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American In Paris Ch. 02

 — Grad student continues his host family stay. by asterix888810/17/064.29

Amie Tempts her Teacher

 — Karate student turns the tables and loses her cherry. by AaronLSubZero03/17/174.37

Amnesia - Virgin Again

 — A woman loses her memory, doesn't remember first time. by InstinctSonari01/03/154.40

Amnesty Program

 — Two high-performing students get to know each other. by Ambidentrous02/08/124.71HOT

Amnesty Program Ch. 02

 — High performing students tease and experiment. by Ambidentrous05/09/124.69HOT

Amnesty Program Ch. 03

 — High performing students tease and experiment. by Ambidentrous11/18/124.77HOT

Amnesty Program Ch. 04

 — High performing students tease and experiment. by Ambidentrous02/06/134.78HOT

Amnesty Program Ch. 05

 — High performing students tease and experiment. by Ambidentrous12/23/134.77HOT


 — A vacation that doesn't go as expected. by TheoGully09/14/173.95

Amy - A Young Woman's First Love

 — A young woman's love for an older man. by secretlover5504/06/154.06

Amy's First Day At Work

 — Amy's boss is very edible. by patuk5408/21/033.97

Amy's First Time

 — Amy learns from coed friends how to touch herself. by kokoleona03/10/064.19

Amy: My Big Fine Girl

 — Voluptuous beauty loses her virginities. by Jay_Lloyd05/26/054.40

Amy’s Dawning Desire

 — Rick & Amy find it hard to just watch and listen. by Intimate Confessions09/23/024.55HOT

An Abandoned Neko

 — At the age of 19, it can be possible for ones mind to wander... by UndertakerKiryu09/18/163.60

An Added Bonus

 — Deflowering a non-full-service girl. by harryr4u08/22/083.53

An Adventurous Threesome

 — A young couple is invited to an older ladies house for sex. by bikerbear60006/18/154.42

An Afternoon in the Pool

 — The first time for two girlfriends with two boys. by amee08609/29/114.67HOT

An Aggressive Learning Strategy

 — A young Indian-American's woman's first guru. by XXscribbler01/24/184.76HOT

An Arcade Story

 — My first but far from my last. by Notrich02/10/154.05

An Arranged Marriage

 — The first days of an arranged marriage. by Fredsowner03/05/183.72

An Asian Girl

 — 18-year-old goes on an adventure, exploring her own sexuality. by gflatman5307/16/084.28

An Awakening

 — Summer intern discovers pleasure with an older man. by kathyd12/30/064.49

An Awakening Ch. 02

 — A young summer intern loses her virginity with an older man by kathyd01/28/074.60HOT

An Education

 — After graduation, I seduce my old English teacher. by love_neverfails04/16/123.59

An Encounter with Passion

 — She set out to discover male passion & found her own. by Brandii10/15/064.24

An End to Virginity

 — Amy brings joy to her engineering campus. by tustin9261402/20/154.53HOT

An Evening of Firsts

 — From the arcade to the threesome. Young man loves it! by MacSwain61212/29/094.20

An Experience of Love

 — Losing virginity to Jenny is the best a man can have! by bouncecloud08/18/104.28

An Indiscretion by Beth

 — Reluctant wife. by redman2r03/21/174.10

An Innocent

 — Innocent young woman is seduced by sexy guardian. by pyrokat07/14/064.13

An Innocent Beginning

 — A student looses his innocence to his sexy lecturer. by Larry10109/13/104.01

An Innocent Holiday

 — Cheating girlfriend finds fun on holiday. by MellisaPutain01/11/173.16

An Innocent Weekend

 — 18 year-old girl is deflowered by her Mum's best friend. by STEPHENA03/04/094.19

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 01

 — Our young heroine makes an important discovery. by happy_bloke07/18/144.24

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 02

 — Becky discovers the thrill of the chase. by happy_bloke08/03/144.25

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 03

 — Our heroine struggles get what she wants. by happy_bloke08/18/144.44

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 04

 — Following her troubles Becky takes control. by happy_bloke12/09/144.35

An Intimate Secret

 — A young woman meets her married internet lover. by EroticPrincess11/30/094.00

An Old Friend

 — An old friend becomes a new lover. by Ashson08/19/144.55HOT

An Old Man and His Fantasy Girl

 — Much older man realizes his dream of the girl next door. by marshwrack03/26/164.58HOT

