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 — He catches wife and plots his revenge. by Ray Dario12/02/002.93


 — A wife and her lover get caught in the act. by herrdrier08/27/153.39

Caught & Blackmailed Ch. 01

 — Wife is blackmailed into sex. by Bronnyard01/17/044.13

Caught & Blackmailed Ch. 02

 — Once just isn't enough. by Bronnyard01/18/044.10

Caught & Blackmailed Ch. 03

 — Adam warns Jane. by Bronnyard02/14/044.27

Caught & Blackmailed Ch. 04

 — She's blackmailed into sex. by Bronnyard02/26/044.10

Caught Again

 — A wife is caught cheating with the girl next door. by captainscarlett06/02/123.37

Caught at a Peep Show Ch. 02

 — Wife takes advantage of husband at peep show. by Anal Slave03/04/054.46

Caught At Parking Garage Sex

 — After wedding reception, a couple is caught by guard. by Loadedquill06/20/114.38

Caught by My Wife Ch. 02

 — Shocking changes continue as wife involves others! by VQsYesMaam07/22/104.17

Caught by the Past Ch. 01

 — Confession about me, my father in law and my brother in law! by Horny Lene10/28/103.89

Caught by the Past Ch. 02

 — My brother in law blackmailed me to have sex with me. by Horny Lene10/29/103.89

Caught Ch. 01

 — A sneaky cigarette leads somewhere totally unexpected by TarkaTheOtter04/28/143.77

Caught Cheating Pt. 04

 — Life changes, and people change with it. by Algonquin10002/09/173.38

Caught Cheating Wife

 — Slut wife toys with a reluctant neighbor who gets caught too. by ManWithTheBolt10/25/123.43

Caught in Action

 — Loving wife entertains and teases her guests. by marriedpervs07/07/043.87

Caught In The Act

 — Cheating wife must pay the price. by EagerB02/14/02

Caught in the Act

 — Pretty wife sucks off husband's colleague. by samandrews07/03/093.62

Caught in the Act

 — Heather surprises her husband working late one night. by Wayac06/13/104.15

Caught in the Act Pt. 01

 — A Husband Gets caught masturbating and his wife makes a deal. by pastmyprime2308/31/164.23

Caught In the Act: Cheating Wife

 — Housewife is caught by unsuspecting husband. by Lynns Husband06/25/022.98

Caught On Camera

 — She's blackmailed into submission for saucy snaps. by thebagimin11/19/014.11

Caught on Camera

 — Caught in the act by the wife when I tried some webcam fun. by miff6902/19/144.03

Caught on Tape

 — Wife leaves hot video for her husband. by Mr_Neb07/30/004.19

Caught Red Handed

 — Their love life was stale until he bought a toy. by DarkHearted11/25/043.93

Caught Red Handed

 — Internet porn leads to a powerful fantasy about his wife. by mr_slurpy04/15/083.99

Caught with Porn

 — My wife's reaction to my browsing history. by jon22702/21/134.10

Cause and Consequence

 — Wife has sex on holiday but it goes very wrong. by ali1bali09/28/133.32

Cavendish a Fine Cut for a Hot Wife

 — Ankle bracelet changes their marriage. by borcumriff04/14/123.57

Cavendish Gets His Pipe Polished #02

 — What happens when hubby Leaves it to Beaver? by borcumriff05/19/123.18

Celebrating with Our Roommate

 — I share my wife for the first time. by rod13303911/09/164.40

Celebrity Status Ch. 01

 — Cherie uses corporate casting couch to get where she wants by The Big Bopper10/03/133.76


 — The question was, "Do you know what she is doing?" by Just Plain Bob10/21/063.83

Center of Attention

 — Helping a wife fulfill a fantasy. by Azuldrgon04/18/063.99

Center of Attention

 — Short tale of a couple enjoying Dee. by HitchHikerJay201/15/113.98

Center of Attention: Cheating Again

 — Falling into the same pattern of fucking Russell. by cheatingwife10/01/093.27

Center of Attention: Getting Caught

 — This is the true story of the night I got caught cheating. by cheatingwife09/29/093.22

Center of Attention: Many Years Ago

 — This was the first time I cheated, but it was just a BJ. by cheatingwife09/26/093.79

Center of Attention: My Boss Ch. 01

 — My sexual experences with my boss. by cheatingwife10/04/093.68

Center of Attention: My Boss Ch. 02

 — This is more of me cheating with my boss. by cheatingwife10/19/093.60

Center of Attention: Terrible Things

 — The terrible ways I hurt my husband by fucking Russell. by cheatingwife09/30/093.00

Center of Attention: The First Time

 — My story of trying to be true to my husband, but failing. by cheatingwife09/25/093.81

Center of Attention: Today

 — A confession of a quick blow job today by cheatingwife09/28/093.81

Center of Attention: Wild Afternoon

 — A confession of the first time I fucked another man. by cheatingwife09/27/093.85


