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Molding Amanda's Tummy

 — She submits herself to a rigorous exercise regimen. by anon194009/24/094.00

Molly's Ass Slave

 — Hot 60-year-old uses young stud for his ass-licking skills. by milfleglover06/03/113.97

Molly's Facial

 — She asks for his first-ever facial, then shares it in a kiss. by Archer205010/28/074.50HOT

Mom in a Strange Land

 — Busty MILF chose the wrong country for exotic trip with son. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash12/14/173.80

Mom Makes Him a New Little Brother

 — Son helps his mom find a stud to splooge her a superior son by PurpleMonkeyDishwash05/08/113.68

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 01

 — Mom in a school uniform. by StoryTeller0712/26/164.35

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 02

 — Mom has a boyfriend. by StoryTeller0712/29/164.56HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 03

 — Spanked for being a naughty girl. by StoryTeller0701/03/174.56HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 04

 — Mom is spanked again. by StoryTeller0701/31/174.67HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 05

 — Spanked in front of neighbours. by StoryTeller0703/01/174.54HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 06

 — Another week in school. by StoryTeller0703/19/174.60HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 07

 — Her daughter takes over. by StoryTeller0705/09/174.56HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 08

 — Daughter spanks mom. by StoryTeller0706/01/174.65HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 09

 — Mom likes school. by StoryTeller0706/24/174.40

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 10

 — Everything working out fine. by StoryTeller0707/05/174.60HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 11

 — Believes she's a schoolgirl. by StoryTeller0708/16/174.62HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 12

 — Dressed in teen clothes. by StoryTeller0709/13/174.66HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 13

 — Babysat by a neighbour. by StoryTeller0710/28/174.60HOT

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 14

 — A new boyfriend. by StoryTeller0712/30/174.51HOT

Mom the Superheroine 02

 — Arm wrestling, boxing, and two daughters' fervent hopes. by KatieTay06/07/124.36

Mom the Superheroine 03

 — A wrestling bout that ends in utter humiliation. by KatieTay12/07/124.26

Mom the Superheroine 04

 — Mothers and daughters discover new ways to love. by KatieTay02/24/174.26

Mom the Superheroine 05

 — The duel of the daughters, for high stakes. by KatieTay02/27/174.38

Mom Undressing

 — College son gets an extra treat. by Erosness10/19/034.04

Mom's in Town Ch. 17

 — Rachael and the investment Banker. by 1sfshermale02/21/184.00

Mom's in Town Ch. 19

 — In the spa with a fetish. by 1sfshermale03/24/184.36

Mom's on the Line

 — A gameshow where the losing mother and daughter are punished. by Bammy10/20/153.64

Mom's Orders

 — Mom loves her son's fetishes. by shoeslayer06/21/154.24

Mom-in-law Penny

 — Fantastic mother-in-law gives him a foot job, nearly. by Osiris09/13/014.23

Mom-in-law Penny Ch. 2

 — Sexy Penny gets bossy. by Osiris09/17/014.44

Mommies Make Great Pets!

 — Mom says no to a new puppy, so daughter makes mommy the pup. by Phoenix Arrow12/16/024.34

Mommy Eve

 — A woman knows instinctively what the men in her care need. by Subtext02/20/154.02

Mommy Goes Shopping with Me

 — An adventure in buying lingerie. by JhMcKn09/01/133.67

Mommy's Little HuCow Pt. 02

 — A college girl's summer job on the milk farm. by ArtOfSilence07/30/174.55HOT

Mommy's Little HuCow Pt. 03

 — A college girl's summer job on the milk farm. by ArtOfSilence07/31/174.61HOT

Mommy's Little HuCow Pt. 04

 — Final: a college girl's summer job on the milk farm. by ArtOfSilence08/01/174.53HOT

Moms Against Public Drunk Nudity #12

 — Brenda reveals she knows about her son's panty collection. by SusanJillParker05/18/14HOT

