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Lesbian Sex Stories

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My First Massage

 — A woman experiences several "firsts". by joan65810/14/094.60HOT

My First Night With Kate

 — Her first real encounter with a woman. by Free2bMe21804/19/033.78

My First Orgasm & Sexual Experience

 — Babysitter introduces her to womanly pleasures. by BiMary269111/27/014.09

My First Piercing

 — Her piercing fantasy comes true. by loveriddenkisses06/24/044.19

My First Pussy

 — She experiences her first time being bisexual. by eroticbr03/05/104.02

My First Seduction

 — How I seduced my best friend. by mandywilluk200010/06/044.40

My First Strap-On

 — My girlfriend introduced me to a new treat. by MaxiMounds01/18/114.44

My First Threesome

 — Shannon and Vicki enjoy an unexpected change in their sex. by PantyhoseFan08/19/023.92

My First Threesome

 — Three girls enjoy each other in a locker room. by notabutch03/11/064.19

My First Time

 — She finds her 'bi' side. by littleone2906/30/014.46

My First Time

 — Her first time with another girl. by susan208/15/013.52

My First Time

 — She gets her first taste of being a true slut. by y_u_m_m_y05/04/044.33

My First Time

 — First time experiences with a woman. by 666TheHeartless02/26/054.19

My First Time

 — First encounter with a woman. by enanareina06/23/034.15

My First Time

 — My first lesbian encounter. by cjnole09/23/153.83

My First Time

 — Young Girl has her first lesbian experience. by erosdreamer4106/25/174.28

My First Time

 — My first time with a girl ever. Confirmed my gay suspicions! by KarinnaLilla0205/11/184.28

My First Time Bi

 — Horseback ride leads to more. by alabamacowgirl6901/26/084.26

My First Time Post Cate

 — Time heals, moments reveal and a stranger's lips rekindle. by Nicolelabelle10/16/084.22

My First Time with Anni

 — A young woman's first time with a waitress. by litlover9107/13/144.44

My First Time with Anni Pt. 02

 — More fun with Anni. by litlover9107/25/144.47

My First Time with Another Woman

 — She finds lesbian love on the commuter train. by The_Good_Doctor04/06/064.43

My First Time with Brandi

 — Her gentle entrance in bi-sexuality. by Lexi_Lynn03/29/053.92

My First Time with Jess

 — First time she used a strap-on with a virgin. by julieshining07/08/054.13

My First Time with Lin

 — Black and Asian women come together. by blackbutterfly201109/09/114.28

My First Time with Two Women

 — I had sex for the first time with women. by Naughty_Chef109/08/154.24

My First was a Waitress

 — A curious married woman's first lesbian affair. by redhedgrl06/17/053.74

My First Week at College

 — They're not just roomates. by sparkle810/04/134.35

My First Woman

 — It takes bondage for me to discover my desire for a woman. by Buckiowa06/25/094.35

My First Woman

 — My first date with a woman turns really hot and spicy! by cloudynights09/25/144.03

My First Woman Ch. 1

 — A woman's first bisexual experience. by foxylady195407/08/024.25

My First Woman Ch. 2

 — She returns for more bisexual fun. by foxylady195407/13/024.55HOT

My Fortune Fucker Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky lesbian fantasy! by BarbieLez11/06/153.75

My Freshman Year Ch. 01

 — The story of how my girlfriend and I first met. by pjonkml10/31/064.36

My Freshman Year Ch. 02

 — Another story of my girlfriend and I. by pjonkml11/01/064.44

My Freshman Year Ch. 03

 — Games can be fun. by pjonkml11/24/064.45

My Freshman Year Ch. 04

 — She and her girlfriend skip class. by pjonkml02/07/074.40

My Freshman Year Ch. 05

 — She's so beautiful. by pjonkml03/05/074.56HOT

My Freshman Year Ch. 06

 — A nice way to wake up. by pjonkml03/08/074.53HOT

My Friend Jennie

 — She helps a friend through her troubled life. by patuk5405/12/053.76

My Friend Joana Ch. 02

 — A group of lesbians go on a double date. by Nicolas_De_Lenfant08/08/133.36

My Friend Sasha

 — Sasha and I get way too close. by penmckay9003/26/144.34

My Friend's Date

 — Jackie gets it on with friend's hot date. by Jenniebi2011/27/024.00

My GF; Fucking & How We Met

 — Thorough and dominant sex with my gf and the night we met. by LesbianChickLit07/03/134.61HOT

