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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Converting Cassandra: The Beginning

 — A man cannot resist his secret sexual desire. by DutchMark07/30/013.66

Convicts of the Wild West

 — Three escaped prisoners take a ranch in Mexico. by Writor06/25/05

Convince Her!

 — She thought her husband worked for her. by Scorpio44a02/05/104.51HOT

Cool the Heat

 — When the outdoor sex is made in a wrong place. by algor10/28/142.87

Cooperating With The Enemy

 — A wife and daughter cooperate to save a stubborn husband. by urban_legend55506/14/124.13

Cooperating With The Enemy Ch. 02

 — Man, wife, and daughter caught up in sexual exploitation. by urban_legend55509/01/124.21

Cooperating With The Enemy Ch. 03

 — Daughter pays with her body for refuge from the Nazis. by urban_legend55509/02/124.38

Cop Has His Way

 — Elizabeth is taken by corrupt Cop. by grumpy310511/23/044.18

Cop Killer, Killer Cop

 — Late-night traveler confronts her worst nightmare. by jack_straw09/15/044.41

Coping Mechanisms Ch. 02: A Phone Call

 — Samantha's relationship with Todd is threatened. by SaphirBlack10/07/154.48

Coping Mechanisms: Living a Memory

 — How a daughter copes with being taken by her father. by SaphirBlack10/02/154.37

Coping with Competition

 — Retribution at the company Xmas party. by Dark Lord12/17/05

Cora's Cruise

 — An invader singles Cora out for his private enjoyment. by edgedinlace05/11/134.19


 — Hitchhikers become acquainted with cornfields. by Ashson05/30/134.00

Corporal Punishment

 — Teacher/Student, spanking, figging, BDSM, anal. by curtainsup02/07/124.36

Corporate Assets Ch. 01

 — Corporate bitch pushes workers too far. by anderlind01/30/114.32

Corporate Assets Ch. 02

 — Corporate bitch meets the cleaning crew. by anderlind01/31/114.26

Corporate Assets Ch. 03

 — Corporate bitch meets biker gang at beachclub. by anderlind02/01/114.32

Corporate Jerk

 — A powerful CEO is brought to heel by a bevy of beauties. by DrDan7503/01/103.86

Corporate Punishment

 — Cheating secretary gets a lesson in company loyalty. by cristena08/17/014.03

Corporate Spy

 — Intern learns a lesson in loyalty. by darker_side02/03/05

Corporate Take-Her-Over

 — She always won, until her colleagues played by her rules. by erossmantic02/19/074.33

Corporate Training Lesson 01

 — A man takes a new job and gets more training then he thought. by moboulion03/26/144.31

Corporate Training Lesson 02

 — A man takes a new job and gets more training then he thought by moboulion04/21/144.32

Corporate Whore Ch. 01

 — Husband cheats. Wife pays for his indiscretion. by The_Soldier_in_White05/18/114.38

Corporate Whore Ch. 02

 — Wife becomes a willing slave to his boss and his clients. by The_Soldier_in_White05/19/114.35

Correctional Lust

 — Unlikely lust in an unlikely place. by MeredithEighty803/10/174.44

Corrupted - The Fall of an Acolyte

 — A priest-to-be faces the hardship that is his carnal nature. by MarshCastellan11/10/164.53HOT


 — A woman's selfishness lands her husband in prison. by Joesephus07/23/064.38

Cory Ann Mcgee: Introduction

 — A glimpse into the life of a perpetually humiliated girl. by CoryAnnMcgee12/02/144.30

Cosmetics Convention Ch. 01

 — Drugged cosmetics agent was all mine. by birch040206/17/083.99

Cosmetics Convention Ch. 02

 — Two drugged cosmetics MILFs were mine. by birch040206/26/084.24

Costume Party

 — I fall asleep at party & get a rude awakening. by Shanbabe4u07/01/013.99

Cottage 13 Pt. 01

 — She arranges her own ravishment. by Bad4Fun01/08/114.11

Couch Sitting

 — She learns a lesson in listening. by eroticdeath0006/09/024.28


 — Woman takes a sleeper train. by Ashson11/17/144.11

Cougar Files: The Self-Esteem Rape

 — Is it rape if she asks for it? by lfullback05/20/134.24

Could This Day Get Any Worse?

