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 — She teases your boss to turn you on. by asian_princess11/21/054.44

Teasing Myself

 — Edge with me while you stroke your cock. by pure_bliss04/16/134.38


 — Alice shares a bit more than tea with you, her Mad Hatter. by WarmMilk11/17/094.83HOT

Teenage Slut

 — Hot coed craves a sexy older man. by punkin_pussy10/23/084.20

Ten Minute Quickie

 — I share a ten minute quickie with you. by SecretDreamer02/13/132.76

Ten Minutes to Cum

 — Ten minutes of moaning and grunting. by Gaelforce11/05/144.27

Tender First Time

 — A loving encounter for women, by a woman. by GentleWhisper06/18/154.48

Test Drive

 — Angel will do anything to sell you a car. by angeloftemptation09/03/134.26


 — She loves Fridays! by milf_ink06/16/09

Thank You

 — Baby girl thanks daddy in a special way. by daddys_good_girl01/05/104.12

Thank You Daddy

 — Whispering while thinking about you, Daddy. by littlekitten73810/08/154.35

That First Call

 — You gave him your number. He wants to talk. by Tx Tall Tales12/17/134.31

The "100-1 Moan Challenge"

 — Her first post. by kookiechan06/13/124.21

The Alley

 — My unknown fantasy you made real. by redhotbothered06/04/134.11

The Anniversary

 — She surprises her guy for the anniversary. by SomeAussieGuy09/28/104.27

The Ass Fuck King

 — ...of your life. by TheGreyKnight08/06/154.33

The Assignment

 — The giving up of one's self to her Master. by RedHairedandFriendly02/26/064.57HOT

The Audience is Watching

 — Let's put on a show... by Anonymous_stranger08/29/144.08

The Babysitter

 — You finally get to fuck this dirty nasty little tease. by asian_princess01/09/064.43

The Beach

 — Romance at sunset on the beach. by Mirage05/21/134.45

The Beach Trip

 — You, the beach, and a sexy Australian man. by SomeAussieGuy09/08/094.52HOT

The Belt

 — A seemingly ordinary item, used in extraordinary ways. by Pinkpeony10103/21/134.14

The Black Cat

 — Beware to the black cat who crosses her path... by PlayfulLittle110/10/134.54HOT

The Break In

 — You're home alone when a stranger takes you. by Mirage06/05/154.56HOT

The Builders

 — A contest to determine the age old battle of the sexes. by Tara_Neale12/03/143.00

The Cabin (Bella's Version)

 — Just to show vanilla doesn't have to mean boring. by Bellatrixie03/21/124.54HOT

The Chosen One

 — She loves being an exhibitionist at the bar. by Wicked-N-Erotic09/14/034.13

The Coincidence

 — 4 remote-controlled vibrators + 1 control = confusion. by Pinkpeony10110/15/133.57

The Collar

 — A collared Angel trying to turn a "no" into a "yes". by angeloftemptation08/27/154.32

The Concert

 — We fuck in the crowd at a concert. by Mirage04/12/124.44

The Consummation (audio)

 — Margarete at last learns what it really means to be married. by golden smog11/12/154.59HOT

The Cop

 — You get pulled over and taken advantage of. by Mirage03/29/124.49

The Corset & The Mirror

 — You surprise me at the hotel during a business trip. by Mirage11/20/124.45

The Crossroads

 — Mac Stenson knew the history, understood what Johnson lost. by Middleagepoet12/16/094.00

The Cult

 — She's chosen to be used. by angeloftemptation01/07/154.12

The Dance

 — Two people meet & fall in love. by Wicked-N-Erotic09/22/034.22

The Dawn

 — Making love in the pool and spa as in the morning light. by SomeAussieGuy06/30/094.54HOT

The Devil Knows What I Need

 — The Devil visits Angel at night. by angeloftemptation01/19/164.45

The Donor

 — When Catherine asked me to donate my sperm, I was flattered. by MungoParkIII12/28/072.86

The Dressing Room

 — Clothes shopping leads to sexy fun. by Mirage04/25/134.30

The Experience Fantastique!