Mona Gets Busted

 — Mona's arrested after public gangbang. by derfaust08/16/044.14

Mona in the Mercedes

 — Slut Mona becomes the glory hole. by derfaust08/14/043.77

Mona Pegs a Nice Guy

 — ... and learns some manners in the process. by Edwarlife09/30/064.37

Mona The Slut Gets A Lesson

 — Mona must learn her role. by derfaust07/31/044.20

Mona The Slut Wife

 — Mona had a golden shower day by derfaust08/08/044.31

Mona Woke

 — slut wife's journey continues. by derfaust08/10/043.79

Mona, the Uber Ride Home

 — Mom's friend makes ride home memorable. by Treated210/07/174.50HOT

Monet Straps It On For Me

 — Sharing lingerie and a cock. by PinkDelphi01/29/094.64HOT

Monica Gets Caught

 — Diaper lover gets ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. by bubblebuttdiapers12/03/134.36

Monica Meets a Cumslut

 — How this cumslut won the girl. by BuckyDuckman07/18/124.73HOT

Monica's New Hobby

 — Diaper lover, Messy fetish. by bubblebuttdiapers06/24/094.36

Monsignor & Mommy

 — Peeing. by JhMcKn06/13/174.00

Monthly Meeting

 — The losers in a card game get sexual piercings & rings. by charles black01/09/064.19

Moon on Bourbon Street

 — Masked mischief leads to sexy punishment in the Big Easy. by naughtychanteusez07/30/074.18

Moonlight & a Pair of Panties

 — That's all he needs to enjoy her thoroughly. by damppanties10/19/024.15

Mora's Vacation Ch. 01

 — Mora ends up without a leg to stand on. by rmlooker03/02/144.64HOT

Mora's Vacation Ch. 02

 — Mora gets out of the hospital and starts a new life by rmlooker03/19/144.75HOT

Mora's Vacation Ch. 03

 — Mora and the nurses get together. by rmlooker04/08/144.73HOT

More Adventures of Panty Boy

 — Panty Boy gets double teamed. by Panty1004/13/124.62HOT

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 02

 — Alice tells Robert about the egg; Aimee uses a strap-on. by Paris Waterman04/08/114.24

More of Mother's Milk

 — He enjoys a mother's bounty. by StrongMaster706/12/064.60HOT

More Panties For Him in Vegas

 — His panties & lingerie lead to a multiple orgasm in Vegas. by jennycnnn10/22/074.64HOT

More Panty Shopping Adventures

 — Sex in a lingerie store dressing room leads to group fun. by amorepanties06/05/114.26

More Panty Stories Pt. 03

 — The last with my kissing cousin. by chuckp786006/30/144.41

More Pantyplay with Louise

 — Another sexy experience with Louise in her nylon briefs. by pervert4panties02/18/094.36

More Sheer Nylon Fun

 — Seamstress helps me with the harem outfit of my dreams. by sheerpeter08/15/104.42

More Submission to Sasha

 — More of Sasha turning the tables. by cby209/01/024.52HOT

More Than a Little

 — Can professionalism trump temptation? by WFEATHER10/16/083.44

More than a Little Taste

 — My wife nurses me till she orgasms, and I get ass play. by needsomerelief02/11/154.13

More Than I Wanted

 — A bicurious man gets much more than he wanted. by gbr200411/04/084.42

More Than I Wanted Ch. 02

 — Steve is taken further down the road to his future. by gbr200412/29/084.64HOT

More Than I Wanted Ch. 03

 — Steve adventures in submission continue. by gbr200401/30/094.55HOT

More Than Just a Tip

 — A smitten delivery man works hard to satisfy his crush. by dantedeluca07/24/174.53HOT

More Than Personal

 — Busty secretary gets close to her boss.  by TheJohnsonator0509/05/124.18

More Than Personal Ch. 02

 — Nicole helps to persuade an investor. by TheJohnsonator0509/14/124.32

More Than Skin Deep

 — A boy, a girl, & the most advanced computer chip ever. by Couture09/13/084.74HOT

More than Vanilla

 — or "How My GF Got Me Addicted To Cock". by AlexRaymond2202/15/184.33

More Than You Asked For

 — Be careful what you ask for; she may give you more. by Isabel_Blyss09/01/074.28

More Watersport Fun With Wife

 — We continue to explore the joys of peeing on each other. by zydrateaddict07/01/124.67HOT

More Wet Panties Please!!

