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Shy, Sweet, But Big

 — Old lady next door has hidden assets by dass445001/27/034.67HOT

Sick and Wrong Ch. 04

 — Priscilla gets it on with her married Professor. by Goldeniangel09/13/054.45

Side Job

 — Sex between generations leads big dude to become a dancer. by stoneypoint07/13/064.27

Signs at the Gate

 — Romantic confessions in the garden. by MSTarot03/21/134.27

Silky Adventures #19

 — Another point of view. by OneSilky09/21/104.50HOT

Silky Fuck

 — Suzie doing me with her lingerie. by spattjack10/23/124.23

Silky's Valentine's Party

 — Widow new to area meets new friends & more. by maggie200201/21/054.55HOT


 — Woman having affair must rely on his stories & her vibrator. by shortsharpblonde08/29/014.12

Simon Ch. 01

 — Young man receives a shock. by S English04/23/034.42

Simone Says

 — Sexy granny plays games with young studs. by milfleglover12/02/133.54

Simply Miranda

 — A fantasy maker. by SensuallyYours06/17/074.00

Sinful Confession

 — She heads to the church for some saving. by BlackStallion05/10/022.81

Sinful Degrees of Separation

 — 75 yr. old headmistress & 85 yr. old congressman husband. by shoguy09/20/144.44

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 02

 — 75 yr. old stunner does hung stud and a few young girls. by shoguy09/24/144.30

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 03

 — Teen stunner fucks ex's overweight father. by shoguy09/28/144.49

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 04

 — Teen stunner fucks ex's overweight father. by shoguy09/30/144.49

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 05

 — Jewish MILF Attorny lusts for MASSIVE COCK. by shoguy11/10/144.31

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 06

 — Sexy mom fucks daughter's boyfriend's massive 13 inch cock. by shoguy12/12/144.49

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 07

 — Daughter hears story of her well-endowed father. by shoguy12/17/144.41

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 08

 — Nerdy bookworm fucks best friend's dad's enormous cock. by shoguy12/19/144.20

Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 11

 — Sons father steals girlfriend with wealth & 12 inch monster. by shoguy12/25/144.13

Singing For Her Supper

 — She meets her daughter's new man. by VeniVici12/05/064.41

Single Again Ch. 01

 — Recently divorced man gets out on the market again. by WhatIKnow01/29/124.57HOT

Sinnndy Dates an Older Man

 — Older guy teaches her a new trick. by sinnndy03/17/014.48

Sins of the Cloth Ch. 01

 — Father Daniel is sent a Temptress. by buttnhose09/14/094.29

Sir, Yes Ma'am!

 — Mya gets down an dirty with her favorite bartender. by HexingGirl12/13/124.34

Sis Gets a Present

 — It was her birthday. by jjcole01/14/134.27


 — A young lover is hard to beat. by TxRad12/06/084.69HOT

Sister Agnes Takes Charge

 — Sister Agnes wants to help her family. by Codis07/22/014.20

Sisters and a Paramedic Farmer

 — Experienced man falls for a young unsatisfied woman. by LaPatitMort09/18/094.60HOT

Sisters Ch. 02

 — Sam meets Linda and her sisters. by espeteroh06/17/054.58HOT

Sisters Ch. 03

 — Sam meets Linda's sister Dawn. by espeteroh06/19/054.54HOT

Sisters Ch. 04

 — Sam gets invited to a nudist camp. by espeteroh06/19/054.42

Sisters Ch. 05

 — Sam is introduced to the nudist camp. by espeteroh06/21/054.29

Sisters Ch. 06

 — Sam and Cathy have breakfast. by espeteroh06/22/054.53HOT

Sisters Ch. 07

 — Sam has fun with Cathy and her friend Dottie. by espeteroh06/23/054.54HOT

Sisters Ch. 08

 — Dawn gets the best of Sam by espeteroh06/23/054.53HOT

Sisters Ch. 09

 — Sam gets close to Linda's mother. by espeteroh06/25/054.63HOT

Sisters Ch. 10

 — Linda gets sick. by espeteroh06/24/054.58HOT

Sisters Ch. 11

 — Sam and Cathy share their feelings. by espeteroh06/27/054.56HOT

Sisters Ch. 12

 — Sam and Dottie get down to business. by espeteroh06/27/054.60HOT

Sisters Ch. 13

 — Linda has it out with Sam. by espeteroh07/15/054.71HOT


 — She wants you to sit still for her. by VampyreVixen08/25/084.16

Sitting for a Neighbour

 — Babysitting leads to so much more. by CarpathianEagle03/09/104.36

Six Sexy Classes Ch. 02

 — The classroom was empty. by milfmuch11/03/143.98

Six Sexy Classes Ch. 03

 — Not everyday your teachers are tied up. by milfmuch02/05/154.15

Skatepark King

 — They called him "hazard". by magmaman06/01/104.50HOT

Skin Doctor

 — Married & Horny. by BJPickle5403/17/174.01

Skinned Knees

 — Fun with the neighborhood MILF. by wantsomefun195106/03/114.68HOT

Skinny Dip X 3

 — Two lovers become Three. by Milamber554810/24/154.24

Sky High Pt. 01

 — The Ultimate Mile High Experience. by Milamber554810/27/154.17

Sky High Pt. 02

 — Carrying on the motion from the mile high experience. by Milamber554810/28/154.14