 — Bad day gets progressively worse. by LoreLai09/18/064.41

Couldn't Help Myself Ch. 1

 — It starts as it means to go on. by romaerotica05/31/024.46

Couldn't Help Myself Ch. 2

 — He carried Lisa to the bedroom. by romaerotica06/04/024.33

Counseling Homework Ch. 01

 — Maggie's quickie rump with a thief. by cinnamon197705/06/073.54

Counseling Sarah

 — A guidance counselor takes advantage of student. by michepe06/09/093.78

Count Rochefort

 — Stoic Parisian interrupts the Lady's slumber. by violettadeltoro05/07/013.71

Count Rochefort Ch. 2

 — Jeami and Constance kiss & make up. by violettadeltoro05/08/014.36

Countess and Highwayman

 — A beautiful, haughty royal taken, abused by a lowly bandit. by only4phoenix01/21/133.68

Country Boys Ain't So Bad

 — A stuck up woman finds out what it is like to be country. by Unknown36506/26/122.42

Country Club Ch. 02

 — Trophy wife likes it rough. by JackieJab07/20/094.53HOT

Country Club Ch. 03

 — Trophy wife learns new rules. by JackieJab07/30/094.52HOT

Country Drive

 — When the car breaks down, help arrives - help? by Brett31509/12/083.43

Country Farewell

 — Ellie has landed a job in the city. by Ashson05/17/134.14

Country Roads

 — Why had his life turned into a backwoods horror story? by edrider7304/16/142.44

Country Store

 — College girl finds trouble. by teachgirl198001/26/074.32

Country Store Ch. 02

 — College girl finds trouble in a familiar place. by teachgirl198006/12/074.59HOT

Country Store Ch. 03

 — College coed struggles with attack. by teachgirl198007/21/074.54HOT

Country Store Ch. 09

 — Girls get in trouble in frat house. by teachgirl198002/05/104.23

Country Store Ch. 10

 — Retribution begins. by teachgirl198008/26/124.48

Country Store Ch. 17

 — Final Retribution? by teachgirl198011/10/124.51HOT

Countryside Fantasy

 — Young teacher in the 19th century gets laid in the hay. by mademoiselleC12/25/083.62

Couple Fuck Passed Out Friend

 — He takes wife's friend while wife encourages him. by HappyHubby9902/01/124.41

Couple's Fantasy Goes Wrong

 — Playful non-consent sex turns into real non-consent sex. by Mick196308/07/093.55

Court Shoes

 — A beautiful young Singaporean wife and mother is humiliated. by GardenParty08/13/152.86

Court Shoes Ch. 02

 — A beautiful young Singaporean wife and mother are punished. by GardenParty10/21/152.93


 — Earth Day activist learns a lesson. by WyoD_S04/03/063.70

Courtroom Strip

 — Innocent wife is forced to disrobe during a felony trial. by George VI10/25/024.15

Cousin Joy's Joyride

 — Joy intrudes her cousin Nikki to some lesbian fun. by JasonJHonz09/20/164.22

Cousin Tracie

 — Student takes in sexy 18-year-old runaway cousin. by Dar_Jisbo02/18/064.26

Cousins Reunited

 — She was once taken by her cousin, now their reunited by bobnknock07/21/144.12

Cousins Reunited Pt. 02

 — She was once taken by her cousin, now their reunited. by bobnknock07/23/144.11

Cover Blown

 — Undercover mission gone wrong for a female police by pigscankiss03/17/123.77

Cowboy Matt and Mary-Lou Ch. 01

 — A hot cowboy stripper ends up with a crazy old woman. by muscularcowboy79797907/21/133.74