 — Further panty excitement. by neddone11/18/084.30

Morgan's Feet

 — Nick loves Morgan's feet, and always gets a gift. by zpitt2701/03/084.24


 — I wasn’t sure how I felt seeing her in this “natural" state. by Zrnko_Pisku11/02/124.02

Morning After

 — Two lonely people meet and get wet. by Shaman32501/24/063.66

Morning Dreams...

 — Lusty evening emails produce special morning dreams. by seat54210/05/113.58

Morning Jog

 — Evolution of a piss slut. by dolamroth07/26/034.42

Morning Motions

 — She walks in on her lover during a private morning routine. by Poo-Bear02/14/064.11

Morning Ritual

 — A couple share special time together and with others. by MarthaD11/19/084.25

Morning Surprise

 — Watersports in the morning for a lucky husband. by dreamerboi09/09/154.48

Morning Wood

 — Making love to cock. by JenPB02/05/114.55HOT

Morrigan's Money Quest

 — A findom gets almost exactly what she wants. by MsMorrigan11/17/154.55HOT

Mother & Daughter's Kinky Smoking

 — Helga & Christina put on a sexy smoking show. by fantasyboy03/28/024.26

Mother and Me

 — Drunken Mother. by JhMcKn07/14/153.75

Mother Dear Pt. 01

 — A mother's love is sometimes very 'special'. by keptsissy05/10/144.28

Mother Dear Pt. 02

 — a son helps his mother with household chores by keptsissy05/12/144.29

Mother Dear Pt. 03

 — A mother's son meets one of her dearest friends. by keptsissy05/13/144.15

Mother Dear Pt. 04

 — Mary's lesbian slave girl learns about her son. by keptsissy05/14/144.32

Mother Dear Pt. 05

 — Mary's son has his first trip to her basement. by keptsissy05/18/144.31

Mother Dear Pt. 06

 — Mother's son and her lesbian lover reach an understanding. by keptsissy05/19/144.30

Mother Dear Pt. 07

 — Mama's little boy waiting for her at the door. by keptsissy08/07/143.93

Mother Dear Pt. 08

 — A loving son satisfies his mother. by keptsissy09/30/144.10

Mother Dear Pt. 09

 — Loving son and mother, home from dinner out. by keptsissy10/21/144.64HOT

Mother Dear Pt. 10

 — A loving mother rewards her loving son. by keptsissy05/19/154.19

Mother Dear Pt. 11

 — A loving son learns to walk 'properly'. by keptsissy10/16/154.52HOT

Mother Dear Pt. 12

 — My total submission, in my Mother's house. by keptsissy09/02/174.25

Mother Futa Ch. 01

 — A teen finds out a sexy secret about his girlfriend's mother. by Sucker4Boobies12/02/144.54HOT

Mother Futa Ch. 02

 — Adam gets to know Martha better, in more ways than one. by Sucker4Boobies12/16/144.66HOT

Mother Futa Ch. 03

 — Adam is tasked by Katie to keep Martha company...alone. by Sucker4Boobies11/30/154.64HOT