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 02

 — Shower sex! Teeg, Anon Sex, and some plot intermixed. by LesbianChickLit07/19/134.71HOT

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 03

 — End of 1 night stand, 1st w/GF, spanking & strapon sex. by LesbianChickLit09/14/134.80HOT

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 04

 — Strapon choice, strip poker teasing sex, moonlit fuck, &plot by LesbianChickLit11/04/134.85HOT

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 05

 — BD Sex, Pro Sex, Gym Sex, Trip Sex, and Bath Sex & plot. by LesbianChickLit03/07/144.81HOT

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 06

 — Sex in a Tub, RodeoHs, Tribbing, & Jenny the Confused Voyeur by LesbianChickLit11/26/144.77HOT

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 07

 — Semi-public teasing, striptease, spanking, girl sex, & plot. by LesbianChickLit02/23/184.80HOT

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 08

 — Handcuffed vibrating sex, facesitting, drunken sex, & plot. by LesbianChickLit03/01/184.79HOT

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 09

 — Wet sex, vibrating anal, jilling lesson, geeky sex, & plot. by LesbianChickLit05/07/184.91HOT

My Girl

 — The tale of a girl & her first love. by destinie2106/14/033.86

My Girl

 — A homeless girl breaks into a store and is changed for life. by Nhaima04/08/114.31

My Girl Ch. 02

 — Continued story of woman & her lover. by destinie2107/26/034.17

My Girl's Night in Fantasy

 — Best friends become lovers. by pinklilies05/04/144.22

My Girlfriend Lisa

 — Sometimes urges take over anywhere. by tracy1911/06/024.05

My Girlfriend's Friend

 — Three gals satisfy their frustration. by Vickymp11/15/054.30

My Girlfriend's Husband

 — A married woman asks her female lover to answer a question. by Relly01/20/103.99

My Girlfriends Sister and I

 — I realized that I had chose the wrong sister. by Lezbiana07/03/134.28

My Girlfriends Sister and I Ch. 02

 — Happiness was far from where she thought she found it. by Lezbiana10/14/134.52HOT

My Girlfriends Sister and I Ch. 03

 — Confession Secrets and hatred will this tear new love apart. by Lezbiana09/23/144.35

My Gold Coast Experience

 — Straight woman is seduced by her female real estate agent. by Amanda P05/12/014.50HOT

My Graduation Present Ch. 01

 — 5 lesbians go on a road trip to celebrate Brooke's graduation. by BrookeLez2209/29/094.41

My Greatest Fantasy...

 — Husband comes home to a pleasant surprise. by Runner01/31/014.09

My Guardian Angel Pt. 01

 — She was lost but then find herself. by silverace109/13/054.48

My Guardian Angel Pt. 02

 — Her learning continues. by silverace109/24/054.43

My Gynecologist Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky gynecologist fantasy! by BarbieLez02/04/143.60

My Halloween Sex Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky Halloween sex fantasy! by BarbieLez11/08/143.62

My Harem of Older Men Ch. 05

 — Experienced woman CAN really give a girl the HOTS. by Amyfriend07/30/064.33

My Hero

 — Raven saves a damsel in distress. by littlepoof12/17/034.19

My High School Reunion

 — Former classmates discover each other. by ladyeroticwriter05/10/034.20

My Horniest Encounter

 — Amy made a night in truly special for me. by leeann0901198012/19/054.40

My Hot College Roommate

 — How I listened, watched, and had sex with Dee in college. by kerryp10/11/174.72HOT

My Hot Fantasy

 — Secretary subbie gets surprise from Mistress at work. by SwtGrnApplCandy12/19/034.30

My Hot Neighbours Ch. 01

 — My neighbours. by bouncingboobs02/28/153.23

My Hot Neighbours Ch. 02

 — Jake's girl. by bouncingboobs12/11/153.95

My How They Grow Ch. 04

 — My wife goes shopping again. by luvtoread_66011/23/064.45

My Husband's Affair

 — I didn't know the truth of it! by qualitywheat02/11/113.78

My Husband's Sexy Mom Ch. 2

 — Husband's mother seduces his neglected wife. by humpty01/14/024.59HOT

My Husband's Sexytary

 — Secretary makes a housecall of sexy wife. by kellygirlaj04/05/093.96

My Ideas of Heaven

 — Cloe's first camping holiday in years. by jayrs08/21/164.48

My Idol, My Lover

 — She finds her first Lesbian Lover, her long time Idol. by Molly_Hart07/19/134.25