 — 19th century love affair with your Doctor. by Dr_Impervious02/16/104.10

The Flat Viewing (Experimental)

 — I hear a knock & get up. You're here to view the spare room. by spurious11/06/124.45

The Fucktoy

 — Her submissiveness is rewarded with the orgasm of her life. by Princess_Of_Darkness06/21/054.49

The Game (for Billy)

 — What kind of game will it be? by BellaPrincesa05/21/133.98

The Geek Hypnotista

 — You are in a deep sleep; you will do as she says. by rydia5702/23/054.25

The Getaway

 — Taking my girl for a week away at the beach. by SomeAussieGuy03/13/124.56HOT

The Getaway

 — A forbidden rendezvous in a dark hotel room. by YourFavoriteVoice02/27/133.71

The Girlfriend Experience

 — Just sucking and moaning sounds - no words. by Eves_Garden08/27/154.20

The Greatest Show On Earth (Tribute)

 — A reading of K-Kwik's story "The Greatest Show On Earth". by HisLolita02/02/164.50HOT

The Halloween Party

 — A Halloween party. by Gaelforce10/21/144.56HOT

The Headmaster's Office

 — Your slutty behaviour will not go unpunished... by spurious02/27/134.48

The Hike

 — A hike to the old fire lookout. by Mirage02/04/154.31

The Holes in the Wall

 — College son spies on mom masturbating in the bathtub. by dirtyjoe6911/26/064.30

The Hotel

 — Meeting a friend at a hotel for the first time. by SomeAussieGuy07/25/124.62HOT

The Hotel Room

 — You've arrived. Now you have a decision to make... by Anonymous_stranger03/13/154.12

The House

 — Your long quest ends in a perfect climax. by anenglishmanabroad04/10/134.34

The Housekeeper

 — You've disappointed the master of the house... by Mirage12/21/154.47

The Initial Encounter

 — A erotic audio collaboration - Dr_Impervious vs. EllaEcstasy. by Dr_Impervious07/07/094.49

The Job Interview

 — A slut fucks to get the job. by Gaelforce10/02/134.38

The Joys of Toys

 — Random thoughts on toys and masturbation. by Bellatrixie01/17/123.91

The Library

 — Some fun amid the stacks of books. by Mirage01/29/134.35

The Library (Public Sex)

 — A frustrated librarian gives you more than you bargained for. by spurious05/15/134.50HOT

The Library Crawl

 — Patti follows her Master's orders in the Public Library by zenmackie07/31/074.56HOT

The Lingerie Shop

 — Sexy lady customer seduces him in a fetish shop. by Legman UK10/25/043.77

The Lingerie Store

 — Listen to what happened when I went shopping for lingerie. by sensualsharon04/06/104.13

The Lingerie Store

 — He joins you on a trip to a sexy lingerie store. by Gaelforce10/08/144.12

The Madcap Laughs...and Cums

 — Tark has a good time, and gets a bit too giggly. by tarkustrooper01/07/153.50

The Male Vibrator Experiment Ch. 01

 — A vibrating egg inside a condom torments his slave. by androgyne3007/01/084.31

The Mask

 — Two friends make love at a party while in disguise. by SomeAussieGuy10/06/094.42

The Massage

 — You get a happy ending to your massage. by RedMoon8601/19/10

The Massage

 — Just lay back and relax. by DKmermaid03/13/124.03

The Masseuse

 — A massage turns into something more. by Mirage10/30/154.18

The Meal Thief

 — Sir isn't going hungry, even though his meal is snatched up. by mikewritesbooks01/22/154.40

The Menu (Interactive)

 — You choose how you'd like to get off today. by spurious06/11/134.56HOT

The Motel

 — A stranger & I share a night at a motel... by Pinkpeony10107/25/123.93

The Movie Theater

 — We enjoy each other in the back of the theater. by Mirage05/25/164.42NEW

The Nature of Attraction

 — Just a ramble on attraction and how it makes no sense. by Bellatrixie01/17/123.57

