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Kitty Loves a DP

 — A cock in her ass and one in her pussy is her idea of bliss. by Boxlicker10108/20/094.24

Kneaded Relief

 — A bad day is much better in the end. by starrkers05/08/074.38

Kneel Behind Me

 — Husband and Wife Role Play by theoncomingstorm01/22/144.01

Knotty Pleasures

 — Husband & wife get naughty in nature. by sexkitten7903/26/093.97

Knowledge is Power Ch. 3

 — Computer geek continues database domination. by Ridinghoodswolf01/29/044.36

Korean Ass

 — Soldier stationed in Korea makes friends. by Pee2306/24/024.43

Krack Licker; Fun and Cum

 — Innocent young couple want fun and good times; get anal. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifter05/28/173.76

Kris Dreams of Her Lover

 — Kris has anal with the help of sleeping pill. by Hea_2_sta04/17/014.29

Kristina Plugged by Tire Repairman

 — Flat tire leads an unhappy wife into trouble. by rutger505/30/174.42

Kristina Plugged by Tire Repairman Ch. 02

 — Kristina is pimped out by the tire repairman. by rutger506/08/174.48

Kyle & Sarah Ch 02

 — It wasn't his apartment. by steve w10/31/044.44

Kyra's Training Pt. 01

 — Kyra is tied up and used unlike ever before. by Sarxe11/13/174.48

La Neena'll Be Ass Whipped

 — LaCulona gets assfucked by LaNeena by notnamer12/26/071.52

La Portuguesa Ch. 01: No Credit Cards

 — No cash? No problem. We take ass as payment. by diegoroyo07/19/174.52HOT

Ladies and their Butts Ch. 01

 — Strangers have anal sex at an orgy. by Primate_House01/07/184.52HOT

Ladies and their Butts Ch. 02

 — MFF threesome, with lots of anal. by Primate_House01/17/184.63HOT

Ladies and their Butts Ch. 03

 — Flight attendant picks up passenger for girl-girl anal. by Primate_House01/30/184.64HOT

Ladies First

 — A bad day is turned on its end by a passionate lover. by misswit07/31/094.00

Lady Liara - Igniting the old flame

 — On Call Domination Service assists a married couple. by DormantEvil08/29/104.42

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 05

 — Donna & Lorna plowed anally by strapped female truckers. by patty_parker6010/15/064.16

Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 05A

 — Nasty lesbian threeway with Majik, Lorna, & Donna. by patty_parker6006/15/114.25

Lai Ch. 07: Interlude

 — Executive has quickie with assistant before being criticized by rcwait03/31/143.89

Lake Tahoe Test Drive

 — Initiating girlfriend in anal sex, creampie gangbangs. by Ear2Ear08/15/153.71

Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 01

 — Initiating Girlfriend into Anal, DP Creampie Gangbangs. by Ear2Ear08/25/153.23

Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 02

 — Initiating Girlfriend into Anal, DP Creampie Gangbangs. by Ear2Ear08/30/154.14

Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 03

 — Initiating Girlfriend into Anal Sex, DP, Creampie Gangbangs. by Ear2Ear09/05/154.37

Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 04

 — Initiating Girlfriend into Anal Sex, DP, Creampie Gangbangs. by Ear2Ear09/06/153.56

Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 05

 — Maria gets unexpected surprise after readying for round two. by Ear2Ear11/05/154.20

Lan, the Orchid

 — Chinese Cultural Exchange Student. by nochoiceleft11/10/154.60HOT

Lana Back at School Ch. 01

 — Dirty Lana shows her man the sights. by TheMOster07/12/124.00

Languid Afternoon

 — Girlfriends request for a backrub, turns into more... by PorthosthePoet03/11/164.54HOT

