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Interracial Love Stories

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Black History Month

 — Pretty blonde librarian finds out about black history. by jmcox26102/03/074.42

Black History Month

 — Tara has a surprise for an eager black man. by rckplsky02/06/092.81

Black History Pt. 01

 — The beginning of my Black History. by Manjaro_Eve02/25/154.23

Black History Pt. 02

 — One White Woman Learning to Love Black Sex. by Manjaro_Eve04/22/164.31

Black Husbands can be Bisexual

 — White woman marries a bisexual Black man. by Samuelx11/29/17

Black Husbands can be Cuckolds

 — White wife cuckolds black hubby with bisexual guy. by Samuelx11/21/17

Black Incest

 — Daddy shares black cock with his girl. by spunkerguy02/23/043.87

Black is Better

 — Her extramarital experience with a Black man. by Donnaz10/07/053.98

Black is Where I am At

 — Finally giving in to my weakness. by JimandGarysgirl11/28/113.63

Black Isn't So Bad After All

 — White couple copes with their fears of black people. by JJgreenville08/25/054.21

Black Isn't So Bad After All Ch. 02

 — The therapy continues, this time with the wife. by JJgreenville09/06/054.21

Black Isn't So Bad After All Ch. 03

 — A White couple overcome their fear of black people. by JJgreenville01/22/064.54HOT

Black Journal Ch. 12

 — Tutoring. by Dhc00033309/16/144.13

Black King for Lebanese Queen

 — Haitian man dates Arab dominatrix in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/11/131.92

Black Kitty

 — College girl gets spanked by friends dad. by mythicman6206/04/124.17

Black Love

 — A white guy has sex with a black beauty. by Love_Dice09/07/023.52

Black Love Ch. 02

 — Junior-Senior dinner and a little fun afterwards. by Love_Dice02/24/033.82

Black Love Is All They Wanted

 — True black love. by qualitywheat08/19/134.21

Black Lover For Arab Wife

 — Yemeni woman seduces Haitian student in Ottawa. by Samuelx09/16/121.92

Black Lust Ch. 01

 — Irish girl on holiday in Zimbabwe, captured by armed rebels. by Tara_Bennett03/24/124.20

Black Magic

 — Gloria said, "I could get used to being used like this!" by kandie04/02/074.22

Black Magic Ch. 02

 — It'd be hot if Robert went with us on our trip to Jamaica. by kandie11/25/074.10

Black Magic Chronicles Ch. 1

 — The conquests of a successful black stud. by DarkVentures12/15/014.41

Black Magic for Maria

 — Though Daddy is a racist, she can't resist him by MarkThyme10/10/034.29

Black Man & White Woman Stranded

 — Two are stranded together on New Year's Eve. by JimandGarysgirl12/31/113.50

Black Man and Arab Goddess

 — African-American falls for Lebanese Christian tomboy. by Samuelx12/24/112.29

Black Man and Irish Woman

 — Irishwoman meets a seductive black athlete. by Samuelx11/06/063.31

Black Man for Dessert

 — Dinner with friends ends up with a "tasty" dessert. by JimandGarysgirl12/15/113.72

Black Man for Dessert Ch. 02

 — Dessert is now breakfast and lunch and dinner too. by JimandGarysgirl03/03/134.08

Black Man Marries A White Lady

 — Haitian scholar marries a kinky Quebec woman. by Samuelx08/17/153.14

Black Man Marries A White Lady Ch. 02

 — Haitian scholar tries pregnant Quebecer wife's toys. by Samuelx08/26/152.91

Black Man Marries Arab Woman

 — Black man and Saudi Arabian lady fall in love in Canada. by Samuelx11/09/112.83

Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 02

 — Black man and Arab woman at Carleton University. by Samuelx11/09/113.32

Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 03

 — Black man and Arab woman get married at last. by Samuelx11/10/113.00

Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 04

 — Arab woman converts to Christianity for Black husband. by Samuelx11/11/113.41

Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 06

 — Saudi female Christian and Black husband at home. by Samuelx11/16/113.38

Black Man Marries Arab Woman Ch. 07

 — Haitian-American stud and Lebanese lady connect in St Lucia. by Samuelx07/25/132.27