The Next Morning

 — You wake up after a night of sex... by bred202008/12/143.87

The Night Call

 — Passionate couple heat up the phone lines. by Dj_Maximus09/13/023.76

The Night Moves

 — Putting on the night moves. by Gaelforce04/03/154.48

The Night We Finally Meet

 — An online affair that leads to a night of passion. by quietlyconfidentgent12/31/153.82

The Oedipus Complex

 — You can't lie to me, I'm your mother... I found the pictures. by MyInfiniteStupidity05/25/164.84HOTNEW

The Office

 — Office romp involving a sex MILF, milky breasts, & a younger male co-worker. by agrh02/01/114.30

The Office (Flip Side)

 — A response to Agrh's audio story. by Brighton_Rock02/22/113.27

The Office, Prequel

 — How it all go started. by SomeAussieGuy12/21/114.21

The Officer and The Naked Girl

 — She loves a woman in uniform. by theravenfox06/22/104.43

The Old Flame

 — I share you with your ex-lover. by Mirage09/05/124.50HOT

The One That Made and Broke Me

 — She discovers her yen for uber-endowed men. by SizeQueenSupreme12/01/094.25

The Outback

 — A romantic story from the Australian outback. by SomeAussieGuy04/14/094.48

The Package

 — She submits to a mysterious masked stranger. by AuthorNobilis01/29/084.13

The Park

 — One woman's lonely afternoon heats up. by jthserra07/27/043.47

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 03

 — They meet an escaped convict & a big cat. by PAUL C02/16/014.41

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 06

 — They attend Paul's grandmothers funeral. by PAUL C03/03/034.37

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 10

 — Paul & Jenny attend a country wedding. by PAUL C02/01/014.36

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 11

 — Couple finds love during the Great War. by PAUL C01/31/014.26Editor's Pick

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 12

 — It's Paul's twenty first birthday. by PAUL C02/26/013.25

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 13

 — Paul & Jenny attend their friend's wedding. by PAUL C02/09/014.59HOT

The Perfect Ending to an Evening

 — ...watching you touch yourself for me... by Gaelforce07/02/134.49

The Phone Call

 — A tease with a slight chance of accent. by Gaelforce05/07/154.20

The Photo Shoot

 — A photographer gets a special reward for helping a friend. by SomeAussieGuy09/01/104.14

The Picnic

 — I take you out for a romantic picnic. by SomeAussieGuy09/01/094.40

The Playlist

 — Sharing playlists leads to hot sex. by Mirage10/02/134.41

The Porn Store

 — We fuck in a small booth at a porn store. by Mirage05/08/124.28

The Preparation of Cho

 — Gorean Cho. by Joseki Ko01/03/052.38

The Present: Round 02

 — Zoot gets a present: a well-endowed stranger. by Zoots_owner11/04/083.72

The Private Dance

 — Two dancers do more than blow his mind. by Erotica_Writings07/20/043.95

The Professor

 — A university professor crosses the line. by SomeAussieGuy09/15/094.40

The Punishment

 — Her punishment teaches her a lesson. by RedHairedandFriendly04/16/064.38

The Quickie that Grew

 — AJ loses control of her two-minute quickie before work. by funluvinaj05/20/144.60HOT

The Release

 — She comes for him before he leaves on business trip. by RedHairedandFriendly04/03/064.32

The Reluctant Pair

 — Conflicted lovers steal an afternoon alone. by AlwaysHungry4u12/11/143.93

The Restaurant

 — You get fingered at the table. by Mirage09/27/124.32

The Reverend Ch. 02

 — The Rev's favorite pair give him reason to cheer. by asian_princess04/03/064.45

The Reverend Pt. 01

 — Charting the systematic, sinful defiling of a man of God. by spurious10/23/124.20

The Reverend Pt. 02

 — The second in a trilogy. by spurious12/27/124.03

The Reverend Pt. 03

 — The full extent of Clarissa's seduction is realised. by spurious02/13/134.56HOT

