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Interracial Love Stories

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Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 03

 — Barbara decides to tell her husband - sort of. by HOTMOM_BARB01/30/074.32

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 04

 — James and Barbara make a video. by HOTMOM_BARB01/31/074.50HOT

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 05

 — Barbara prepares to take James anally. by HOTMOM_BARB02/01/074.21

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 06

 — Barbara agrees to join Cuckold Club. by HOTMOM_BARB02/01/074.20

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 07

 — Barbara prepares for her initiation. by HOTMOM_BARB03/07/074.22

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 08

 — Barbara practices for her initiation with James & friends. by HOTMOM_BARB10/20/084.28

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 09

 — Barbara receives her initiation as Queen Slut. by HOTMOM_BARB10/25/084.08

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 10

 — Does David really want wife to cuckold him with black lover? by HOTMOM_BARB10/29/083.93

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 11

 — James and Barbara make a video for David. by HOTMOM_BARB11/05/084.26

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 12

 — David tells Barbara he wants to be her cuckold. by HOTMOM_BARB11/23/084.35

Barbara's Cuckold Story Ch. 13

 — David returns and finds his wife is a slut for black cocks. by HOTMOM_BARB12/21/084.18

Baseball Cuckold Ch. 01

 — Timmy's mother pays the price for her husband's stupidity! by dr13bone04/29/154.31

Baseball Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Timmy's girlfriend submits to his mother's masters! by dr13bone06/03/154.50HOT

Bathroom Encounter

 — She became a knocked up slut in a bathroom. by Fuzzguzzler07/10/084.26

Bathroom Head

 — A well-hung stranger uses Emily's mouth. by MattChancellor12/03/144.25

Battered Ch. 01

 — A day in the life of Hallee. by LilMami0707/16/094.31

Battered Ch. 02

 — They met again. by LilMami0711/02/094.50HOT

Battered Ch. 03

 — "Time may change me..." by LilMami0703/03/104.63HOT

Battered Ch. 04

 — Life goes on. by LilMami0704/16/104.64HOT

Battered Ch. 05

 — A chain of events. by LilMami0705/06/104.66HOT

Battered Ch. 06

 — Enough is enough is enough. by LilMami0707/11/104.66HOT

Battered Ch. 07

 — ...happily ever after. by LilMami0707/24/104.72HOT

Bayou Jazz

 — Photographer meets a sensual Creole singer. by Sateema Lunasi03/23/013.70Editor's Pick

BB 3some

 — The boss watches two black boxers and me. by annacarrington196004/03/164.38


 — Fucking a black guy. by mustangowner01/10/124.12

BBC Everywhere

 — Kirsten continues her interracial explorations. by SecretHowl02/19/164.54HOT

BBC for Me and Sheila

 — Old black bullies cuckold me and take my wife. by dhat_soa05/07/164.35

BBC Survival Pt. 01

 — Newlyweds surviving nuclear war with black stranger. by darkdestroyer06/24/153.82

BBC Worship Ch. 01

 — The Theology of Black Cock Worship. by CumSlurpingCuckold08/20/153.77

BBC Worship Ch. 03

 — I give my wife to the Superior Black Man in marriage. by CumSlurpingCuckold10/13/153.73

BBW Babs: Muscle Addict

 — Black Superstud finds love with a white BBW. by NiceGuyInVa11/22/054.36

BBW Babs: Muscle Addict Ch. 02

 — Lovers' first big fight, but making up is great. by NiceGuyInVa11/28/054.44

Be Careful For What You Nag For

 — Her husband wanted black, she got it! by qualitywheat05/20/124.06

Be Careful What You Ask For

 — They enjoy first-time anal. by miss mocha08/06/044.24

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — Couple wanting threesome gets more than bargained for. by parkk8403/27/024.42

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — Nurse Ronda tells why white woman craves cock. by Softly07/08/024.32

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — Ungrateful white husband gets dominated by fed up black wife. by Turned01/10/104.27