Cowboy Needed Ch. 02

 — She shouldn't have taken advantage of him. by aznrd10/07/104.47

CoWorker's Revenge

 — Linda gets a promotion, John gets revenge. by sexykitten197508/17/113.73

Crack Addict

 — Black Guy gets a Pantyjob from a racist BBW.... by mondotoken04/20/143.87

Cracka Sissy

 — A Caucasian couple go black! by nancyvasquez08/23/173.34

Cracking the Whip

 — She teaches him his limits. by Prisonerofmymind04/08/063.42


 — Girl takes over a middle aged man's life. by pleaseMadam11/17/113.76

Crash Ch. 02

 — The Holiday: nasty girl continues taking over a man's life. by pleaseMadam02/21/133.69

Crashing Into Me

 — Freshman's virginity is taken by a Dom jock. by Tori Dylan01/27/014.01

Crashing The Party

 — Girl knocks to complain but ends up begging for more. by vcard2108/20/124.08

Craving Demon Cock

 — A Vicars daughter of 18 finds herself trapped with a demon. by Wolfsbane2002/21/134.23

Craving Humiliation Ch. 01

 — Coed is sexually humiliated by bully at campus gym. by Lalah02/15/084.29

Craving Humiliation Ch. 02

 — College coed's sexual humiliation continues at school. by Lalah02/16/084.30

Craving Humiliation Ch. 03

 — College coed's sexual humiliation continues in public. by Lalah02/17/084.47


 — She risked his hatred to halt his evolution in reverse. by edrider7305/01/143.31

Crazy Ch. 01

 — My crazy ex wants me to be in charge. I give it a try. by cirelo12/13/134.55HOT

Crazy Love

 — Annie awoke to the feel of something against her mouth. by tentigo12/01/113.91

Crazy Mary

 — The new woman in the office knows what she wants. by TemptedOne08/12/114.31

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 02

 — Understanding. by rmangm10/26/124.40

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 03

 — TGIF. by rmangm10/27/124.42

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 04

 — Taking Chyna home. by rmangm12/04/124.47

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 05

 — Stables. by rmangm12/08/124.32

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 06

 — Lessons Learned. by rmangm02/06/134.00

Crazy Uncle Ed Ch. 07

 — A new factory skank. by rmangm07/16/134.30

Crazy Work Travel

 — This was NOT what she fantasized about. by burnerbaby03/31/153.50

Creampie Delivery

 — Leggy mail lady forces customer to eat her creampies. by kandor08/18/024.05

Creative Rent

 — One way or another, he has to pay up. by DutchMafia09/27/063.86

Creative Rent Ch. 02-03

 — The tenant pays for his room in unusual ways. by DutchMafia10/09/064.04

Creative Rent Ch. 04

 — The human canvas returns. by DutchMafia10/14/064.10

Creatures of Habit

 — Lonely woman finds love where she least expects it. by mee_kah02/21/044.49

Creepy Work Guy Tricked Me

 — Creepy work guy takes advantage of me. by MasterandCheekypants09/08/153.22

Crime & Punishment Ch. 01

 — Theft victim takes law into his own hands. by Different Duck08/27/044.07

Crime and Punishment

 — Some boys like to be punished. by Dominica07/22/083.42

Crime and Punishment

 — A good girl gets sexy punishment. by purfikt04/23/124.16


 — With Humanity close to extinction, repopulation is by force. by juxtarose05/01/133.91

Crissy and Luke Ch. 01

 — Stepdad catches adult stepdaughter in an affair. by carocbriton04/18/144.27

Crissy and Luke Ch. 02

 — Luke has Crissy come over to continue his fucking. by carocbriton04/19/144.16

Crissy and Luke Ch. 03

 — Luke takes his stepdaughter's ass. by carocbriton04/29/143.71

Crissy's Surprise Visit

 — I can be there in about 5 minutes. by ApolloS05/30/104.22

Cristana the Cop's Very Bad Day

 — A bitchy cop has a very bad day. by creativeboyinspring07/08/164.15

Croatian Vacation Ch. 01

 — She gets abducted, sold, used, and confused. by ClovenCharm08/23/124.27


 — In the bush, watch out for wildlife. by Ashson12/31/134.33

Crooked Cop

 — The law said so. by Darkness00710/18/103.75

Crossing the Line

 — You're just "friends" until things get a little heated. by abitdifferent05/19/054.34

