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Watching Meg Ryan Will Never...

 — Kinky dream changes author's perception. by PeterR03/01/012.79

Watching Porn and Reminiscing Ch. 01

 — Sophie Evans resembles 1959 sex partner Linda. by walterio11/15/154.26

Watching Porn and Reminiscing Ch. 02

 — Dora Ventnor resembles Toni a 1961 working girl in Italy. by walterio11/25/154.43

Watching Porn and Reminiscing Ch. 03

 — Sultry porn star Mya Diamond reminds me of a stacked Erica. by walterio11/27/154.75

Watching Porn and Reminiscing Ch. 04

 — Porn actress Mathilde reminds me of spooning with Charlotte. by walterio11/28/155.00

Watching Porn and Reminiscing Ch. 05

 — Porn actress Michelle Wild reminds me of cock lover Leigh. by walterio12/01/154.22

Watching Porn and Reminiscing Ch. 06

 — Porn star Kari Fox reminds me a one night stand with Lori. by walterio12/10/154.75

Watching Porn and Reminiscing Ch. 07

 — Sherry Vi reminds me of a sophisticated co-worker Jane. by walterio01/23/164.00

Watching Porn and Reminiscing Ch. 08

 — Porn star Susan Ayn reminds me of a girl named Peggy. by walterio02/09/164.43

Watching the Paint

 — Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her favorite vamp get it on. by darkphoenix101/12/064.55HOT

Waxing Love

 — Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt get waxed. by TNP_07/25/114.63HOT

Way of The Warrior

 — A Tauren warrior visits his trainer to hand in a quest. by ItsJessy01/03/114.44

WCW - Kimberly Does The Bad Guy

 — Kimberly Page gets it own with the nWo's Scott Hall. by Dice_Casden07/30/074.09

WCW - The Queen Of Scream

 — Six stories featuring WCW's Daffney Unger. by Dice_Casden07/30/074.38

WCW Training: Madusa Teaches Her Way

 — An eager young student learns from his teacher. by dfg198004/28/064.75HOT

We Got Spirit, Do You?

 — The Spirit Squad wants to know if Maria has spirit. by Dice_Casden01/08/103.75

We Got Two Words For Ya... Good Bye

 — Lilian Garcia gets a present from DX and John Cena. by Dice_Casden01/07/104.67HOT

We Must Continue

 — A fanfiction based on the Metroid Series. by sherman8308702/05/114.46

We're All Man

 — Billy & Chuck are all man, but Torrie Wilson isn't sure. by Dice_Casden01/05/104.30

We're Not Bad; We're Just Drawn That Way

 — Holli Would encounters Jessica Rabbit. by HarlemKnight02/25/134.37

We're Not Promised Tomorrow Ch. 01-05

 — Red and Lizzie face the end together. by abeautifulmessofcontradictions01/04/164.20

We're The Millers - Extended

 — A scene from the movie extended for our pleasure. by muhabba06/17/144.48

We've Come So Far

 — It takes just a little prodding to bring them together. by SexyJennaInk11/26/035.00

Wearing Her Clothes

 — A celebrity's overnight bag leads to temptation. by TheEvelyn10/10/064.22

Weather Channel Strip Poker

 — Very horny men enjoy strip poker game. by sack06/18/043.94

Weather Channel Strip Poker Ch. 02

 — Will the weathermen get oral? by sack06/19/044.16

Wedding Night

 — A little fun on a yacht. by LadyVeritas12/11/12

Weekend in St. Barts

 — He meets Heidi Klum on the beach. by singing_tree02/05/084.44

Weigh In

 — A weight loss contest turns into a gala affair. by Decayed Angel12/12/062.80

Weird Love

 — Willow and Angel in Season Five. by badgirl29809/14/023.71

Welcome Back Chyna!

