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As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

 — Watching husband sleep gets her excited. by copper5003/05/043.94

As I Woke Up This Morning

 — With you on her mind. by Danolikes04/22/034.20

As Requested

 — You do it as he suggests. by AlanPacker04/24/053.96

As The Toys Turn

 — One women's journey into the realm of new toys. by noobwriter04/04/084.39

Aspiring Aspirations

 — A special man and his "conquests". by Middleagepoet12/25/092.11

At His Request

 — Maria performs at work for cyber lover. by brazenblaze01/27/013.98

At Daddy's Mercy

 — My Daddy-Dom tells me how to touch my self. by SerenityKMoon03/31/154.02

At His Command

 — Faraway seduction with mirror, brush and filthy words. by DonnaGeorgeStorey12/07/104.12

At Home, All By Myself Ch. 01

 — What I do when you're not around (male). by NoahBody12/14/083.68

At Home, All By Myself Ch. 02

 — Part Two of being home alone. by NoahBody12/15/084.50HOT

At Last

 — Internet couple finally meets face to face. by NotTheTongs09/18/094.12

At the Library

 — Girl gets off in a secluded nook of the college library. by PoignantPassion10/09/084.21

At Work with My Cock

 — A depraved tale of a guy who brings his cock to work. by kylewhitney09/15/063.85

At Work with My Cock Ch.02

 — A filthy pervert spies on the girl's locker room. by kylewhitney08/28/084.41

Audra Ch. 01

 — Audra readies her wick for a new flame. by de_scribe12/11/104.30

Audrey Makes Herself Wet

 — She experiences self pleasure on a canoe trip. by EroticaLawyer09/23/033.88

Aural Sex

 — Two Lit writers make it over the phone. by Captain Midnight08/07/073.86

Aurora Takes a Bath

 — Aurora rubs her horny, naughty clit. by lustylovedelilah09/10/133.35

Author Obsession

 — No one makes her feel the way that you do. by foofoo41609/14/054.65HOT

Auto AutoErotic

 — Learning the rules of the game of public masturbation. by pplayer04/23/083.79

Auto-Jac 2.0

 — The best way to cum while you go. by Bakeboss04/06/103.83


 — She's really horny. by TheEarl03/24/034.28

Autumn Morning

 — A husband cooks breakfast naked. by Deadwood12/04/073.70

Autumn's Window

 — Sexy redhead lets the perfect day seduce her. by Archer205004/06/094.33

Awake and in Need

 — Her self-pleasure wakes him and he takes over. by whiskylove01/02/163.98

Awake With On My Mind

 — Lonely girl has lover on her mind. by flutter_by07/04/034.35

Awakening My Denise

 — Paul awakens his lover pleasurably. by writedoctor06/22/104.21


 — She discovers a secret on sun holiday. by look_no_panties12/04/044.27


 — A heated call to home. by legALLiEblonde12/04/124.44

B - My Love

 — I cannot resist it. by b_lover11/16/084.00

Baby Chaos - Love Your Self Abuse

 — She describes how she likes to pleasure herself. by noisymother11/04/084.23

Baby, You Can Play While I Drive

 — Wife masturbates on the ride home. by blackpenblueink01/31/064.24

Babysitting with Benefits

 — A babysitter finds out her employers are kinky. by Darkforeboding12/01/114.24

Back at Work

 — We learn more of Curtis' attacker. by mscocklover11/19/044.18

Back to Work

 — First week on a new job, & she has to cum already! by Stephen7Redo10/06/093.90

Bad Babysitter

 — He comes home to find his sitter masturbating. by thisgirlistrouble12/26/134.47


 — He had them, and she wanted them. by Violette10/12/044.05

Bam, Lucy, & Bob Too

 — Lucy finds his 12" toy. by Bob Briton11/20/044.61HOT

Banana Fun at the Office

 — Find out about another use for that banana in your lunch. by wife2hotblk10/20/093.22

Banana Split

 — Fun with fruit in the college cafeteria. by Anne_Onymous08/04/012.77

Bananas are Fun!