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01

 — Frustrated girlfriend gets more than she bargained for. by sicjeb05/17/113.58

Be Right Back

 — Internet leads him to his dream woman. by mystery36606/23/024.19

Beach Blanket Seduction

 — Newlywed seduced on beach by black male. by rich052404/01/084.32

Beach Change

 — Married couple go to a nude beach and meet a dark stranger. by 8teenholes12/21/124.28

Beach Change Ch. 02

 — Everything changes once again. by 8teenholes04/02/134.16

Beach House

 — A fun time with 2 black studs at a Florida beach house. by badtitties03/17/034.21

Beat of My Heart Ch. 01

 — Frustration plus opportunity equals a heart-pounding time. by juanwildone05/05/054.43

Beautician and the Beast Pt. 01

 — A hairdresser tumbles down the rabbit hole of discovery. by FallaYourBeat11/19/104.75HOT

Beautician and the Beast Pt. 02

 — It's been rough but final initiation is near... by FallaYourBeat11/20/104.81HOT

Beautician and the Beast Pt. 03

 — Everything comes to a head... by FallaYourBeat11/21/104.83HOT

Beautiful Latina Girl

 — Black lawyer finally gets to taste his neighbor. by PiscesLover03/19/084.16

Beautiful Mistake Ch. 01

 — White coed is mesmerised by ebony beauty. by chocostrawberry12/31/053.90

Beautiful Mistake Ch. 02

 — He can't help it. by chocostrawberry02/09/064.28

Beautiful Stacey Experiences Frank

 — A beautiful white wife experiences a large black cock. by everyonesavoyeur05/02/154.64HOT

Beautiful Stranger

 — Even best friends have secrets. by theonlinestalker06/26/094.55HOT

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 02

 — He falls a little further. by theonlinestalker08/18/094.56HOT

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 03

 — Tragedy strikes. by theonlinestalker04/06/104.64HOT

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 04

 — What happens when your present collides with your past? by theonlinestalker04/10/104.75HOT

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 05

 — Someone new comes along. by theonlinestalker04/27/104.67HOT

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 06

 — The beat goes on... by theonlinestalker07/17/104.78HOT

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 07

 — Can they ever be friends again? by theonlinestalker04/20/114.75HOT

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 08

 — A suprise vacation and getting reacquainted, by theonlinestalker09/27/134.65HOT

Beautiful Wife Gets Into A Pickle

 — Her black fantasy became a reality. by qualitywheat09/19/134.12


 — Two survivors of a zombie apocalypse find solace. by Chrissy0Chris07/10/124.61HOT

Because It’s my Birthday

 — Valerie takes advantage of a handsome black stranger. by darkknight0108/10/114.27

Because of the Rain

 — My married housekeeper partially submits to me. by jayfrank4u12/31/134.08

Becca and Isaiah

 —  Becca and Isaiah learn to open up. by tinkerbex01/16/124.50HOT

Becca and Isaiah Ch. 02

 — Things get heated. by tinkerbex01/25/124.68HOT

Becky Goes Black Ch. 01

 — Self-righteous Becky proves herself to a black jock. by CertifiedHeat04/26/124.10

Becky in the Hilltop Stockade

 — Beautiful woman is victim of colonial hypocrisy. by DevisPixi03/10/154.36

Becky's Birthday Massage

 — High school senior gets massage by Indian guy - and more. by fanofpantyhose02/13/103.99

Becky's Deal

 — Becky makes a deal to keep her new Career. by engywwok08/24/114.36

Becky's Deal Ch. 02

 — Becky receives a visitor but he stays in the foyer. by engywwok01/29/124.33

Becky's Deal Ch. 03

 — Becky's Final tryst before leaving. by engywwok11/12/144.33

Becky's New Job

 — Mom & daughter become sluts for black cunt. by LustyLee7705/15/054.52HOT

Becky's New Life Ch. 01

 — Her random fling reveals her true desires. by irishlovr8306/17/094.11

Becky's Porno Bang

 — Slut wife earns extra money on the side, and loves her work! by RacerX11/07/014.51HOT