Lanni's Birthday Ch. 03

 — Lanni wants it all for her birthday. by Lucity08/06/114.07

Lapdance Ch. 05

 — Shower banged the hot nurse roommate. by NeckroSabre05/23/124.22

Lara Gets More Than a Mouthful

 — Big tit teen gets a hung cock everywhere. by grunit8912/02/123.90

Lara Gets More Than a Mouthful Ch. 02

 — Big tit teen takes a massive load in her ass. by grunit8912/31/124.15

Lara's Special Dr Visit

 — Dr gives busty girl some special treatment. by grunit8910/21/174.24

Last Chance

 — Could the end be but a new beginning? by Strictionary11/03/054.56HOT

Last Goodbye

 — He finally confesses how he feels about her. by damonX06/04/064.66HOT

Last Night

 — She finally gives up her ass. by Keli09/22/033.79

Last Night in Vegas Ch. 01

 — Jakes hits the Las Vegas strip and gets lucky with two girls. by vegasgrammarchick08/14/112.57

Last Night's Little Lick

 — He retells you about the first rimjob. by Jam_Duck11/21/063.59

Last Romp

 — Final passionate romp before moving to a new house. by voln10/19/064.27

Late Night

 — He changes your plans. by heikko02/19/073.97

Late Night at the Office

 — An Ellie and Sam story. The start. Before 'tied to a table'. by lexie_writes01/14/184.28

Late Night at Work

 — Surprise late-night fun that gets out of hand. by Dr. Love09/11/043.81

Late Night First Time Anal

 — Forbidden friends reunite for her first anal experience. by hung_cunnilinguist11/24/164.66HOT

Late Night Surprise

 — Surprise visit for the wife. by theeagles7175101/28/073.44

Later That Day

 — Shortly after the Wakeup Call. by UnusualScenario07/19/154.00

Latte's At Three

 — An afternoon coffee break leads to an elevator encounter. by tbunther07/20/044.46

Laura Lady Whore Ch. 1

 — He was her favorite customer. by Nasty Karl06/17/023.79

Laura Likes It

 — Laura gets it in the ass for the first time and goes nuts. by grafexguy211/16/154.61HOT

Laura Loves George

 — She discovers her husband's secret fantasy. by Tawny Brown05/01/054.62HOT

Laura's Anal Experience

 — She tries anal in the heat of the moment and loves it. by EugeneBrandon05/28/093.89

Laurie the Dirty Virgin

 — My sexy colleague is a technical virgin. by Olibauer11/19/154.22

Lawrence and Elaine in Focus

 — A natural woman's self doubt leads to love and dirty sex. by Insertitude12/19/164.62HOT

Lazy Saturday Morning

 — Couple sleeps in, then experiments with anal sex. by Mr.Anonymous05/03/053.84

Le Loup (the Wolf) Ch. 01

 — The sexploits of a professional photographer. by MariusTravers12/09/133.30

Leading Him Astray

 — Lover agrees to have his ass fingered for the first time. by wildest106/06/074.42

Leading Him Astray Ch. 01

 — She gives married older man some new experiences. by CyberFrog10/11/104.58HOT

Leading Him Astray Ch. 02

 — She corrupts him further. by CyberFrog10/12/104.59HOT

Leah Get's Laid, Front and Back

 — A Jewish business woman find comfort with an older guy. by Dinsmore05/25/054.66HOT

Leanna's Asshole

 — Leanna gives me a sexy, private anal show, and then we fuck. by Jack_Love01/20/104.22

Leapin' Lizards

 — An excerpt from 'A Worm In Eden'. by WRJames05/11/073.60

Learning From Tammy Ch. 01

 — He has his first date with Tammy. by tammys_greg01/03/064.58HOT

Learning From Tammy Ch. 02

 — Getting to know her better. by tammys_greg01/12/064.40

Learning From Tammy Ch. 03

 — Tammy apologizes. by tammys_greg01/20/064.36

Learning From Tammy Ch. 04

 — Fun in Madison. by tammys_greg01/21/064.40

Learning to Improvise

 — Stacey thought she was a master of seduction...perhaps not. by megatony7309/05/114.19