 — Masturbation in the bath. by JuicyLemons03/08/093.67

Bank Holiday Extra Treats

 — She's behaved so well he lets her have fun. by four9twelve06/07/154.09

Bar Story

 — Guy meets girl, and her toys. by USMC7510/08/004.03

Barely Touching

 — A touch in the night... by ShadowWhisper07/08/084.20

Baseball Fan

 — Making use of the nosebleed section. by sassylassy8204/18/124.32

Bath of the Senses

 — Open air bath on secluded mountaintop leads to pleasure. by caterwauller12/17/054.51HOT

Bath Play

 — A woman playing at her bath time. by luvs2cuddle01/31/093.78

Bath Sheba

 — In ancient Jerusalem a woman is spied upon by a mystery man. by Emma1994UK09/17/124.41

Bath Time Fantasy

 — Fantasy and masturbation while relaxing in the tub by daisygirl_196207/08/032.89

Bath Time for Two

 — Romantic bath for two. by Wish4me04/04/054.36

Bathe with Me

 — She thinks of secret lover in the tub. by AnxietyAttack15006/22/033.40

Bathroom Fantasy

 — My imagination runs wild with my new coworker as its pawn. by letsgofucksome_honeybuns07/27/143.61


 — Self-exploration leads to new heights of pleasure. by katiekums05/19/024.19

Bathtime Fun

 — Playing with myself while imagining fun with you. by littlegirlnaughty08/02/114.15

Bathtub Storytime

 — Cyber friend sends an erotic story to man. by marleymusic200211/05/064.06

Batteries Not Included

 — A group of women turn up the heat at a toy party. by Dakota_North10/24/034.52HOT

Battery Operated Orgasm Device

 — Friends and a Toy. by jjcole10/29/084.36

Baumgartner Generations: Henry Ch. 02

 — Henry and Libby get closer; bit of fraternity hazing by Selena_Kitt11/15/104.15

Baumgartner Generations: Henry Ch. 03

 — The fraternity hazing continues. by Selena_Kitt11/16/104.43

Be Careful What You Text

 — Nasty text messages can be a kick in the nuts. by CanIwatch01/01/083.33

Beach Beer Run

 — In her haste, she leaves the cooler behind. by fishnfool05/13/154.38

Beach Beer Run - Sequel

 — The morning after. Rona returns for more. by fishnfool07/11/154.47

Beach Buddies

 — A quickie while lying out at the beach. by hblocalgrl11/27/154.11

Beach Foursome

 — Four friends have a beach masturbation party. by lstorywriter03/04/124.38

Beach Goddess

 — Sometimes visions are real. by the_shires12/03/164.25

Beach Vacation

 — Lonely guy gets lucky. by jakkinmd09/21/033.62

Beachy Keen Pt. 01

 — 18 yr old Roxanne getting sensual in the shower. by pistachiobabe04/08/174.00

Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 01

 — Mutual masturbation is better than cheating - isn't it? by Carnevil905/15/104.30

Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 02

 — Donny and Jane play a game of "Semen Says". by Carnevil906/26/104.42

Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 03

 — Donny and Jane share a trip down Mammary Lane. by Carnevil905/04/124.45

Becky Ch. 01

 — She begins to find out just who she really is. by Many Feathers08/01/114.23


 — Girl finds excitement in her small apartment. by SsWeEnEsTation07/24/054.55HOT


 — Nurses Sherry and Mary help Tom out. by Pirate Tregare12/13/044.17


 — He remembers your cyber encounter. by cowboy_witch06/30/064.43

Bedtime Story

 — She lies in bed, overcome by erotic fantasies. by Madelyn09/21/094.50

Been So Horny

 — My masturbation recitation and follow up. by jy5501/06/164.33

Before Broke Oak: Santa Cruz

 — An experience that happened long before I moved. by lpmsa12/18/074.20

Before Cable, There Were Neighbors

 — Busty woman helps educate naive 18-year-old. by Tdisk01/08/154.14

Behind Bookcases

 — Books are a wonderful way to take someone away. by thecorruptedteacups06/04/154.30

Behind the Night

 — Anal self-love & narcissism cure insomnia. by obscured12/25/044.15

Behind the Rink

 — A short story of mutual masturbation. by D_rwc02/10/124.28

Behind the Story

 — Dru finds excitement with a fan. by Goldeniangel06/11/074.48

Belated Birthday Treat

 — Best birthday gift. by Kittehc06/02/154.07

Bella Dona Ch. 01

 — We meet the neurotic Bella Donna. by CrazyOldLady02/04/083.67

Bella's College Experience Ch. 01

 — A lonely but gratifying night for a freshman. by christalena2712/06/044.42

Ben & Pam Ch. 02

 — Pam awoke early on Wednesday... by red99m209/06/104.32

Ben's Carnal College Calling Ch. 01

 — Ben leaves home and finds a surprise from Kaylee. by PussyPirate201012/19/123.93

Bend Over Boyfriend

 — Boyfriend takes a pounding from Mistress's new toy. by Sweetblood0301/10/124.30

Best Friends Become Closer

 — A pair of college girls share a night of self-pleasure. by racer25200009/28/094.24

