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My First Time with Heather

 — She found her husband with a secretary I was her revenge. by ALawyer03/04/044.46

My First Time With Kerry

 — What Ihe's always wanted. by donnybrascoe04/08/033.36

My First Time With Sandy

 — A hot chubby liitle blonde needed his help. by ALawyer02/04/044.26

My Freaky Girlfriend

 — My Girlfriend Loves Anal Sex. by Mysteria2707/30/143.47

My Friend

 — I learn how to communicate. by boredbody0809/27/083.17

My Friend Sarah

 — Sarah's first anal experience is painful. by Patrick238002/14/104.20

My Friend's First Anal

 — He helps Caribbean beauty with her first anal sex. by jaipurdude08/23/083.04

My Girl-Hanna

 — I learn a new trick from an old friend. by NickyFaulkes02/03/094.31

My Girlfriend's Ass

 — A great afternoon fuck. by sexywrites2209/06/113.63

My Good Fortune

 — He gets a chance at an anal jackpot. by Gaucueret07/10/134.38

My Haitian Boyfriend Is Bisexual

 — She discovers her boyfriend's bisexuality. by Samuelx03/27/063.80

My Hawaii Beach

 — I meet a woman on my beach. by thenightrighter08/27/084.32

My Hot Wife Ch. 02

 — Anal and clitoral stimulation with the aid of a mirror by 46204_zipper07/07/143.67

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 22

 — Katie's Brutal Reunion. by Freddyj88106/30/134.51HOT

My Hungry Ass

 — Recent college grad leaves the small town for adventure. by Rickyroma07/28/134.54HOT

My Hungry Little Sex Slave

 — Devouring the body of my horny little slave. by kinkymind10/03/084.12

My Immortal Ch. 10

 — She shares a gift with him. by velvetpie05/07/054.43

My Last Trip Home

 — He finds his soon-to-be-ex having fun one last time. by Woffen12/17/064.06

My Last Year of High School Ch. 03

 — She meets Mr. Green and is surprised. by DurtyWriter02/05/183.67

My Little Brownie Cupcake

 — Sara and George at the fair, Lessons-27. by Charles Petersunn02/10/074.59HOT

My Little Jewish Neighbor Ch. 03

 — Alyssa gets into assplay. by ellisbecker07/09/034.45

My Little Kink

 — Hiring a pro to make him feel good. by greeklovevanc02/08/074.58HOT

My Love And I - An Anal Romance

 — This happened to me on December 30th 2008. by nycnewyorker01/08/09

My Monster

 — Roxi uses her new toy on her boyfriend. by Sexiebatman11/29/144.12

My Most Precious Sexual Gift

 — How I found a new lover. by mandywilluk200008/20/064.41

My Naughty Little Secret

 — Man happens upon a beautiful naked girl in Hawaii. by VictoriaRose2212/06/124.25

My Neighbors' Daughter

 — They carefully protect her virginity and I'm happy to help. by Boxlicker10106/07/104.35

My New ASSistant

 — Her ass was a thing of wonder; no wonder he wanted it. by lindiana11/19/084.13

My New Boss Made Me Lick her Arse

 — You enjoy being fucked by your lady boss. by Victoriaslice07/20/093.60

My New Fuck Buddy Ch. 01

 — I found the woman I had been looking for at the local ABS. by Benny02403/29/113.91

My New Neighbor Jenny Ch. 02

 — The day continues. by StoryCrafter07/02/114.27

My New Phone

 — Crazy phone sex leads to some afternoon frolics. by 4eyedbrit05/29/094.61HOT

My New Secretary

 — Business owner help for the office. by NiteWriter08/25/014.36

My Night With the Queen

 — A young officer opens the Queen to new pleasures. by amor_vincit05/30/064.49

My Once & Future Kin

 — A recent divorcee spends Christmas with her ex-in-laws. by Penelope Street12/08/044.66HOT

My Online Affair

 — She meets a married man and has a surprising encounter by foobario08/04/134.14

My Opening

 — Anal sex & bondage with a stranger. by Julius08/05/013.85

My Own Personal Bitch

 — Strong Black woman gets anally dominated. by Samuelx02/05/083.44

My Perfect Night Ch. 02

 — Sucking and fucking and cumming. by seafever03/28/103.97

My Picture Perfect Day Ch. 01

 — Photos aren't the only thing to develop. by FatherMuck10/18/054.22

My Pleasure, Sir

 — Double penetration for his girl. by absintheminddgrl01/09/064.06

My Pregnant Wife's Anal Cravings

 — Nora's pregnancy results in some ass-tastic marital play. by irishmints05/10/164.38

My Private Secretary

 — I better utilize all of my secretary's skills. by MahlerSymphony08/06/114.17

My Prostate & Me

 — My anal awakening. by lord_jefe07/15/114.29

My Prostate & Me Ch. 02

 — When the rubber meets the dirt road. by lord_jefe07/24/114.46

My Prostate & Me Ch. 03

 — My further adventures with my glands! by lord_jefe08/14/114.36

My Prostate & Me Ch. 04

 — The journey to the center of Kathy. by lord_jefe01/07/124.57HOT

My Punishment Ch. 02

 — Quinn is home. by love445505/05/123.60

My Romantic Girlfriend

 — She was clearly in the mood for sex that evening. by Willo6901/26/163.71

My Roommate's Boyfriend

 — Busty slut takes her roommate's boyfriend up the ass. by breastysadie11/09/143.98