Sleep Over Party

 — An older man gets close to a younger woman. by standingstones12/11/114.09

Sleep Tight, Kate

 — Kate gets her ass worshipped while being asleep. by ireckomable04/02/153.89

Sleeping in Class

 — Anthony finds himself alone with hot Italian teacher. by Team_Player09/03/013.17

Slight Indiscretions Ch. 01

 — The things that visiting my mother in law can lead to. by Graffyn0006/06/064.26

Sloppy Sex with a Horny Latina

 — Daughter's friend passed time entertaining his hard cock. by NonStopFunGuy11/23/074.60HOT

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

 — An internship brings a divorcee and a widower together. by komrad115609/05/164.76HOT

Slow Motion Love

 — Making love in slow motion. by DirtyMeStoryTime11/13/134.05

Slowly But Surely

 — For one who waits, it comes. by scottishprinces07/03/074.35

Slut for a Day Ch. 01

 — Mature woman finally gets what she has always wanted. by 0131aj01/20/124.45

Slut for a Day Ch. 02

 — Mature woman gives it all up. by 0131aj02/26/124.50HOT

Slut Professor

 — A hot professor is secretly a diehard nymphomaniac. by hunter_gatherer12/20/144.00

Slutty Girls & Eager Men Ch. 1

 — She seeks kinky experiences with older man. by Saul06/16/024.50HOT

Slutty Sue and The Runners

 — Sue makes a couple of runners day. by raidernation2511/14/144.25

Slutty Sue The Good Neighbor

 — Sue helps her widower neighbor. by raidernation2502/29/164.24

Small Favors...and Dirty Laundry

 — A small favor for a friend's mom leads to something big. by trigudis01/03/174.41

Small New England Town

 — An independent game programmer has a surprise visitor by RjThoughts02/23/144.31

Small Talk

 — After a five year absence, Sydnee returns to her hometown. by PrincessPumpkinhead05/31/154.38

Small Town Gigolo

 — A small town gigolo and his clients. by tallone12309/17/154.60HOT

Small Town Gigolo Ch. 02

 — He reenters the market. by tallone12309/19/154.66HOT

Small Town Gigolo Ch. 03

 — He's back with his regulars. by tallone12309/24/154.57HOT

Small Town MILF

 — Traveling for business and meeting a hot, horny older woman. by Irish Moss05/23/134.50HOT

Smoke and Shadows

 — A hot bath, steamy sex and a broken glass ends a relationship. by jamesmarlowe10/01/143.58

Smokes, Beer, and Ass

 — A middle aged man's fantasy is fulfilled. by SuperBad00907/09/094.15

Smoothing Uncle

 — Busty bride's mouth straightens her new uncle. by jaylee50702/23/074.61HOT


 — A close encounter with a friendly neighbour... by avalon_sunset09/29/103.50

Snake Bite

 — Not all bites are deadly, but a thermometer... by R E THEGN01/24/044.65HOT

Snake Bite Ch. 02

 — She couldn't, she wouldn't...she did! by R E THEGN02/12/044.73HOT

Snake in the Grass

 — What would you do if your grandpa is after your girl? by kontranas03/29/104.43

Snap Shot

 — Lust and Blackmail. by AsheBurn11/18/103.86

Snap, Crackle, Pop

 — Mr. Marcus helps a neighbor assemble a dance costume. by HarveyMarcus07/18/094.43

Snatching for Nickels

 — Old biker babes having fun. by Baba804/17/083.20

Snow Day: Story 04

 — Young man has a dream about an older house guest. by WritingKnight08/27/084.13

Snow Day: Story 05

 — Frustrated older woman gets help from younger neighbor. by WritingKnight09/16/084.41

Snow on the Roof

 — Liaisons with an older lady. by SlipLuvver07/21/134.44

Snow on the Roof - The Sequel

 — Danny continues his liaisons with Kath, and meets Bernice. by SlipLuvver07/25/134.57HOT

Snow on the Roof Ch. 03

 — Bernice receives tuition from an expert while Kath is away. by SlipLuvver08/02/134.54HOT