The Ride

 — Master lets angel-slut drive while on the way to her gift. by RedHairedandFriendly07/10/064.33

The River by author Fade-into-you

 — Erotic tale of two people enjoying a romp by the river. by audiodiva07/19/113.73

The Room

 — I wake up in an unfamiliar place... by Pinkpeony10107/31/12

The Room, One Year Later

 — She has accepted her new life, but will he trust her? by Pinkpeony10110/02/13

The Rough Outdoors

 — You take your Angel just how she likes it, rough. by angeloftemptation02/09/124.45

The Rub Down

 — A movie star gets a personal massage. by SomeAussieGuy08/03/104.31

The Saga of Big Willie & The Twins Ch. 01

 — Desiree and Donna Join the Class. by Cinner07/02/134.00

The Sasquatch and His New Mate

 — Inga is taken by a monster. by Miss_Misaki08/25/094.47

The Sauna

 — He enjoys hot and steamy sex with you in the sauna. by Gaelforce02/25/154.52HOT

The Shadow Ch. 02

 — The shadow calls his target on the phone. by dirtyjoe6908/06/063.90

The Shopping Trip

 — A shopping trip....with benefits. by Bellatrixie12/21/114.38

The Shower

 — You make me cum twice in the shower. by pure_bliss06/04/134.31

The Shower

 — Some sexy fun in the shower. by Mirage12/03/133.81

The Shower

 — A hot, wet, sexy interlude to listen in on... by Anonymous_stranger06/19/143.81

The Sleep Over

 — Two friends get closer during a sleep over. by SomeAussieGuy06/07/113.70

The Squeaky Chair

 — A pathetic woman's visit to her Daddy's work. by faunaDoll01/19/114.35

The State of Brandi

 — Thanks to you, I have been in quite a state all day. by BrandiBlue21203/29/164.52HOT

The Story of your O

 — A soft and sweet instructional audio. by TheGreyKnight07/24/154.14

The Subway

 — A master puts his slave to the test. by CrimsonCaptain07/09/074.49

The Surprise

 — I invite you over with the promise of a surprise. by Mirage11/20/134.25

The Taking of Monica

 — A woman accepts a ride from two men and gets a surprise. by sensualsharon04/23/144.07

The Tandem Chain Dance Ch. 01

 — The blonde, the redhead, the chain between them. by Joseki Ko01/03/052.90

The Tandem Chain Dance Ch. 02

 — The chain connects a blonde & a redhead. by Joseki Ko01/03/053.31

The Tantalizing Twins Ch. 04

 — The twins 69 for Steve. by LuciousBi-Writes4U01/09/063.88

The Tits That Saved Christmas!

 — The tits that saved Christmas! by Gaelforce12/21/154.39

The Torment of Denial - Audio Version

 — A simple lab trial turns into torture through pleasure. by randymcmuffin04/25/133.82

The Toy Exchange

 — She sends him a toy - and he tries it out. by dylan_t03/09/104.24

The Train

 — Working as a government spy can be dangerous. by SomeAussieGuy09/08/094.45

The Train Ch. 02

 — A sequel to the train story. by SomeAussieGuy12/01/094.75HOT

The Tulsa Affair

 — Sometimes long distance attraction can be heart breaking. by RichardHardy06/01/104.52HOT

The Vampire's Crime

 — It was a killing, but was it a murder? by Otto2601/29/084.08

The Visit

 — He's cumming to see you. by K-Kwik10/22/144.51HOT

The Voice

 — Hot phone sex with an anonymous caller leads to more. by johnnytee07/19/124.47

The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 1

 — They arrive at the "Night Shadow". by Hecate12/06/013.78

The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 2

 — Talea visits the common room. by Hecate12/06/013.46

The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 3

 — Awaiting His Bride. by Hecate12/06/013.07

The Way to Ishgartan Ch. 4

 — The Journey Continues. by Hecate12/06/014.28

The Wind Down

 — I help you wind down after a hard day. by RedMoon8612/01/09

Things You Do to Me

 — Oh, the things you do to her... by Rikki_1310/20/094.55HOT


 — All alone, she has time to think about you. by yourcockismine02/25/094.36

Thinking of Daddy

 — A babygirl's message to her Daddy dom. by purringbaby12/19/143.69

Thinking of Rimming and Riding You

 — Tark wants to fuck you with her tongue and her pussy. by tarkustrooper11/20/143.96

