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Coming of Age Celebration

 — Older guy & younger woman grow close. by Pleezer4U12/21/044.51HOT

Coming Of Age Ch. 02

 — Evan hoping she still wants to be his first. by Limbhugger10/06/034.72HOT

Coming Of Age Ch. 03

 — They explore more than just their bodies. by Limbhugger12/13/034.71HOT

Coming of Dawn

 — British woman meets American pilot during WWII. by Mystery_Meat10/05/154.53HOT

Coming to an Understanding

 — What can you learn about yourself, and another? by humantouch05/26/134.53HOT

Coming to Mother's Aid

 — Teenage daughter seduces older men to help Mom. by eroslit09/07/104.64HOT

Command Performance

 — Older woman seeks pleasure from Husband's employee. by tantricjim04/26/154.64HOT


 — Upon son's graduation, man recalls his college days. by Penelope Street08/25/054.70HOT

Commentary on a Faithful Backstop

 — Whem mothers are unable to cope. by egmontgrigor201005/26/103.78

Community Service

 — A community meeting with adultery as an extra pleasure. by Ausgirl6612/17/174.26

Community Service

 — Giving back can have some hidden benefits. by Ann Douglas10/15/174.54HOT

Community Service

 — Young man gets special counselling from Pastor's wife. by ilikeithot630811/04/174.76HOT

Community Service at the Courthouse

 — She has work to do at court. by hotncmom05/03/044.49

Community Service Courtroom Ch. 01

 — Young lady changes the meaning of community service. by hotncmom04/25/044.32

Community Service Nursing Home Ch. 1-2

 — Carla begins servicing the old men in the home by hotncmom05/11/044.41

Community Theater Act 01

 — Improving acting skills in the local theater can be exciting. by Magna1201/06/164.52HOT

Community Theater Act 02

 — Challenges at the cast party. by Magna1201/08/164.40

Community Theater Act 03

 — An understudy and final curtain call. by Magna1201/11/164.63HOT

Competition at the Workplace

 — Her boss is playing with a new toy and she isn't happy. by LilaMina10/13/173.92

Competition for 'The Top'

 — A Marine widower finds love with an older widowed woman. by komrad115611/24/174.79HOT


 — A mature woman is attracted to her stepson. by tantricjim09/28/164.55HOT

Concerto To Love

 — Even after ten years and six children, they know the song. by lovecrafter11/03/034.57HOT

Conduct Unbecoming an Officer

 — You are so bad. by TheSweetnessLove4U11/13/033.86

Confectioners Sugar

 — Boss rides nice guy employee after hours. by Anitole02/13/094.36


 — A beautiful man, a real confession. by hickoryfarmer01/07/083.71


 — Sex with stranger. by ladyhawks1209/16/173.99

Confession of a Chinese Granny

 — A Chinese couple grapple with sex and middle age. by patwong12/09/093.52

Confessions Ch. 03

 — Mother seduces son's friend. by rlaflamme05/23/124.38

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 01

 — One man's journey from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ11/18/054.31

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 02

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ11/18/054.60HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 18

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/09/054.56HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 19

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/10/054.65HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 23

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/14/054.48

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 26

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/17/054.70HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 27

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/18/054.64HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 28

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/19/054.65HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 29

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/20/054.65HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 30

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/21/054.67HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 32

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ12/27/054.60HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 33

 — A man's path from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ01/23/064.59HOT

Confessions of a Horny Devil Ch. 34

 — A man's journey from 18 to 35. by CasperNZ02/18/064.69HOT

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 01

 — He has seven different women to love. by csn6105/03/043.61

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 02

 — Hot scene with Monday's lady. by csn6106/01/043.98

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 03a

 — She's an Amazon with big appetite. by csn6106/03/044.03

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 03b

 — Tuesday lady's continued erotic journey. by csn6106/03/044.26

Confessions of an Indian Stud Ch. 04

 — She's a wet & waiting beauty, by csn6106/05/044.10

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 01

 — Endowed older men and the confident teens they attract. by shoguy09/06/133.53

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 04

 — Hot mom and young studs. by shoguy09/09/134.23

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 06

 — Stacked sister becomes glamour model. Fucks giant cocks by shoguy09/11/134.34

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 07

 — Asian model shows her lust for older, well-endowed men. by shoguy09/12/134.63HOT