An Older Man Experience

 — Ross the Boss has what every student needs. by sirhugs05/31/044.28

An Open Letter to All Women

 — What I am thinking of when I ravish you. by TheCyberPoet09/14/024.56HOT

An Unconventional Marriage Ch. 01

 — Fertile virgin teen seeks her "One". by SithLord696907/20/154.22

An Unexpected Holiday Experience

 — A bound woman is pleasured by partner and a guest. by manofkent01/30/163.91

An Unexpected Release

 — Two high school seniors have surprise sex outside. by LaceyLove10/20/164.18

An Unexpected Surprise

 — A first time turning out to a bit of a surprise for both. by va_lk_yr_ie10/24/073.62

An Unforgettable Dream

 — Hesitatingly I rang the doorbell... by sweetsheryl10/15/133.02

An Unforgettable First

 — A first time between young lovers. by bitten_baby01311/11/083.92

An Unforgettable Weekend

 — Becky's longtime fantasy fulfilled on a spa weekend. by Jake Marlow12/09/024.55HOTContest Winner

An Unlikely Couple

 — Former H.S. Jock is taught the ropes. by theunknown200004/24/094.31

An Unlikely Valentine

 — A slutty coed and a well hung virgin give in to lust. by tk555502/02/134.59HOT

An Unnofficial History Ch. 01

 — The first time I truly let go. by Yaems01/11/104.42

An Upset Halloween Plan

 — Costumes, free pass, mistaken identity, what could go wrong? by 49greg10/02/144.37

An Urban Myth is Revealed

 — Another true story from my student days. Enjoy Steve. by stevetruestories06/18/174.51HOT

Anal At Last Ch. 14

 — I visit Sam in the night. by scottishmeat11/17/074.44

Anal At Last Ch. 15

 — Sam's first sexual experiences. by scottishmeat02/08/084.63HOT

Anatomy Lesson

 — During a tutoring session, things get a bit out of hand. by littledirtygirl2402/16/133.83


 — Kady, tired of missing chances decides to take one with Jace by the_hemingway10/22/134.39

And His Eyes Be as Blue as the Sea Ch. 04

 — Unintended epilogue. by endthedream04/26/073.35

And His Eyes Be as Blue as the Sea Ch. 05

 — The concluding chapter. by endthedream05/01/074.26

And I'll Grant You Hers

 — An aristocratic bargain brings joy. by Nakod Apa10/06/073.76

Andi's Summer - Day 01

 — Sunday - Magic finger assault at church picnic. by Gilead3912/27/144.01

Andi's Summer - Day 02

 — Monday - Tony in the Park. by Gilead3912/28/144.22

Andrea & Jack Ch. 01

 — She considers losing her virginity during a summer fling. by BigJackHorner12/19/163.45

Andrea & Jack Ch. 02

 — She considers losing her virginity during a summer fling. by BigJackHorner12/20/163.65

Andrea's First Time

 — A first date becomes a first time. by raelenost02/09/044.00

Andrea's Wedding Day

 — A bride's patience pays off. by Moonraker_Bond00711/14/044.13

Androshorts: The Village Witch

 — Strangely attracted to the strange woman. by Androgynousother03/17/184.85HOT

Andy and Colt

 — Daniel is saved by a mysterious man during a zombie plague! by tantepicante11/27/163.90

Andy Ch. 01

 — Guy unwillingly deflowers girlfriend. by Pseudonimo04/22/162.97

Angel in the Night 01

 — Open windows lead to shared pleasures for two neighbours. by ReefBeach02/07/134.45

Angel in the Night 02

 — Nearly caught! But making discoveries in the park. by ReefBeach08/16/134.62HOT

Angel in the Night 03

 — Thien and Nick discover each other, more oral sex and girl-to-girl. by ReefBeach08/17/134.56HOT

Angel in the Night 04

 — A bit of peeking, fun in a café and does Thien like it rough? by ReefBeach08/25/134.65HOT

Angel in the Night 05

 — Nick and Thien are no longer virgins, but who else is there? by ReefBeach08/26/134.65HOT

Angel in the Night 06

 — There was the two of them, now there's three. by ReefBeach09/10/134.75HOT

Angel in the Night 07

 — Two lovers discover joys - and limits - in the forest. by ReefBeach09/11/134.63HOT

Angel in the Night 08

 — Thien and Nick have a willing student, and make some discoveries. by ReefBeach09/13/134.58HOT

