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A Second Meeting with Claire

 — He revisits Claire. by Zorro6902/17/064.03

A Second Round

 — Capturing a glimpse into a steamy hookup between strangers. by createsbabe07/08/133.94

A Seeker's Sexual Pilgrimage Ch. 03

 — I continue my sexual rampage with the help of the Internet. by brewster92604/16/103.36

A Sexual Awakening

 — Stretching my asshole. by Leezy09/06/164.55HOT

A Sexy Manipulator

 — Prankster tricks girlfriend into anal sex. by Samuelx05/15/073.35

A Sexy Thief

 — Sexy thief seduces college student. by Samuelx10/13/072.94

A Sexy Urban Tale

 — Black man teaches white woman about anal sex. by Samuelx12/12/063.01

A Simple Wish

 — She wants spanking, sucking, & buttfucking. by ~hellbaby~01/02/054.06

A Sissy's Lifestyle

 — The day to day activities of a sissy in an adult arcade. by nancyvasquez05/31/174.28

A Sketch of a Sex Story

 — It's just what you think it is. by endthedream01/05/083.73

A Slightly Dirty Sex Story

 — A very short story with a little love. by alterJEmoDe07/17/143.19

A Slightly Unexpected Threeway

 — A FMM threesome with MM. by TessMackenzie01/09/154.53HOT

A Small Town, A Perfect Girl

 — On his last night in town a man finds his perfect girl. by Thunderwand04/18/124.26

A Smooth Criminal

 — Big woman meets sexy black man. by Samuelx04/28/073.42

A Sociopath's Vacation

 — Sexy bisexual black man goes to NYC. by Samuelx10/10/072.24

A Spanking for a Bad Kitty

 — Just a little fantasy. by SultryKitty09/12/023.72

A Special Anal-versary

 — They switch roles for their anniversary. by Couture10/13/064.44

A Special Gift for Christmas - A Holiday Story

 — Wife and Husband Give Special Christmas / Anniversary Gif. by The_Technician11/11/144.37

A Special Interest

 — Black man admits strap on dildo fetish. by Samuelx12/20/063.80

A Special Present for Hubby

 — Dutiful wife submits to anal sex. by notnice6610/05/034.04

A Special Promise

 — A couple's first try at anal sex. by goro goro02/01/054.16

A Step-Mom

 — College guy gets busy with dad's hot Thai wife. by Pee2301/19/02

A Stolen Kiss - The Devilish Kind

 — Dirty girl has ass-fetish fantasy fulfilled. by greystardust04/21/093.26

A Stoned Fat Chick

 — They get stoned and he plunders her ass. by Severian04/04/073.71

A Story

 — When it's cold outside, it gets hot inside. by bigblue01/26/022.80

A Strap-On For Algernon

 — A married couple discovers a creative new way to make love. by Kardas06/13/103.75

A Strapon Fantasy

 — One man's strapon fantasy is fulfilled. by boundarypusher12/01/134.35

A Strong Woman Needs Anal Too

 — Sexy black man gets to work on sultry lady. by Samuelx03/31/073.51

A Study Break with Jane and Tony

 — Our heroes take a weekend off and include a friend. by Kalavo03/02/174.71HOT

A Stuffy Doctors’ Conference Ch. 03

 — Anal with a stranger. by marla_gillis11/08/124.18

A Summer I'll Never Forget Ch. 01

 — Parker starts his last day at high school. by MasterRamses07/27/103.99

A Summer School Course in Sex Ch. 02

 — The perfect sexual experience. by celesteandjim09/02/14

A Summer's Day

 — One day, after work... by europeanbob03/08/033.32

A Sunday Diversion

 — How to spend a lazy afternoon. by pr000108/03/063.17

A Surprise for John

 — Kelly helps her husband fulfill a fantasy with a surprise. by Hamadryad10/14/014.23

A Surprise For Savannah

 — A massage turns into a threesome. by _Savannah_09/09/044.04

A Surprising Date

 — She treats him, then takes his anal virginity. by TheMentalOne12/09/133.94

A Surprising Doctor's Visit

 — My physical does not go how I thought. by iPeg06/05/124.08

A Surprising Shower

 — Long work day leads to a relaxing, and surprising, shower. by MrHitchens07/26/154.16

A Surprising Sunday Service

 — Mike discovers just how bad a good girl can be in church. by QSQuinn04/29/174.71HOT

A Sweet Assault of Your Ass

 — He surprises you with attention to your backside. by Topamperandplease02/02/094.13

A Sweet Vintage

 — A man shares the special flavor of his wife's ass by thomasksilva06/07/073.12

A Swinging Party from the 70's Ch. 02

 — A surprise visit by a friend's wife ends with an anal fuck. by Lricky01/31/183.52