Mother Futa Ch. 04

 — Martha challenges Adam to be rough with her. by Sucker4Boobies01/08/164.54HOT

Mother Futa Ch. 05

 — Martha starts dating another futanari. by Sucker4Boobies03/15/164.62HOT

Mother Futa Ch. 06

 — Martha introduces Laurel to Katie and Adam. by Sucker4Boobies07/20/164.67HOT

Mother Futa Ch. 07

 — Katie has her baby. Martha, Adam, and Laurel blow off steam. by Sucker4Boobies03/08/174.67HOT

Mother Futa Ch. 08

 — The Final Chapter. by Sucker4Boobies05/19/174.69HOT

Mother Goddess

 — Angel goes from a virgin College Student to a Mother Goddess. by AngelBell281410/25/173.63

Mother Helps

 — Mother shares the panty fetish. by vinceh2308/18/144.39

Mother in Law's Feet

 — Sex foot action lead to great sex with the wife. by omnip65a11/27/084.22

Mother in Law's Strap-on Love

 — Mother-in-Law uses Strap-on on him. by foff4407/24/044.61HOT

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 01

 — Playing with mother in law's lingerie. by sethwaite01/07/163.85

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 02

 — My continued adventures into my mother in law's suitcase. by sethwaite01/10/164.12

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 03

 — The adventure unfolds. by sethwaite01/19/164.55HOT

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 04

 — The conversation moves on. by sethwaite01/29/164.55HOT

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 05

 — The adventure reaches new heights. by sethwaite02/12/164.58HOT

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 06

 — A turn for the better with the wife. by sethwaite03/30/164.61HOT

Mother in Law's Suitcase Ch. 07

 — I get to play with Ann's tits finally. by sethwaite06/10/174.41

Mother Mary I

 — The first part of Mary's descent into humiliation. by MessMaster04/12/123.84

Mother Nature

 — Ginger discovers her freedom. by magiconnecticut02/28/064.30

Mother's Milk

 — Lysa is rewarded for helping a neighbor by babe1906/21/044.56HOT

Mother's Milk

 — Man discovers craving for mama's milk. by StrongMaster701/24/054.63HOT

Mother's Milk

 — Out of tragedy came sex better than if we hadn't waited. by catchercradle03/12/064.39

Mother's Milk

 — Young mum and older man meet at the park by fifty506/26/064.37

Mother's Milk

 — He lucked into a woman who could give him what he needed. by Boxlicker10103/10/074.67HOT

Mother's Milk

 — The story of making one young man's fantasy cum true. by wife2hotblk09/26/093.71

Mother's Milk

 — Boyfriend gets first taste of girlfriend's milk. by SydneyAshbourne06/03/12

Mother's Milk Ch. 02

 — More lactation appreciation. by StrongMaster702/01/054.70HOT

Mother's Milk Ch. 02

 — She gives him what he needs to give her what she needs. by Boxlicker10106/17/094.63HOT

Mother's Milk Ch. 03

 — As requested, more lactation love. by StrongMaster702/08/054.60HOT

Mother's Milk: The Next Day

 — She gives him what he needs to give her what she needs. by Boxlicker10112/21/094.47

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 01

 — Husband agrees to discipline from mother in law. by Chastebob07/06/164.35

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 02

 — Another trip to mother-i-l for correction & we learn more. by Chastebob07/12/164.41

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 03

 — Every trip to mother-in-law's isn't painful. by Chastebob07/14/164.39

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 04

 — Mary is fully in charge, and David is fully aware. by Chastebob07/20/164.25

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 01

 — Husband disciplines his Mother-in-law and wife. by tom643207/12/134.12

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 02

 — Husband disciplines his Mother-in-law and wife. by tom643207/28/134.18

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 03

 — Husband disciplines his Mother-in-Law and wife. by tom643203/24/144.12

Mother-In-Law Massage

 — An old injury allows me to touch up my curvy mother-in-law. by champ1on01/22/114.54HOT

Mother-in-law Panty Fun

 — He'd used her panties for years and finally got caught. by kebbyman04/27/064.51HOT

