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Loving Wives Stories

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A Bet to be Paid Off

 — His wife has to pay off a bet one way or another. by Agoodman95407/06/084.29

A Better Man than I Deserve

 — Wife is blindsided by girlfriend. by EMiamiRiverRat04/14/123.51

A Better Offer

 — My wife didn't come home after she got a better offer. by miedsal01/05/123.95

A Better Teaching Method

 — Joanne makes her class much more interesting. by English Bob04/27/013.95

A Big Addiction

 — Some fantasies are just too big. by jawanaut01/31/154.02

A Big Addiction Ch. 02

 — All good things must come to an end. by jawanaut04/04/153.33

A Big Birthday Treat

 — Wife finds an especially 'big' birthday gift for her husband. by libidinal02/25/094.43

A Big Change

 — From a typical housewife to a new more confident woman. by Wbeach201208/01/144.17

A Big Mistake...or Not?

 — Wannabe cuckold's fantasies fulfilled. by llieno03/14/103.64

A Big Mistake...or Not? Ch. 02

 — Wannabe cuck watches wife fucked for first time. by llieno03/23/104.24

A Big Surprise

 — He gets more than he bargained for with wife's new toy. by roughdraft06/16/083.86

A Bill I Couldn't Pay

 — Wife Jenny finds a good way to pay a tax bill. by English Bob08/19/014.05

A Birthday Massage

 — A man arranges an massage for his wife, then she tells all. by Compulsive_Fornicator11/23/123.60

A Birthday Party for Maria

 — Trip to birthday party fulfills a fantasy and then some. by exjock04/06/083.89

A Birthday Party for Maria Pt. 02

 — Adriana, Maria, and me. by exjock04/22/084.23

A Birthday Present for Alan Ch. 00

 — Frustrated wife finds a Master. by rle_fix8d04/21/084.04

A Birthday Present for Alan Ch. 01

 — Frustrated wife brings Master home. by rle_fix8d04/22/084.12

A Birthday Present for Alan Ch. 02

 — Alan meets Beth's Master. by rle_fix8d04/23/084.07

A Birthday Present for Alan Ch. 03

 — Beth finally gets what she needs. by rle_fix8d04/24/083.68

A Birthday Present for Matt's Wife

 — Amanda feels desperate for oral on her birthday. by Mz_minx01/08/094.22

A Birthday Present For Two

 — They celebrate with menage a trois. by Rebecca10/02/004.26

A Birthday Story

 — He makes his wife feel young again. by Dutchboy10/15/003.72

A Birthday Story

 — His wife celebrates her 40th birthday. by ChucknWNC02/10/014.00

A Birthday Surprise

 — Wife becomes bar slut for a night. by Don Beck02/08/044.27

A Birthday Surprise

 — Loving wife surprises her husband on his birthday. by Phantom_Wolf02/11/044.05

A Birthday Surprise

 — A night of experimentation with Asian waitress. by mrsupe03/16/094.39

A Birthday Surprise

 — Loving wife gives him a present he will never forget. by buddingsecrets03/30/123.95

A Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

 — It was a birthday surprise, just not for him. by Slirpuff07/23/094.42

A Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

 — The ending to his birthday nightmare. by Slirpuff08/03/094.00

A Birthday Threesome

 — A special surprise for his birthday. by dizzyangel01/10/134.42

A Birthday Threesome – And More!

 — He knew just the present for her. by SimonSays107/07/044.43

A Birthday to Remember

 — Wife gives her overworked husband a birthday for the ages. by nohbdy2707/07/104.41

A Bisexual Cucumber Salad Ch. 2

 — Bi wife shares her female lover with husband. by MysticSwing09/20/014.38

A Bit of Beach Fun

 — A man finds enjoys a cheating married woman. by bawdybloke08/09/143.85

A Bit of Deception

 — Wife fucks my best friend. by dateingagain03/03/113.89

A Bit of Deception, But That's OK

 — Wife fucks my best friend, Part II. by dateingagain03/04/113.59

A Bit of Fun Equals Shattered Lives

 — Bride-to-be stars in a sex video - and her betrothed sees it. by statestreet03/22/133.95