My Incest Fantasy Pt. 01

 — A quick and kinky incest fantasy! by BarbieLez10/14/143.80

My Incredible Gift

 — A loving husband gives his wife what she's always wanted. by altosaxjazz08/15/104.29

My Indian Maid Arrives in Delhi

 — Stranger pussy licking in a Bus / Lesbian sex with Sister. by Mnhb12/03/154.28

My Initiation

 — Her room mate initiates her to lesbian sex. by LadyJelli09/02/024.30

My Inspiring Lesbian Encounter

 — Our author confesses her own lesbian experience. by terminatrix9209/03/124.39

My Internet Sex Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky lesbian fantasy! by BarbieLez09/04/153.30

My Jenny Fantasy

 — Two horny women, assorted food, and fisting. by Hullo_nurse10/08/004.51HOT

My Job Interview

 — I got to job interview like no other. by MonicaJane696905/11/144.16

My Journal

 — A sexual awakening with a close friend. by fuckandrunLP02/23/063.53

My Journey So Far

 — A story of the 'There & Then' for the 'Here & Now' by sexyR203/17/123.96

My Kid Sister

 — She returns home after years away. by Paula Wilson07/16/033.95

My Kimiko

 — Her first female lover in college. by amylovesxoxo12/29/054.29

My Kinky Birthday Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky birthday fantasy! by BarbieLez05/02/144.12

My Kinky Camping Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky camping fantasy! by BarbieLez08/29/143.82

My Lactation Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky lesbian fantasy! by BarbieLez08/21/154.15

My Lady Boss Ch. 01

 — She starts her first job. by gen_man6907/01/074.43

My Lady Boss Ch. 02

 — A happy threesome at the office. by gen_man6907/02/074.42

My Lana

 — My long time email contact suddenly shows up. by Tantala09/21/114.69HOTContest Winner

My Last Summer at Home Pt. 01

 — Small town girls discovering their sexuality. by stifleurself09/21/153.96

My Last Summer at Home Pt. 02

 — Coming of age angst and fun for two small town girls. by stifleurself10/12/154.20

My Last Summer Before College Ch. 01

 — A trip to the county fair turns into a new discovery. by O207/25/133.87

My Last Summer Before College Ch. 02

 — Christine's car breaks down. by O207/28/134.58HOT

My Last Summer Before College Ch. 03

 — Christine comes home to confront Jolene and Maggie. by O207/29/134.57HOT

My Last Summer Before College Ch. 04

 — Christine changes majors. by O203/18/164.51HOT

My Left Hand - Ingrid's Story

 — Giving it up for love. by aslongasitfits01/21/173.78

My Lesbian Fantasy

 — Internet lovers meet for the first time. by ladyluv08/25/024.24

My Lesbian Ghost

 — First time lesbian sex w/ ghost. by mikelover9208/16/154.41

My Lesbian Journey Ch. 01

 — Follow Tressa's journey of finally staying true to herself. by cumdrippa9304/03/164.18

My Lesbian Roommates

 — How I found out the truth. by wife2hotblk12/10/093.07

My Lesbian Seduction

 — I lose my girl on girl virginity with an older powerwoman. by tinaneesen06/13/134.62HOT

My Lexi Lust & Sexxi Lexxi Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky lesbian fantasy! by BarbieLez12/25/153.60

My Lingerie Shopping Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky lingerie shopping fantasy! by BarbieLez04/04/143.92

My Lingerie, Her Lingerie

 — The neighbor vists and matches my lingerie surprise. by grayshade11/04/124.64HOT

My Little Devil

 — An unexpected date with a friend by Shadow_Kyss07/30/054.59HOT

My Little Sister Comes Out

 — Girl learns about lesbian sex from her older sis and mother. by SweetAllie01/10/114.22

My Love

 — I awake to the sound of thunder. by LadyDon31711/02/133.93

My Lovely Leila

 — Close friend becomes her lady love. by Tawny T10/14/004.69HOT

My Lovely Roommate

 — A bad day made better. by YorEyzOnly07/16/034.52HOT

My Lovely Roommate: Sharing

 — Clarissa gets her loving. by YorEyzOnly09/22/044.54HOT

My Lovers' Fantasy Ch. 01

 — I get to fuck my lover's wife. by sweet_butterfly01/19/094.44

My Massage Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky massage fantasy! by BarbieLez02/04/143.70

My Masturbation Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky masturbation fantasy! by BarbieLez12/05/143.69

My Meeting

 — Innocent woman meets mature lesbian. by renee7701/15/114.31

My Metamorphosis

 — Change can be a good thing. by O209/09/174.41

My Mexican Adventure

 — Woman finds an unexpected thrill on holiday. by Pussyrider06/10/064.36

My Mistress, My Maid.