Black Man One Ch. 01

 — White wimp begins to learn the truth. by Weak_White_Wimp10/11/113.77

Black Man One Ch. 02

 — White wimp marries, remains insecure around black studs. by Weak_White_Wimp10/12/113.74

Black Man One Ch. 03

 — White wimp relocates, his racist mind respects the black man. by Weak_White_Wimp10/13/113.64

Black Man One Ch. 04

 — White wimp, snobby white group finally see Black Man One. by Weak_White_Wimp10/15/114.00

Black Man One Ch. 05

 — Is Black Stud's display of "Superiority" intentional or ..? by Weak_White_Wimp10/17/114.04

Black Man One Ch. 06

 — Black Stud shows arrogance and control over white women. by Weak_White_Wimp10/19/114.05

Black Man One Ch. 07

 — Wife, Julie, begins to "fawn over Black Stud. by Weak_White_Wimp10/20/114.12

Black Man One Ch. 08

 — Wimp's little white lies are exposed by black stud. by Weak_White_Wimp10/23/113.95

Black Man One Ch. 09

 — Day after white wimp's beating more humiliating. by Weak_White_Wimp11/01/113.81

Black Man One Ch. 10

 — Standing alone in the small workout center... by Weak_White_Wimp11/07/113.94

Black Man One Ch. 11

 — white wimp is further emasculated by Black Stud. by Weak_White_Wimp11/16/113.98

Black Man One Ch. 12

 — Wimp degraded to learn about The Black Jacques Club. by Weak_White_Wimp11/20/113.91

Black Man One Ch. 13

 — Young Black Stud rubs it in the nose of taller white wimp. by Weak_White_Wimp11/21/113.76

Black Man One Ch. 14

 — Black Stud's control over wimp's wife "tightens." by Weak_White_Wimp11/21/113.87

Black Man One Ch. 15

 — Young Black Stud demoralizes Taller white wimp. by Weak_White_Wimp12/07/113.83

Black Man One Ch. 16

 — Demoralized white wimp faces the humiliating truth. by Weak_White_Wimp12/08/113.63

Black Man One Ch. 17

 — Young Black Stud makes a powerful statement to white wimp by Weak_White_Wimp12/09/113.68

Black Man One Ch. 18

 — Black stud frightens white weak wimp, then fucks wife. by Weak_White_Wimp12/10/113.97

Black Man One Ch. 19

 — White Wimp faces unfathomable humiliation. by Weak_White_Wimp12/22/113.79

Black Man One Ch. 20

 — White wimp realizes he is not the only "wimp" in the condo. by Weak_White_Wimp12/23/113.78

Black Man One Ch. 21

 — White wimp finally permitted to speak to "black owned" wife. by Weak_White_Wimp12/24/113.62

Black Man One Ch. 22

 — Black Stud's continued altering of Julie confuses white wimp. by Weak_White_Wimp12/27/113.83

Black Man One Ch. 23

 — Young Black Stud turns up His level of Control. by Weak_White_Wimp03/05/123.68

Black Man One Ch. 24

 — Young Black Stud makes yet another statement. by Weak_White_Wimp03/06/123.59

Black Man One Ch. 25

 — The next morning, and the demoralizing new beginning. by Weak_White_Wimp03/19/123.58

Black Man One Ch. 26

 — Young black stud's authority is defeating. by Weak_White_Wimp03/20/123.89

Black Man One Ch. 27

 — Black stud trey degrades then "sets the table". by Weak_White_Wimp03/21/123.58

Black Man Satisfies Me

 — I was never happy until I met Jim. by JimandGarysgirl01/13/123.74

Black Man Saves My Life

 — I was on drugs and drank now I'm clean and sober. by JimandGarysgirl07/19/124.25

Black Man Saves White Woman

 — White woman able to love again thanks to black man. by JimandGarysgirl03/02/123.60

Black Man Wins My Heart

 — Never let anyone in until she met her black lover. by JimandGarysgirl12/10/123.23

Black Man Worships White Goddess

 — Rejected by black women, black intellectual does white bbw. by Samuelx09/23/102.96

Black Man Worships White Goddess 2

 — Black man discovers White strapon MILF in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/12/113.62