Angel Needs A Make-Out Buddy Ch. 01

 — New waitress needs training. by rebelchef11/03/023.57


 — A mature woman gives him a birthday gift. by geronimo_appleby11/28/044.51HOT


 — A young man comes of age. by andrewxx11/18/084.18

Angelique's Offline Encounter

 — A first time meeting between Lit friends. by Master_Vassago02/26/034.47

Angels Meet at a Truck Stop Pt. 02

 — Angel saves another lost woman. by Ingrid11B01/16/184.42

Angie's An Adult Ch. 01

 — She turns 18 and decides to be a slut. by SEVERUSMAX04/21/044.17

Angie's Education Ch. 1

 — A girl's best friend. by CNDPhD08/14/023.59

Angie's Education Ch. 2

 — By Sight and Sound by CNDPhD08/18/023.72

Angie's Education, Ch. 3

 — Art for art's sake. by CNDPhD08/23/023.88

Angie's Tale

 — A different kind of erotic story. by unlucky26602/16/063.84


 — The lifeguard, the lure, and the older woman. by ktmccoll03/23/104.60HOT


 — Before clothes, before words humans mated just like animals. by SensualSabrina08/25/154.01

Animalistic Girl

 — A girl has more instinct that she seems. by ShadowWolfe05/10/123.98


 — She brings back wonderful memories. by WriteBoat08/19/074.26

Ann and Me

 — First time with sexy student. by badboy00505/28/063.82

Ann's & Katherine's Massages

 — Mother and daughter get first erotic massages. by maxmaypo12/26/114.65HOT

Ann's Induction Ch. 01

 — Young Ann is deliciously inducted at her father's workplace. by Dear Me11/18/034.54HOT

Ann's Induction Ch. 02

 — The young Ann is taken to the CEO. by Dear Me05/16/044.58HOT


 — She was like a snapshot from long ago. by JustLikeEwe03/05/114.39

Anna's First Time

 — Virgin office clerk loses it with her boss. by NiteWriter03/23/014.41

Anna's Valentine

 — 25-year old virgin has a secret admirer. by deepemerald01/27/064.57HOT

Anna's Virgin

 — An older virgin learns from his beautiful upstairs neighbor. by geraldf03/09/033.21

Annabel's Awakening

 — She's innocent at 22 and no match for a man twice her age. by deepemerald07/02/064.36

Anne Finally Gives In

 — After dating for a year, Anne gives her virginity. by tkinsc02/13/054.53HOT

Anne Makes Him a Man

 — BBW takes 18-year-old neighbor's virginity. by bbw4youngercocks107/29/054.56HOT


 — Have you ever had a dream? by artiepuy02/23/104.26

Annie's First Time Adventure

 — A girl's story of losing her virginity. by LadyOfDesirex06/13/144.03

Annie's Gift

 — Annie keeps her Christmas promise to Greg. by Chiara2307/19/114.48

Anonymous and Loving It

 — She finds a way to experiment at University. by c7racer04/18/134.10

Anonymous Lover

 — One virgin decides she doesn't want to wait anymore. by CattySwinger03/17/034.00

Anonymous Sex

 — His introduction to anonymous gay sex. by bilover6702/16/073.75

Another Springtime Ch. 08

 — Setting off on a fantastic voyage. by Sailor112/07/044.74HOT

Ant and I

 — She proved she was a virgin. by shimmer75207/27/073.91

Anthony's 18th Birthday

 — A crime boss gifts his son a stunning present. by Bazzza02/03/064.63HOT

Anticipation Ch. 01

 — Introductions. Two virgins meet. by 5thRing07/04/173.66

Anticipation Ch. 02

 — Fresh and New. Two virgins spark. by 5thRing07/07/173.50

Antidote for Innocence

 — The best way to lose your virginity. by Timthe09/25/154.30


 — Woman holds off her boyfriend until she's 21. by jasliz10/09/104.15

Any Given Sunday.

 — After the mall closes on a Sunday, couple enjoys first time. by HabsFan3312/06/074.20

Anymore? Ch. 01

 — The development of a virgin. by Tangledskein01/20/044.33

Anymore? Ch. 02

 — The virgin's development includes Geoff. by Tangledskein01/21/044.06


 — A short story about cracks. by Guesde05/11/064.58HOT


 — Aphrodite finally gets her satisfaction from a virgin. by zaheer12a08/17/103.93

Aphrodite's Gift Ch. 01

 — Norah negotiates with Aphrodite. by clued08/23/133.96

 — A young woman recalls being a student and a madam. by foxxxyvixxxen02/02/103.33


 — What else could she give to the best teacher she'd ever had? by YourLittleAngelle01/15/094.70HOT

Approaching Heaven

 — He learns the real power of making love. by Midnight Secret04/02/044.61HOT

April and September

 — An engineer and musician have a tender encounter. by I_M_Patient11/06/094.77HOT

April Fool

 — Hi my name is April, April Fool. by Silkrose05/10/183.53

April Showers

 — Naive girl learns more about her nature. by bluechick197603/28/064.26

April Showers Ch. 02

 — Lovers reunite at their special place. by bluechick197608/30/064.53HOT

April's Wedding Night

 — What's a good Catholic girl to do when it's time to do it? by JIMMYFM01/15/133.51

Are You A Cop? If So, Would You Tell?

