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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Kelly and Her Mom Ch. 01

 — She gets a long awaited suprise. by hardwillingone03/04/074.26

Kelly and Her Mom Ch. 02

 — Kelly's Mom joins in and shares. by hardwillingone03/05/074.38

Kelly and Me

 — Daddy takes his virgin daughter. by SlamDuncan07/20/134.24

Kelly Didn't Know She Had Them

 — He found them by accident. by qualitywheat01/13/134.53HOT

Kelly in the Kitchen

 — She offers her brother more than bacon & eggs. by foolishlittleone04/18/084.51HOT

Kelly is a Woman Now

 — Red catches his granddaughter behind the barn. by MisterReason03/14/104.42

Kelly Joins The Club

 — Horny family welcome son's new wife to their sex club. by Toolboy504/27/084.33

Kelly Joins The Club Ch. 02

 — Kelly gets fucked by her new husband's father. by Toolboy504/28/084.26

Kelly Joins The Club Ch. 03

 — After fucking his daughter-in-law, Howard fucks his son by Toolboy505/01/084.34

Kelly Patrick Wakes Up Horny Ch. 1

 — Brother catches her shaving & the fun begins. by HardRock02/01/024.28

Kelly Teases Daddy-in-Law

 — Kelly seduces her father-in-law. by blueeyeandy04/01/084.31

Kelly was so Beautiful Young Wife

 — But her horniness led to wonderful trouble. by qualitywheat09/20/154.39

Kelly's Adventures

 — Kelly witnesses her sister's tryst & tries to outdo her. by sinfulinthemind07/10/154.56HOT

Kelly's Detention

 — A naughty schoolgirl is punished by her teacher. by DavidFun05/02/113.76

Kelly's New Hot Tub Ch. 01

 — Kelly buys a new tub - & gets new playmates. by BrettJ01/31/054.09

Kelly's New Hot Tub Ch. 02

 — Kelly really heats things up tonight. by BrettJ04/26/054.47

Kelly's Uncle

 — 18-year-old Kelly visits Uncle Bobbie. by kinkyangel04/19/044.65HOT

Kelly's Uncle Ch. 02

 — A surprise visit gives Kelly what she's been craving for. by kinkyangel02/12/104.59HOT

Kelly's Uncle Ch. 03

 — Bobby and Jeff make Kelly's dream come true. by kinkyangel02/13/104.70HOT

Kelly: The Stepsister

 — Holiday leads to drunken romp with stepsister. by ScarfaceJ03/17/074.33

Kelsey's Discovery

 — Kelsey discovers who her fantasy man is. by Hisscarlett11/08/094.01

Kelsey's Mother Ch. 02

 — Kelsey and her mother share a secret with Jim. by Midnight_Man02/25/104.45

Kelsy & Aunt Cindy

 — Sexy teenager and aunt team up to suck off willing uncle. by samandrews09/15/044.66HOT

Ken and Sally's Story

 — Siblings go from friends to lovers and beyond. by Dr Kink12/02/024.62HOT

Ken and Sally's Story Ch. 02

 — With wedding close, Ken goes on vacation with Jill alone. by Dr Kink03/18/034.64HOT

Ken and Sally's Story Ch. 03

 — Ken and Jill's second day at the shore. by Dr Kink03/26/034.65HOT

Ken, Maria and Me

 — He moves with his brother & and his wife. by island_man01/19/114.48

Kendra and Cole

 — Hot and horny trophy wife cheats by fucking husband's son. by CharlesMason12/28/144.17

Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 01

 — Jan: "Mind if I sleep in your room tonight?" by Gary_Alexander04/05/13

Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 02

 — Eve: "Could you give me a backrub?" by Gary_Alexander04/06/134.50HOT

Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 03

 — Penny: "Do you think what I'm wearing is too revealing?" by Gary_Alexander04/07/134.59HOT

Kenny and His Cousins Ch. 04

 — Jan: "I need you to do me a really big favor". by Gary_Alexander07/05/134.70HOT

Kentucky Blend

 — Masturbation lends a hand towards some lezzie fun. by evanrulzz12/24/034.00

Kerala Women

 — An Indian family that shows its love. by incest_indian10/06/014.09

Keri Gone Wild

 — Younger sister gets a mouthful from Mr. Tyson. by Personaltrain6910/20/084.09

Keri Is So Very...