My Roommate's Girl

 — While roomie sleeps, he gets the girl. by damonX08/06/024.50HOT

My Sarah Ann Ch. 09

 — A story of passion, play and anal love. by Volock07/31/093.73

My Second Piece of Ass Ch. 04

 — You are my R & R. by Fable02/29/044.34

My Sex Date with 10 inches

 — .For you, Eric, by jennyX198404/08/074.49

My Sex Life Ch. 05

 — Julie's first experience of Anal Sex. by Slutty_Julie08/29/074.50HOT

My Sex Life Ch. 18

 — Julie marks the end of her exams with a bang. by Slutty_Julie06/12/084.41

My Sexual Holiday

 — How I had two encounters on the same holiday. by Roro100103/28/143.04

My Sexy Roommate Ch. 04 - Girls' Toy

 — Boy, girls, and toys. by KenJames08/25/174.47

My Sister In Law

 — He videotapes then seduces bitchy sis-in-law. by portnoy06/15/024.33

My Sister's Horny College Roommate

 — She begged me to put it in her ass & slap it. by BatsandGlamour05/17/024.42

My Sleeping Beauty's Sweet Booty

 — He can't resist her shapely butt. by statestreet07/31/043.92

My Slut Emily

 — Emily chooses the wrong person to crush on. by flameblades03/15/163.33

My Stairs

 — Adam entertains a visitor on the stairs. by Dr. Gurviest Love06/18/054.29

My Standard of Beauty: Black Chick

 — Haitian Canadian student seduces Somalian MILF. by Samuelx07/22/102.50

My Stay at the Hospital

 — Nurse Kelly helps me with a problem. by JosephBarnosky12/27/114.09

My Stylist

 — Long-held fantasy comes true, & then some. by EmeraldLion03/23/024.44

My Submissive Teacher: 3 Hole Slut

 — Student has best night of his life with ex-teacher in Mexico. by silkstockingslover08/27/154.74HOT

My Summer Wife Ch. 03

 — Robert and Kelly take the dirt road. by SEVERUSMAX10/29/174.18

My Surprise

 — First time anal from a loving woman. by Carnus06/21/033.96

My Talking Vibrator Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky talking vibrator fantasy! by BarbieLez12/12/143.66

My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 07

 — Ms. Miller returns. Will they get back together? by edstevens9430109/23/134.65HOT

My Trick or Your Treat

 — A tale of deception and revenge. by Sexcess10/13/124.17

My True Story

 — My third anal adventure. by fiestyyredhead01/24/124.10

My Turn

 — Part 2 of "Take Me" where I get what I want from you. by Kelly Louise02/02/034.45

My Weekend with Orin Pt. 02

 — The weekend continues. by ThorOdinson06/30/154.52HOT

My Wet & Wild Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky wet & wild fantasy! by BarbieLez09/05/143.78

My Wife and Her Fancy Man Pt. 02

 — Chloe goes back to see her older lover, but he's not at home. by Mag5812/27/164.17

My Wife Needs Cock Now!

 — He's away but luckily young Bobby is at hand. by quietcantor09/25/064.00

My Wife's Anal Cherry

 — She wants to give it a try. by John Thompson04/29/054.53HOT

My Wife's Anal Surprise For Me

 — She gives me something different. by r_robert07/18/014.33

My Wife's Ass

 — Husband tells of backdoor romance. by forshadow200310/19/034.12

My Wife's First Stud Ch. 02

 — My wife wants to see Joe again for a dp. by taylor_lang08/03/084.05

My Wife's Strapon Surprise

 — A most unexpected birthday gift. by Daedelus2201/12/164.55HOT

My Work Fantasy Ch. 02: Sharon 01

 — Miss goody two shoes opens up her desires, then her arse. by NobbySon12/29/174.53HOT

My X-Mas Vacation

 — Sex in the land of one thousand nights and one. by samloverboy06/14/024.39

Naïve Natalie

 — Finally fulfilling my fantasy with Natalie's ass. by Semi_colon02/18/173.19

Nailing Naughty Natasha

 — Hot Russian blonde gets ass drilled by neighbor. by grafexguy07/09/054.45

Naked Club

 — Dancing naked at a club can lead to more... by Spongo12/24/173.18

Naked Weekend Pt. 03

 — My weekend with Bob Carol ends with a bang. by MrMature01/06/164.54HOT

Nanci's Birthday Party

 — Nanci and friends have a picnic in the park. by scuik03/16/133.88

Nanci's Birthday Party Ch. 02

 — Nanci goes out on a date. by scuik06/26/133.96

Nancy's Brand New Experience

 — A solution to her big problem. by LucOuarm06/22/034.21

Nancy's Inferno Ch. 08

 — The Pastor visits Lacy. by Stardog Champion06/11/104.34

Nancy's Mid-life Awakening Ch. 04

 — Nancy's massage turns into another new experience. by Saltysooner09/04/104.36


 — Naptime ends with a welcome intrusion. by GentlemanWriter11/04/064.08

Nasty Bitch

 — She can't help herself. by the_lovebunny05/06/054.28

Nasty Finale

 — A last hookup between me and a naughty former girlfriend! by fightinggamehen08/11/103.88