Learning to Love Anal Sex

 — a subbie tells her Dom about the joys of buggery. by littlemissjen06/02/094.13

Learning to Love the Outdoors

 — Adventurous girlfriend teaches nature appreciation. by sirhugs04/05/054.41

Leather and Lace

 — A college guy finds lust and a new experience at every turn. by AaronLove04/06/084.03


 — Over the course of dinner, I convinced her to move in. by Middleagepoet11/10/093.65

Leaving My Mark on Hannah

 — Spending the night with a friend's 27-year-old wife. by davidnw05/10/104.12

Lee Claims his Sex Coupon

 — Husband wants anal as his reward. by Bakeboss02/28/104.17

Left Dripping

 — A Dom comes to his sub's place and leaves her soaking. by Misslostinnocence06/09/163.82

Legally Analyzed

 — Lara is trapped, 'butt' seduced by lusty lawyer. by Green_Gem03/25/044.65HOT

Lesbian Takes To Anal From A Guy

 — Assistant sets up her boss with a lesbian and then joins in. by walterio08/26/134.44

Lesson Plan Ch. 03

 — Teacher's humiliation continues at home. by GettingItDone09/25/144.26


 — This may be Audrey's first time, but it won't be her last. by naughtybabygirl08/18/074.24

Let Me Look At You

 — A husband wants to watch his wife shake her ass. by cerection07/16/083.29

Let the Games Begin

 — Afternoon ends with the loss of anal virginity. by nuauthor11/20/024.52HOT

Let's Begin

 — You had understood now that your ass was being readied. by skorp7506410/26/102.76

Let's Just Call You Yogurt Ass

 — A girl gets yogurted in the ass by a married man. by KateSingletary07/28/173.82

Let's Play Doctor

 — She examines you in every way, shape and form. by Luvinit06/03/034.39

Letting Him In Ch. 01

 — Lauryn was never the type of girl to do anything taboo... Until now! by Basego06/16/153.21

Letting Him In Ch. 02

 — Pleasure from behind... by Basego07/08/153.65

Liam and I: Anal Love

 — Love told through anal penetration. by AnalLover250110/21/163.85

Librarian's Lunchtime

 — Quiet Joanna is taken to a dank dungeon. by David Phillips12/09/014.27

Life At A Party

 — She goes to a party and gets it in the butt. by DarkInnocent09/15/032.91

Life Ch. 04

 — He gets his first tattoo. by Jizaz_Jester10/22/074.59HOT

Life of a Sex Addict Ch. 02

 — Jenna brings men home and unwillingly tries something new. by fiestyyredhead04/11/123.88

Life of an Indian Woman Ch. 03

 — Sameena and Sameer counted their relationship. by bena4u04/01/164.31

Life of an Indian Woman Ch. 05

 — Junid goes to university. by bena4u04/05/164.21

Lifestyle of a Housewife

 — A housewife cheats to get anal. by Leezy01/17/184.11

Lights, Camera... Action!

 — Michelle and Donny make a porno with Mickey's help. by Donkeepuncher11/20/104.13

Like a Whore

 — Damon shows Alisha how a whore should act. by damonX04/21/104.41

Like Another Peyton Place

 — Old Clyde Turner lived there all his life and hadn't known. by Madabouthair05/23/154.47

Lilly’s Training of Fulfillment

 — Lilly learns from her Master what true fulfillment means. by darlynd03/08/104.26

Lily’s Anal Curiosity

 — She loses her anal virginity (on film). by HeyAll06/30/164.61HOT

Lina Is Crazy

 — Lina knows how to make a man happy. by brento66908/05/023.31

Linda Again

 — He & Linda try some new things. by here4you04/11/034.51HOT

Lindsey Learns the Strokes

 — They take a swim on the wild side. by Ragnarok07/27/034.61HOT

Lindsey's Job Ch. 02

 — Lindsey learns how to please the boss. by Xchef06/26/104.19

Ling Chen

 — A fashion model self-binds and pays the price. by Taunus07/03/133.15

Lisa Gets Photographed

 — An acquaintance asks me to photograph his girlfriend. by morgan_6901/18/104.13

Lisa’s Asshole Exposed On Camera

 — Wife's exhibitionist desires leads to anal deflowering. by Alex_likes_Butts06/10/094.63HOT

