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Loving Wives Stories

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Church Friends Ch. 06

 — Gary & Charie recap the evening & taste the fruits. by Peter Duncan02/13/054.13

Church Friends Ch. 07

 — Penny thinks about last night in church. by Peter Duncan02/13/054.04

Church Friends Ch. 08

 — Penny's meets the man she will marry. by Peter Duncan02/26/054.09

Church Friends Ch. 09

 — John & Penny make love on their wedding night. by Peter Duncan02/28/054.17

Church Friends Ch. 10

 — Charie looks back at her obsession. by Peter Duncan03/06/054.24

Church Friends Ch. 11

 — Couples meet prior to second swap. by Peter Duncan04/01/054.26

Church Lady

 — Our first great sex. Without touching. by ConnieChatterly02/14/134.20

Church Picnic

 — She wanted some time alone. by Ashson10/04/173.41

Church Tales Ch. 4

 — He seduces the minister's sexy wife. by Jimilinden10/15/004.19


 — Swinging couple meets a younger man. by JamesSD08/22/054.11

Cindy & I Ch. 01

 — New wife needs to loosen up, leads to unintentional show. by Fredthecanuck12/27/094.48

Cindy & I Ch. 02

 — Naughty outfit for neighbor to see, a show in the garden. by Fredthecanuck12/28/094.52HOT

Cindy & I Ch. 03

 — Fishing with hubby and neighbor, will she catch the big one? by Fredthecanuck12/30/094.58HOT

Cindy & I Ch. 04

 — Wife and neighbor get much more friendly, shopkeeper arrives. by Fredthecanuck12/31/094.55HOT

Cindy & I Ch. 05

 — Orgasm in shower with neighbor, leads to returning favor. by Fredthecanuck01/02/104.61HOT

Cindy & I Ch. 06

 — Gorgeous grandchildren bedazzle and arouse naïve couple. by Fredthecanuck01/03/104.54HOT

Cindy & Nick

 — His wife dates a black friend. by tericd10/06/054.16

Cindy & Nick Ch. 02

 — Their second date. by tericd10/21/054.11

Cindy & Nick Ch. 03

 — Their third date. by tericd12/13/053.43

Cindy and Julie's Black Adventure

 — Co-workers venture out. by Cyndi4407/31/17

Cindy and the Big Fish

 — Cindy becomes the trophy while husband watches. by Joancdnj04/24/074.13

Cindy Goes Shopping

 — Cindy shops while she sucks cock. by samandrews08/13/044.28

Cindy Loosens Up

 — Innocent wife opens up to naughty pleasures. by caineabel205/15/034.30

Cindy Meets Young Neighbour

 — Cindy gets dressd in her PVC. by missbliss10109/10/034.24

Cindy Mine Ch. 01

 — A young wife's sexual adventures. by Chuckie01/15/054.22

Cindy Mine Ch. 02

 — A young wife's further sexual adventures. by Chuckie01/16/053.94

Cindy Needed It

 — Husband helps wife finds out what she needed. by Cyndi4409/12/174.23

Cindy the Slut

 — Hot wife teases and beyond. by NeilMc12303/08/174.16

Cindy's Business Trip

 — Wife deprived of sex takes matters into her own hands. by Cyndi4408/01/173.98

Cindy's Friends Ch. 01

 — Mark plans a weekend hike, to escape his cheating wife. by redice08/09/043.75

Cindy's Friends Ch. 02

 — Mark and Cindy renew their love for each other. by redice08/10/043.26

Cindy's Oral Talents

 — Sexy Cindy's talents get her husband a promotion. by samandrews08/01/044.38

Cindy's Photoshoot

 — Cindy visits a photo studio with Jamie. by missbliss10109/10/033.82

Cindy's Straying

 — Young wife and old boyfriend at company party. by randallangdon06/30/113.90

Cindy, Gary, & Scott Ch. 1

 — Wife Cindy enjoys her first threesome. by cynthiadianec01/27/024.00

Cindy, Gary, & Scott Ch. 2

 — Threesome phone sex goes to a new level. by cynthiadianec01/31/024.08

Cindy, Gary, & Scott Ch. 3

 — Threesome becomes real at last. by cynthiadianec02/07/024.17

Cindy, Gary, & Scott Ch. 4

 — Threesome becomes even more intense. by cynthiadianec02/08/024.16

Cindy, Gary, & Scott Ch. 5

 — Passion for 2, last in the Series. by cynthiadianec02/15/023.84

Cindy, Oh Cindy

 — Hubby gets even with cheating wife. by Charley_Ace05/11/014.07

Cindy: Lostwife

 — Husband loses wife to friend during poker game. by exmarine8512/16/024.15

Cinema Groping

 — Leads to the seduction of my wife. by TeamEquipe07/08/164.55HOT

Cinn's First Stranger Ch. 01

 — My sexy submissive hotwife takes the leap. by sinsnaps01/27/093.98

Cinnamon's Secrets Ch. 02

 — Cinnamon spends day out seducing a stranger. by CinnamonSweet01/04/054.19

Circle Ch. 01

 — A friend's wife liked his suggestion after all. by wordsinthedust05/28/074.50HOT