Black Man's Cuckold

 — He allows friend James to sample his girlfriend. by tookie02/05/013.95

Black Man's Life

 — His lust was directed into a different person. by Boyslut10107/03/153.75

Black Man's Paradise 02

 — Irishwoman meets black man in Atlanta. by Samuelx10/13/063.96

Black Man's Slave Fantasy

 — White woman strap-ons black man out of love. by Samuelx01/03/093.43

Black Man's Slave Fetish

 — White mistress strap-ons submissive black man. by Samuelx01/03/093.82

Black Master Loves White BBW Whores

 — She's taken by a black Master and friends. by NYCbbwSUB06/13/064.62HOT

Black Master SHANGO Ch. 01

 — SHANGO gets another wife hooked. by dsoul03/16/123.74

Black Master SHANGO Ch. 02

 — SHANGO gets busy with his first merry wife. by dsoul03/20/124.28

Black Master SHANGO's Bride

 — He's back! by dsoul11/21/114.06

Black Me Once, Please

 — I want to know. by GotBacon11/28/143.90

Black Meat is My Favorite Color

 — Woman on business craves Black meat. by danzinman07/13/034.16

Black Men and Arab Ladies

 — Haitian-American man falls for Yemeni woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/20/122.62

Black Men are Better Lovers

 — An encounter with a sexy Black man. by Samuelx02/18/073.09

Black Men Are My Weakness

 — How I can't get enough of black men. by JimandGarysgirl12/05/113.67

Black Men Like Dildos Too

 — She introduces black lover to a strap on. by Samuelx05/14/063.52

Black Men/Lebanese Women

 — African American businessman and Lebanese girl. by Samuelx04/17/122.90

Black Men/White Women: Generations

 — Canadian woman's 25-year marriage to Haitian man. by Samuelx02/12/123.00

Black Men/White Women: In Canada

 — Mature white lady strapons Haitian student in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/05/121.89

Black Men/White Women: In Ontario

 — Carleton man falls for Ottawa University woman. by Samuelx02/12/123.00

Black Men/White Women: In Ottawa

 — African-American man meets White lady in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/10/122.20

Black Men/White Women: Montreal

 — Montreal woman seduces Boston man. by Samuelx02/14/122.00

Black Mistress Drills White Slave

 — African-American mistress tames white Canadian male. by Samuelx11/14/123.21

Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 02

 — The white bitch learns about proper respect. by lusty Vamp12/30/064.41

Black Model Ch. 01

 — A black model for the wife. by mrthong1009/11/034.07

Black Model Ch. 02

 — Wife likes to photograph his black friend. by mrthong1009/19/034.27

Black Model Ch. 03

 — White wife models for husband's black friend. by mrthong1010/11/034.23

Black Mouthful

 — She loves the anonymity of the glory hole. by SweetPrettyAss02/11/144.33

Black Muslim Cuckolds Do Exist

 — Mauritanian dominatrix cuckolds a black Muslim man. by Samuelx02/23/172.12

Black Muslim Cuckolds Exist!

 — Somali wife cuckolds hubby with Asian in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/27/152.64

Black Muslim Men Love Strapons Too

 — White female atheist strapons Nigerian Muslim in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/29/131.44

Black Muslim Women Try White Dick

 — A Somali MILF seduces a white Christian gentleman. by Samuelx11/20/122.60

Black Muslims are Dominant

 — Black Muslim stud dominates older White Feminist. by Samuelx06/15/102.94

Black Neighbor Asks Me For Help

 — My neighbor wants me to take sexy pics as a surprise. by floridaguy200101/27/034.48

Black on Blonde

 — A Playboy pin up's interracial fantasy unexpectedly happens! by JayG8812/23/164.42

Black Out

 — What color is pussy in the dark? by velvetpie02/21/054.29

Black Own City - The Precinct Ch. 01

 — The rules have changed for white police officers in the city. by eeric01/27/164.18

Black Own City - The Precinct Ch. 02

 — A new day for the officers at the western precinct. by eeric02/14/164.15

Black Owned Blonde Attorney Ch. 01

 — Young blonde attorney sees a different world. by Dana_Law_Girl10/02/113.03

Black Owned Couple

 — A white submissive couple become slaves to a black man. by Karenkay02/22/094.10