Best Friends Ch. 02

 — Wife continues to share hubby's ass. by ILuvAnal03/29/034.47

Best Friends Ch. 03

 — Link-by-slippery-link I fed the chain past her swollen lips. by ILuvAnal06/09/034.57HOT

Best Served Warm and Buttered

 — When food and sex intersect. by Marshtickledkitty09/17/074.19

Beth and Rich

 — Wife's play with cucumber leads to better marriage. by Bluepen45110/07/134.61HOT

Beth Finds Magic

 — Cindy proves that she is Beth's best friend. by Lizzy_Beth_2607/13/054.46

Beth Improvises

 — She really loves vegetables. by MaxM_8001/13/013.75


 — A first person narration of self-indulgence with a twist. by Inandoutcast11/17/154.23

Better than Mommy?

 — Roleplaying, cucumbers, anal sex. A perfect evening. by Sean Renaud02/10/103.95

Better The Devil You Don't Know

 — The evening takes an unexpected turn. by brad_x200105/06/023.60


 — My wife asks me why I masturbate so much by susurrus01/05/124.35

Betty Ch. 1

 — She can't stop playing with herself. by Story_Guy0001/15/013.81

Betty's Busy Fingers

 — Betty gets herself off with story & Big George. by Boxlicker10101/16/044.02

BFF's That Slime Together

 — Ripley discovers her BFF kinky side and wants to play too. by Bookbinder03/06/154.10

Bicycle Seat

 — While fantasizing, she fucks her bike. by iluvmybike06/08/033.62

Big Black Dildos Emily and Me

 — Emily and I play with dildos in unexpected ways. by goldmaster78901/20/133.89

Big Tit Desire Ch. 02

 — She succumbs to the newfound eroticism of her body. by RachealKw04/17/114.22


 — Susie and her battery operated boyfriend. by PrincessErin02/10/084.12

Billy Ch. 02

 — Stu returns to Pittsburgh where his life will change. by thecelt06/22/074.41

Billy's New Trick

 — Billy's boredom leads to him learning a fun new trick! by emmajordan9003/15/114.27

Birthday Cake

 — Regina's wild sex drive. by DrFreud02/10/053.95

Birthday Surprises

 — A surprising turn of events after a birthday party. by mjbarbag01/14/093.96

Birthday Treat

 — Older women masturbates a younger man. by bruce467206/30/103.97

Birthday Vibe Surprise

 — Surprise vibe for birthday dance outing. by Ginger_Sun07/04/144.17

Black Couples Love Tranny Girls

 — Black tranny does Haitian man while girlfriend watches. by Samuelx03/02/132.75

Blinddate: Arrival

 — You never know what a blinddate will give you. by CND09/15/044.44


 — You push my limits with a sexy new purchase. by TigerTigerBurningBright09/22/164.06

Bliss Of Hair: The Interview

 — What kind of job does this interview lead to? by erotiqg04/20/093.76

Blog 01

 — Somewhat randy rambling. by auslit01/06/103.91


 — Coed achieves orgasm for the first time. by sereneflutist01/11/074.28

Blurred Lines

 — The line between dreams and reality can become confused... by tigerslittleprincess01/06/144.33

Boat Ho Ch. 03

 — Alex weens herself back on men by using a dildo. by rckplsky05/04/104.09

Bobby's Babysitter

 — The boy she cared for has grown up. by 0ra11yfix8ed03/15/164.08

Bobby's Babysitter Ch. 02

 — Bobby's story. by 0ra11yfix8ed03/21/163.77

Body Swap

 — Shelby and Jack swap bodies. by horny223301/15/174.54HOT

Body Swap Ch. 02

 — Shelby and Jack swap bodies. by horny223301/26/174.58HOT

Bold, Once

 — David summons courage, and Rit responds. by Floyd_Bariscale07/18/104.17


 — Femdom female voice wanted. by nadeemalim11/14/082.76

Bonnie from Clyde Side and Her Friends

 — Four young ladies teach a pest a lesson. by joulie08/14/124.38

Bored While Waiting

 — She decides to make a film while waiting for her lover. by mamacitag1003/06/104.09

Bottle of Michelob

 — Convenient implement serves as flaccid penis substitute. by Hornyman69WithU04/15/073.69

Bottom Drawer

 — Lingerie can be sexier than she thought. by bayoujuju08/15/063.53

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 01

 — Brad gets ready for his trip by making a new friend. by SpotInTheSand07/03/074.63HOT

Bradley's Virgin

 — She has some fun without her man. by penguindance07/21/024.08

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