Circle Ch. 05

 — Becca has a threesome and plays matchmaker. by wordsinthedust04/12/084.47

Circle Ch. 08

 — Carl and Becca spend time together. by wordsinthedust08/30/084.47

Circle Ch. 09

 — After sex with her husband, Becca was waiting for him. by wordsinthedust09/07/084.37

Circle of Cuckolds Ch. 01

 — Wife lures hubby into a group devoted to Black-cuckolding. by Cucked_Hubby01/09/064.21

Circle of Cuckolds Ch. 02

 — Wife lures hubby into a group devoted to Black-cuckolding. by Cucked_Hubby01/10/064.16

Circle of Cuckolds Ch. 03

 — Wife lures hubby into a group devoted to Black-cuckolding. by Cucked_Hubby01/09/063.77

Circles of Gold Never End

 — What does it mean to lose your wedding ring? by Follyseer12/23/17

Circling the Drain

 — The end of a marriage from the cheating wife's viewpoint. by StangStar0612/23/104.38

CJ and Roy at Block Party

 — Neighbor enjoys CJ at pool party. by CJs_Hubby03/17/074.12

CJ Stories: Cowboy Up Ch. 01

 — CJ tells how she "cowboyed up" with a good friend. by CJs_Hubby11/12/084.13

CJ Stories; CJ Fucks Pat, 1st Time

 — Story of how CJ began a sex adventure with a neighbor. by CJs_Hubby10/04/144.09

CJ's Stories: Home Warming Present

 — CJ's first time with firefighter. by CJs_Hubby12/08/064.06

Claim It!

 — You can't claim what you don't own. by JLRemora211/25/14

Claim It! Pt. 02

 — Some things you don't want to claim. by JLRemora211/26/14

Claim It! Pt. 03

 — Then there are those things you wish you could claim. by JLRemora211/27/14

Claim It! Pt. 04

 — Others claim what belongs to another. by JLRemora211/28/14

Claim It! Pt. 05

 — Someone finally claims it. by JLRemora211/29/14


 — Was it seduction or was it romance? by ukresearcher04/28/153.38

Claire and Jimmy's Halloween Adventure

 — Jimmy tricks his wife, or does he? by RockyMountainMan211/02/173.85

Claire and Our Neighbor

 — An older, dark neighbor has some fun with the wife. by BenFitzhume12/31/074.32

Claire and the Bachelor Party

 — Fiance goes to bachelor party while Claire stays home. by wigwam2503/10/074.15

Claire at Work

 — Claire has an unexpected encounter with a co-worker. by wigwam2508/22/064.08

Claire Finds Her Orgasm Ch. 01

 — Husband lets his wife find orgasm w another man. by myerotica123403/25/124.07

Claire Finds Her Orgasm Ch. 02

 — Tension b/n Claire and Mark grows, where does Seth fit in? by myerotica123404/03/123.68

Claire Finds Her Orgasm Ch. 03

 — Seth gets his chance to play, but will Claire stay? by myerotica123404/04/123.42

Claire Meets Tom

 — Claire, an exhibitionist, is taken by Tom, with my help. by paulb8505/10/184.03

Claire Meets Tom Ch. 02

 — The next morning; Claire punished, Tom takes her again. by paulb8505/21/183.48

Claire Needs to Prepare

 — Claire submits to the Director. by paulb8505/21/173.72

Claire Needs to Prepare Ch. 02

 — Claire prepared for discipline and is then taken. by paulb8506/29/174.13

Claire Takes Part in a Film

 — Claire takes the main part in a film; but what a film! by paulb8506/14/183.48

Claire's Career Ch. 09: The Prostitute

 — Claire accidentally becomes a professional whore. by seth_perm08/08/114.52HOT

Claire's Cousin Ch. 01

 — Phone sex goes too far when a husband asks his wife to cheat. by JennyGently08/24/124.51HOT

Claire's Cousin Ch. 02

 — Husband helps pregnant wife sleep with baby's father.. again. by JennyGently02/26/134.33

Claire's Fantasy

 — She just keeps on getting naughtier. by nylonlover08/17/034.13

Claire's First Sensual Massage

 — My wife's first sensual massage goes further than expected. by DaemonForce12/30/144.30

Claire's There

 — Husband points out his wife to a friend. by Ashson05/07/134.05

Claire’s Encounters Ch. 01

 — Attorney wife does the summer intern at the office. by POFD06/02/083.95

Clandestine Rendezvous

 — Wife seeks the excitement of cheating on her husband. by masterfeedlarry09/15/123.48

