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Nibblet Ch. 13

 — Some drunken silliness. by badgirl29809/14/024.41

Nibblet Ch. 14

 — Spike wants to sneak in. by badgirl29809/15/024.62HOT

Nibblet Ch. 15

 — Spike takes a nibble of Dawn. by badgirl29809/19/024.40

NIbblet Ch. 16

 — Spike finds a way to make it up to her. by badgirl29809/21/024.31

Nibblet Ch. 17

 — Angelus visits Faith. by badgirl29810/07/024.31

Nibelheim Memoirs Ch. 01

 — Zack and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 get together. by ArctoArch11/19/084.45

Nicki and Ariana Tour Pt. 01

 — Nicki Minaj makes Ariana Grande serve her as they go on tour. by DPPUsername1234504/30/163.85

Nicki and Ariana Tour Pt. 02

 — Nicki continues using Ariana for pleasure on their tour. by DPPUsername1234501/27/183.24

Nicki Minaj Fuck Ch. 01

 — Geoff finds himself his second partner. by ButteredMarmalade06/06/134.10

Nicole and Tom Reunite

 — Nicole and Tom get together at the Golden Globes. by BGT6607/01/133.94

Nicole Mitchell and I Enjoy a Fall

 — Nicole and I enjoy the colors and each other. by dispatcher5910/20/134.23

Nicole Scherzinger Does Literotica

 — Nicole's erotic fantasy in ancient Egypt. by 123z05/08/184.00

Nigella Bears Fruit

 — A short fantasy involving Nigella Lawson... by OpenMouth01/14/144.09

Nigella Ch. 01

 — An oral and anal daydream. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat10/10/043.66

Nigella Ch. 02

 — Sexy cook is slowly prepared for anal consumption. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat10/14/044.65HOT

Nigella Ch. 03

 — She goes into nasty anal submission. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat10/18/044.75HOT

Nigella Ch. 04

 — She's served a black & white sandwich. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat10/31/044.39

Nigella Ch. 05

 — It's all anal for her till the painful end. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat11/01/044.31

Night Down Under

 — Nina Dobrev & Phoebe Tonkin vacation in Sydney by TheBigLove12603/31/144.38

Night of Pleasure

 — Frasier and Daphne comfort Roz. by Cole Calder04/28/033.93

Night of Sex

 — Passion in Jerry Seinfed's apartment. by Cole Calder05/07/033.45

Night of the Living Friends

 — Never sit your sweet ass on a tombstone by MzSweetCandy07/29/084.09

Night Swimming

 — Maggie Gyllenhaal and Marion Cotillard go skinny-dipping. by TromeoQue08/24/144.11