Crossing the Line

 — Exploring some taboos. by SarahtheWriter09/09/084.36

Crossing the Line

 — When movie night becomes X-rated. by jinx_120207/26/154.41


 — Sometimes playing dress up isn't always fun by Sion Sierra04/29/014.05


 — She's taken in front of 200,000 people. by N-joy02/22/063.96

Crucifix & Coffin

 — Girl on a cross, guy in a casket. by Jizaz_Jester07/04/03

Cruel Choices

 — Nikki: kidnapped, thought dead. She's tormented relentlessly. by Zero_Infinite05/31/144.19

Cruel Mistress Claretta

 — Jim gets dominated by the forceful and cruel Claretta. by liberterius11/05/124.20

Cruel Prince

 — Sadistic prince takes over kingdom & enjoys the spoils. by Mephista07/13/01

Cruel Summer Ch. 01

 — Camisa is kidnapped. by velvetpie06/23/054.25

Cruel Summer Ch. 02

 — Camisa is taken to the cabin. by velvetpie06/24/054.11

Cruel Summer Ch. 03

 — Camisa is punished. by velvetpie06/25/054.18

Cruel Summer Ch. 04

 — Nick is abducted. by velvetpie06/29/054.20

Cruel Summer Ch. 05

 — Camisa gets an unwanted mouthful. by velvetpie07/01/054.29

Cruel Summer Ch. 06

 — Nick is forced to return the favor. by velvetpie07/02/054.42

Cruel Summer Ch. 07

 — The jig is up. by velvetpie07/03/054.33

Cruello DeVille

 — He's not happy... by aightlilducky06/05/154.04


 — Three college nerds pick up girlfriends. by jimewest10/19/074.53HOT


 — A Jedi novice learns the price of failure. by Harryasaboy01/13/163.70

Crystal's Trip to the Gym

 — Her personal trainer has a different workout in mind. by NaughtiGrl09/27/053.25

Cubicle Dancing Ch. 02

 — She gets even with a man who spanked her to humiliation. by ticklechambers10/13/104.26

Cucking My Man

 — A night at the bar turns into horror for my husband. by Ellathomas1308/10/123.73

Cucking My Man Ch. 02

 — A Stranger continues to own my husband and I. by Ellathomas1308/14/123.96


 — Wife cuckolds husband. by DaktoRto12/15/103.68

Cuckold Humiliation

 — Humiliation at hands of black boss & his thug son. by andrewforfun11/23/083.92

Cuckold with a Twist

 — Couple's unwilling submission. by jackthegiantkiller04/15/103.95


 — Her boyfriend shares her with his friends. by attero07/06/124.27


 — I dominated a female friend, why don't I feel bad? by General_Picton10/02/174.19

Cum Club

 — Female executive lands in sticky situation. by jack_straw09/04/044.41

Cum on the Bus Ch. 02

 — Why Lacey should listen to her boss. by DaddysGirlLacey05/07/164.35

Cum Wars

 — He pays price for oral sex. by Attik10/20/001.77

Cuming Home

 — Adam kidnaps his past lover from Holly-Wood. by ShotsAndHotSpots04/01/123.48

Cumming Cleansed: Day One

 — A woman's much-needed vacation turns alarmingly spa-lacious. by Smokey12501/29/174.38

Cumming Home

 — A daughter's obedience is tested. by StrawberryShortcake101202/02/164.18

Cumming in There

 — Who knows what you'll find in the girls' locker room? by HardSalami05/05/153.33

Cumming of Age

 — Robbie's descent into submission. by ElRoylk02/20/114.34

Cumming on the Clock

 — She's turned out at work while boyfriend listens. by SpankMeDaddy07/28/044.18

Cumming to America

 — Woman & her daughter pay dearly for family's trip. by hairy413507/06/063.96

Cumming to America Ch. 02

 — Woman & her daughter pay dearly for family's trip. by hairy413512/16/064.27

Cunt Hunt

 — Introducing Jodi. by juicyjodi08/05/034.61HOT

Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 03

 — Dan convinces Maria to try something different. by dansouthwest10/07/174.44


 — Paying the consequences of being caught dressed. by Dennis_St_John07/07/124.42


 — Curiosity has a cost. by Ashson02/13/134.09

Curious Girls Ch. 01

 — Sara pushes her sister's friend too far. by precipiceofoblivion06/28/144.29

Curious Girls Ch. 02

 — Sara gets trapped in the woods with Tamara... alone. by precipiceofoblivion07/11/144.44