Becoming His

 — Who knew after one night I would become his? by darkknight0107/22/074.23

Becoming His

 — A black woman submits to her Asian lover for the first time. by njailarhee05/27/104.33

Becoming Vargas' Girl

 — Short story. by VoluptuousCara01/04/154.04

Bed-n-Brunch Ho

 — He comes home to find his wife full of a big black cock. by Dirt Man01/11/034.06

Bedeviled Bride

 — Wedding recpetion turns into a kinky orgy. by LustyLee7709/28/054.28

Bedroom Slave

 — In times of slavery, he's bought by a horny widow. by Goldeniangel07/13/054.32

Bee and David Ch. 01

 — A young black woman and older man began a relationship. by CoCoChinadoll01/08/134.36

Bee and David Ch. 02

 — First date, revealing secrets and a blossoming romance. by CoCoChinadoll01/18/134.62HOT

Bee and David Ch. 03 Pt. 01

 — Bee's night out. by CoCoChinadoll02/14/134.60HOT

Bee and David Ch. 03 Pt. 02

 — The continuation of Bee's night out. by CoCoChinadoll02/21/134.61HOT

Bee and David Ch. 04

 — Bee gets lost. by CoCoChinadoll04/02/134.60HOT

Bee and David Ch. 05

 — Bee lets David into her world. by CoCoChinadoll05/01/134.69HOT

Bee Cee Ess: Encounter On The Job

 — Married social worker falls for younger client. by Ulyssa05/27/034.23

Been Too Long

 — Helping a friend leads to the unexpected. by size1669lover12/21/164.25

Been Waiting for Love

 — It started with just a kiss. by Myanlass10/07/084.62HOT

Been Waiting for Love Ch. 02

 — Katrina tries to understand and seduce Scott. by Myanlass10/16/084.66HOT

Been Waiting for Love Ch. 03

 — A man can only take so much. by Myanlass10/30/084.77HOT

Been Waiting for Love Ch. 04

 — Katrina and Scott make a claim. by Myanlass01/05/094.75HOT

Been Waiting for Love Ch. 05

 — It just slipped out. by Myanlass02/17/094.76HOT

Been Waiting for Love Ch. 06

 — The unexpected. by Myanlass03/11/094.79HOTContest Winner

Been Waiting for Love Ch. 07

 — The calm before the storm. by Myanlass03/27/094.83HOT

Before the Age of Digital

 — Darkrooms have other uses too. by locodriver877603/27/084.40

Before The War Ch. 1

 — Head slave joins plantations owner's daughter & cousin. by Don Byron09/25/024.10

Before the War Ch. 2

 — Slave begins epic coupling with plantation owners daughter. by Don Byron09/27/024.34

Before the War Ch. 3

 — Seth continues his conquest of white bosses' daughter. by Don Byron10/05/024.51HOT

Before the War Ch. 4

 — Hung black slave finishes off bosses petite white daughter. by Don Byron10/17/024.54HOT

Before The World Ends...

 — Sleep deprived woman begs for a gangbang. by ChokoLitStixxx33211/13/143.32

Before the Worst

 — A tale about a young black woman who finds love. by ChocolateLoving12/14/114.18

Before We Go To Dinner...

 — He enjoys his mocha beauty. by Eddie10/10/004.02

Beginning To an End Ch. 01

 — The end is near. Alpha and Omega find each other. by Koco_Kyss12/13/094.33

Beginning To an End Ch. 02

 — Alpha and Omega: are they meant to be? by Koco_Kyss01/31/104.38


 — Her first time with a Black man. by emmie1808/29/033.92

Behind the Masks

 — Luc's encounter with ebony Sanaii changes everything. by huelust02/06/06

Behind the Masks Ch. 02

 — Sanaii gets her first taste of Luc's sweetness. by huelust02/07/06

Behind the Masks Ch. 03

 — Luc can't stop thinking about his lovely dark dancer. by huelust02/12/06

Behind the Masks Ch. 04

 — Luc meets the real Sanaii. by huelust02/14/06

Behind the Masks Ch. 05

 — Sanaii falls unsuspecting into Lucas's erotic web. by huelust02/20/06

Behind the Masks Ch. 06

 — Things come to a head between Luc and Sanaii. by huelust03/09/06

Behind the Masks Ch. 07

 — Luc and Sanaii make peace. by huelust03/10/06

Beijing Chicken...