Mother-In-Law's House

 — About a panty fetish and sex with my mother in law. by burasboy04/01/104.31

Motion Detector

 — He can cum, but only if he doesn't move. by stateofdenial01/02/114.35


 — A scatty love story. by Serafina121012/22/154.62HOT

Mounded by Monique: Introduction

 — Male genitals modified so he now appears female for Couple. by call_me_dana05/07/164.67HOT

Mounded by Monique: Journey Goes On

 — Medically induced orgasms for Jamie. by call_me_dana08/10/164.70HOT

Mountain Catfight

 — A nasty catfight leads to sweet release. by stormwitch01/14/064.19

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 01

 — Dan becomes Daniella, a hypnotized rubber slave girl. by jessicablank07/06/054.36

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 02

 — Dan/Daniella dreams, surrounded by rubber. by jessicablank07/15/054.57HOT

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 03

 — Dan/Daniella gets a pair of remote-control rubber panties. by jessicablank08/01/054.58HOT

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 05

 — Dan/Daniella in a girls' night out en femme. by jessicablank08/29/054.33

Mouthing Off

 — Girlfriend entertains his mates in a very special way. by AlphaBeatHer12/01/084.21

Mouthing Off Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend works hard entertaining his mates. by AlphaBeatHer12/02/084.40

Movie Night at Aunt Natalie's

 — Time for a little television. by Fred117704/01/103.56

Movie Rental

 — Guy meets woman at movie rental. by Tepin12/06/084.56HOT

Movie Shoot

 — Young actress suffers for her art. by buzbybdsm07/01/074.32

Movie Watching

 — Snuggling turns downright playful. by StrangeSounds200302/22/074.16

Moving Day

 — Paying the moving van driver in a naughty way. by Silini08/13/163.92

Moving Forward

 — Brother's death brings on a need for change. by Phatmomma05/11/063.44

Moving In

 — Neighbor helps with an accidental hump session. by aishagrey09/30/083.90

Mpreg Boy for Rent

 — David is heavily pregnant and still parting his cheeks. by bigpreggoman09/05/133.47

Mr Daniel's Milk Ch. 01

 — A girl is propositioned by her father's friend. by Lemon_709/12/124.41

Mr Daniel's Milk Ch. 02

 — Emily has her first day of work at Mr Daniels' office. by Lemon_712/08/124.42

Mr Daniel's Milk Ch. 03

 — Emily is taken to a board meeting. by Lemon_710/20/134.40

Mr. Allen

 — Former student seduces her teacher. by moterhead7402/06/073.92

Mr. Joe's Lipstick Fetish

 — How a young man got his red lipstick fetish. by justbigjoe05/03/054.33

Mr. McGregor Learns a Lesson

 — Young woman milks old man untill he cums ... over and over! by Porky_Pig07/27/133.71

Mr. Norton From Next Door

 — Teased middle-aged neighbour spanks a young wife. by Quin02/07/084.36

Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 02

 — Wife admits she intends to seek men to neighbour. by Quin03/11/084.36

Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 03

 — Daisy is depraved, but can still be shocked. by Quin03/27/084.40

Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 04

 — Norton lets his neighbour meet the wife. by Quin04/22/084.40

Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 05

 — Final: wife participates in neighbour's most perverted orgy. by Quin06/16/084.41