 — He finds sexy pics on Stepmom's phone. by Schwingprose08/10/094.56HOT

Keri's Family

 — An incestuous love between adult daughter and father. by harrie196309/03/094.74HOT

Kerri and Sarah

 — An older sister comes home for the summer to a surprise. by J_Kincaid09/01/124.12

Kerri and Sarah Ch. 02

 — Sarah asks Kerri to take her virginity. by J_Kincaid09/12/124.56HOT

Kerri and Sarah Ch. 03

 — A chat with Kerri's mom reveals some hidden secrets. by J_Kincaid09/25/124.34

Kerri's Dream

 — You ask to sleep in Daddy's bed. by darkstar0410/27/043.93

Kerry's Boy

 — Matthew tries to embarrass his Mom. by no_nobody06/10/104.34

Kerry's Morning Discovery Ch. 01

 — Coed comes home and discovers something hot. by SSobotkaJr01/20/094.49

Kerry's Morning Discovery Ch. 02

 — Kerry discovers more, the following morning. by SSobotkaJr01/21/094.61HOT


 — Stepsister loves stepbrother. by storygirl6906/03/034.08

Kevin and Grandma

 — Kevin and Grandma continue; see Kevin's story & Grandma's story. by writesformary12/31/154.41

Kevin and Rachel

 — Brother and Sister come to terms with themselves. by HunterShambles01/29/154.39

Kevin Makes a Choice Ch. 01

 — Kevin makes a choice. by Legend198802/16/113.66

Kevin's Story

 — A little Tequila and a sympathetic ear let the truth out. by writesformary12/05/154.11

Key Largo

 — A young man's fantasies come to life. by hollowpoint196808/07/154.42

Key Lime Pie

 — My wife's sexy cousin Kelly comes to visit. by Bluepen45102/01/144.52HOT


 — He never noticed her, watching him. by markelly04/05/094.66HOT

Keyleigh Ch. 02

 — Five years on, their love was still so intense. by markelly05/10/094.53HOT

Keyleigh Ch. 03

 — I suppose it was inevitable that this day would come. by markelly08/18/094.57HOT

Khrisais and her Son's BBC

 — A young black son takes it upon himself to pleasure his mom. by Great_Pharaoh10/22/144.19

Kidnapped Ch. 01

 — Siblings are kidnapped & forced to have sex. by Cokeman02/08/044.49

Kidnapped Daughter???

 — Estranged father and daughter reunite in Miami. by scouries12/24/064.57HOT

Kids Get Revenge

 — 18-year-old twins get back at Mom. by HUNG SON06/06/044.18

Kiki, the Town Slut Ch. 13

 — Kiki’s very bad, kinda good, really weird day. by eatoure02/07/114.14

Killer Mom

 — Her son is a witness, and then more. by stevie362401/26/074.64HOT

Killing Time

 — A son's fantasy comes true. by Homer769603/24/064.35

Kim & Eric's Italian Vacation Vol. 01

 — Brother and sister share room with Aunt on holiday. by MindPrison0109/20/124.57HOT

Kim & Me

 — She gets a vist from her female cousin. by cottonsocks11/07/043.53

Kim And Her Mother And Me

 — An incestuous threesome. by M_Sirk01/07/074.48

Kim Ch. 01

 — Single father finds private videos of his daughter. by Slickman02/22/064.67HOT

Kim Ch. 02

 — Father and daughter continue their play. by Slickman06/09/064.60HOT

Kim Ch. 04

 — Kim, Paula and Jay find each other. then gang bang. by Mikro07/05/054.44

Kim Gets Off to College

 — His sister helps disguise him to attend all-girls' school. by sexykitsu02/12/134.53HOT