A Taste Of The Islands

 — Writer's job becomes more play than work. by sunflower07/29/023.42

A Teachable Moment

 — The professor educates his student. by Leezy10/01/144.32

A Thief in the Night

 — Female thief breaks in and gets broken in. by frog709/23/133.09

A Thorn in the Rosebud

 — An older man takes my anal virginity. by caitvicky07/17/144.02

A Timely Encounter

 — My name is Edward, a retired lawyer. by Admiralxxx1705/05/104.13

A Tireless, Demonic Transwoman Ch. 01

 — My innocent bottom gets pounded by Coco. by FilthyFelix05/08/153.77

A Touching Tale of Hardcore Anal

 — How many cocks can a good sub-girl take? by lourdez0109/27/093.78

A Town Called Eclipse

 — A writer heads off to the frontier for inspiration. by Lost Boy11/23/174.71HOT

A Traveling Salesman

 — Loving wife is alone and finds male friends. by JustaShot06/26/174.02

A Traveling Salesman Pt. 02

 — Lonely wife finds bike riding a great diversion. by JustaShot08/18/173.68

A Trip To The Doctor

 — Well, that was different... by magichands06/03/023.56

A Trip to the Store

 — She's never been so turned on in grocery store. by MaxiJ06/20/034.02

A Use Found For Dumb Office Girl…

 — A girl desperate to keep her job at all costs. by cheeky_boy08/18/103.44

A Very Good Morning

 — How to wake up the nice way. by manandmask05/08/043.66

A Very Personal Assistant

 — Anal sex with his admin istrative assistant is addictive. by walterio05/29/134.41

A Vibrator Spices Up...

 — She surprises boyfriend with a vibrator & an agenda. by xxxHotnHorny6906/23/013.80

A Virtual Anal Encounter

 — Working girl gets it up the butt. by Spankx04/22/022.97

A Visit

 — First-time encounter with a special friend. by ericviking6906/29/043.76

A Visit To The Office

 — In town for the weekend, I surprise you at the office. by rimjobFanatic02/06/123.76

A Wakened Dream

 — Wonderful way to start the day. by FluffyLove01/30/144.08

A Walk in the Night

 — Paul deviously gives Maria a night to remember. by LadyofDesire11/26/123.85

A Walk in the Rain

 — Couple discover awesome sexual chemistry. by aliciabanks04/08/034.12

A Walk on the Hills

 — A walk in the hills turns into a filthy threeway. by Bianalhub04/16/173.84

A Wanton Wife Ch. 01

 — A wife's unfulfilled anal fantasy. by red_hot_bottom07/12/063.83

A Wanton Wife Ch. 02

 — She ends up more than she bargained for. by red_hot_bottom07/12/064.10

A Wanton Wife Ch. 03

 — She ends up exactly where she wanted to be – she thinks. by red_hot_bottom07/21/064.38

A Wanton's Fantasy

 — She seduces married friend. by Miss Rule03/07/044.13

A Week Without Sex

 — Couple make up for lost time. by notnice6611/29/034.59HOT

A Weekend at Sonya's

 — Meeting with old college friend leads to much more. by damonX06/07/054.67HOT

A Weekend Away

 — She surprises her lover during their regular rendezvous. by Milliemoon02/12/084.05

A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 01

 — Twin sisters, beach house fun. by butt_seriously_man01/23/164.42

A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 02

 — Kara joins the party. Twins and anal, anyone? by butt_seriously_man01/25/164.42

A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 03

 — As the weekend heats up, Kara and John feel the joy. by butt_seriously_man01/31/164.52HOT

A Weekend with Tara and Kara Ch. 04

 — Dessert is Served. by butt_seriously_man02/25/164.13

A Weekend With Three Angels Ch. 32

 — Dawn wants a massage too. by Rob in AZ04/30/044.65HOT

A Welcome Home Surprise

 — A wife discovers her husband's secret wish - and fulfills it. by CarsonM04/01/154.72HOT

A Welcome Home Surprise Pt. 02

 — The tables get turned and a wife gets her first anal. by CarsonM04/24/154.69HOT

A Wet and Wild Dream

 — A fast and rough encounter with a hunky builder. by notsoshygirl2011/24/093.45

A Whole Lotta Woman Ch. 04

 — Massage eases her into first-time ass-fucking. by Dreams of Desire09/11/044.56HOT

A Wife Strays Ch. 03

 — Giving more of herself. by LindaW06/29/064.10

A Wife's Tail Ch. 01

 — Fun on vacation. by jdgreen12/16/024.30

A Wild Birthday Month Ch. 03

 — David's birthday gift gives him his first taste of anal sex. by Rave30307/31/114.55HOT

A Win-Win Situation

 — Game, Set, and Match. by Leezy10/28/114.49

A Woman Scorned

 — Jilted wife gets payback. by shempus erectus11/28/013.88

A Woman Scorned

 — Best friend's boyfriend fucks her ass, then she gets even! by SexyChele02/02/034.17