 — A buddy actually told him she was called the B-Hut slut. by Middleagepoet11/21/094.10

Certain Ideal Circumstances

 — The ecstasy and agony of a modern marriage. by Kennewickian11/09/053.97

Ch. 01: Threshold

 — Couple invites few friends over for the game. by Wilson Spalding01/16/054.44

Ch. 02 Herb's Dreams Get Real

 — Wife consents to be artist's model. by Bushman06/19/033.93

Ch. 03 Luscious Maturity

 — The consummation of a fifteen-year-long romantic dream. by Bushman10/28/023.84

Ch. 04: Going Deeper

 — Vacation continues; relationship grows; boobs are ogled. by Wilson Spalding04/29/054.21

Ch. 05: Full Contact

 — Couple invites friends. Game happens. by Wilson Spalding05/17/054.36

Ch. 07 A Quaker Lady Evolves

 — Slow but sure evolution of open marriage. by Bushman10/29/023.96

Ch. 08 Among Friends

 — The motivations of a voyeur husband. by Bushman06/19/034.00

Ch. 09 Marie's International Relations

 — Wife's infatuation with a grad student. by Bushman10/30/023.92

Chain of Events

 — Husband's criticism leads to broken vows. by Kathi08/29/053.59

Challenge Accepted

 — Husband & wife go on a date night and push their boundaries. by Wicked_Games08/25/174.11

Challenge Accepted, Anonymous

 — Cheating wife caught in a most spectacular way. by hansbwl04/26/064.13

Chamber Maid - My First Black Cock

 — My best sex ever. by FallenAngelLatina09/09/093.91

Chamber Maid's First Affair

 — Sex with co-worker. by FallenAngelLatina07/28/093.96

Champagne & Video

 — Wife tries out hubby's best friend. by Jimhere3711/14/014.19

Champagne Sipping Slut Bride

 — The Best Man gives the Bride a drink worth toasting with. by ButtFuckSlut07/29/123.90

Chance Encounter

 — Sub hubby gets more fantasy than he expected. by djonlothario04/05/143.83

Chance Encounter

 — A couple use a weekend away to explore the world of sharing. by tony09090911/01/154.47

Chance Encounter

 — My wife gets laid right before my eyes. by voyeurhubone106/01/163.77

Chance Encounter Ch. 01

 — Interracial cuckold unfaithful wife. by Miguel5904/30/103.77

Chance Encounter Ch. 02

 — After being with the Kenyan, Jean goes home. by Miguel5905/09/104.03

Chance Encounter Ch. 03

 — Jean tells C about the first half of her evening. by Miguel5905/15/104.18

Chance Encounter Ch. 04

 — Jean rewards her cuck and shares her feelings. by Miguel5905/16/104.11

Chance Encounter Ch. 05

 — Jean and C keep busy waiting for George to call. by Miguel5905/24/103.97

Chance Encounter Ch. 06

 — Jean and her cuck get ready for a night out. by Miguel5906/23/103.79

Chance Encounter Ch. 07

 — Jean and C run into someone from the past. by Miguel5906/26/103.91

Chance Encounter Ch. 08

 — Foreplay Cuck style. by Miguel5907/01/104.18

Chance Encounter Ch. 09

 — Jose summons Jean leaving C to reflect on their first time. by Miguel5907/10/104.05

Chance Encounter Ch. 10

 — Jean and C have the house to themselves. by Miguel5907/25/104.05

Chance Encounter Ch. 11

 — Before C he was Miguel; when Jean and Miguel met. by Miguel5908/24/104.12

Chance Encounter Ch. 12

 — Horny and lonely, temptation gets the better of Jean by Miguel5908/29/104.09

Chance Encounter Ch. 13

 — Miguel visits for the weekend, leaving none the wiser. by Miguel5909/12/103.88

Chance Encounter Ch. 14

 — Jean meets a real cowboy. by Miguel5909/23/104.22

Chance Encounter Ch. 15

 — Jean Says No. by Miguel5910/02/103.95

Chance Encounter Ch. 16

 — Jean and Miguel start down the cuckold path. by Miguel5910/08/104.03

Chance Encounter Ch. 17

 — Jean and Miguel share pillow talk and discuss marriage. by Miguel5910/15/104.10

