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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Mom Needs It In Her Ass

 — Frustrated with hubby, she gets her son to fill her. by dirtyjoe6907/31/064.11

Mom Needs Me

 — A loving son rushes to help his sexy Mom. by L.A. Wicker06/01/084.41

Mom Needs More

 — Discovering mom's secret feelings. by mmmlit07/15/074.17

Mom Needs More Ch. 02

 — A lover's fantasy moves in a motherly direction. by mmmlit07/24/074.39

Mom Needs More Ch. 03

 — Mother and son finally connect. by mmmlit11/30/094.49

Mom Needs More Ch. 04

 — Mom and son's relationship intensifies over breakfast. by mmmlit10/05/104.55HOT

Mom Needs More Ch. 05

 — Mom celebrates his graduation, and a new friend arrives. by mmmlit08/22/114.55HOT

Mom Needs Satisfaction Ch. 01

 — Son spies on mother. by A_4_playboy03/13/034.43

Mom Needs Satisfaction Ch. 02

 — Son sets mom up to seduce his friend. by A_4_playboy03/15/034.45

Mom Needs Satisfaction Ch. 03

 — Son and friend fill mothers holes in the morning. by A_4_playboy03/16/034.31

Mom Needs Son's Help to Strip Naked

 — Mom hurts her back dumpster diving for cans and bottles. by SuperHeroRalph03/29/114.35

Mom Needs To Cum

 — What our mother needed was some really hot sex. by Jon_Sextremo09/30/084.28

Mom Needs to Pay the Bills

 — Mom forced to fuck son because she cant make money... by secretstory05/13/184.10

Mom Notices Man-Sized Son

 — Redhead MILF fucks her son. by Tigrist10/17/144.21

Mom Notices Man-Sized Son Pt. 02

 — Redhead MILF and son get freaky on Halloween. by Tigrist10/22/144.13

Mom on Film

 — Husband rejects wife's advances, but her son is interested. by mattwatt4301/18/114.51HOT

Mom On The Couch

 — Son and mom try out new mattress springs. by The Gael Master10/16/002.94

Mom Opens Up

 — She bares feelings & more for her son. by Mikelh11/30/014.45

Mom Passed Out Again

 — He has his way with his drunken mother. by Tattletale09/01/014.27

Mom Pays The Rent

 — Indian uncle demands payment in kind. by chhavi6509/23/033.64

Mom Pegs Son with Pet's Help

 — Mom has her pet set son up for some kinky fun. by Free_Wolf04/18/184.50HOT

Mom Phones It In

 — Dad's call interrupts Austin and his mom. Or does it? by lovecraft6809/17/164.48

Mom Poses Nude

 — She does it all for her son's art. by Mikelh11/12/024.55HOT

Mom Pussy on My Birthday

 — Indian moms give the best gifts. by anilsahotra03/17/033.44

Mom Relates To Son As Never Before

 — Mother gives up her treasure. by MinnieDriverFan10/06/014.17

Mom Relaxes Her Son

 — Dad's promotion leads to mom's satiation. by PrivacyPlease12/25/024.26

Mom Returns To Cheerleading

 — 43 year old goes back to being a cheerleader. by Lost Soul01/19/104.45

Mom Riding Me

 — Mom rides her son in the back while Dad drives. by Harmonee08/21/103.79

Mom Riding Son in a Public Bar

 — Mom and son let lust flourish even in a crowded bar. by NobbySon01/27/184.41

Mom Rubs Away the Pain

 — Massage therapy is a good thing. by __misty__01/10/094.37

Mom Sandwich

 — Twin boys and a beautiful mother by klrxo03/19/034.03

Mom Saves Nude Day

 — Mom helps son with a little problem. by fictitious07/14/114.35

Mom Saw You Last Night

 — Daughter joins in with mom & dad. by Jim McKay06/30/044.19

Mom Seduced Me Slowly

 — A lonely mother seduces her indian son for her. by haldwani06/22/134.41

Mom Seduces Virgin Son on Nude Day

 — Mom gets naked on Nude Day and has sex with her adult son. by SusanJillParker06/21/134.06

Mom Seeks Son's Advice

 — Son gives Mom advice on finding a boyfriend. by Vic506/26/024.26

Mom Seems So Frustrated?