 — ...and Southern Fried Duck: An American Gigolo in China. by TheRedChamber09/09/143.94

Being Blacked is Fabulous

 — I will never want anything else. by qualitywheat05/24/134.03

Being Bred

 — A continuation of my first BBC story. by gracesnowpaw02/03/154.24

Being Neighborly

 — Redheaded housewife gets to know black neighbor better. by chasseur1103/31/104.33

Being Neighborly Ch. 01

 — Black couple entertains jilted white lady neighbor. by Quentin Riley01/02/044.38

Being Neighborly Ch. 02

 — Calvin and Samantha have an encounter while Debbi's away. by Quentin Riley01/21/044.51HOT

Being Neighborly Ch. 02

 — Redhead's affair with blk neighbor continues. by chasseur1104/06/104.37

Being Neighborly Ch. 03

 — Black Couple "double team" their neighbor. by Quentin Riley03/10/044.59HOT

Belgian Chocolate

 — College Dean seduced by two Africans. by Seidah10/11/163.97

Believers Bible College... BBC Ch. 01

 — Jordan, along with mom and dad, become hosts for BBC. by hubbyhw10/13/164.29

Believers Bible College... BBC Ch. 02

 — The Miller family tryout begins. by hubbyhw10/20/164.25


 — Promoting business. by No Panty Girl11/01/064.12

Belinda Gets Black

 — The night hung over me like a cloak. by geronimo_appleby08/24/104.34

Bell Canada Employees in Ottawa

 — Black student and white businesswoman romance. by Samuelx12/23/112.82

Bell Canada Lovebirds

 — Black businessman is comforted by white female exec. by Samuelx12/24/112.50


 — The most fuckable fiancée. by urbanlove08/23/064.13

Ben Around Ch. 03

 — Ben and a black woman try each other out. by johnbaldwin111/07/134.39

Beneath the Stars Ch. 01

 — She finds herself among the 19th Century Lakota. by TheFairScribe02/02/124.53HOT

Beneath the Stars Ch. 02

 — A modern woman learns the Lakota way. by TheFairScribe02/15/124.73HOT

Bent Over in Wendover, Nevada

 — Husbands Hunt Deer. Mormon Wives Hunt Black in Wendover. by MormonChicks10/21/154.59HOT


 — Young exec's wife finds new black lover. by chloejacobs8301/01/134.28

Best Customer Service

 — It all started with a stupid printer. by BluMoonChild10/06/114.57HOT

Best Friend Joey's Sister Lilly

 — Young man is introduced to hot Latin anal sex. by tonysnow12/11/013.95

Best Friends

 — Longtime friends discover a new part of their relationship. by pervsrus02/12/154.16

Best Friends Ch. 01

 — Best friends become closer. by Serinitee06/01/094.62HOT

Best Friends Ch. 03

 — The story continues... by Serinitee06/10/094.61HOT

Best Friends Ch. 04

 — The conclusion. by Serinitee07/09/094.76HOT

Best Friends Girl

 — Breaking the Bro code, isnt that bad is it? by Shadowforce101/30/133.89

Best Friends Girl Ch. 02

 — What happens now? Is Roxy worth it? by Shadowforce101/15/144.35

Best Friends Girl Ch. 03

 — Moving on... Something's were not meant to last. by Shadowforce109/14/144.22

Best Friends Make the Best Lovers

 — Best friends take it to another level. by Dave252602/23/174.57HOT

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