Nasty Fun on a Boat

 — Hot sun, blue sea, 2 guys, 1 horny gal - what can happen? by notnice6609/25/064.47

Natalie Ch. 01

 — His first time with sexy co-worker. by Nicholas_Granger08/11/074.26

Naughty Boy

 — A rimjob surprise. by Dirt Wednesday09/11/053.75

Naughty Girl

 — She gets punished in a good way. by Pagen07/11/033.93

Naughty When Alone

 —  by BananaAnn04/24/14

Naughty, Butt Nice

 — She's caught being naughty in the shower. by amiss04/13/024.08

Naval Maneuvers

 — Toni blackmails herself into trouble with the big brass. by David Phillips12/10/013.28

Navy Blue

 — A schoolgirl meets a school legend. by Shakestare08/11/012.60

Need A Lift?

 — Sexy coworker is really grateful for a ride home. by darquestar11/04/014.34

Need a Lift? Ch. 2

 — Sexy coworker takes him to a friend's house for dinner. by darquestar11/07/014.42


 — A much needed encounter. by StardustNightmare02/20/154.06


 — A hot but haunting encounter with a total stranger. by misterwriter11/03/064.35

Neighbor Girl Needs Help

 — Neighbor asks for help with a getting something unstuck by badguyloki08/14/164.57HOT

Neighbor Girl Needs Help Pt. 02

 — Jemma fulfills her part of the deal. by badguyloki09/01/164.56HOT

Neighbor Girl Needs Help Pt. 03

 — Jemma wants to play some more, but get interrupted. by badguyloki04/20/174.58HOT

Neighborhood Butt Fuck

 — A wife offers her ass to the whole neighborhood. by bbonz111/29/114.51HOT

Neighborhood Butt Fuck Ch. 02

 — Another day, another ass fuck for our hero's wife. by bbonz112/24/114.28

Neighborhood Butt Fuck Ch. 03

 — Hard ass fucking by the real estate guy. by bbonz102/24/124.49

Neighborhood Whore

 — After fight with mother, she takes it in the ass. by Sean Renaud06/22/054.12

Neighbors Make Great Lovers...

 — A girl's fantasy about older neighbor comes true. by nikkijames12/16/043.90

Nerd's Revenge

 — A story how a nerd gets his first and is the envy of everyman. by acyclist12/14/093.98


 — Female cop spies on couple. by cby207/06/023.98

Never Had I Ever...

 — My husband gives me my first anal experience. by dreamyer09/19/093.93

Never Say Never Pt. 01

 — Wife loses her inhibitions to having anal sex. by SunChris07/29/144.64HOT

Never Say Never Pt. 02

 — Wife enjoying anal sex more and more. by SunChris09/06/164.61HOT

Never Say Never Pt. 03

 — Anal intercourse with wife, now fully into anal. by SunChris09/07/164.59HOT

Never Say Never Pt. 04

 — Wife exploring new ways to enjoy anal. by SunChris09/10/164.57HOT

Never That Bold Ch. 04

 — Michael uses a sweet red head to purge his past. by JimBob4409/17/164.28

Never Too Old To Learn Ch. 02

 — She was too old for Brett, but just right for his dad. by The Big Bopper05/02/094.43

Never, Ever, Ever

 — She could never beat a man at video games. Could she? by Sean Renaud06/06/143.97

New Beginnings Ch. 03

 — Sara visits to explore areas unexplored. by 69plus108/22/114.34

New Experiences

 — Her first anal experience with love of her life. by Stephanie78945608/29/044.49

New Experiences

 — First time oral on anal. by Willing2Do09/03/054.09

New Forest - New Way

 — Jennifer wants him to take her the back way. by stb606002/21/063.82

New Found Glory

 — He gives it to her where she wants it. by BiBabe200406/09/033.99

New Girl in Prison?

 — Getting what you want. by Leezy08/29/114.22

New Pleasures

 — She likes it when he takes her virgin ass. by trippleDandkinky10/11/114.01

New Secretary

 — A wild threesome between almost strangers. by Lrhot77702/28/143.67

New Territory

 — We explore an entirely novel realm of sexuality. by raiderh10/28/114.64HOT

New Toy; New Boy

 — Practice makes perfect; Monica thinks about Anal sex. by L O Reins01/25/034.16

New Toy; New Boy Ch. 02

 — Monika and Pinky go to town. by L O Reins10/20/044.40

New Tricks

 — Rob fantasizes about teaching his wife a new trick. by Selena_Kitt01/01/094.27

Newly Divorced

 — Jeanne like it deep in the ass. by lesbemis10/31/033.98

Newlyweds First Anal Experience

 — My husband introduces me to porn and anal sex. by SonjaMeyers07/03/164.03

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