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 08

 — Asian wife turns onto husbands 84 year old boss. by shoguy09/13/134.16

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 11

 — Bride hears stories about husnands endowed older boss. by shoguy09/16/134.29

Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 12

 — 19 year old Asian bride fucks husbands boss by shoguy09/17/134.49

Conflicted Ch. 01

 — Reminders of the past turns a mother to betrayal. by Cuckoldson09/17/144.17

Conflicted Ch. 02

 — Leslie and her son's bully have sex. by Cuckoldson11/08/144.29

Conflicted Ch. 03

 — Meeting with the principal goes surprising well for Stuart. by Cuckoldson12/16/144.44

Conflicted Ch. 04

 — Leslie is filled with guilt for betraying her family. by Cuckoldson12/22/144.41

Conflicted Ch. 05

 — Leslie and Stuart enjoy a weekend alone. by Cuckoldson04/12/154.54HOT

Conflicted Ch. 06

 — Leslie and Stuart's weekend comes to an abrupt end. by Cuckoldson01/21/164.46

Conflicted Ch. 07

 — Leslie finds inventive ways to help Stuart. by Cuckoldson03/29/164.65HOT

Conflicted Ch. 08

 — Leslie fulfills her promise of a tattoo, amongst other gifts. by Cuckoldson06/01/164.60HOT

Conflicted Ch. 09

 — It's Christmas time; there's plenty of excitement for Leslie. by Cuckoldson07/27/164.53HOT

Conflicted Ch. 10

 — Leslie and Stuart are caught unaware. by Cuckoldson07/27/174.53HOT

Conflicted Ch. 11

 — Leslie and Stuart go on their first proper date. by Cuckoldson04/07/184.37


 — A dream time journey. by soul catcher12/20/114.03

Confused Wife

 — Mature beauty finds out what she has been missing. by Shiela196112/14/144.02

Congruence of Want Ch. 01

 — Lonely divorcee falls for older stranger. by Stardog Champion01/24/044.43

Congruence of Want Ch. 02

 — Her evening careens out of control. by Stardog Champion01/24/044.64HOT

Connie Panetta and Summer 1970

 — He becomes a man with the help of a friend's Mom. by furryfan10/23/124.63HOT

Connie's Summer Stallion Ch. 01

 — A sexy cougar seduces co-worker's stud son. by HungExecutive01/03/114.63HOT

Conquering the Fearsome Foursome Ch. 01

 — Young Man finds fun at the country club. by extra_3708/10/054.69HOT

Conquering the Fearsome Foursome Ch. 02

 — His adventures with the golf ladies continues. by extra_3708/15/054.69HOT

Conquering the Fearsome Foursome Ch. 03

 — Jack tames another. by extra_3708/19/054.73HOT

Conquering the Fearsome Foursome Ch. 04

 — Jack conquers the foursome. by extra_3709/02/054.68HOT

Conquring Jules

 — Story of how I conquered an older woman. by Longe09/30/174.35

Conquring Jules Pt. 02

 — Jules sexual awakening. by Longe10/06/174.49

Conquring Jules Pt. 03

 — I make Jules fantasy come true. by Longe10/08/174.55HOT

Conquring Jules Pt. 04

 — Jules has a 2nd fantasy she wants to explore. by Longe10/11/174.51HOT

Conquring Jules Pt. 05

 — Jules goes to a wedding with a date. I then take her ass. by Longe10/14/174.48

Conquring Jules Pt. 06

 — I explore my fantasies further. by Longe10/18/174.56HOT

Conquring Jules Pt. 07

 — Football season starts and we meet Amanda. by Longe11/08/174.24


 — For mature lady having fun. by BobCarole07/08/113.29

Consulting (and Other) Services

 — She hires him for more than consulting services. by ArbyDam01/22/104.24

Continuing Fantasies About Linda R

 — He lusts for sexy older woman. by DD_Lover4405/18/034.13


 — Hawaiian girl lands in San Diego, & meets special friend. by Rolly10/15/004.54HOT


 — Clarissa is caught between her desire for power and pleasure. by The_Dongs_Johnson11/21/164.07

Controlling You, Controlling Me

 — Fighting for the upper hand. by Soundlessdesire05/07/134.21

Convalescent Leave

 — A soldier wounded in combat meets up with his older ex-boss. by Evolution20XX01/11/054.35

Convalescent Leave Ch. 02

 — Michael sees Cheryl and her daughter. by Evolution20XX02/23/054.50HOT

Convention Sex

 — She hooks up with a younger man. by standingstones03/02/164.40

Convince Me

 — Student gets an important lesson from her English professor. by ItsMeMargie10/06/073.78

Coo, Coo, Ca-Choo, Mrs.