Chance Encounter Ch. 18

 — Parking leads to a reunion with Leo. by Miguel5911/05/104.28

Chance Encounter Ch. 19

 — Dealing with Jean and Leo dating. by Miguel5911/06/104.00

Chance Encounter Ch. 20

 — Jean tells all. by Miguel5911/08/103.49

Chance Encounter Ch. 28

 — After the Party by Miguel5912/22/132.68

Chance Meeting at Big O

 — Bob meets a stranger at Big O Tires; big Os follow. by zenarcade09/09/164.37

Chandra's Dates

 — It was supposed to be for show. by Just Plain Bob03/17/073.17


 — Will a one time cheat change anything? by Anamuh09/22/092.53


 — A couple tries something new. by writer1250607/08/143.88


 — Her marriage destroyed - but she didn't want that! by justbobkc10/12/174.12

Change - More Change

 — The rest of Rob's story. by justbobkc11/21/173.95

Change For The Better

 — Prudish wife livens up her sex life. by oversexedandlovenit07/22/044.12

Change for the Better

 — A bored housewife and a handsome prince. by farawaytree10/12/133.02

Change in a Single Night

 — Wife's first experience with another man. by grumpapa12/02/133.62

Change in Plans

 — A wife plans a very special night for her and her hubby. by MajorManager04/22/154.26

Change is Good Ch. 01

 — Married couple looks to expand their playtime. by techsan06/11/054.14

Change is Good Ch. 03

 — Married couple contemplates further expansion of play time. by techsan06/19/054.23

Change of Heart

 — Julie is afraid to swap partners. by Captain Jack08/13/034.24

Change of Heart

 — A tale of learning, living, maturing, loving and losing. by darkdesires101/31/093.27

Change of Heart Ch. 02

 — Julie is consumed by her choice. by Captain Jack08/17/034.39

Change of Heart Ch. 03

 — Jack is surprised by the change in Julie. by Captain Jack09/30/034.35

Change of Heart Ch. 04

 — Julie loves the sex and Jack might be jealous. by Captain Jack10/20/034.33

Change of Heart Ch. 05

 — Swapping really is fun! by Captain Jack11/29/034.40

Change of Heart Ch. 06

 — Jack finds he loves the younger ones. by Captain Jack12/20/034.38

Change of Heart Ch. 07

 — Things continue to get better and better! by Captain Jack12/24/034.41

Change of Heart Ch. 08

 — Fun on the water is relaxing. by Captain Jack01/04/044.38

Change of Heart Ch. 09

 — Jack gets a surprise. by Captain Jack01/06/044.37

Change Of Life: The Return Ch. 01

 — Mandy & Shirley return from Mexican whorehouse. by NeedYou04/29/054.09

Change Of Life: The Return Ch. 02

 — They were running from the MX pimps now. by NeedYou04/30/054.17

Change Of Life: The Return Ch. 03

 — It was a great relationship. by NeedYou05/07/054.21

Change Of Life: The Return Ch. 04

 — Indian girl screamed as Billy shot his load. by NeedYou05/14/054.24

Change Of Life: The Return Ch. 05

 — Shirley comes home to Bud, but not to stay. by NeedYou05/23/053.99

Change Of Live

 — He really did try to behave, at least for awhile. by thornapple10/25/094.32

Change of Mind

 — Wife decides to play slut for a night. by DaddyO Wil04/02/044.34

Change of Plan

 — A chance encounter with another couple. by jenangelo01/09/124.16

Changed Wife Ch. 1

 — Wife discovers husband's philandering. by Surgeon10/15/003.87

Changed Wife Ch. 2

 — Gina helps Rosa transform by Surgeon10/15/004.24

Changed Wife Ch. 3

 — Rosa gets slut lessons. by Surgeon10/15/004.26

Changed Wife Ch. 4

 — Rosa introduces hubby to "nursie". by Surgeon10/15/004.29

Changing Destinations

 — Husband leaves for airport, then returns. by the Troubador04/23/044.39

Changing Fantasy to Reality

 — Husband "works out" a way to share his wife. by Beachsyrf12/11/053.64

Changing His Diet

 — Hubby enjoys a pie served with cream. by 99_percent_oral05/31/094.28

Changing Marriage Ch. 01

 — Tera makes a plan. by sm810009/30/114.13

Changing Partners

 — Friends decide to swap out. by standingstones02/03/134.12

Changing Partners

 — John goes with Lorraine and I go with Keith. by SharedSigne05/26/164.27

Changing Taste

 — Wife puts a new twist on old fantasy. by crazycamper08/24/054.12

Channel 1: Becky's Awakening of Me

 — Hot wife awakens neighbor. by midniterider02/11/024.08

Chantal: The Real Story Ch. 01

 — Will she really sell her body? by irxgbr09/15/054.31

Chantal: The Real Story Ch. 02

 — She becomes a common street prostitute. by irxgbr10/02/054.26

Chantal: The Real Story Ch. 03

 — We find a much better venue for her activities. by irxgbr10/10/054.25

Chantal: The Real Story Ch. 04

 — The career change is confirmed. by irxgbr10/19/054.21

Chantal: The Real Story Ch. 05

 — New experiences, mostly nice but all fun. by irxgbr10/26/054.27

Chantal: The Real Story Ch. 06

 — Yet more experiences, including Dogging. by irxgbr10/31/054.11

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