A Bitch and Her Husband

 — Hitchiker gets ride from couple. by English Bob12/23/004.18

A Bitch Called Lene

 — Husband arranges for wife's humiliation. by English Bob12/10/003.85

A Bitch is Made

 — She turns into a bedroom bitch for her husband. by chatbug11/03/064.12

A Bitch That Needs To Be Used

 — Husband & wife follow orders of their hired help. by English Bob07/06/014.22

A Bitter Woman

 — Bob, Lisa & Jillian get their own back on Richard. by English Bob10/27/014.08

A Bizarre Twist

 — Where does fantasy end and reality begin? by HonestMan12/08/153.46

A Black Black Christmas

 — Wife gives so Husband can receive. by PuttyHund12/08/024.22

A Black Door Swings Open

 — A wife's first opportunity to enjoy interracial sex. by oldfogey03/22/024.41

A Black Educator

 — Cathy and hubby get an education from Joel. by English Bob04/23/014.08

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 09

 — A Debt Paid: Abby get creative about getting even. by Tx Tall Tales10/25/084.72HOT

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 10

 — Basic Training: Abby invites Krista over to play with Alex. by Tx Tall Tales11/11/084.66HOT

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 12

 — The Good Neighbor: quiet weekend ends with a new friend in the mix. by Tx Tall Tales07/24/094.68HOT

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 13

 — Misty for lunch, with the wife's approval. by Tx Tall Tales09/11/124.70HOT

A Blast From The Past

 — Frustrated wife meets a past would-be lover. by DarkVentures10/03/013.90

A Blowjob Contest

 — Swinging couples go head-to-head. by Larry Taylor10/15/004.32

A BMW & a Pair of Green Panties

 — Hot phone sex and an even hotter red head make a man drool. by KillerMuffin10/13/014.50HOTEditor's Pick

A Boating Gang-Bang

 — May & John have a surprise for sailor Jack. by English Bob03/26/014.09

A Body Build for One

 — Unexpected things happening at his girlfriend's place. by Medivh07/16/153.84

A Boilerplate Rendering Ch. 01

 — A conversation about loss. by TheUnoriginalist02/20/144.37

A Boilerplate Rendering Ch. 02

 — Putting one foot in front of the other. by TheUnoriginalist02/21/144.59HOT

A Boilerplate Rendering Ch. 03

 — I'm going to Disneyworld. by TheUnoriginalist02/25/144.52HOT

A Bolt of Lightning, A Husband's Thunder

 — His unusual power discovers wife's cheating. by Sfbullrider09/09/144.20

A Bored Mother's Tale

 — Middle-aged mother is seduced by playboy colleague. by loverboy205307/02/023.75

A Born Slut

 — Wife & friends surprise kidnapper. by English Bob05/20/014.05

A Borrowed Wife

 — Chris shares his wife with his best friend. by English Bob05/12/014.32

A Bottle of Wine

 — Wife & friend get drunk and share husband's cock. by bigcanuck01/17/084.21

A Box of Delights

 — Tom & Karen get a special delivery. by Mercurio01/27/013.96

A Boyhood Dream

 — Janet and Tom put on a show for hubby. by English Bob03/31/014.11

A Break From Routine

 — Hubby ties up wifey. by An80sAngel10/15/003.87

A Break in a Marriage

 — Sometimes relationships that should be solid, suffer. by c1992w09/06/16

A Breezy Afternoon

 — Weather has an effect on Rachel & Eric. by English Bob06/08/024.01

A Brief and Dangerous Liaison

 — A story of lust overcoming common sense. by Bazzza06/09/054.12

A Brief and Dangerous Liaison Ch. 02

 — Gracie's confession and punishment. by Bazzza06/25/053.91

A British Invasion

 — British mom and daughter Enjoy Vermont vacation. by tantric_explosion04/10/084.30

A Broken Car

 — Loving wives sharing a car. by Pangolin2u04/13/124.22

A Broken Man

 — Alison uses a girlfriend to complete hubby's training. by English Bob04/07/013.53

A Brother In Law With Benefits

 — A wife and her young brother in law. by mannydcamp02/29/044.51HOT

A Brother In Law With Benefits Ch. 02

 — A friendship between a wife and her brother in law. by mannydcamp03/28/044.48

A Brother's 'Love'

 — My brother moves in to my home and into my wife. by fdkman26207/22/074.03

A Brother's Duty

 — Dying man and wife ask his brother for a favor. by Paul Yearwood08/09/024.43

A Brother's Duty Ch. 2

 — Tony dies and Diana dreams of him. by Paul Yearwood08/13/024.36

A Brother's Duty Ch. 3

 — Diana turns to Larry after dreaming of sex with Tony. by Paul Yearwood08/15/024.50HOT