Night To Remember

 — A fantasy about AJ from the Backstreet Boys. by xxxander01/21/033.77

Night Visitor

 — Night visitor brings Buffy & Faith closer. by BlissfulZimZum66606/14/034.07

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 01

 — The strapon mistress meets a fan. by lilguy07/29/033.90

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 02

 — The strap on queen rocks a fan's world. by lilguy07/30/034.05

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 03

 — Back by popular demand - the morning after. by lilguy08/05/033.62

Night with Chantz Fortune Ch. 04

 — Chantz come back from a party and is piss. by lilguy08/13/033.50

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 05

 — Boss Bitches underground is tape. by lilguy08/20/033.73

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 06

 — She takes him to a movie set. by lilguy10/09/033.80

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 07

 — They put him in female make up for his big scene. by lilguy12/11/033.86

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 08

 — The scene for Strapon sirenz is shot. by lilguy03/11/043.27

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 09

 — The strapon mistress tease her man. by lilguy04/27/044.43

Night With Chantz Fortune Ch. 10

 — Strapon sex on a subway train. by lilguy08/10/044.33

Nightlife with Kiefer

 — Meeting Kiefer in an odd way. by BardsLady06/03/034.53HOT

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 01

 — Haunted girl meets her first monster in the town. by Kileka08/18/074.15

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 02

 — Zoe travels through the school. by Kileka02/11/083.88

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 03

 — Zoe travels through the hospital. by Kileka02/02/104.17

Nightmare of Silent Hill Entry 06

 — Zoe goes face to face with the Guardians of Silent Hill. by Kileka06/14/134.60


 — How dull can protecting a Celebrity be. by yakka10/05/064.14

Nightwing in Charge Ch. 01

 — Nightwing spends an evening with Catwoman. by Nightwing8803/16/164.57HOT

Nightwing in Charge Ch. 02

 — Nightwing is caught in Poison Ivy's trap. by Nightwing8803/22/164.38

Nightwing in Charge Ch. 03

 — Harley Quinn lures Nightwing into her lair. by Nightwing8803/31/164.66HOT

Nightwing in Charge Ch. 04

 — Nightwing and Huntress take on Killer Frost and the Penguin. by Nightwing8804/13/164.60HOT

Nightwing in Charge Ch. 05

 — Nightwing and Huntress let off some steam. by Nightwing8805/24/164.35

Nightwing in Charge Ch. 06

 — Nightwing and Huntress go recruiting. by Nightwing8801/18/174.88

Nikki and Ana Ivanovic

 — Nikki encounters Ana Ivanovic & gets personal. by nikki_202108/09/084.57HOT

Nikki and Daniela Hantuchova

 — Nikki goes to wimbledon & meets Daniela and Martina Hingis. by nikki_202108/14/064.71HOT

Nikki meets Maria Sharapova

 — Ball girl Nikki has encounters Maria. by nikki_202102/03/064.63HOT

Nikki Meets Natalie Portman

 — She unexpectedly gets sexual with Natalie Portman. by nikki_202105/11/094.60HOT

Nikki tells all

 — Remember Darling Nikki? Here's Nikki's side of the story. by DonnieMagazino03/18/104.50

Nikki Works with Charlize

 — Nikki gets a job with Charlize Theron and it gets personal. by nikki_202109/14/054.65HOT

Nina Dobrev's Christmas Story

 — Nina Dobrev's holiday looked dull until she entered the mall. by TheBigLove12612/13/134.71HOT

Nine Inch Nailed

 — Julie & Trent Reznor enjoy a wild, dark, dreamy night. by Starbaby7705/18/013.40

Ninja Don't Fear Spiders

 — Iruka is arachnaphobic but Kakashi comes to the rescue... by violletha10/27/154.67

NKOTB Ch. 01

 — Josie gets it on with Jordan after the concert. by PrincessErin10/07/083.20

NKOTB Ch. 02

 — Josie gets it on with Jonathan after the concert. by PrincessErin10/08/083.00

NKOTB Ch. 03

 — Josie gets it on with Joey after the concert. by PrincessErin10/09/083.00

NKOTB Ch. 04

 — Josie gets it on with Donnie after the concert. by PrincessErin10/10/082.33

NKOTB Ch. 05

 — Josie gets it on with Danny after the concert. by PrincessErin10/11/084.08

No Business Like Show Business

 — A business deal with Viggo Mortensen side-tracked. by simply_cyn06/20/044.61HOT

No Contest

 — He pretends to be dying in order to get laid. by JonJon23707/08/024.40

No Holds Barred in Sacramento

 — Trish receives an unexpected visit. by LimeyLady04/25/174.73HOT

No Holes Barred

 — A young blonde actress organises a gangbang. by DarkSwordsman08/26/164.30

No One Out-Fucks Jilnar Jardaly

 — Oversexed Jilnar Jardaly destroys a professional black stud. by Abeedah197802/06/164.86

No One's Like Katie

 — He finally gets to have his dreamgirls: Katie Couric. by sgt.d06910/15/034.23

No Ordinary Love

 — Chance encounter leads to unforgettable night. by Artemis 8804/17/044.54HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 01

 — Man falls in love with a porn star. by JAYCE7308/18/024.79HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 02

 — Continuation of a man falling in love with a porn queen. by JAYCE7308/22/024.73HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 03