 — A true story, that happened to me. by eroticjuggalo06/25/132.64

Are You a Virgin?

 — Neighbour seduces neighbour. by Ashson03/19/134.44

Are You Sure You Want This?

 — Brave husband tries something new. by StackedAction01/03/174.50HOT


 — Music brings love followed by tragedy. by Acktion11/30/124.42


 — My first encounter with a trans person. by GrandToffMarkin05/09/183.99

Ariel's Story

 — Lodger takes advantage of injured young woman. by starova05/14/134.10

Ark City

 — Summer time fun. by Sooner200912/24/094.21

Ark City Ch. 02

 — Round two: Later that summer. by Sooner200912/30/094.17

Arlene Ch. 1: Virgin to Easy

 — Cheerleader loses it after big game. by Arlene09/01/003.85

Army Brat

 — A young ball player finds the girl of his dreams. by Slickman08/06/084.71HOT

Army Brat Ch. 02

 — Son of Army Hero copes with his new town and love. by Slickman08/16/084.79HOT

Army Brat Ch. 03

 — Things get hectic when Lisa and her Dad show up. by Slickman08/29/084.76HOT

Army Brat Ch. 04

 — Danny and Ellen get a lot more intimate. by Slickman09/12/084.76HOTContest Winner

Army Brat Ch. 05

 — Ellen's jealousy gets worse and Maria makes a move. by Slickman10/13/084.68HOT

Army Brat Ch. 06

 — Army base game and romance. by Slickman10/30/084.83HOT

Art class with a happy ending Ch. 01

 — 18y/o boy gets naughty with hot blonde student. by curtdoggLP511/05/094.16

Art History

 — Ted's first on a class trip to Europe. by Jet_Lagged05/10/124.62HOT

Art Teacher

 — College guy is painted naked by his teacher. by Nemasis Enforcer08/10/044.40

Arti Bhabi: My First Pussy

 — She taught me all about sex. by funky2003man12/04/033.91

Artificialism Ch. 02

 — Murray cements their union. by sex slave02/27/063.62

Artists Impression Ch. 01

 — An Artist seduces her muse. by joulie10/22/124.69HOT

As Right as Rain

 — Stacy was waiting; and the right person arrived. by KimNomad05/19/114.35

As Seen on TV

 — Watching porn with your sister's friend turns into much more. by gabbee_adams09/10/104.24

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 01

 — She loses her virginity with a roar and a pounce! by ReefBeach03/19/134.47

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 02

 — She unleashes the full force of her desire, and tries oral sex. by ReefBeach03/26/134.51HOT

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 03

 — They sleep together, but the tigress wakes him for more, with a bit of anal. by ReefBeach04/08/134.41

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 04

 — Sunlight, bare skin and love... by ReefBeach08/20/134.57HOT

Ashley and Me Ch. 01

 — A bi-surprise. by quad6801/22/073.81

Ashley Gets a Real Fucking

 — How he and his girlfriend both became sluts. by Equinox3112/17/114.17

Ashley is Babysitting

 — Ashley crushes on the dad she baby sits for. by stllrnng4711/25/164.19

Ashley the French Maid

 — Brad comes home and sees Ashley in a French maid outfit. by TraceTheMaid05/24/143.64

Ashley's Mix-up

 — An unexpected surprise for both parties. by KittyFlower12/13/163.86

Ashley's Mix-up, Josh's side

 — Josh's shower surprise. by KittyFlower01/24/173.73

Ashton's First Time

 — He introduces dream girl to the joys of sex. by spaldan09/13/034.57HOT

Asian Delight

 — His first time with an Asian is wild. by ardenlowe11/12/034.42

Asian Girl Becomes Call Girl

 — Asian girl becomes a call girl for girl/girl love. by asian38d07/03/064.25

Asian Innocence Manipulated

 — Shy Singapore virgin lured into a French menage a trois. by BeamMeUp06/30/084.06

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