 — Nature or Nurture? Where it all began. by ISawYourMommy07/17/054.52HOT

Cookie Time Again

 — A senior citizen's sweet tooth gets satisfied. by JustLikeEwe10/01/124.65HOT

Copping a Feel

 — An older woman falls in love. by hickoryfarmer03/24/103.88

Cops and Robbers

 — She must have taught him well. by Rattlesnake177509/17/054.75HOT

Coralee's Daddy

 — Emmett gives little Ginny her first taste of pleasure. by rosilindjune11/20/154.56HOT

Cornhusker Girl Ch. 07

 — Another hunting trip and another secret night of passion. by Irish Moss03/29/134.38

Cornhusker Granny

 — Meeting a smoking hot, horny and much, much older woman. by Irish Moss11/19/114.60HOT

Corpsman, Up!

 — Running out of gas changes an older woman's life forever. by komrad115612/06/174.81HOT

Correct Exposure (Teacher Petting)

 — He didn't expect to see Miss Forbes. by JudeWrites10/10/114.57HOT


 — My affair with my friend's mom begins. by siouxfallsgorilla07/11/123.82

Costume Party

 — A little treat for your Halloween viewing. by lady_poisyn10/16/093.92

Cottage at the Lake

 — She plays with the boys. by Sabineteas07/17/044.42


 — Older woman seduces young guy at the gym. by Roussart07/04/014.21


 — Sometimes one needs to face the facts. by imsally02/07/104.55HOT

Cougar 47

 — Mature lady seduces her godson. by Stripemoff11/30/174.40

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 01

 — Kathleen matures five, young men with hands on sex ed. by SusanJillParker06/30/124.44

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 05

 — Cougar strips naked in front of her cub. by SusanJillParker07/04/12HOT

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 07

 — Mature woman seduces young virginal man for first time sex. by SusanJillParker07/07/12HOT

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 10

 — Ask them to come over... by SusanJillParker07/09/12HOT

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 11

 — A hot striptease with naked dancing, a prelude to a gangbang. by SusanJillParker07/11/12HOT

Cougar and Me

 — Online hookup with an older woman. by Wicplx03/26/164.18

Cougar Awakening

 — Cougar wannabe is anxious to try her first teenage seduction. by ctemple01/25/134.11

Cougar Awakening Ch. 02

 — Another eager cougar enters the picture. by ctemple02/21/134.23

Cougar Awakening Ch. 03

 — Cougar Kate attempts to win sex bet. by ctemple04/02/134.68HOT

Cougar Awakening Ch. 04

 — Teacher lusts after student. by ctemple07/08/133.74

Cougar Bait

 — A young man gets played. by Reminiscing06/28/094.05

Cougar Bait

 — A mature woman hunts down a younger man. by tantricjim06/29/124.22

Cougar Ch. 02

 — Words are the key. by imsally02/11/104.39

Cougar Chronicles: D Is for Diana

 — An older women seduces her first lover's son. by denny910/02/054.49

Cougar Chronicles: E is for Ella

 — He's seduced by mom's married older friend. by denny906/19/054.61HOT

Cougar for College Cock

 — Newly divorced, Nancy goes on a bender for college guys. by ISawYourMommy04/21/084.56HOT

Cougar Hunting

 — Damian heads out to hunt a known predator. by Sean Renaud02/03/104.40

Cougar Italiano

 — Getting picked up by a hot, horny, older Italian woman. by Irish Moss03/18/094.35

Cougar Love

 — Younger guy gets a lesson from an older woman. by standingstones11/26/124.25

Cougar Meat

 — He was cougar meat to his new boss - and his fiancée knew it. by LynnGKS05/30/104.48

Cougar Meat Ch. 02

 — She’s gotta be as horny as a fuckin mountain goat. by LynnGKS01/31/114.65HOT

Cougar on the Prowl

 — Successful business woman likes them young. by walterio07/11/124.39

Cougar On The Prowl in the 70's

 — Hot mature babe seduces horny young stud, long ago. by JustinNickThyme02/28/084.16