 — Love with a porn star. by JAYCE7308/23/024.62HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 04

 — Continuation of love, sex and a porn star. by JAYCE7308/26/024.66HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 05

 — She's been thinking. by JAYCE7309/12/024.57HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 06

 — His best friend's wedding day gets hot. by JAYCE7309/18/024.61HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 07

 — They go to L.A. by JAYCE7309/20/024.81HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 08

 — His first foursome. by JAYCE7310/09/024.58HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 09

 — Problems internally worked out. by JAYCE7310/06/024.63HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 10

 — Love and sex. by JAYCE7310/13/024.66HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 11

 — Sex, love, & communication. by JAYCE7311/01/024.50HOT

No Ordinary Love Ch. 12

 — Tropical sex. by JAYCE7311/10/024.70HOT

No Past, No Future

 — Chance encounter with Chris Cornell from Audioslave. by mistress_diana03/06/054.79HOT

No Past, No Future Ch. 02

 — She meets up with Chris Cornell on tour. by mistress_diana07/08/054.71

No Past, No Future Ch. 03

 — Chris has a surprise. by mistress_diana07/25/054.80HOT

No Place For A Child

 — A sexy stranger just happens to be standing nearby. by SexyJennaInk11/26/033.30

No Place Like Home

 — Sixth chapter of Buffy Season 5 re-write. No sex. by BlissfulZimZum66610/26/032.00

No Rest for My Ass

 — Chantz continues his abuse in Brittany's absence. by humbleslave09/19/053.48

No Strings

 — Faith and Willow come to an arrangement. by MTL1702/17/144.48

Nobody Will Know

 — The Band Perry learns how exciting a long tour ride can be. by TheBigLove12606/11/124.46

Nocturnal Emissions

 — Captain Samantha Carter has a wet dream. by Side-wind-er06/07/084.24

Noelle Gets Mastered

 — WWE fangirl finds out that Dean Ambrose is a Titty Master. by daxg200112/07/144.07

Nose Candy

 — Victoria Justice has a New Year's Eve to remember. by TheBigLove12601/06/154.34

Not A Damsel In Distress

 — A strong noble rescues a good-looking engineer. by pacifist91w05/13/144.00

Not Exactly a Love Story

 — A guy meets Taylor Swift and makes a move. by mpapps8907/03/094.48

Not So Innocent Ch. 01

 — Kristen Stewart seduces Saoirse Ronan in the afterparty. by tevok07/16/154.43

Not So Innocent Ch. 02

 — For Saoirse's birthday, Kristen has Emma Stone join them. by tevok07/17/154.39

Not so Quiet on the Set

 — The girls of "24" find ways to pass the time. by carnagejackson10/10/024.54HOT

Not So Virginal Singer

 — He discovers virginal singer is really hot. by garyjay02/20/022.73

Not the Boston Tea Party...

 — Doctor Who/QAF USA crossover - Brian meets the Doc. by tigerprawn11/16/064.40

Notebook Found in a Deserted House

 — Naughty T&A homage to the classic. by gossog10/02/064.52HOT

Nothing Else Matters: Ode to James

 — Life long fan spends romantic night with idol. by LustiRusti08/05/034.07

NSYNC Seduction

 — He finally gets to meet the members of NSYNC. by southernboy8158108/26/033.42

Nsync's #1 Fan

 — She wins contest to meet Nsync. by jessy1906/30/034.34

Nude Day for Megan

 — Megan Fox celebrates Nude Day her way: promiscuously. by metron1807/11/124.37

Nude Day in Mumbai

 — They celebrate nude day in India, too. by 8inchesofsalaami06/24/093.60

Nude Day in the Can

 — The Mumbai cops do their bit too. by 8inchesofsalaami07/01/093.46

Nude on the Bering Sea

 — Crab Captain dispels bad luck. by Nigel Debonnaire07/13/11

Nude Scene Coach

 — Busty Alexandra Daddario practices True Detective nude scene. by Robertdoc02/07/144.60HOT

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