Curious Girls Ch. 03

 — Sara and Tamara get more intimately acquainted. by precipiceofoblivion08/11/144.32

Curious Girls Ch. 04

 — Sara and Tamara's camping trip comes to an end. by precipiceofoblivion09/09/144.22

Curious Girls Ch. 05

 — Sara returns home to discover she's not out of the woods. by precipiceofoblivion10/12/144.43

Curious Girls Ch. 06

 — Sara discovers that nowhere is safe, not even her dreams. by precipiceofoblivion11/15/144.40

Curious Girls Ch. 07-08

 — The tension between Sara and Tamara culminates explosively. by precipiceofoblivion12/27/144.60HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 09

 — Sara struggles with the aftermath and an uncertain future. by precipiceofoblivion02/15/154.57HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 10-11

 — Sara learns that there are limits to Tamara's patience. by precipiceofoblivion04/10/154.49

Curious Girls Ch. 12

 — Tamara becomes careless as her sexual frustration grows. by precipiceofoblivion05/08/154.35

Curious Girls Ch. 13

 — Tamara increases her control as she begins Sara's training. by precipiceofoblivion06/07/154.71HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 14-15

 — Sara learns the true power of her chastity belt. by precipiceofoblivion07/16/154.60HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 16-17

 — Sara's plan progresses, but it's unclear which direction. by precipiceofoblivion09/04/154.74HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 18-20

 — Sara makes a mistake with far-reaching consequences. by precipiceofoblivion11/21/154.66HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 21-22

 — Sara sees her chances of escape slipping away. by precipiceofoblivion02/25/164.54HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 23

 — Sara reaches a new low point... and then things get worse. by precipiceofoblivion04/17/164.59HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 24-25

 — Tamara takes advantage of Sara's amnesia. by precipiceofoblivion07/21/164.15

Curious Girls Ch. 26

 — Now unencumbered, Sara explores a relationship with Tamara. by precipiceofoblivion11/14/164.67HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 27

 — Doubts emerge even as Sara considers taking the next step. by precipiceofoblivion03/03/174.48

Curious Girls Ch. 28-29

 — Marriage looms as Sara struggles to understand her feelings. by precipiceofoblivion07/06/174.89HOT

Curious Girls Ch. 30

 — Tamara realizes just how important Sara is to her. by precipiceofoblivion12/25/174.20

Currency Ch. 01

 — That's what she was to him - at first. by cityoflights06/13/094.18

Currency Ch. 02

 — A filthy whore will always reveal herself for what she is. by cityoflights01/30/104.08

Currency Ch. 03

 — Elizabeth learns to crave cock. by cityoflights02/03/103.90


 — Emerald is required to mate with an alien of the ruling race. by Silentium08/02/164.20

Customer Satisfaction

 — Andres teaches a snobby customer a lesson. by Southern_sass01/29/143.85

Customer Service

 — Will gorgeous clerk seduce married customer? by Hornyman69WithU11/12/053.74

Customer Serviced

 — Rosa needs a rush job, and gets one. by Onyxthrust10/13/133.84

Customs Violation

 — Two girls are sent to prison for drug smuggling. by Puppygirl12/08/054.20


 — Porn star in uncomfortable situation with co-star. by ninefe2dg08/23/073.05

Cute Houeguest

 — Bill makes his boarder show her appreciation. by russeltrust12/22/053.64


 — punishment for disrespect. by Ravenara11/05/083.35

Cutting the Grass

 — Young married couple piss off the lawn boys. by JimBob4410/05/094.17

CvsN 06: Payback

 — Debbie & Jack convince John to get out of the picture. by Tx Tall Tales10/14/014.73HOT

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