Cougar Party

 — MILF and young lover attend special party. by zrob10/15/074.53HOT

Cougars and Lions

 — Older woman has the hots for a younger man. by sqzablysoft3304/11/133.70

Cougars Don't Bite

 — Sales rep meets two fun-loving cougars in a bar. by kenkx04/29/104.47

Could Have Been Me

 — Morgan Daniels has an encounter with an older man. by EnvywithJadee01/23/164.49

Could Have Been Me Pt. 02

 — Morgan Daniels and Ian Rhett's tryst is reignited. by EnvywithJadee05/14/164.71HOT

Could Have Been Me Pt. 03

 — Morgan Daniels and Ian Rhett try to take things further. by EnvywithJadee07/19/174.69HOT

Counting Freckles

 — Lifelong obsession with his teacher is fulfilled. by adamaxilla10/23/054.74HOT

Country Adventure

 — A mature couple find sexual satisfaction in the country. by FloppyPoppet11/12/074.51HOT

Country Club MILF

 — I attended college in Buffalo... by pegasusiltf04/05/114.73HOT

Country Life Ch. 01

 — Anders gets seduced by mother's friends. by Libertine11/04/034.53HOT

Country Life Ch. 02

 — Mother's friends train Anders. by Libertine11/09/034.69HOT

Country Life Ch. 03

 — Lena, the maid, starts tutoring Anders and his sisters. by Libertine11/12/034.62HOT

Country Life Ch. 04

 — Lena & mother's friends advance the tutoring. by Libertine11/15/034.60HOT

Country Life Ch. 05

 — Mistress Clary takes over. by Libertine11/22/034.63HOT

Country Life Ch. 06

 — Exotic visitor lifts the spirits. by Libertine12/02/034.67HOT

Country Life Ch. 07

 — Weekend with Lena & her virgin friend. by Libertine01/23/044.67HOT

Country Life Two Ch. 01

 — Anders is taught how to dance and more. by Libertine09/27/054.56HOT

Country Life Two Ch. 02

 — Gunilla involves mum in dirty dancing. by Libertine10/22/054.66HOT

Country Life Two Ch. 03

 — The last dance is mother's. by Libertine11/05/054.56HOT

Couple Next Door

 — "I'll do anything," she said. by magmaman07/16/104.60HOT

Couple Plays with Mature Neighbours Pt. 01

 — Young Indian couple gets hitched with mature desi neighbours. by cplyoung121002/05/163.86

Coupled Oscillators

 — Math grad student finds breakthrough with sexagenarian BBW. by Richard Donnehy11/20/074.39

Courting The Firebreather

 — A beautiful teacher past her prime finds lust again. by rush4torque09/30/124.28

Courtney's Fantasy

 — Young lady gets to know her neighbor. by luce04/23/01

Courtney's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Courtney and Paul continue their romance. by luce12/05/05

Courtyard Creampie

 — Impromptu midnight interlude changes her life for the best. by milfleglover06/28/134.40

Cousin Becky Ch. 3

 — Becky comes to stay with Frank. by jacksgirl07/02/024.38

Covered by a Stallion

 — A young cowgirl is ridden, and then learns to ride. by MirageLM10/15/094.69HOT

Covet Thy Neighbor's Son Ch. 01

 — A frustrated housewife tempts her hot 18-year-old neighbor. by Jaymal02/18/124.52HOT

Covet Thy Neighbor's Son Ch. 02

 — Janice pushes Brandon to the edge-and over. by Jaymal05/11/124.63HOT

Covina Ch. 01

 — The story about a woman who finds true love in a younger man. by FreeCiscoMovement03/06/154.12

Covina Ch. 02

 — Covina and Cisco realize their feelings for each other. by FreeCiscoMovement03/07/154.32

Cowboy Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Tale of Clay and his various sexual encounters. by cowboy99911/30/043.24

Cowboy Matt and Mary-Lou Ch. 02

 — A hot cowboy stripper ends up with a crazy old woman. by muscularcowboy79797909/02/133.98

Cowboy Up

 — Bull riding nearly kills a young man before love saves him. by komrad115608/04/164.78HOT

Cowboytoy Adventure

 — Cougar Encounter with a Young Stud. by CougarMom1308/07/114.11

Crack of Her Ass

 — Way too much to resist. by magmaman05/09/114.35

Cradle Robber

 — A 60 year old woman with an 18 year old boy. by naomiknowsit03/05/144.04

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