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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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A Journey to Remember

 — Katie gets a massive shock on her way home! by officegal05/17/083.94

A Journey To Remember Ch. 01

 — Jenny went in a vacation to Greece by starved_angel01/11/113.66

A Journey To Remember Ch. 02

 — Jenny is under the mercy of her enemy. by starved_angel01/12/114.04

A Journey To Remember Ch. 03

 — Jenny likes what he is doing to her. by starved_angel01/13/114.40

A Journey To Remember Ch. 04

 — Jenny is forced to accept his proposal. by starved_angel01/14/114.29

A Kinky Valentine

 — Chronic loser gets himself a sex slave. by REDWAVE11/05/012.97

A Kitten Amongst Wolves

 — She's hunted down and punished by the pack. by sweet_kitten05/03/054.21

A Knife at Lover's Lane

 — A stranger surprises Jimmy and Peggy Jean on their date. by Sabledrake03/31/034.47

A Lady or a Cock Whore? Ch. 02

 — Arya gets her first (albeit reluctant) taste of cock by gaelen3304/04/134.11

A Lady or a Cock Whore? Ch. 05

 — An opportunity to head in a new direction arises. by gaelen3305/25/134.29

A Landlord's Rent Ch. 01

 — Landlord takes tenant's wife for rent. by nj1306/11/024.00

A Landlord's Rent Ch. 02

 — Landlord goes after tenant's sister. by nj1306/22/023.76

A Landlord's Rent Ch.03

 — The humiliation & submission of tenant’s sister by the landl by nj1312/08/023.98

A Late Night

 — A snowstorm leads to encounter with brother's friend. by TheFan0106/27/114.48

A Late Night at the Office

 — Your co-worker makes you give in. by Dsireme05/06/074.18

A Late Night Visit

 — A late night visitor takes her anal cherry. by opels04/04/054.36

A Late Report

 — Working late to make a deadline. by Ashson11/01/164.30

A Learning Experience Ch. 04

 — It only gets worse. by DuckieRhode09/18/063.75

A Lecture of Humiliation

 — Girlfriend in lecture hall is groped and seen by whole row. by sevenofspades03/06/184.25

A Lenient Punishment

 — After I steal lingerie, mall cops punish me off-the-record. by pinkberries3211/06/133.77

A Lesbian Conversion

 — Unsuspecting lesbian gets an unwanted fuck. by SexyB2712/30/153.02

A Lesser Race

 — They said that her name was. by ocuous11/11/154.64HOT

A Lesson Best Learned In Pain Ch. 1

 — Woman painfully learns about her vanity. by liquidheat09/09/013.64

A Lesson for Miss Roberts

 — She learns not to interfere with a fellow teacher's fun. by PAS02/23/014.42

A Lesson from the Boss Ch. 01

 — New CEO demonstrates exactly who's in charge. by JamieRed03/08/084.08

A Lesson from the Boss Ch. 02

 — New CEO demonstrates exactly who's in charge. by JamieRed03/09/084.08

A Lesson in Authority

 — A police officer gets the tables turned on her. by bbettyblambabam01/10/144.08

A Lesson In Love

 — Meet Regina. by vickivale12/31/123.88

A Lesson In Love Ch. 02

 — Everything Changes. by vickivale01/12/134.11

A Lesson In Love Ch. 03

 — Two Years Later. by vickivale02/13/134.28

A Lesson in Respect

 — A girl and her boyfriend teach her bitchy sister a lesson. by firebird6803/03/174.41

A Lesson In Submission

 — Vampires Milena and her teacher are fucked mercilessly. by kinkybiitchx03/28/103.49

A Lesson in Truancy

 — An encounter with the truancy officer. by Alexandra01/26/114.30

A Lesson Learned

 — submissive learns a valuable lesson. by DiscoDiva07/17/043.76

A Lesson Learned

 — He decided it was time to teach her a good lesson. by Dalendria08/25/033.41

A Lesson Learned

 — Kelly gets a hard lesson about driving after drinking. by Autarchic4Ever03/12/124.01

A Lesson Learned Ch. 01

 — Sexy professor disciplines her most troublesome student. by brambleberry08/16/174.08

A Lesson Learned Ch. 02

 — Parent/teacher conference gone awry. by brambleberry08/22/173.57

A Lesson to Learn

 — Corey had it coming, but is pleasure truly a punishment? by WantonTease07/07/073.80

A Letter from 'Daddy'

 — Daddy takes Christy while she sleeps. by theslutmaster04/28/013.68

A Letter Home

 — A letter of complaint to the treatment of a person. by arkwrights0610/26/162.33

A Licentious Game

 — Cocktease gets what she wants. by Kamigwen04/10/024.09

A Life Cast

 — Being erotic art becomes a captivating experience. by gmikeisbad08/04/113.93

A Life Changing Event

 — A girl makes a poor call that changes her life forever. by ArousingTouch07/07/163.67

A Life Changing Experience

 — Girl's gang attack leaves her wanting more. by plumpandtight09/05/083.96

A Life Unknown

 — She exchanges one nightmare existence for another. by angel_in_disguise07/08/053.53

A Little Bit of Force

 — It helps to use a little compulsion to break the ice. by LucOuarm11/15/073.68

A Little Darker...

