along the way. by LadyAnalLover06/17/114.52HOT

My Pleasure

 — She knows how to stimulate all those special places. by fantasex1309/06/054.38

My Rules For A Fuck Buddy

 — Rules Lascivious Lavendar goes by for her fuck buddies by butterflygurl06/01/143.98

My Take on Blowing With Words

 — Different examples of writing blowjobs for erotic stories. by RedHairedandFriendly05/01/074.62HOT

My Take on Writing a Female Orgasm

 — Descriptive orgasm examples & words to consider. by RedHairedandFriendly03/04/064.59HOT

My Thoughts on Writing Erotica

 — Things author considers important to good story writing. by epiphany6506/06/064.56HOT

My Version of a Great Blowjob

 — A woman's guide to giving a great blowjob. by vaughn2807/07/034.54HOT

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