 — Chyna gets a warm welcome. by WwFdiVa41711/06/013.62

Welcome Back, Russell

 — Russell Crowe visits Rhyley's dreams again. by BgMma08/06/024.86

Welcome to the Commonwealth Ch. 01

 — Jobs of the Alpha Company Mercs in the Fallout universe. by Sexualobster06/23/174.41

Welcome to the Commonwealth Ch. 02

 — Alpha Company make camp for the night. by Sexualobster01/27/183.67

Welcoming Madusa Back To WCW

 — Woman wrestler thanks the man that got her back on TV. by dfg198007/20/164.50

Well Hidey Ho There, Jill Ch. 1

 — While Tim the Toolman taylor is at work the wife will play. by Samsonite08/24/023.52

Wesley and Deanna

 — Wesley's last night on the Enterprise. by Ann Douglas08/23/174.60HOT

West Coast Cherry Poppin'

 — Cherry gets popped by Rey Mysterio in the 619. by Dice_Casden01/04/104.36

West Wing: Deposits

 — Deposits made to certain white house female staffers. by indianprince4u205/22/183.39

Westworld Romance

 — Big fan finds Yul Brynner on the set. by velvetpie01/16/055.00

Wet Dreams

 — The sexual adventures of the SG1 team. by Side-wind-er03/15/064.00

Wet Dreams

 — For the Vin Diesel fans honest enough to admit their fantasy. by Masters_Lily07/10/104.39

What A Diva Wants

 — What Katie Lea wants, Katie Lea gets. by Dice_Casden01/11/104.50

What a Jewel Ch. 1

 — I go backstage with Jewel by nasty105/01/012.52

What a Jewel Ch. 2

 — Lucky fan gets the lovely Jewel. by nasty105/09/013.56

What a Jewel Ch. 3

 — Guy has fun with singers Jewel & Britney. by nasty105/12/013.71

What a Rush!

 — Abandoned, Victoria Justice needs a ride home. by MeanBlackjack03/07/154.45

What A Ryde

 — ECW GM Tiffany with Zack Ryder. by Dice_Casden01/10/102.50

What About Terri?

 — Terri Runnels wants someone to pay her attention. by Dice_Casden01/09/104.00

What about Wonder Woman?

 — Diana compares herself to Clark's past lovers. by Lithium_hobo06/14/174.53HOT

What Alicia Did on Her 30th

 — Alicia Silverstone gives a fan a footjob in a bath tub. by Kash_the_priest03/01/074.62HOT

What An Exciting Party

 — Alexis Castle having her first lesbian encounter! by LadyAntebellum08/01/134.58HOT

What An Exciting Party Ch. 02

 — Alexis Castle returns the favor! by LadyAntebellum08/01/134.59HOT

What Goes Around, Comes Around

 — A young Asian female golfer repays a random act of kindness. by ElderDirt03/18/184.58HOT

What Happened After Britney's Bath?

 — Read and find out! by britneyspears04/14/013.45

What Happens At Matt's Party...

 — Stays at Matt's Party by Dice_Casden12/23/095.00

What Happens at the Track...

 — Hot yaoi action in the pits! by GingerM04/05/174.67

What Happens Behind Closed Doors Ch. 1

 — Joyce has feelings for Buffy. by angel1304/14/024.32

What Happens Behind Closed Doors Ch. 2

 — Joyce & Buffy get together. by angel1304/20/024.27

What Happens Behind Closed Doors Ch. 3

 — Buffy & Dawn get to know each other better. by angel1305/01/024.42

What Happens in Mexico...

 — Carrie Underwood has fun in Cancun while vacationing alone. by jjgarces04/29/154.04

What Happens Now?

 — Ike barinholtz says the wrong thing. by Imjustfor fun03/31/043.00

What Happens Underground Pt. 01

 — Tech Guy hooks up with Lucha Underground's Ring Announcer. by daxg200104/09/154.64HOT

What Happens Underground Pt. 02

 — Tech Guy hooks up with Lucha Underground's Ivelisse Velez. by daxg200104/10/154.60HOT

What I Did This Summer

 — Philadelphia weather slut gets off at the beach. by robynfan05/30/044.00

What It Takes

 — A rock 'n' roll romance featuring Jerry Cantrell. by Heaven_Beside_You12/06/074.88

What Lips My Lips Have Kissed

 — Sex, love, and poetry in the Edwardian era. by CAP81107/08/074.52HOT

What Nobody Knows...