Kim Gets Off to College Ch. 02

 — She teaches him to commit to his performance. by sexykitsu04/28/134.58HOT

Kim Goes On Vacation Ch. 01

 — Kim steps onto the path to womanhood and submission. by NC_Master06/25/124.46

Kim Goes On Vacation Ch. 02

 — Friday - day two of vacation. by NC_Master07/10/124.56HOT

Kim Goes On Vacation Ch. 03

 — Saturday- Day three of vacation by NC_Master07/12/124.43

Kim Goes On Vacation Ch. 04

 — Day 4 - Sunday...Up, up & away! by NC_Master08/09/124.49

Kim Kardashian Likes Discipline

 — Sisters that play together, stay together. by duanep01/06/083.98

Kim Webcams with Daddy

 — Kim learns the man she is webcamming with is daddy. by jillygirl11/12/104.51HOT

Kim's Pretty as a Penny Ch. 01

 — I’m sorry I tricked you, Daddy. by mingusfker04/06/054.62HOT

Kim's Pretty as a Penny Ch. 02

 — You like that, Daddy? by mingusfker04/09/054.71HOT

Kim's Pretty as a Penny Ch. 03

 — Oh Daddy, bad girls need to be punished. by mingusfker04/10/054.68HOT

Kim's Sister the Slut

 — My girlfriend's little sister teases us until.... by incrediblehunk710/10/144.57HOT

Kim's Sister the Slut Pt. 02

 — Reminiscing about Kim's journey into my personal slut. by incrediblehunk710/15/144.43

Kim's Wedding

 — Kim spends time with brother before her wedding. by epiphany6505/08/064.56HOT

Kim's Weekend Alone with Daddy

 — Kim and daddy take full advantage of their weekend alone. by jillygirl11/15/104.43

Kimberly - Her Husband's Story

 — Kimberly's husband remembers his own incest past. by VictorBlum12/22/104.53HOT

Kimberly and Her Younger Son

 — Hot MILF goes further into depravity. by VictorBlum12/21/104.55HOT

Kimberly's Kids

 — A lonely Mom discovers family togetherness. by BrettJ01/06/114.31

Kimberly's Sin

 — In a moment of weakness & vulnerability, I submit to my son. by cindyexposed05/19/144.63HOT

Kimberly's Sin Ch. 02

 — I make yet another mistake - I repay my son. by cindyexposed05/19/144.40

Kimberly's Sin Ch. 03

 — It spins further out of control. by cindyexposed05/21/144.66HOT

Kimberly's Sin Ch. 04

 — It happens again - the next morning. by cindyexposed05/22/144.58HOT

Kimberly's Sin Ch. 05

 — Ben & I have to face the inevitable and set the boundaries by cindyexposed05/23/144.68HOT

Kimbery - Husband - Son

 — Milf does incestual DP and can't stop cumming. by VictorBlum07/17/134.60HOT


 — Sexy threesome with his girl and her neice. by Knghtt05/30/064.30

Kimmi's Plan

 — Kimmi wants to share her friends with her father. by keithnkimmi03/29/014.15

Kimmie's Spanking

 — She's spanked by her uncle and her best friend is next. by hotladyvanessa02/02/114.01

Kimmie's Spanking Ch. 02

 — Vanessa finally receives her spanking from Uncle Jay! by hotladyvanessa02/10/114.18

Kin Ch. 01

 — Becky and her brother celebrate in her new college. by KathyCapri12/08/064.17

Kindled in Fiction

 — Brother & sister try to pull their lives back together. by LesLumens09/21/074.72HOT