A Bubble Bath Warm-up

 — True love and hot desire. by Brandy Chase03/01/02

A Bundle of Wild Cards

 — His wife has been having an affair. by hansbwl11/22/074.17

A Bundle of Wild Cards - Epilogue

 — One readers ending and my own. by hansbwl11/11/103.81

A Burglary

 — Couple returns to find they've been robbed. by English Bob11/15/003.87

A Bus Gang Bang

 — Hubby plans to satisfy bus driver's needs. by English Bob11/15/004.10

A C&W Song in the Key of Life 00 Complete

 — The unbroken version. by A_Bierce03/02/184.38

A C&W Song in the Key of Life Pt. 01

 — Dog died, pickup trashed, what's next? by A_Bierce02/20/184.28

A C&W Song in the Key of Life Pt. 02

 — Road Warriors gotta last longer than 8 seconds. by A_Bierce02/21/184.24

A C&W Song in the Key of Life Pt. 03

 — A friend in need ain't worth none in the bush. by A_Bierce02/22/184.36

A C&W Song in the Key of Life Pt. 04

 — Who the hell drinks beer with Skittles? by A_Bierce02/23/184.18

A C&W Song in the Key of Life Pt. 05

 — Grace, Slick, and La Coneja Blanca. by A_Bierce02/24/184.05

A Cabin By The Lake Ch. 01

 — Couple experiences a second woman for the first time. by desertkat02/01/084.46

A Cajun Hotwife Memory

 — She services a stranger, & her husband likes it. by Sir Edward05/18/074.17

A Cajun Hotwife Memory Ch. 02

 — A beautiful wife pleasures a visitor. by Sir Edward05/28/074.34

A Cajun Hotwife Memory Ch. 03

 — The beauty and passion of a Louisiana Hotwife continues by Sir Edward05/29/074.17

A Cajun Hotwife Memory Ch. 04

 — The final night with another man's wife. by Sir Edward05/30/074.42

A Call From My Wife

 — Long-distance group sex. by English Bob06/14/014.12

A Camping Getaway

 — A couple prepares for a hot camping weekend. by Campo11/19/104.20

A Camping Threesome

 — Unsuspecting husband watches wife fuck good friend. by Tender8610/27/074.12

A Capital Affair Ch. 01

 — When a Jewish Mother Goes Bad. by miskeivitch07/22/164.03

A Capital Affair Ch. 02

 — A Jewish mother does it all herself. by miskeivitch09/10/16

A Capital Affair Ch. 03

 — A Jewish Mother gets a desk job at the Embassy. by miskeivitch01/24/17

A Capital Affair Ch. 04

 — A Jewish Mother Gets the Whole Megillah & the Whole M'wamba. by miskeivitch06/10/17

A Capital Affair Ch. 05

 — A Good Jewish Mother Does a Mitzvah a Day. by miskeivitch10/26/17

A Capital in Eastern Europe 1

 — Career foreign service couple discovers new possibilities. by Wryter4712/27/014.28

A Captain for Evangeline Ch. 02

 — Evangeline pleasures husband & his friend Samuel. by Sedonia Guillone08/17/054.24

A Carnaval for Claire

 — Her trip to Rio opens a new world of experiences. by shapeshifter3705/24/054.18

A Case If Getting Even

 — James is punished for his nasty ways. by quutoo02/05/093.47

A Case of Self Defense

 — A courtroom thriller. by Rehnquist03/04/104.77HOT

A Case of Simple Neglect

 — After years of sexual neglect, she gets what she needs. by Mike Franklin07/07/084.29

A Casino Slut Pays In Kind

 — Jane & Frank have to cover their losses. by English Bob06/28/014.14

A Cautionary Tale

 — She lived her fantasy, life would never be the same. by zampa10/25/143.03

A Cautionary Tale

 — Me, my wife & her friend. But who gets left out in the end? by MI_guy05/16/143.94

A Cell Phone Call

 — A cheating wife story. by Just Plain Bob08/22/094.16

A Chain of Events Ch. 1

 — Daughter-in-law is caught masturbating. by Blueboy406/21/023.85

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