 — Jack and Sam finally give in. by Doctor_who_lover01/15/094.05

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 01

 — Victor Creed meets a damsel in distress. by psyche_b_mused08/26/104.63HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 02

 — Victor and Kelly begin to get to know each other. by psyche_b_mused09/03/104.66HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 03

 — A threat from the outside and the beginnings of intimacy. by psyche_b_mused09/11/104.77HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 04

 — Victor teaches Kelly the full meaning of "Mine". by psyche_b_mused09/16/104.79HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 05

 — Separation, blood, gore and reunion. by psyche_b_mused09/22/104.75HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 06

 — A bit of the past as Victor and Kelly head to the future. by psyche_b_mused09/29/104.78HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 07

 — A new place to hide, and a unique way to forget. by psyche_b_mused10/06/104.76HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 08

 — Past and present fears find paths to the surface. by psyche_b_mused10/13/104.74HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 09

 — Victor isn't the only one who has a past. by psyche_b_mused10/21/104.79HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 10

 — Departure sex and separation. by psyche_b_mused10/27/104.79HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 11

 — Victor has a meeting, then returns to his scrappy frail. by psyche_b_mused11/03/104.78HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 12

 — First contacts, physical and telephonic. by psyche_b_mused11/10/104.82HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 13

 — Learning more about family and events in Maine. by psyche_b_mused11/16/104.71HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 14

 — Victor learns more about Kelly and the recent break-in. by psyche_b_mused11/24/104.76HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 15

 — Making up and the meaning of separation. by psyche_b_mused12/01/104.75HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 16

 — Victor uses his unique skills to protect his frail. by psyche_b_mused12/08/104.69HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 17

 — Pieces of the puzzle and the bonding of a Cat to his frail. by psyche_b_mused12/15/104.78HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 18

 — Victor learns more about Stan's reasoning. by psyche_b_mused12/21/104.79HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 19

 — Victor and Kelly depart in the midst of an emotional storm. by psyche_b_mused12/28/104.76HOTContest Winner

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 20

 — Victor's nine lives and his frail's one fragile one. by psyche_b_mused01/03/114.80HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 21

 — Uncertainty in the wake of Kelly's rescue. by psyche_b_mused01/10/114.85HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 22

 — Kelly and Victor begin to deal with the aftermath. by psyche_b_mused01/24/114.73HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 23

 — Kelly's scars are more than physical. by psyche_b_mused01/25/114.80HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 24

 — Victor begins to draw Kelly out of herself. by psyche_b_mused02/03/114.80HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 25

 — Explanations, past and present, and surprises. by psyche_b_mused03/29/114.82HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 26

 — Circles expand, but Victor and Kelly keep each other close. by psyche_b_mused05/30/114.79HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 27

 — Victor explores his tender side with Kelly. by psyche_b_mused07/15/114.79HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 28

 — Victor and Kelly leave Xavier's, but not permanently. by psyche_b_mused09/26/114.79HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 29

 — A quiet time of regaining confidence, making plans & sex. by psyche_b_mused12/26/114.81HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 30

 — Kelly finally has a discussion with Stan. by psyche_b_mused01/21/124.82HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 31