 — Son wants to help Mom more and more! by bogey4u01/20/184.52HOT

Mom Sets Him Straight

 — A guy's Mom and Dad make a most unusual proposal. by CindysBob07/24/104.58HOT

Mom Shocked by Son at Orgy Ch. 01

 — Mom sees son at an orgy. by ravensfx04/04/073.97

Mom Sits In The Game

 — Mom fills in son's weekly poker game. by thehumpman12/02/084.32

Mom Sleeps with Son on Christmas

 — Mom's innocent cuddling & spooning turns into incestuous sex. by SusanJillParker11/13/13HOT

Mom Solves My Problem

 — An 18-year-old gets more than sympathy from his Mom. by Dirkstimson07/31/094.04

Mom Solves My Problem Ch. 02

 — Jerome's Buddies get a lesson in sex education by Dirkstimson08/15/094.30

Mom Solves My Problem Ch. 03

 — Mowing the lawns at Mom's friends, and more. by Dirkstimson08/21/094.43

Mom Son Acting

 — Mom and Son are in a play where they have to make love. by loadedgun03/06/114.20

Mom Son Straw Skirts Ch. 01

 — Mom, dad and son attend a work party wearing straw skirts. by loadedgun11/30/144.45

Mom Son Straw Skirts Ch. 02

 — Mom son shenanigans continue. by loadedgun01/14/154.54HOT

Mom Son Time

 — A son gets lost in his mother. by shakespeareluvr05/06/173.59

Mom Spreads Her Legs

 — Slowly but surely, mom opens up to her son. by SimonDoom05/02/184.68HOT

Mom Stays Home Sick

 — Mom finds love again with Son when they are home alone. by ejb195705/17/094.10

Mom Strips Naked for Neighbor Ch. 01

 — Mom is a closet exhibitionist and her son is a voyeur. by LadyofErotica03/15/164.12

Mom Strips Naked for Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Mom is a closet exhibitionist and her son is a voyeur. by LadyofErotica03/16/164.38

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 01

 — Mother helps her son write a more realistic Nude Day story. by SusanJillParker07/09/124.13

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 02

 — Swallowing it all, hook, line and sinker, Mom takes the bait. by SusanJillParker07/10/123.93

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 03

 — Do you have a favorite incestuous story that I wrote, Mom? by SusanJillParker07/11/124.25

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 04

 — Just a story? Not a story, mother/son incest is real. by SusanJillParker07/11/124.28

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 05

 — Instead of calling me Mom or Mother, call me Elizabeth. by SusanJillParker07/12/124.15

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 06

 — "I did have a question about your erotic, incestuous story." by SusanJillParker07/13/124.39

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 07

 — What's a MILF? A mother that I'd love to fuck. by SusanJillParker07/13/124.37

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 08

 — Do you have a favorite incestuously, erotic story about me? by SusanJillParker07/14/124.24

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 09

 — Not crossing the incestuous line by embraciing incest. by SusanJillParker07/15/124.29

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 10

 — So what are you asking me to do? To strip naked? by SusanJillParker07/16/124.38

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 11

 — She agrees to strip naked but only on one condition. by SusanJillParker07/18/124.33

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 12

 — How do you want me and what should I wear? by SusanJillParker07/19/124.33

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 13

 — Now what? Do we just strip off our clothes or... by SusanJillParker07/20/124.31

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 14

 — French kissing my Mom, while feeling her breast. by SusanJillParker07/21/124.16

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 15

 — Promise me, Jason, that you won't touch my nipples. by SusanJillParker07/22/124.45

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 16

 — We can stop now, if you'd rather not continue stripping. by SusanJillParker07/23/12HOT

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 17

 — Before I suck your cock, Mommy needs to cum, too. by SusanJillParker07/25/12HOT

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 18

 — Eat my pussy, Jason. I'm going to lick you, now, Mother. by SusanJillParker07/25/12HOT

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 19

 — "I'm going to suck you, now," she said. by SusanJillParker07/26/12HOT

Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 20

 — His mother finds his binder of incestuous stories. by SusanJillParker07/28/12HOT

Mom Submission

 — Catching my son nude fucking a MILF changes everything. by silkstockingslover07/10/134.70HOT

Mom Sucked My Cock

 — He didn't know how bad his mother needed it. by standingstones09/30/164.20

Mom Takes A Ride

 — Mother rides on son's lap in pick-up. by NakdSalr02/12/014.46

Mom Takes A Ride Ch. 2

 — Ricky's aunt is coerced into joining mom & son. by NakdSalr06/18/014.57HOT

Mom takes Her Son to Get a Massage

 — More incest at the weekly mother son massage session. by AZMotherLover10/27/174.45