Mr. Posh and His Girls Ch. 01

 — Mr. Posh watches Kathy pee. by poetposh02/10/184.43

Mr. President

 — Foot Fetish Fun in the Office. by DanielleMoore12/05/114.68HOT

Mrs Andrews Disposes Ch. 01

 — Younger sister gets to discipline elder one. by lesliejones02/10/124.01

Mrs Jordan's Wedding Ring

 — Another man's cum on her wedding band. by geronimo_appleby06/09/144.21

Mrs Lamb

 — She wears silk scarves and is his fantasy woman. by oggbashan09/11/064.48

Mrs Marlow and Her Old Neighbours

 — Her school uniform fetish is discovered. by MaryR05/20/134.52HOT

Mrs Marlow Meets The Clergy Ch. 01

 — A young married woman finds she has a fetish. by MaryR09/27/124.43

Mrs Marlow Meets The Clergy Ch. 02

 — Father John helps Juicy Lucy. by MaryR09/29/124.48

Mrs McKinley's Shopping Trip Ch. 01

 — A mature women drinks too much and needs relief. by badge_27801/11/153.76

Mrs Murphy the Cleaner Ch. 01

 — She discovers her employer's needs. by MaryR10/01/124.54HOT

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 01

 — A strange shrinking condition impacts the Riesin household by DirtyOldBukowski06/09/143.83

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 02

 — Adjusting to life after the incident. by DirtyOldBukowski06/10/143.74

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 03

 — A prank on Luke's sister goes wrong. by DirtyOldBukowski02/15/154.37

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 04

 — Luke gets bold. by DirtyOldBukowski08/19/154.41

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 05

 — Luke faces consequences. by DirtyOldBukowski09/06/164.45

Mrs Stone Teases

 — David calls her in to his office for a chat. by geronimo_appleby07/08/144.56HOT

Mrs. Baxter's Boarding House Ch. 03

 — Mrs Baxter's Spunky Bi-boys. by geronimo_appleby05/11/164.46

Mrs. E Is Back!

 —  by Myths05/18/144.24

Mrs. E Is Back! Ch. 02

 —  by Myths05/23/144.18

Mrs. Feldman's Torn Panties

 — Worker is caught looking through his employer's panty drawer. by LeCoach11/04/154.62HOT

Mrs. Gumshot

 — Horny black stud & eager older white woman. by SpankerSam04/12/064.54HOT

Mrs. Marlow

 — It started when he cleaned her half-glasses. by shoeslayer12/06/134.47

Mrs. Nelson's One Piece Pajamas

 — A young man discovers his true kink. by Subtext09/07/144.04

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 01

 — Sexy GILF makes young stud her beach toilet by milfleglover10/01/134.51HOT

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 04

 — Sexy GILF drenches son and his mom! by milfleglover03/26/144.61HOT

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 06

 — Susan has her pissy way with young hitchhiker by milfleglover06/17/144.60HOT

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 09

 — A cougar, her kitten and the kitty's grandmother! by milfleglover12/03/144.55HOT

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 12

 — The Rev. Dr. Maria Pearson runs afoul of pissy mistress. by milfleglover05/31/154.22

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 13

 — Sexy senior's football game foray gets wet & wild with teen girl. by milfleglover09/16/153.97

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 14

 — Naughty young repairman gets more than he bargained for. by milfleglover11/23/154.39

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 15

 — Susan renews domination with slave mother and son at beach. by milfleglover02/12/164.45

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 16

 — The juicy seduction of a sexy personal care assistant. by milfleglover02/24/164.50HOT

Mrs. Thompson's Proposal

 — Lindsay exposes her son's best friend's foot fetish. by BrockRockhold09/19/174.05

Mrs. V's Legs

 — Lusty, leggy MILF likes her men young, hung and full of cum! by kandor01/19/104.07

Mrs. Walsh

 — After a break-up, a boy meets the woman of his dreams. by fantaseeboy04/24/144.37

Mrs. Watson, I Presume

 — Brian's mom's friend seduces him out of the shower. by EnCarta08/15/064.13

Ms Coney

 — Therapist makes him her oral pet. by realbigsid6910/29/104.61HOT

Ms Coney Ch. 03

 — Oral slut falls further under his therapist's spell. by realbigsid6907/08/114.60HOT

Ms Shaved Kitty

 — Girlfriend finally lets him shave her puss. by asknoquarter02/20/074.18

Ms. 'Just Call Me Randi' Bunny

 — New gym teacher is all she's stacked up to be. by Alura09/20/014.04

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