 — Endings, Understandings and Stability. by psyche_b_mused05/17/124.77HOT

What The Cat Dragged In Ch. 32

 — A journey's end and a new beginning. by psyche_b_mused09/17/124.87HOT

What The Future Holds Ch. 01

 — Buffy and Angel honeymoon in Hawaii. by angel1311/21/012.85

What The Future Holds Ch. 02

 — Buffy and Angel love in Hawaii. by angel1312/09/013.00

What The Future Holds Ch. 03

 — Buffy and Angel still in Hawaii. by angel1312/10/013.86

What The Future Holds Ch. 04

 — The couple's honeymoon continues. by angel1312/11/012.67

What The Future Holds Ch. 05

 — Buffy & Angel begin a perfect weekend. by angel1312/12/014.50

What The Future Holds Ch. 06

 — Honeymoon continues. by angel1312/15/014.80

What The Future Holds Ch. 07

 — Buffy gets the munchies. by angel1303/27/023.67

What The Future Holds Ch. 08

 — They spend their last day at the beach house. by angel1303/29/023.25

What The Future Holds Ch. 09

 — The honeymoon comes to an end. by angel1303/30/023.20

What The Future Holds Ch. 10

 — The month of June arrives. by angel1304/01/024.50

What The Future Holds Ch. 11

 — Angel goes to class. by angel1304/02/023.00

What The Future Holds Ch. 12

 — Angel's second day back at Sunnydale High. by angel1304/04/024.33

What The Future Holds Ch. 13

 — Angel meets Ryan at the airport. by angel1304/06/024.33

What The Future Holds Ch. 14

 — Buffy & Angel wake up without each other. by angel1304/07/024.33

What The Future Holds Ch. 15

 — Angel & Buffy are still at odds. by angel1304/08/023.67

What The Future Holds Ch. 16

 — Buffy & Angel wake up together. by angel1304/09/023.80

What The Future Holds Ch. 17

 — Angel & Buffy share a marvelous dinner. by angel1304/10/024.50

What The Future Holds Ch. 18

 — Buffy & Angel spend time alone. by angel1304/11/023.40

What The Future Holds Ch. 19

 — They contemplate announcing Buffy's pregnancy to friends. by angel1304/12/023.80

What The Future Holds Ch. 20

 — They wake up together. by angel1304/13/024.50

What's It Like?

 — Summer has a question for her best friend Marissa. by MTL1708/29/084.47

What's So Great About Sex?

 — Eren meets a fellow asexual & wonders what's so great about sex. by QueenInfinitePotato07/22/175.00

What's Under That Suit?

 — Kate Beckinsale gets a massage for her underworld. by Noj01/14/064.54HOT

What's Your Sexiest Story?

 — Sophie Turner shares the story of her sexiest night. by PSZer0Dark3003/08/164.54HOT

When Amazons Submit

 — A typical "sparing session" at the Fortress of Solitude. by DavidNord07/03/144.22

When Amber Met Wifey

 — Two big tit, blonde, sex loving amateur porn stars unite with spectacular results. by BlakeHardly12/07/174.45

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 01

 — Barbara Gordon watches Dick Grayson and Koriand'r in the act. by Bozo1206/04/164.36

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 02

 — Batgirl gets shared by Nightwing and Starfire. by Bozo1206/07/164.43

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 03

 — Donna Troy has a turn with Barbara Gordon. by Bozo1206/29/164.39

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 04

 — Batgirl, Nightwing, and Starfire fool around in the Batmobile. by Bozo1207/05/164.57HOT

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 05

 — Barbara Gordon in the closet, with Dick and Starfire. by Bozo1207/20/164.70HOT

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 06

 — Batgirl gets a surprise: Supergirl! by Bozo1208/10/164.47

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 07

 — Batgirl gets ravished by the superheroines. by Bozo1201/18/174.63HOT

When Devon Sawa Met James King

 — Another one of the star's sexual encounters. by cedar12711/03/023.57

When Devon Sawa Met Jessica Alba

 — Things got hot. by cedar12709/20/023.84

When Huey Ate Gwynnie

 — Classy Gwyneth Paltrow loves H.L.'s tongue. by Rockwell01/09/054.31

When I Fall Ch. 01

 — Weis Kreuz BDSM yaoi: Ken finds a master. by Chantal Marchon08/17/043.50

When I Fall Ch. 02

 — Weiss Kreuz: Ken's new master teaches him pain. by Chantal Marchon08/18/044.71

When I Fall Ch. 03

 — Ken has a night out. by Chantal Marchon08/21/045.00

When I Fall Ch. 04

 — Ken's team sets him up. by Chantal Marchon08/28/045.00

When I Fall Ch. 05

 — Farfarello plays and punishes Ken. by Chantal Marchon09/12/044.80

When in Caesar's Palace

 — "Sopranos" episode entered in a major writing contest. by scriptwriter4512/05/072.50

When In Japan

 — Hiroko with Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio. by Dice_Casden01/08/102.50

When It Pours

 — Star Trek Deep Space Nine alternate universe story. by MultiFan03/09/094.20

When It Rains Pt. 01

 — Sometimes When It Rains, it pours men on Stephanie Plum. by Pornprincesst07/22/114.85HOT

When It Rains Pt. 02

 — Continuing sexual adventures of Stephanie & the Merry Men. by Pornprincesst07/23/114.89HOT