 — A society hostess is surprised by a temporary maid. by Cate08/05/073.84

My Modeling Session

 — She gets more than approval of clothes. by ARaynes02/02/023.97

My Name Is Heather

 — Love at first kiss. by RavenSSS04/25/104.51HOT

My Name Is Heather Ch. 02

 — Paula takes off all her clothes in the laundry room. by RavenSSS07/21/104.22

My Name Is Heather Ch. 03

 — Heather eats pussy. by RavenSSS07/31/104.35

My Name Is Heather Ch. 04

 — Heather and Paula purchase a sex slave. by RavenSSS08/06/104.36

My Name Is Heather Ch. 05

 — Dawn takes Cynthia's hymen. by RavenSSS08/12/104.37

My Naughty Neighbor Fantasy

 — A quick and kinky lesbian fantasy! by BarbieLez10/02/153.78

My Neighbor's Wife Ch. 02

 — A dildo replaced her tongue. by Mikkella06/02/063.48

My New Angel

 — Billie gets bettered. by karneslittlekitten02/05/184.05

My New Assistant

 — She shows me the joys of women licking women. by winter2bblue05/26/094.59HOT

My New Assistant Ch. 02

 — I can't get enough of her pussy once I crossed the line. by winter2bblue06/25/094.65HOT

My New Assistant Settles In

 — Adian & I are caught but find a new playmate. by winter2bblue02/18/104.50HOT

My New Best Friend

 — Chat friends meet for lunch. by silent_muses11/16/013.92

My New Castle Ch. 4

 — Rebecca has on old friend help with a gift. by captivate12/17/014.25

My New Girlfriend

 — A woman finds love where she did not expect. by AGeerling09/09/094.40

My New Job Ch. 01

 — I begin my new job as a maid for Ms. Miller. by openyourheart02/26/174.22

My New Job Ch. 02

 — Mistress catches us in the act and we're punished for it. by openyourheart03/06/174.47

My New Lesbian Friend

 — A new friend turns out to be more than just fun. by Hunter_Johnson04/22/144.03

My New Life

 — A housewife starts on a new journey. by Mysteria2704/30/174.14

My New Life: A Lesbian Love story

 — Suppressed college girl falls for older lover. by cherieee09/21/114.43

My New Lover Ch. 01

 — Rendezvous of a young woman and her mature lesbian lover. by BittyBear09/26/114.21

My New Neighbor

 — A hot 21 year old moves next door. by nnlmufco7710/04/114.24

My New Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Tammy and Nicole continue their affair. by nnlmufco7710/22/114.45

My New Neighbour

 — A Pakistani beauty. by qualitywheat01/29/114.22

My New World

 — My journey to becoming a bisexual woman. by Catmoore10/31/104.63HOT

My New World – My First Affair

 — My return to being a lipstick not a les! by Catmoore12/12/104.43

My New World Deeper In

 — A heavier induction into second time lesbian sex. by Catmoore11/13/104.54HOT

My New World Going Even Further

 — Going too far, I'm gang raped by three women. by Catmoore12/06/104.04

My New World; The Seduction

 — A lesbian holiday romance, where I seduce Karla. by Catmoore12/15/104.62HOT

My Night at Les Ms

 — Woman's first visit to a lesbian bar. by B_Happy06/19/034.58HOT

My Night of Lesbian Passion

 — My first experience of lesbian sex (I'm straight). by SueJones08/07/144.27

My Night Out

 — Mistress told me to meet her at a bar... by angeleyes196501/10/153.80

My Night With Another Woman

 — Friends find each other to be sexually attractive. by 77roses11/18/124.06

My Night with April

 — She & April could not hold back their passion. by kala2509/19/054.60HOT

My Night With The Neighbor

 — Innocent college teen and her hot older neighbor. by Innocentone102/09/144.11

My NY Princess

 — She goes to town on pen-friend in NY. by Lassie12/01/034.14

My Old Flame

 — Meeting her old girlfriend brings back memories for Susannah. by Pussyrider01/26/084.70HOT

My Old Flame Ch. 02

 — Can Susannah and Jack re-light the flame? by Pussyrider02/07/084.75HOT

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