Snow on the Roof Ch. 04

 — Danny takes Kath on a trip down Memory Lane. by SlipLuvver08/09/134.55HOT

Snow Shoveling

 — Older woman seduces young man. by nicemassage03/06/044.33


 — Two women find more than fugitives in the Alaskan Wilderness by FinalStand09/22/134.26

Snowbound with Mrs Ellis

 — The weather forces the to a hotel on Christmas Eve. by geronimo_appleby11/14/164.65HOT


 — Yes, she was old, but God she was cute. by PileDriver4810/02/164.59HOT

Snowed In

 — Two friends give in to desires. by leialoup09/02/063.94

Snowed In With A Sexpot

 — We put my log cabin to a very good use. by JANAMARIE05/03/094.56HOT


 — Stranded woman has new experiences and emotions. by serene102/22/053.89

So Irresistible

 — Son-in-law or not, an itch scratched feels a lot better. by GDesmond05/29/114.33

So Little Time to Love

 — A widower unexpectedly finds new love. by komrad115608/14/164.72HOT

So Wrong But Oh So Right

 — Long hidden love set free. by HDTopper12/14/054.57HOT

So Wrong, So Right!

 — BBW and fantasy man finally meet. by Invisible2u05/05/084.00

So Wrong, So Right! Ch. 02

 — Papabear's point of view. by Invisible2u05/15/083.80

So Young!

 — His first time with a woman 20 years his senior. by twoworlds07/31/083.95

Soap, Water, And Loving Sex

 — A couple meets again and remembers their hottest days. by MaryAnn67804/13/104.50HOT

Soccer Mom and a Bully Ch. 02

 — The affair continues. by something123406/13/144.12

Soccer Mom and a Bully Ch. 03

 — Jessie is humiliated further. by something123406/16/144.04

Soccer Mom Ch. 01

 — Divorced MILF finds pleasure with a younger man. by Cyanlot09/07/114.23

Soccer Mom's Dream Team

 — Wife flaunts for teen athletes. by George VI05/29/044.38

Soccer Moms Really Do Care

 — A college student learns the value of volunteer work. by sb6908/08/064.42

Soccer or Succor Ch. 01

 — Soccer mom seduces a team member. by techsan03/27/064.60HOT

Soccer or Succor Ch. 02

 — Envious soccer mom seduces another team member. by techsan03/28/064.54HOT

Soccer or Succor Ch. 03

 — Third soccer mom shares in the pleasure. by techsan03/29/064.56HOT


 — A new meaning to the word Hard Drive. by snapper31df06/10/074.06

Soldier Boy

 — His fantasy about best friend's mother. by yoursecret1604/01/114.00

Soldier Boy Ch. 02

 — Chris gets a breakfast he will never forget. by yoursecret1604/07/114.43

Soldier Boy Ch. 03

 — Chris meets a prospective recruit. by yoursecret1604/24/114.55HOT


 — He gets transferred to a new school. by MoreRudeThanYou07/30/074.12

Solid Gold Party Favors

 — He makes it with sexy 50-year-old lady. by JMiller6903/26/064.54HOT

Solving the Post-High School Blues Ch. 1

 — He's intrigued by friend's mother. by Collier03/05/014.28

Solving the Post-High School Blues Ch. 2

 — Passion blooms between him & friend's mom. by Collier03/07/014.23

Some Light Can Never Be Seen Ch. 01

 — Rose makes a shocking discovery. by Stardog Champion10/23/084.16

Some Light Can Never Be Seen Ch. 02

 — Rose goes to save Cory - or save herself? by Stardog Champion10/24/084.64HOT

Some Light Can Never Be Seen Ch. 03

 — Rose's encounter with young Cory climaxes. by Stardog Champion10/25/084.67HOT

Some Like It Hot

 — She was his step-daughter's best friend. by manthing03/20/034.71HOT

Some of That Old Time Religion

 — He had the Devil in him - and now it's in her. by vootoreenie01/07/084.47


 — Pete's friends ask him to play a final game. by Scorpio4404/04/074.84HOT

Someone like Virginia

 — Two unlikely people. by ThickAsThieves05/13/153.83

Someone Older and Wiser

 — TA loses virginity to her professor/advisor. by aznsunbeam07/22/094.13

Something Else I've Never Done

 — Man cheats on his girlfriend for the first time on vacation. by jakebarnes3304/24/083.85

Something For Him & Her Ch. 1

 — Young man discovers his neighbor's intentions. by r_andy03/11/023.95

Something For Him & Her Ch. 2

 — Older neighbor shows him pure pleasure. by r_andy04/10/024.20

Something For Him & Her Ch. 3

 — Young male does some work for a much older lady. by r_andy05/18/024.28

Something For The Lady

 — Housewife meets & seduces young cyber lover. by alanc07/19/024.54HOT

Something Old, Something New

 — Mom's best friend sets sights on Denny. by denny907/01/014.66HOT

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