When Penny Met Dia

 — A quick tease written for a friend. by Purple_Raihne04/30/103.71

When Sara Met Nyssa Pt. 01

 — The untold Arrow story of Sara and Nyssa. by fanficwriter107/17/163.80

When Sara Met Nyssa Pt. 02

 — Nyssa comforts a troubled Sara Lance. by fanficwriter107/26/164.17

When Shakira Shakes

 — Shakira gives man the ultimate birthday present. by hotartist009/14/054.28

When Spidey Met Batgirl

 — Sexy superhero hijinks ensue. by littleblackduck08/28/104.72HOT

When Spidey Met Oracle

 — More sexy superhero hijinks ensue. by littleblackduck08/24/134.79HOT

When Sunny Gets Blue

 — Pure perversion . . . somewhere in California. by livingjukebox03/14/092.33

When Taylor Met Lindsay

 — Singer Taylor Swift meets actress Lindsay Lohan. by rpwilbur02/11/084.49

When You're Ready Come and Get It

 — Selena Gomez tries a different flavor and is hooked. by storytyme04/08/144.27

Where Dreams Cum True Ch. 01

 — Author's Celebrity Erotic Fantasy: Chris Sarandon. by Thnx2KinkyStar10/06/154.33

Where Dreams Cum True Ch. 02

 — Convention Day 1 Part 1: Meeting Chris fucking Sarandon. by Thnx2KinkyStar10/07/155.00

Where Dreams Cum True Ch. 03

 — Convention Day 1 Part 2: Second Go With Chris Sarandon. by Thnx2KinkyStar10/08/154.50

Where Dreams Cum True Ch. 04

 — Convention Day 2 Part 1: The Inner Vixen Embraced. by Thnx2KinkyStar10/09/155.00

Where Dreams Cum True Ch. 05

 — Convention Day 2 Part 2: What Happens at Con, Stays at Con. by Thnx2KinkyStar10/10/154.50

Where In The World?

 — Who could possibly slow down Carmen Sandiego? by ihaveacrushonyouall10/25/094.50

Where No One Has Gone Before

 — Two members of the crew lose their virginity. by Side-wind-er03/27/054.58HOT

Where No Trans Has Gone Before 01

 — Deanna Troi helps Tasha Yar explore her masculine side. by tawnysuede06/15/154.26

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 01

 — Two warriors looking for a way in the middle of the war... by freya_3808/12/174.00

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 02

 — Ruby and Iselen can't run away from their fate. by freya_3808/13/174.20

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 03

 — What can you do if the fate comes to you? by freya_3808/19/173.83

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 04

 — Ruby and iselen start their journey in the middle of the war. by freya_3808/28/175.00

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 05

 — I love the feeling of being in love with you.. by freya_3809/14/175.00

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 06

 — Ruby Rose and Iselen live their passion without fears. by freya_3809/29/175.00

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 07

 — Ruby rose and iselen have to choose between love and duty. by freya_3810/27/174.71

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 08

 — Iselen and Ruby Rose gets to the end of the road. by freya_3811/18/175.00

Where Was Negasonic? Pt. 01

 — Why were Negasonic and Yukio late for the final battle? by FifthPine05/22/184.33

While Thinking of Angelina Jolie

 — When Emma can't relieve her stress, Regina does it herself. by Zev9502/04/164.27

Whipping Boy

 — Kirk reveals his sadism, as Spock assures him it's logical. by weird_little_stories08/18/134.45

Whipping Boy Ch. 02

 — Spock admits that he's Jim's sub, and they plan a scene. by weird_little_stories08/24/134.50

Whipping Boy Ch. 03

 — Kirk flogs Spock and comes to several realizations. by weird_little_stories09/04/134.40

Whispers In The Dark

 — An erotic X-Men story. by griffiev06/24/023.72

Whistleblower's Blues

 — Luthor's futa bodyguard Mercy has a talk with Lois Lane. by Ozymandias9205/13/144.45

Whistler's Choice

 — Abigail Whistler & Hannibal King after 'Blade Trinity'. by Darlantan06/04/054.37

White Guy Bangs Nicki Minaj

 — White Guy gets a shot at a black female rapper. by ChadCastle2806/20/154.07

Whitney Gives In To Security Guard.

 — Ms. Houston makes a decision: sex or jail. by LadysMan02/28/034.32

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