Lisette's Education Ch. 01

 — Lisette is taught by her friend. by lisetteuk11/22/034.33

Lisette's Education Ch. 06

 — Three women further her education. by lisetteuk12/08/034.46

Little Black Dress

 — My first anal sex. by analJayne08/13/094.19

Little Lies Ch. 05

 — Chad finally gets a shot at Christy's ass. by Master_Vassago06/05/044.32

Little Richard Falls Short

 — Mary thinks it time here little toy gives way to her man. by Transitional_Man01/02/104.38

Little Secrets

 — Michael gets his girl. by blackstallion2108/27/123.85

Little Sluty 2 Shoes

 — Nice girl has her dirty woman fantasy come true. by AngusMan12/11/083.88

Little Things

 — Petite woman fulfills anal fantasy. by KatlynTemplar11/30/164.58HOT

Little Things - The Next Position

 — Younger sister dominates older sister's lover. by KatlynTemplar12/08/164.21

Little Things - The Real Position

 — Sibling assumes sister's lover. by KatlynTemplar03/08/174.19

Living Up to the Hype! Pt. 03

 — Finale of a couple's trip to Lake Tahoe. by DoubleSuited10/29/174.29

Locker Room Lust Ch. 02

 — Brock experiences more of Winter's sexy talents. by bbw4youngercocks108/25/074.22

Lola's Night Out

 — A sexy redhead explores herself in the back seat of a 67. by funon2wheels08/10/104.10

Lonely Leah

 — Her boss gets a little more than friendly. by inkquisitive09/18/154.30

Lonely Programmer Pt. 06

 — The Brewery and the "Fish Tank". by Thintri07/17/164.70HOT

Lonely Turns New

 — She gets a surprise from a friend. by Fyrwink01/18/064.27

Long Road to Ruin Ch. 02

 — A lover haunts her memory. by miss_js05/24/114.06

Long Trip Home (Darcy's Surprise)

 — Darcy's wildest anal adventure. by Mike Franklin09/16/054.49

Looking Into The Canola Field

 — Anal sex in the front seat of a truck. by CdnSassyPants08/18/123.49

Looks Are Not Everything Ch. 02

 — Office sex continues and Walt has a disastrous Thanksgiving by walterio04/27/154.58HOT

Looks Are Not Everything Ch. 03

 — Walt finds ways to forget about Trudy. by walterio04/29/154.55HOT

Looks Are Not Everything Ch. 04

 — Two more women enter his life keeping him very occupied. by walterio05/03/154.55HOT

Looks Are Not Everything Ch. 05

 — Things heat up with Jackie, Cathleen, Suzette and Dottie. by walterio05/08/154.41

Loopholes Ch. 01

 — Nick and his ex give her sisters a demonstration... by ZenZerker02/14/184.75HOT

Loopholes Ch. 02

 — Tessa has an amazing surprise for Nick... by ZenZerker02/15/184.86HOTNEW

Loosening Lucy Ch. 04

 — Lucy is kicked out and handed over to a new handler, Candy. by SkippyRoo12/25/174.32

Lori and Rick and Liz and Me Ch. 01

 — I want anal sex, and get it in the end. by ReedRichards12/22/154.42

Lori and Rick and Liz and Me Ch. 02

 — A surprise when I get home from work. by ReedRichards12/24/154.44

Lori and Rick and Liz and Me Ch. 03

 — Liz finally takes it in the butt! by ReedRichards12/29/154.42

Lori and Rick and Liz and Me Ch. 04

 — Liz wants to be doubled up, and she gets it in the end. by ReedRichards02/23/164.52HOT

Lori's Anniversary Plan

 — Lori treats Robert to the Anniversery surprise of his dreams. by sailbtracer04/17/074.36