Kindled in Fiction Ch. 02

 — A forbidden love tested. by LesLumens03/07/084.74HOT

Kindness Reaps Its Rewards

 — Watching a football game with my cousin leads to more. by storytyme04/25/144.30

Kindred Passions

 — Sexual Adventures of a Modern Family by Konoshur03/11/134.55HOT

King Family Values Ch. 01

 — Three siblings find their sexual awakening in one another. by brianna_042205/05/113.84

King Family Values Ch. 02

 — Three siblings find their sexual awakening in one another. by brianna_042205/06/113.99

Kingdom of Lust

 — Newly crowned king makes family love legal. by Cokeman04/18/154.58HOT


 — BBW Jane finds cousin on fetish dating site; trouble ensues by Traci Spencer01/06/154.19

Kinky Girl

 — Married siblings find comfort in each other. by scorpio0015501/26/014.39

Kinky Kodak

 — Daughter gets down and dirty in Daddy's photography studio. by -Sadie26-11/24/054.19

Kinky Sex with Dad Pt. 01

 — A young teen enjoys a day until she's caught. by Massieex10/11/154.08

Kinland 01: The Voyeurs

 — Mother and son witness a delicious family fuck. by EroticAye03/22/163.97

Kinland 02: The Trial and After

 — Mother and son face judgement for their voyeurism. by EroticAye03/27/164.32

Kising Cousins

 — Wife meets her cousin for a girls weekend. by Cousins212/16/054.57HOT

Kiss Cam

 — Sister goes on a fake date with hated little brother. by YKN494903/28/134.52HOT

Kiss Me First!

 — Her dad was feeling down, but she changed that. by scorpio0015504/06/014.55HOT

Kiss Me, Kate

 — Daughter comforts dad after wife leaves. by Fanta C10/07/004.20Contest WinnerEditor's Pick

Kiss My Ass

 — Big sister and little brother make a deal. by ChrisJones110/01/114.29

Kiss, And Then...

 — Brother and sister explore each others' bodies. by soubrette03/06/034.30

Kiss, And Then... Ch. 02

 — Brother and sister...and Mom and Dad? by soubrette04/10/034.54HOT

Kissin' Cousins

 — Cousins meet again 40 years after first time. by Roget05/08/044.40

Kissin' Cousins

 — Family reunion heats up when cousins reconnect. by AGreyFoxxx07/20/084.18

Kissin' Cousins

 — Cousins dare each other to walk around the house nude. by JackandJilldo01/21/113.80

Kissin' Cousins

 — A high school senior and a cousin twice his age. by komrad115606/30/154.43

Kissing Amy

 — Kissing his sister was just the beginning. by wordsinthedust04/28/094.63HOT

Kissing Cousin

 — Cousins teach one another about sex. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/21/07HOT

Kissing Cousins

 — Tim falls for tall, lovely Michelle. by Kip Carson06/24/003.98

Kissing Cousins

 — Mother and two daughters take in orphaned cousin. by The_old_man12/08/024.44

Kissing Cousins

 — How she lost her virginity to her cousin. by Sensimaster11/29/033.94

Kissing Cousins

 — Sarah gets to "know" her cousin better. by GDC158810/15/064.45

Kissing Cousins

 — Two same-age cousins descover sex together. by manfromnantucket02/22/074.48

Kissing Cousins

 — Two cousins reunite as college students. by TomHouston11/09/104.00

Kissing Cousins

 — I rediscover a sexy cousin. by fittucker8704/19/094.39

Kissing Cousins

 — Long lost cousins decide to take it further. by Xsxbx01/27/123.98

Kissing Cousins

 — Her older cousin teaches her how hot sex can be. by roseflavoredgypsy07/31/143.93

Kissing Cousins

 — The further adventures of Mike, Linda... and hot cousin Lisa. by TheOxRocks03/19/164.53HOT