Thinking of You

 — He cums to the thought of taking you in the shower. by hidden_shadow09/09/104.10

Thinking of You

 — He's waited so long, he wants you now. by SinfullyYours09/15/102.72

Thinking of You

 — Let him coax you to orgasm as he watches you play. by DickyUK06/24/144.42


 — Coworkers discover more than work. by mona4play03/01/05


 — She's thirsty, and begs for your cock. by litjosie05/13/094.36

This Has Been On My Mind

 — Thoughts on a voice I heard once, long ago... by Anonymous_stranger03/14/153.19

This Is Yours, This Is Mine

 — He finds watching and waiting are no longer enough. by justjohn101306/22/104.15

This Morning

 — My morning thoughts about you. by redhotbothered04/02/134.27

This One is for the Ladies

 — Sensual, erotic full body massage. by skydiver_stud10/11/074.20

Thong Fuck

 — Angel fucks herself for you in a thong. by angeloftemptation01/23/134.31

Those Three Favorite Words of Mine

 — Please let me hear them from you. by tarkustrooper11/20/144.05

Three AM

 — I awake in the early hours but you're not there to help me. by redhotbothered12/17/134.24

Three Intense Orgasms

 — Listen in as my wife is fucked with a dildo, then my cock. by Gorgeous_George01/29/132.88

Three Nights Pt. 01

 — Rebekka receives a visit from her Master. by RebekkaBrown11/30/114.39

Three Nights Pt. 02

 — Rebekka receives a visit from her Master. by RebekkaBrown01/17/124.31

Three Nights Pt. 03

 — Rebekka receives a visit from her Master. by RebekkaBrown05/08/124.54HOT

Threesome (MMF)

 — We meet you in a club and take you home. by Gaelforce01/28/144.37

Tie Me Up

 — Tie Angel down so you can do what you want. by angeloftemptation06/26/124.45

Tied to my Four Poster

 — Come upstairs with me, there's things I want to do to you. by BoyfromEngland02/25/154.04

Tied Up

 — He ties her up. by luckygirl1811/20/123.09

Ties on His Mind

 — A glint in his eyes and ties on his mind. by cameramike05/21/083.92

Tiffany's Tits

 — She cums from having her breasts licked & sucked. by Boxlicker10102/15/053.82

Time to Relax

 — A glass of wine, some candles and a few toys. by angeloftemptation07/10/134.46

To All The Curvy Girls

 — Tark sends out her love to all of those voluptuous babes. by tarkustrooper10/22/144.50HOT

To My Online Friend

 — You weren't online, so I had some naughty fun alone. by lonelycollegegirl08/30/114.49

Tom's Office

 — Listen to what happens when hot wife visits Tom's office. by victoriawhita10/11/074.01

Tomorrow, Daddy

 — She is horny thinking about coming home for the weekend. by litjosie03/11/094.34

Tongue and Toy

 — He pleases her with his tongue and a toy simultaneously. by N2outdoors04/27/113.91

Tonight, You're Mine

 — You become her slutty girl for the evening. by litjosie01/21/094.45

Too Aroused

 — First recording of self-love. by dressedinblackagain10/02/134.35

Too Horny After Work

 — First recording of self-love. by ThatLuca11/20/133.70

Top Spanks Bottom

 — For Michael. by KingsWoman01/28/143.94

Top your Daddy off

 — Wild DDLG fantasy for my fellow 'little girls'. by SwordOfOrnias10/28/152.29

Touch Yourself

 — He tells you how. by K-Kwik12/31/144.40

Touch Yourself For Me, Sexy

 — This masturbation instruction is for the ladies. by GingerStClair06/22/104.15

Touching Myself

 — My soft skin feels so good, I can't help myself. by angeloftemptation02/25/153.58