Clara's Cuckold

 — One man's obsession. by Arhur Kay07/26/033.37


 — Seeing other sides of my wife. by Wonderlusting06/23/084.15

Clare Ch. 04

 — Clare plays more with the swim team. by frog302/07/053.82

Clarence and MIllie

 — She forgets that in marriage decisions are made by two. by hilarynhugo05/27/092.62

Clarence and Millie - Alternate Version

 — An alternate version. by Occamspiledriver03/26/114.14

Clarissa and John

 — This is the background of John and his very unfaithful wife. by NaughtyHubby08/10/023.59

Clarissa Gets Served

 — A Sheriff Pat Quinn Story. by soldierboy5040109/10/144.60HOT

Clarissa: Old Friend

 — Clarissa sends hubby out so she can seduce his friend. by NaughtyHubby08/09/024.17

Clarisse's Double Pussy

 — Ex-wife takes two cocks in pussy. by sharedxwife02/25/143.78

Clarisse, Nude Dancer

 — Wife and mother becomes stripper and prostitute. by sharedxwife02/26/143.72

Clarisse, Whore Wife

 — Slut-wife does sex parties. by sharedxwife02/26/143.73

Clark Kent or Superman?

 — Will his reaction be mild-mannered or forceful? by rpsuch01/22/054.55HOT

Classical Dancer's Show

 — Classical dance show turned erotic. by kvijaya50805/22/133.16


 — Wife sends hubby out so she can play with his black friend. by Likes Watching04/05/043.98

Claude's Punishment

 — A man is punished for his inattention. by polyphemus11/27/093.74

Claudia Runs On Empty

 — He sets sights on friend's married neighbor. by Dr. B Evil02/10/013.90

Claudia's Revenge

 — Wife gets even with a cheating husband - or does she? by Trapper ak Bobby12/26/05

Claudia's Trip To The Store

 — Claudia gets side-tracked trying to get a few groceries. by jdhorne06/07/133.75

Clean & Dirty

 — Married and still happy. by warpdog06/24/034.05

Clean Me

 — Wife goes too far. by weyland03/23/093.13


 — She's hot and bothered. by Txdelicatablegrl04/06/063.91

Cleaning Jennifer

 — I develop an appreciation for creampies and cuckoldry. by steelepen03/14/124.49

Cleaning up after Her Pool Boys

 — Willing cuckold services his horny wife. by milfleglover12/09/164.07

Cleaning Woman

 — Wife fills in for cleaner and leads to office sex. by NoPantiesTami11/22/16

Clear Conscience

 — Her husband can't know what his son is making her do... by watchingyou203/17/114.33


 — Was she cheating? by Britease12/11/134.00


 — This has the makings of a classic BTB story! by imhapless04/15/174.41


 — History does repeat, good guys can win, silver linings exist. by maninconn07/29/104.21


 — Cuckold hears his wife lock him out. by Paul Pines08/21/053.11


 — A photo shoot or threesome? by Jeanttesome03/20/114.02

Click the Link

 — Hacker duo tricks a mysogynist and his wife. by Lucifer_Carroll07/12/044.08

Client Satisfaction

 — Wife works hard to retain clients. by dtcouple02/26/064.09

Client Surprise Ch. 02

 — Salesman enjoys both wife and her husband. by 40yrman09/08/114.31

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

 — Hard working wife wants a promotion (the hard way). by SmithPortinoi12/29/074.25

Clinical Situation?

 — One way to start a family. by magmaman05/26/063.80


 — A 'Satyricon' for swingers too hip for the room. by codadown01/12/023.89

Clive Watches Samantha with Tony

 — Mature couple invite stud to help spice up their failing sex. by CLiveWebbUK02/16/084.04

Close Friends but Closer Buddies Ch. 01: Kate

 — A suburban wife's friend comes on to her husband. by fshnassman01/22/164.06

Close Friends but Closer Buddies Ch. 02: Scott

 — The wife's friend continues to come onto her husband. by fshnassman01/27/164.32

Close Friends Ch. 1

 — Husband admires neighbor; his dream comes true. by WeJaySal07/25/024.33

Close Friends Get Closer

 — An erotic flashback to the graduate school days. by IgnoreTheCold09/04/083.79

Closet Exhibitionist

 — Wife to be "accidentally" shows off which leads to a date. by doctoryes4808/05/154.18

Closet Exhibitionist Pt. 02

 — Wife showing off leads to more. by doctoryes4801/18/183.64

Closet Slut Ch. 1

 — Reluctant wife learns why working under the boss pays. by miss_cheevious101/21/024.36

Closet Slut Ch. 2

 — Closet is too confining: let real Maggie emerge. by miss_cheevious103/02/024.33

Closet Slut Ch. 3

 — Maggie finally accepts a new position. by miss_cheevious105/01/024.42

Closet Slut Ch. 4

 — Every slut should include facial in her morning rituals. by miss_cheevious105/12/024.32

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