 — He helps her fantasy come true. by DJWinters02/29/164.34

A Little Holdup

 — Two young ladies try a holdup. by Ashson06/25/144.33

A Little Less Talk

 — A young woman approaches the wrong man at the wrong time. by joodle03/22/184.47

A Little Light B&E

 — A burglar does more than clean out his mark. by RogueNavy11/03/014.07

A Little Night Music

 — He wasn't expecting her to like it. by AlyoshaKaramazov09/24/02

A Little Off Balance

 — After a tragedy, he turns to her for healing. by DanceWithMe05/04/013.92

A Little Push

 — Ken's midlife-crisis affair takes an unexpected turn. by Andanotherthing05/07/173.60

A Little Stretch Never Hurt Anybody

 — Tight pussy takes a big cock and reluctant anal. by Daniellethebabydoll12/16/153.30

A little succulent Revenge

 — Gabriel exacts revenge on those who have wronged him. by Harbringer of Hate01/18/033.17

A Little Taste of Blackmail

 — Turning the tables on a Blackmailer, sort of. by FinalStand05/22/124.37

A Little Taste!

 — Blonde Irish boybander gets played by older man! by the1deros04/29/173.46

A Little Tied Up...

 — Daniel wakes up in an 'interesting' situation. by CakeKnight07/12/163.92

A Little Tied Up... Pt. 02

 — Mark has some more fun with 'Danielle'. by CakeKnight10/12/163.95

A Little Tied Up... Pt. 03

 — 'Danielle' gets some company in her friend 'Ally'. by CakeKnight10/22/164.03

A Little Too Much

 — She teases and then pays up. by woodacre09/06/053.80

A Little Trouble in Turkey

 — A rash decision to travel takes a dangerously erotic turn. by ohamanda07/15/124.15

A Little Yearning

 — Coed cheerleader trysts with jock after practice. by avonasac07/05/063.69

A Little Yearning Ch. 02

 — Katie has an Oedipussy complex. by avonasac07/22/064.26

A Little Yearning Ch. 03

 — Cheerleader inspects her boyfriend's equipment. by avonasac07/23/063.93

A Little Yearning Ch. 04

 — Cheerleader's brother gets an eyeful. by avonasac07/28/063.61

A Little Yearning Ch. 05

 — Billy's found and bound. by avonasac07/29/064.17

A Little Yearning Ch. 06

 — Cheerleader takes the professor for a ride. by avonasac08/03/064.29

A Little Yearning Ch. 07

 — Cheerleader takes the professor for a ride. by avonasac08/09/064.46

A Little Yearning Ch. 08

 — Katie reconciles with an old friend. by avonasac08/20/064.41

A Little Yearning Ch. 09

 — Katie meets the new guy in town by avonasac03/20/073.89

A Little Yearning Ch. 10

 — Cheerleaders in peril. by avonasac01/26/084.24

A Little Yearning Ch. 11

 — The trouble with blondes. by avonasac11/27/084.29

A Loan - the Hard Way

 — If only her credit rating matched her babe rating. by mpqm196810/10/054.21

A Local Tale

 — A innocent friend led astray. by grecian1311/07/134.23

A Long and Winding Road Pt. 01

 — Lynda's mistake is going to cost her - and how. by TabooMaster02/19/064.05

A Long and Winding Road Pt. 02

 — Lynda slips further under their control. by TabooMaster02/28/064.23

A Long Day - A Hard Night

 — A frightening end to a long day. by NickyFaulkes02/01/093.72

A Long Night

 — Kelly is in for a long night. by HunterHerne07/05/14

A Long Ride Home

 — A car trip turns into a threesome with girlfriend and cousin. by doitright03/05/124.20

A Long Weekend

 — His sister's friend needs to relax. by Ashson03/14/174.46

A Losing Vacation Ch. 01

 — You get a gentle start to an aggresive conclusion. by huntershesse01/24/053.55

A Lot More Sun, A Little Less Fun

 — Virgin gets taken by "stranger" while sunbathing by Ogygia Willow01/12/033.80

A Love Changed Forever Ch. 01

 — An intern's blackmail threatens her engagement. by ForceFull07/31/063.61

A Love Changed Forever Ch. 02

 — Natasha's trouble is brought home. by ForceFull08/23/063.97

A Love Forever Changed (Prequel)