Mom takes Her Son to Get a Massage Ch. 02

 — More incest at the weekly mother son massage session. by AZMotherLover11/01/174.47

Mom Takes Her Turn with Son

 — Mom seduces son after watching neighbor have him. by racerex02/13/094.45

Mom Takes It in the Ass & I Do, Too

 — Son catches Mom anally masturbating with seven-inch dildo. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimbo05/04/164.37

Mom Takes It Slow

 — A mother tries to understand her son's feelings for her. by Mikelh12/29/044.66HOT

Mom Takes Three Strikes

 — Missy and her sons get entangled by Mikelh09/01/024.39

Mom Teaches Me Pt. 01

 — Mom fakes an injury to seduce me. by pudman09/17/144.41

Mom Teaches Me Pt. 02

 — After a brief rest, Mom mounts me and takes my cherry. by pudman09/27/144.44

Mom Teaches Son Ch. 01

 — Son's lesson from self pleasure to his Mom taking control. by wheels4606/28/103.30

Mom Teaches Son Ch. 02

 — Son's lesson from self pleasure to his Mom taking control. by wheels4607/05/104.21

Mom Teaches Son Ch. 03

 — Son's lesson from self pleasure to his Mom taking control. by wheels4607/15/104.22

Mom Teaches Son Ch. 04

 — Son's lesson from self pleasure to his Mom taking control. by wheels4607/20/104.51HOT

Mom Teaches Son Ch. 05

 — Son's lesson from self pleasure to his Mom taking control. by wheels4607/24/104.40

Mom Teaches Son to be a Slut

 — Mom and son fuck go on an adventure, fucking guys by aitb01/29/134.07

Mom the Milking Machine

 — Mom scissors and milks son and his best friend. by kandor08/03/023.83

Mom the Recruiter

 — High school football star chooses a college. by SM40210/08/004.02

Mom the Slut Ch. 01

 — His mother has to earn some money. by pooch8801/11/063.68

Mom the Superheroine 06

 — The mighty mothers match muscles - who will prevail? by KatieTay03/21/174.41

Mom the Unwilling Slut

 — A fight with mom ends in her ass. by Ldy_Sea02/13/133.92

Mom Thinks She is Control

 — Mom's hidden desires. by momChristina01/23/124.19

Mom Through the Telescope

 — He spies his older mother taking on a young stud. by bayisle6608/03/034.02

Mom to the Rescue

 — Mom had to rescue for only Mom possibly could. by earnie6504/26/074.21

Mom to the Second Power

 — The love of breast leads to fun with my two moms. by bigd5209/08/104.19

Mom to the Second Power Ch. 02

 — Mothers and son continue to explore. by bigd5209/24/104.52HOT

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 01

 — Her son will learn how to be a good lover when she is done. by bonnietaylor203/25/164.31

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 02

 — Mon trains her son to be a good lover. by bonnietaylor203/26/164.42

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 03

 — The training continues for her son. by bonnietaylor203/27/164.41

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 04

 — The training continues. by bonnietaylor203/28/164.29

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 05

 — His training continues in the tub! by bonnietaylor204/05/164.44

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 06

 — Training to provide and achieve orgasm. by bonnietaylor205/17/164.47

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 07

 — The training continues into the night. by bonnietaylor205/20/164.53HOT

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 08

 — Daughter watches them make masturbate each other. by bonnietaylor205/24/164.54HOT

Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 09

 — Convincing the daughter to join them. by bonnietaylor205/27/164.46

Mom Tries Some Bigger Meat

 — A mother drops hints and ends up with her son. by Erotic_rockabilly06/22/124.33

Mom Tucks Son In

 — Mom helps her son while he's fast asleep, or so she thinks. by Redrocket11/15/014.02

Mom Turns into a Major Hottie! Pt. 01

 — Son returns from college to find his Mom breathtaking! by bogey4u06/02/184.57HOT

Mom Visits Ashley

 — Mom accidentally drinks spiked wine. by Ashley11/18/004.38

Mom Walked In

 — Mom walks in on son, then son takes her. by Crazy Story Teller04/09/024.18

Mom Walked In Ch. 2

 — Mother & Son continue to define their relationship. by Crazy Story Teller04/14/024.31