Lori's Lost Bet

 — Lori loses a bet, gets whipped and ass fucked. by Abeja05/08/114.30

Lorna's Pleasuring

 — Frustrated wife gets herself pampered. by Otazel03/09/074.65HOT

Lose Yourself

 — An itch that needed to be scratched. by lonni11/17/063.79

Losing My Anal Virginity

 — Amy explores anal penetration for the first time. by PenisEqualsCandy08/25/053.71

Lost / Forgotten Encounters 01

 — Remembering another night with my Admin Assistant. by walterio10/24/164.35

Lost Bet

 — A bet between couples turns interesting. by Kinxx12/08/114.16

Lost In My Lover's Fantasy

 — The games they play. by onesugar11/17/084.45

Lots about Me Ch. 05: Running

 — Surprised coming home from a run. by TessMackenzie01/06/154.09

Lots about Me Ch. 16: I Like Anal

 — Why I like anal sex. by TessMackenzie05/03/154.63HOT

Love and Trust Ch. 02

 — A re-affirmation of their feelings for each other. by simplyme09/18/074.24

Love in an Elevator

 — A stuck elevator turns into a fun hour for a young couple. by astralkiss09/04/033.99

Love In An Elevator

 — A wild ride remembered. by whambam02/02/123.93

Love is Blind (Folded!)

 — Wife takes him on bondage adventure. by Bad2Bone07/15/094.15

Love Lessons Ch. 03

 — She has another first time & surprise guests. by KenJames01/09/054.38

Love Letter To A Sleeping Man

 — Sensuous introduction to anal for a sleeping man by francypants08/11/044.63HOT

Love Me. Hate Me. Fuck Me?

 — A Halloween college party gone wrong. by gradprof10/15/074.59HOT

Love on a Leather Couch

 — A forbidden romance begins. by creamycream11/17/064.00

Love the Pain

 — Darrian gives Amy a pounding she won't soon forget. by MIKACHASE03/14/173.90

Love Thy Neighbor

 — My husband and I live in a high-rise apartment... by Leezy08/04/114.47

Love Thy Neighbor

 — Who knew you could like your neighbor that much? by sparksdrgnfly12/20/174.14

Lovely Linda's Back Door

 — Mature lady gives 18 yr old guy an anal treat. by TSpank6101/03/174.51HOT

Lovers Ch. 01

 — Lovers come together in daytime bliss. by mstwistedangel02/15/114.40

Lovers In The Park

 — He focuses on her beautiful ass. by Zoeeee06/14/024.06

Loving His Cock

 — Short, sweet, fuckstory. by DirtyLonelySlut11/03/174.31

Loving in Silence: Neighbors Ch. 01

 — Deaf couple welcomes deaf-and-hearing couple next door. by Captain Midnight04/23/074.21

Loving the Butt Man

 — A divorced woman discovers the delights of anal sex by jon.hayworth01/18/034.20

Loving You All Ways

 — Anal sex in paradise. by islandpappy11/28/093.89

Lower Side Of Noon

 — A surprise naughty tryst for your dessert. by ViXxXNKisses04/09/074.17

Lube Job

 — The local mechanic gives me special service. by neargraduate08/24/074.27

Lubed Ass

 — Fucking her ass, finally. by Finnate03/08/123.46

Lucky Alan Ch. 09

 — Alan comforts a broken-hearted friend with anal sex. by TLMorgan10/14/154.52HOT

Lucky Bill

 — Best friend's Dad finally got what he wanted. by vierge01/09/054.23


 — Guy gets treat to make him late for work. by RussH2201/10/043.48

Lucy and the Black Men

 — 2 Months later, Lucy's sexual abuse is a regular occurance. by SkippyRoo07/24/114.29

Lucy's Bitch

 — She makes him take anal. by Bakeboss06/04/103.91

Luke and Leah Ch. 01

 — A sales meeting gets sexy. by TessMackenzie01/06/154.28

Luke and Leah Ch. 03

 — Rimming at a party. by TessMackenzie01/09/154.30

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