Black Owned Grand Parents

 — Black domination of white couples. by whiteboiwimp07/26/153.68

Black Passion

 — White wife seeks comfort in young Black men. by blklover09/25/044.18

Black Poker Party

 — Husband watches helplessly as wife is blacked. by nurseshark05/17/094.11

Black Porno Star House Call

 — Black porno star services wife for her birthday. by TYouth103911/14/134.25

Black Power Virus - Side Story

 — A man finds happiness in the new world. by tyler199309/11/144.02

Black Prince and Arab Goddess

 — African-American falls for Arab woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/16/121.86

Black Prince In Saudi Arabia

 — Black man meets Saudi Arabian temptress. by Samuelx06/03/142.44

Black Renter Takes My Bed and Wife

 — A 13 inch black dick takes my bed and my wife. by howtrue04/24/183.35

Black Rod Ch. 01

 — Making a woman out of a girl. by Bob_609/29/144.15

Black Rod Ch. 02

 — Making a woman out of a girl. by Bob_610/01/144.54HOT

Black Romance Comes Back

 — Jamison bestows himself on a lost lover. by stoneypoint11/09/05

Black Romance: Elaine Breaks Away

 — Elaine spends day with former lover Jamison. by stoneypoint02/21/063.59

Black Security

 — Young white wife fucks two old black men security guards. by Nojustice201/13/184.07

Black Sex in New York

 — Two fucks with black guys - mmm. by danishmichaela01/07/134.36

Black Sex Party

 — American male & Ukrainian female attend wild bash. by Nudemodel05/10/023.17

Black Sheep

 — Forbidden love. by Alyxa08/15/164.42

Black Sheep Pt. 02

 — Ishtar and Henry try to sort out their issues. by Alyxa08/26/164.56HOT

Black Sheep Pt. 03

 — Ishtar and Henry figure out the past is inescapable. by Alyxa09/21/164.69HOT

Black Sheep Pt. 04

 — Self introspection and hard truths. by Alyxa11/20/164.85HOT

Black Sheep Pt. 05

 — A trip down memory lane. by Alyxa06/21/174.63HOT

Black Sheep Pt. 06

 — Philadelphia. by Alyxa06/27/174.71HOT

Black Sissy For White Goddess

 — White woman strapons black male sissy maid. by Samuelx08/07/112.50

Black Sissy For White Mistress

 — White woman strapons sissy black male maid. by Samuelx08/07/113.20

Black Sissy For White Queen

 — Black male sissy maid rides white woman strapon. by Samuelx08/07/113.17

Black Slave Auction Ch. 01

 — Ebony reporter gets looped up in slave auction scandal. by subwryter01/25/133.91

Black Slave Auction Ch. 02

 — Reporter goes deeper. by subwryter02/06/134.19

Black Slave Auction Ch. 03

 — Undercover black reporter meets white Master's brother. by subwryter02/21/134.18

Black Slave Auction Ch. 04

 — Renee is second guessing and enjoying it all. by subwryter03/02/134.29

Black Slave Auction Ch. 05

 — Renee gets her first clue about Master and about life. by subwryter03/08/133.98

Black Slave Auction Ch. 06

 — Renee has a big choice to make as the end is near. by subwryter03/31/134.31

Black Slave Auction Ch. 07

 — Renee and Master move forward. by subwryter05/26/134.37

Black Slave Woman Ch. 01

 — Black woman has fun with sexy white boyfriend. by Samuelx03/04/093.91

Black Slave Woman Ch. 08

 — Interracial couple experiments with role play. by Samuelx03/16/093.36

Black Slave Woman Ch. 09

 — Black woman has fun with uncircumcised Jew cop. by Samuelx03/16/093.29

Black Snake Boot Camp

 — First foray into interracial lust. by headmaster4hungones11/15/103.75

Black Snake In The Ass

 — Southern girl discovers Black men. by er0tic4u01/23/023.81

Black Soldier Defeats Nazi Woman

 — Older Black man retells World War II story. by Samuelx03/16/093.15

Black Stable Club

 — A white couple join a club where the wives are auctioned. by Karenkay09/29/123.90

Black Stallion

 — Nina unknowingly attracts a sexy black man. by aznrd06/24/144.30

Black Step-Mom

 — Harsh Black woman takes care of White stepson. by mustanger7up04/12/033.87

Black Stud

 — A mature professional seduces a black youth and his sister. by uksnowy02/03/174.28

Black Stud In My Farm

 — He meets a sexy older white woman. by Samuelx01/23/063.72

Black Superiority....