Kissing Cousins - and Much More

 — Female cousin is much more than he thought. by starlifter9904/18/064.36

Kissing Cousins Pt. 01

 — Ken and Jessie share a smooch. by CrazyDrummer112/10/143.41

Kissing Cousins Pt. 01

 — Playing house with cousin Betty under the sheets. by SensualScribe04/21/164.23

Kissing Cousins Pt. 02

 — Ken moves on to Jessie's other pair of lips. by CrazyDrummer112/12/144.13

Kissing Cousins Pt. 03

 — Ken and Jessie make it to fourth base. by CrazyDrummer112/13/144.33

Kissing Cousins Pt. 04

 — Ken and Jessie are in for some sibling action. by CrazyDrummer112/14/144.17

Kissing Debbie's Tears

 — A father comforts his cyberbullied daughter. by redwood10509/03/134.14

Kissing in Dreams

 — Twins explore each other's secrets. by Her_Toyboy07/08/134.71HOT

Kissing Kelly

 — Hot young stepmom teaches him yoga. by Mister_Shy09/19/124.60HOT

Kissing M Snuggle Bunny

 — Bedtime kisses get out of hand fast. by UncleMichael03/04/094.19

Kissing My Sister's Cousin

 — Find love with my sister and our cousin at a family reunion. by BuckyDuckman09/07/154.79HOT

Kissing Tracy Ch. 01

 — First kisses with his cousin Tracy. by loveorlust07/19/074.27

Kissins Cousins

 — Cousins Realize Family can be fun by nickles02/24/044.50HOT

Kitchen in the Morning

 — An erotic way to begin the day. by Janus89505/15/024.11

Kitten & Father in Florence Ch. 01

 — Did she intend to seduce him, or does it just happen? by leBonhomme12/12/144.37

Kitten & Father in Florence Ch. 02

 — No more worries about what they do; he admits he loves it. by leBonhomme12/13/144.24

Kitten & Father in Florence Ch. 03

 — Her father is as willing and able as girl could want! by leBonhomme12/14/144.38

Kitten & Father in Florence Ch. 04

 — They can't do more than they already have, but want to again. by leBonhomme12/16/144.44

Kitten & Father in Florence Ch. 05

 — Good sex is doing it the ways they like best - again. by leBonhomme12/18/143.90

Kitten & Father in Florence Ch. 06

 — Cucumber dream, doggy, then Daddy helps her test one. by leBonhomme12/19/144.04

Kitten & Father in Florence Ch. 07

 — Their last two nights in Florence are delightful and intense. by leBonhomme12/20/144.35

Kitten Ch. 02

 — Kitten and the siblings enjoy oral sex together & much more. by leBonhomme12/10/144.27

Kitten Ch. 03

 — Kitten and the siblings continue, every way they can. by leBonhomme12/11/144.63HOT

Kitten In Heat

 — Stepmother goes wild for her brash 19-year-old stepson. by iamarealwizard05/17/104.32

Kitten In Heat Ch. 02

 — A young stepmother goes wild for her brash stepson. by iamarealwizard06/14/103.98

Kitten In Heat Ch. 02

 — A follow up to iamarealwizard's "Kitten In Heat". by WritersAnonymous05/09/123.80

Kitten's Anniversary Present

 — Wife has a nice present for her husband. by stormwolf371002/08/144.42

Kitten's Father's Story Ch. 01

 — His recollections of her before and now, and more. by leBonhomme01/05/153.53

Kitten's Father's Story Ch. 02

 — They have invited Marlie to come with them in Venice. by leBonhomme01/06/154.29


 — Her father-in-law gives what her husband cannot. by Epithet08/21/074.24

Kitty and Phenix take a Roomie

 — Kitty and Phenix are back, and now they have a new friend. by tyler199301/05/164.29

Kitty and Phenix take a Roomie Ch. 02

 — Lex makes a move, Kitty doesn't resist, a mistake is made. by tyler199301/12/164.55HOT

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