A Wonderful Night

 — His first anal and B.J. experience. by ds4654002/09/063.59

A Working Compromise

 — An Ex-GF agrees to anything if I drop by. by Chris6206/21/153.41

A Wrestling Good Time

 — Male and female wrestlers discover anal sex. by Samuelx08/08/062.95

A Young Black Man's World

 — On being a young black man in America. by Samuelx10/10/073.18

A-Grade Student

 — A Professor Lucas Wainwright story. by x_knightofpassion_x10/28/074.24

A.O.O.A. Anal Only Or Almost

 — Six women talk about anal sex by celesteandjim03/06/16

AA stands for Anal Addiction

 — The addiction begins in high school. by walterio11/14/094.43

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 02

 — A tour of duty in Italy results in more anal action. by walterio11/20/094.51HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 03

 — The anal action shifts to the Nation's Capital. by walterio11/22/094.57HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 04

 — The popular beach resort yields some wid women. by walterio11/26/094.70HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 05

 — Bagging groceries and bagging a co-worker's ass. by walterio11/29/094.63HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 06

 — New career, new acquaintances & a former anal lover. by walterio12/09/094.60HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 07

 — Enjoying both young single girls & a mature woman. by walterio12/13/094.58HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 08

 — Bisexual encounters with a gay, a lesbian and her roommate. by walterio12/17/094.53HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 09

 — Thanksgiving with Astrid, Craig and his ladyboy Kimmy. by walterio12/21/094.63HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 11

 — A ski trip to Vermont and then group sex in California. by walterio12/27/094.65HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 12

 — Erica's employer seduces Walt and becomes and anal lover. by walterio12/31/094.60HOT

AA stands for Anal Addiction Ch. 13

 — The summer of 1965 yields new women and a new career. by walterio01/04/104.64HOT

AAA Plumbing

 — Black plumber with attitude brings son into business. by rufun200109/11/023.32

Aaal-most Anal!

 — She wants him now but it's not as easy as it looks. by Barnaby05/08/054.29

Aaron's Apples Ch. 03

 — Aaron & neighbor lady both lose anal virginity. by hotpup06/13/044.45

Abbie's Summer

 — Inexperienced student finds passionate fulfillment. by abigailc06/07/124.74HOT

Abby's Adventure

 — She pays the price and saves her ass. by SweetCherry12/21/014.31

Abby's Surprise

 — Abby & her dad's best friend both get a surprise. by Hamster02/25/024.15

Abigail's Massage

 — Needing to relax she is offered a special touch. by akon21711/11/174.47

About Ass

 — She uses his ass for a change. by AnaLeePleasured05/01/094.44

About Her Limits

 — An anal sex tale. by theneonheart10/03/093.88

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

 — Long distance relationships can be hard to maintain. by AfroerotiK07/04/114.21

Absinthe and Analingus

 — Drinking absinthe turnes into a night of anal firsts. by alapen09/28/124.13

Absolutely True Story

 — She spanks her husband & fingers his ass. by WD06/28/024.06


 — Minor traffic accident turns dental nurse to more than flirt. by NickChapel06/24/104.33

Accidental First Time Ch. 05

 — Continuing exploration of you and your friend. by engagemind10/23/084.55HOT

Accommodating Neighbors Ch. 03

 — First anal experience for the lovers. by gentlegem05/04/104.36

Accountants Get It in the End

 — Embezzler pays with her ass and she returns the favor. by my_other_life02/21/174.57HOT

Accounting For More

 — She hunts and becomes the prey. by DooneyGirl04/27/034.51HOT

Acting out Fantasies Ch. 05: After Work

 — A special meeting after work. by revolution177601/29/153.52

Adam & Eve

 — Hot sex at the beginning of humanity. by NorthwestRain01/09/024.10

Adam and Sharon. The Monday after

 — Sharon explores his anal desires. by Aussiemale5008/19/123.95

Add Crisco for Instant Fun

 — What better way to blow off some steam? by boysetsfire06/03/044.45

Addicted to Anal

 — She's desperate for something big to shove up her bum. by Taylor_b01/17/074.15

Adelle's Girls: Cleo Ch. 02

 — Gotta keep the client happy. by svenjolly05/02/104.69HOT

Admiring the Gardener

 — The mother of Mike's friend dressed casually in the yard. by VeryDirtyMind03/07/154.48

Admission of a Slut

 — Finally a cock in my ass, then in my... by blooke123407/27/104.45

Adopted Sister's Anal Adventure

 — Bro explores new frontier. by Robb06/22/004.21

Adult Education

 — Amy asks Eric to teach her a thing or two. He learns. by Antonio_y_Cleopatra09/09/124.79HOT

Adventure in Paradise

 — Unhappy holiday alone becomes a fantasy with a surprise. by GWBosh05/13/094.68HOT

Adventures of a Working Girl

 — Ben and Patricia meet for drinks after work. by scuik04/07/133.84

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