 — My subservience to a black god. by manofether02/19/144.02

Black Swingers In Somalia

 — Somali wife and Nigerian hubby fuck Jewish gal. by Samuelx09/14/153.06

Black Taxi

 — Pakistani sluts seduce black taxi driver. by Seidah12/24/164.46

Black Thoughts

 — An unhappy white woman lives out her bbc fantasies. by deliciousthoughts11/03/124.54HOT

Black Venus

 — Kala's beautiful friend Esther wants to play. by SaberJack08/29/014.24

Black Wedding

 — Blonde bride is used by black man. by bayisle6601/25/054.09

Black Whisper Control Over Red

 — His wife is controlled by black meat. by ramjett07/01/053.89

Black Widow

 — A death in the family brings a different type of closure. by velvetpie01/17/054.44

Black Wife Cuckolding Black Hubby

 — Black wife cuckolds black hubby with Latin bull. by Samuelx04/13/143.07

Black Wife Cuckolding Black Male

 — Black wife cuckolds black hubby with Asian bull. by Samuelx04/13/143.26

Black Wives Cuckolding Black Guys

 — Black wife cuckolds black hubby with white bull. by Samuelx04/13/143.69

Black Woman Fantasy

 — Black coed agrees to erotic photo session. by samslam11/25/064.74HOT

Black Woman in a White Bikini

 — A hot summer in Detroit versus a warm summer in the Hamptons. by MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore08/24/174.19

Black Women and Me

 — My fantasy of black women, from childhood to reality. by mgwauthor06/15/11

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 18

 — White Female Nerd falls for Black Sportswoman. by Samuelx09/20/093.43

Black Women Crave White Cock

 — Mature Black slut craves dominant young white guys. by Samuelx08/29/103.87

Black Women Cuckolding Black Men

 — Black woman fucks white dude in front of black man. by Samuelx01/25/143.45

Black Women Do Worship White Dicks

 — White guy butt-fucks Black BBW in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/26/113.87

Black Women Need White Dick Too

 — Englishman butt-fucks Somalian BBW in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/17/113.04

Black World Order Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by ancientviking07/25/164.05

Black World Order Ch. 02

 — Can't go back. by ancientviking07/29/164.31

Black's Magic

 — A "real life" erotic romance to remember. by theMaven02/07/084.46

Black, White, and Colors Ch. 01-02

 — Black African painter's White lady client. by csn6110/01/053.97

Black, White, and Colors Ch. 03

 — A nudes painter's endurance test. by csn6110/21/053.98

Black, White, Cum All Over Ch. 1

 — Black and white couple get together. by rhetorik04/19/024.34

Black, White, Cum All Over Ch. 2

 — Grant & Paul watch their wives. by rhetorik04/22/024.34

Black, White, Cum All Over Ch. 3

 — Two-on-one action for the new partner. by rhetorik02/16/044.47


 — He really was irresistible. by qualitywheat06/22/134.32

Blackballed Ch. 01

 — Jimmy seeks revenge. by velvetpie02/08/054.02

Blackballed Ch. 02

 — Alabama gives an explanation. by velvetpie02/09/054.36

Blackballed Ch. 03

 — Jimmy learns the true meaning of being blackballed. by velvetpie02/10/053.94

Blackboard Jungle Fever

 — One lucky white guy scores with several ebony beauties. by Irish Moss08/27/084.54HOT

Blackcock Diary: Guest Room Fun

 — Middle-aged white wife has fun with two black strangers. by SubLadyD05/31/054.17