 — An erotic horror audio file. by hisdinner10/06/033.16


 — John meets Tracey and her voluptuous pair. by PAUL C12/12/013.84

Traffic Stop

 — A classic cop fantasy for you to enjoy. by Anonymous_stranger05/28/144.17


 — A stranger enjoys watching you on the train. by Mirage01/17/124.49

Trance Sexual

 — Original sexy trance electronica for your pleasure. by Beckman05/13/093.46

Travelling Folk Series Pt. 01

 — Insurance broker twins take on the local fair. by PAUL C02/01/014.00

Travelling Folk Series Pt. 03

 — The games get in gear with Max, Kelly, & a toy car. by PAUL C02/03/013.86

Trespassers Will Be Shot On Site

 — You want to walk around, naked, on MY beach? Say CHEESE! by theravenfox06/29/154.63HOT

Trick or Treat

 — In a haunted house, will she get a trick or a treat? by sweet_p102410/20/093.88


 — Hot sex on the back seat of your truck. by DKmermaid11/30/113.56

Truck Stop Passion

 — Our lust boils over whilst driving in the convertible. by DickyUK03/19/124.26

Trust Me, I've Got This

 — Let me treat you right; I've got this under control. by tarkustrooper09/15/154.57HOT

Tuesday Orgasm

 — Just pleasuring myself. by DKmermaid04/10/133.65

Two Can Play

 —  A dreamy voyeuristic piece. by annieplayer10/27/113.74

Two is Company, Three is a Surprise

 — My girl surprises me with another girl. by SomeAussieGuy12/09/094.26

Ultimate Fantasy

 — All about my ultimate fantasy: mmf full contact menage. by Bellatrixie02/09/123.33

Ultimate Strapon for Three

 — The ultimate fantasy created for a very special guy. by Bellatrixie02/09/124.10

Under My Wing, Audio Interpretation

 — It's natural to love your brother. by theravenfox06/22/104.17

Under the Stars

 — A sleepless night with you is always a good thing. by angeloftemptation04/23/144.38

Under You

 — Kay submits, in her own time. by KR10/31/054.50HOT

Underneath Your Red Dress

 — I describe what I do underneath your dress... by CosmicRhythm04/12/123.93

Unfinished Symphony

 — Musings on male submission which got interrupted... by Bellatrixie01/17/123.50

Unfolding Ch. 01

 — Couple experiments with first time anal sex. by Selena_Kitt03/13/064.64HOT


 — A lingerie fetish piece. by Bellatrixie12/21/114.69HOT

Unscripted Masturbation

 — Who needs a script? by bisexplicit06/14/054.52HOT

Used Before Breakfast

 — I wake before you and make good on your fantasy... by spurious05/15/134.55HOT

Using My Bad Girl

 — Using you for my pleasure. by Gaelforce10/10/134.30

Vacation Video

 — The wild & free lifestyle comes with a cost. by R. Richard12/21/044.12


 — Your time alone while he cooks breakfast. by Dr_Impervious02/10/094.11

Valentine's Day

 — Something to listen to on Valentine's Day. by Mirage02/13/134.36

Valentines Night Mistress

 — Let me serve you tonight, on the night for lovers. by BoyfromEngland02/25/154.71HOT

Valentino's Hands - Audio Version

 — Sensual massage at its best. by passion_fruit05/07/154.36

Vampire Calling Spell

 — A vampire calling spell. by Gaelforce05/25/154.90HOT

Vampire Seduction

 — Sensual Vampire Seduction. by Gaelforce12/23/154.24

Venus after the Dark Room

 — Venus2000 continues to suck him after he finished reading.. by SecretDreamer11/05/132.58

Very Horny, I Want You!

 — 'Super Horny' - my Italian and English mix. by ThatLuca04/16/154.06

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