 — How this all began. by ForceFull10/25/064.32

A Loving Brother in Law

 — And a loving wife, that you don't need to know about. by qualitywheat09/06/154.47

A Loving Wife

 — She didn't want to make coffee. by Ashson12/20/164.21

A Loving Wife's Life Is Changed

 — Dimitri took her to life. by qualitywheat02/25/134.32

A Lunatic with a Badge

 — Kelly's stalked by love-crazed cop. by Trish Martin10/11/004.06

A Lustful Crossing

 — Science gives Jason a chance for Incest that isn't. by TexasDM10/01/133.66

A Lusty Teacher Ch. 01

 — A teacher finally gets her hands on the girl of her dreams. by MoonKitten021404/03/153.64

A Maid's Career

 — An unusual career move. by Ashson03/14/174.24

A Maid's Duties

 — The maid has some unexpected duties. by Ashson05/31/164.17

A Maid's Life Ch. 01

 — A student takes up a job as a maid to pay her debts. by BigBadBill12303/12/143.92

A Mariachi Afternoon

 — A sleazy Juarez hotel room & a desperate dame. by Mysti Fox01/16/054.09

A Marriage of Convenience

 — Sara finds herself held against her will. by Ildana08/16/124.24

A Marriage of Convenience Ch. 02

 — Sara learns the truth about her kidnapping. by Ildana08/26/124.43

A Master Claims His Girl, His Way

 — Stacy is claimed by her new Master...his way. by ruffaluf02/16/103.50

A Master's Bargain

 — Master strikes a deal and presents his slave as a sacrifice by Bent_Bound_Begging08/05/143.73

A Master's Work is Never Done

 — Miss Di Ruffia must be chastised. by heidismaster01/20/124.29

A Matter Of Discipline

 — Conservative wife is diciplined at work. by sabastian102/20/043.50

A Matter of Discipline

 — Lover must sexually discipline his partner for her own good. by MeredithEighty809/06/134.38

A Matter Of Discipline Ch. 02

 — Boss meets with Employee to resolve problem by sabastian102/22/044.28

A Matter Of Discipline Ch. 03

 — He reviews the tape with Mrs. M. by sabastian103/27/044.37

A Matter of Life or Death Ch. 01

 — A naive young brunette wants to take a bungee jump. by BoobyTrapper03/28/154.29

A Matter of Life or Death Ch. 02

 — Chelsea is afraid to jump, but Dave relaxes her. by BoobyTrapper03/31/154.36

A Matter of Perspective

 — She is coerced into service to the King. by MeanDickGreen05/10/113.98

A Matter of Perspective Ch. 02

 — She is coerced into serving the king. by MeanDickGreen05/11/114.11

A Matter of Perspective Ch. 03

 — Beauty forced to serve the King. by MeanDickGreen05/12/114.31

A Matter of Perspective Ch. 04

 — Proceeding to the garden as ordered... by MeanDickGreen12/28/114.19

A Matter of Perspective Ch. 05

 — Beauty is forced to serve the King. by MeanDickGreen12/29/114.35

A Matter of Perspective Ch. 06

 — Beauty is forced to serve the King. by MeanDickGreen12/30/114.23

A Medieval Epic Ch. 04

 — They head into the Swampmire. by BBC09/16/034.01

A Merchant's Trade...

 — She steals... Now she must pay! by HopeSinsEternal04/12/143.92

A Messy Break Up Ch. 01: Kate's Revenge

 — She finds out her boyfriend is a perverted creep. by TheDarkCloud07/26/153.86

A Messy Break Up Ch. 02: Rob's Revenge

 — Boyfriend has his turn. by TheDarkCloud08/04/153.94

A Midnight Break In

 — He saw here through the window and could not resist. by dtatheizan03/11/134.29

A Midnight Encounter

 — He takes her in the middle of the night. by Elly12/04/014.49

A Midnight Express

 — She's taken when she gets a flat tire. by Ivey_Cooper_Kitten07/04/043.88

A Midnight Swim

 — A midnight swim turns dangerous. by Dangela Carr03/19/033.84

A Midnight Train

 — She gets more than a train ride on her way home. by nitegazer10/01/044.29

A Midsummer Night's Dream

 — Or is it? by Mamateya02/10/173.76

A Mind's Eye

 — How far would you go to make it home to the family? by deputy duffy01/10/034.09

A Minute's Walk

 — Campus student is ravished by a stranger. by georgia_smith_writer01/06/062.95

A Miracle Weekend

 — Young teacher is sexually taken at a weekend conference. by elusive_buttrfly11/12/083.63

A Mission Of Mercy?