Blackcock Diary: Hot T and BBCs

 — My Best Friend gets her first BBC - in a double team! by SubLadyD10/17/154.27

Blackcock Diary: Hotel Adventure

 — A white wife has fun at a hotel with black men. by SubLadyD07/18/054.25

Blackcock Diary: Restroom Gloryhole

 — Middle-aged white wife has fun at a gloryhole. by SubLadyD05/23/054.35

Blacked Ch. 01

 — My first time with a big black cock. by riality8710/30/174.23

Blacked in Goa Ch. 01

 — The Sun...The Sand...The Sea And a Lonely Wife... by bdrew8612/20/174.19

Blacked in Goa Ch. 02

 — He Seduces The Lonely Wife... by bdrew8612/21/174.55HOT

Blacked in Goa Ch. 03

 — She Gets Addicted...To Him... by bdrew8612/22/174.59HOT

Blacked In Suburbia

 — The pool guy gets lucky. by GotBacon11/22/144.03

Blacked in the Stacks

 — Full service tour guides satisfy a fantasy. by andoverblonde10/01/154.38


 — This is being blacked! by qualitywheat08/03/134.40

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 01

 — A story of young love in an alternate America. by eeric08/09/164.24

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 02

 — Thomas wants to tell Joana how he feels, and ask her out. by eeric08/21/164.36

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 03

 — Thomas and Joana attend a celebration together. by eeric09/04/164.51HOT

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 04

 — Thomas and Austin participate in the Cuck Magazine contest. by eeric09/19/164.43

Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 05

 — The day continues at the Caspar celebration... by eeric10/13/164.56HOT


 — Bi girl in a lesbian relationship goes out. by Subkara04/05/053.95

Blackjack Holidays Ch. 01

 — Young wife finds a whole new reason for the season. by PenPal200101/29/174.49

Blackjack Holidays Ch. 02

 — A young hotwife continues to celebrate the season of giving. by PenPal200102/06/174.11


 — Wife betrays husband with black man. by Seidah11/22/163.70

Blackmail by Black Men

 — Cindy caught in the act is blackmailed. by mitchawa06/12/124.25

Blackmail, Submission, Was It?

 — Jenny and her daughter's boyfriend. by qualitywheat07/18/144.48


 — ...can be so good! by qualitywheat04/07/134.46

Blackmailed Husband-Seduced Wife

 — He's forced into letting a black man impregnate his wife. by rich052405/26/034.49

Blackmailed to Breed

 — Humiliated & treated like a slut & bred by a black man. by Karenkay04/05/083.96

Blackout Fitness

 — A white woman has sexual encounter with black trainer by IllWill52008/09/164.14

Blackout Fitness Ch. 02

 — Interracial romance white woman black man at a gym. by IllWill52008/26/164.41


 — Wife grants husband his wish. by No Panty Girl06/03/064.36


 — She shares with Mom. by No Panty Girl11/28/054.47

Blacksnake! Ch. 02

 — The breeding session. by No Panty Girl03/01/064.38

Blame It On The Moon

 — Tables turn when a plan of seduction for money goes askew. by randyslocum01/31/114.34

Blame It on the Texans

 — She finds lust in her own bed. by cindylynn3412/24/164.32

Blast From The Past

 — A couple's mundane life leads the wife to make some changes. by parogide03/25/163.82

Blended Family

 — The stepchildren of an IR couple fuck & plan to seduce them. by ADOM08/10/044.42

Blessed and Cursed

 — She was 'The One'. I was the one among many. by interqueen03/03/183.06

Blindsided Ch. 01

 — He wasn't sure if he could move on and she wasn't looking. by Alphamon3512/01/164.45


 — Her attitude + his swag + trapped at their job = ! by CeCeMonet11/01/133.81

Blonde Fucks Blacks

 — Irishwoman does black men with her strap-on. by Samuelx10/25/063.88

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 14

 — Woman schemes her way into power. by Samuelx08/02/083.00

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 15

 — White BBW seduces black athlete with strap-on. by Samuelx08/03/083.40

Blonde Massages Black Gardener

 — Blonde mom works on black gardener. by oral_massagelover01/29/144.18

Blonde Nurse Cares For Black Adonis

 — Young blonde nurse helps black Adonis with his discharge. by oral_massagelover09/09/144.15

Blonde Slut For Black

 — White guy watches his pretty wife turned out by Black thugs. by rufun200108/06/083.75

Blonde Strapons Blacks

 — Blonde heiress strapons black athlete. by Samuelx10/07/083.00

Blonde's Black Birthday Surprise

 — Beautiful blonde gets a wild present. by SpurtonChisholm05/18/014.07

Blondes are Not The Only Fun Ones

 — A blind date leads to so much more. by aifihtan04/19/084.11

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