 — An act of compassion by my girlfriend goes a little too far. by spoilsportster107/26/073.69

A Mistake That Cost Me Dearly

 — Wife pays the price for my mistake. by j26708/12/144.28

A Mistress Unleashed

 — Mistress and Master break a new slave. by LetsCuckHubby10/03/144.40

A Model Student

 — A student models to get an 'A'. by henryo01/27/124.29

A Modern Day Knight

 — Callie is rescued and fucked. by lustprincess09/30/113.75

A Moment of Weakness

 — A moment of weakness changes a man's world forever. by pantyguy30108/31/143.69

A More Perfect Union

 — She wanted it. by init4u4003/04/143.58

A Morning Glory

 — Tired of waiting for her to make a move. by likesallsorts07/31/06

A Morning Jog

 — Jogging is so much better with a remote controlled sex toy. by Frank Noir06/22/154.10

A Most Jarring Subway Ride

 — He takes advantage of the closeness to a stranger. by Kittyscave04/27/174.25

A Mother's Dilemma Ch. 01

 — Sexually frustrated mother gets a lesson in sexual pleasure. by AStropirate01/30/144.26

A Mother's Dilemma Ch. 02

 — Cynthia's education continues from unexpected sources by AStropirate02/09/144.44

A Mother's Trauma Ch. 01

 — Mother-in-law becomes slave for life. by Writor02/13/054.25

A Mother's Trauma Ch. 02

 — Jessica begins a new ordeal. by Writor02/17/054.24

A Mother's Trauma Ch. 03

 — Training & Newcummers. by Writor02/17/054.35

A Mother's Trauma Ch. 04

 — Angela finishes Mia's preparation. by Writor02/20/054.39

A Mother's Trauma Ch. 05

 — The new addition to Jack's family moves right to the top. by Writor03/18/054.32

A Mother's Trauma Ch. 06

 — The war between the girls is on. by Writor05/05/054.19

A Mother-in-Law Snared

 — Nagging mother in law blackmailed by son in law. by AStropirate03/21/134.27

A Mother-in-Law Snared Ch. 02

 — Matt tightens his grip on Angela. by AStropirate04/03/134.46

A Moving Day

 — Mom helps daughter's ex-boyfriend move out. by SluttyKim05/23/094.43

A Moving Day Pt. 01

 — Jessica needs to move. The man in charge takes charge. by Arkrhu11/27/144.24

A Moving Day Pt. 02

 — The rest of the crew makes Jessica their slut. by Arkrhu12/04/144.45

A Moving Experience

 — Trophy wife forced to please the men she hired to move house. by UrsaMajor6911/12/124.34

A Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 01

 — The new manager 'manages' his ladies. by Vitorio03/14/124.38

A Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 02

 — Young Sally gets 'detention'. by Vitorio03/15/124.51HOT

A Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 03

 — An Anal Virginity taken, Part 3 - Stacey. by Vitorio03/16/124.44

A Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 04

 — Part 4, Barbara takes two! by Vitorio03/17/124.56HOT

A Naughty Affair

 — Bree is seduced by her sister's lover. by Cloudless_Skye11/09/164.51HOT

A Naughty Affair Ch. 02

 — Bree tries not to succumb to her urges. by Cloudless_Skye11/20/164.51HOT

A Naughty Fantasy

 — A personal fantasy of mine that I've had since I was younger. by RosieGal07/13/163.63

A Need for Money Pt. 01

 — Putting myself through college makes me desperate for money. by ClassyKinkyErotic01/09/163.82

A Need for Touch

 — The honeymoon period seems to be running out. by CherriSlut12/22/123.20

A Neighborhood July 4th Celebration

 — Denise gets dominated during the July 4th celebrations. by dawn195803/28/144.17

A Neighborly Lesson

 — She teaches a voyeur some manners. by speednutz07/03/033.99

A Neighborly Threesome

 — Threesome in a golf championship. by dawn195801/23/144.46

A Nerd's Birthday

 — Salespeople dupe young Hindi waitress. by likebadfun06/07/083.83

A New Acquisition

 — Eric buys Arina, but with ulterior motives. by graceanne08/20/044.32

A New Administration

 — In a post-apocalyptic world, he's interrogated by 3 women by MaCrooner07/25/124.20

A New Administration Ch. 02

 — Michael's information proves to be very useful. by MaCrooner10/28/134.27

A New Baby Sitter

 — The new sitter needs things explained to her. by Ashson03/02/134.26

A New Beginning

 — A fantasy. by ElizabethCL04/27/124.11

A New Bride

 — Sexual exploits of an arranged marriage. by BoundSlave8609/29/163.94

A New Family of Bullies Ch. 01

 — Three families are affected when a new family moves in. by thehumpman11/06/094.30

A New Job

 — Jessica finds out what her new job entails. by TheWritingWife09/05/144.13

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