Mom Wanted to Watch

 — Peeping mom has some fun. by dr mabuse SOI06/13/084.48

Mom Wants It

 — Mother sets up her son. by Woffen01/12/074.16

Mom Wants Son to Make a Baby

 — Will is be his brother, or his son? by eastsideofchicago02/09/064.01

Mom Wants Son's Opinion

 — Mom demonstrates her sexuality to him. by Vic504/13/044.05

Mom Wants To Cheer Up Son

 — Mom gives disfigured son a prostitute, then herself. by Vic507/28/024.37

Mom was a Tease Ch. 01

 — A mother & son story. by Momstheboss05/17/124.47

Mom was a Tease Ch. 02

 — A mother & son story. by Momstheboss05/19/124.21

Mom was a Tease Ch. 03

 — A mother & son story. by Momstheboss05/20/124.48

Mom Was Alone

 — Son comes home unexpectedly. by dirtylittleboy01/14/013.67

Mom was an Addict

 — A mom & son story. by Momstheboss04/11/133.91

Mom was an Addict Ch. 02

 — Mother and son expand their play. by Momstheboss04/24/144.34

Mom was an Addict Ch. 03

 — Mother and son pave the way. by Momstheboss05/22/144.26

Mom was No Quitter

 — Son and mom tale. by Momstheboss10/26/164.31

Mom Was Not So Innocent

 — Mom seduces son. by Momstheboss08/09/124.14

Mom Was Wrong

 — A daughter proves her mother is wrong about fathers. by NTsarina12/19/144.42

Mom was Wrong, Again

 — Consensual incest, daughter/father and more. by NTsarina01/11/154.47

Mom Watched Me Cum

 — How my mother and I started our affair. by Mastodon_Hemi02/22/184.27

Mom went to Work

 — Interracial work sex turns to family incest. by DaktoRto10/29/104.33

Mom Went to Work Ch. 02

 — Mom brings Son into the game. by DaktoRto11/05/104.50HOT

Mom Went to Work Ch. 03

 — Mom, Dad, Son. by DaktoRto11/09/104.40

Mom Went to Work Ch. 04

 — Mom gets freaky. by DaktoRto11/12/104.57HOT

Mom Went to Work Ch. 05

 — More family fun. by DaktoRto11/21/104.50HOT

Mom Went to Work Ch. 06

 — The whole family; tragedy strikes. by DaktoRto11/30/104.47

Mom Went to Work Ch. 07

 — Stephanie revealed. by DaktoRto12/05/104.58HOT

Mom Went to Work Ch. 08

 — The family group grows. by DaktoRto12/08/104.60HOT

Mom Went to Work Ch. 09

 — Mom's video to ten offspring. by DaktoRto12/12/104.54HOT

Mom Will Do Anything! Ch. 01

 — Desperate mother agrees to a porn shoot; with her son. by lovecraft6810/30/144.70HOT

Mom Will Do Anything! Ch. 02

 — Vicky reveals the porn shoot wasn't just about the money. by lovecraft6811/05/144.83HOT

Mom Will Never Know

 — Father and son pull a switch on blindfolded mother. by lovecraft6803/01/164.79HOT

Mom Witnesses an Incestuous Kiss

 — And it seems to get her thinking. by TheSweeterTheWine12/27/164.62HOT

Mom Worth Sharing Wife

 — Breast-obsessed man loves his mother. by hammertime03/30/074.55HOT


 — Melissa walked out of the house and forgot her phone. by Tammy_Nguyen_7702/26/134.11

Mom's 5th Wheel Lovin

 — Mom and son get close on a family vacation. by klrxo08/14/114.69HOT

Mom's a Ballbuster

 — She uses her lethal calves on her son's nuts. by kandor02/11/102.78

Mom's a Stripper?

 — Guy stops by a strip joint and gets a real surprise. by nightstalker196001/26/174.54HOT

Mom's a Tease

 — Lonely mom teases her son. by Shysquirter02/12/134.41

Mom's a Tease Ch. 02

 — Will mom dare to take it any further? by Shysquirter02/18/134.52HOT

Mom's a Tease Ch. 03

 — Something has to be done about these incestuous thoughts. by Shysquirter03/01/134.57HOT

Mom's All Tied up on Valentine's!

 — Monica's in a bind and her son certainly doesn't mind! by lovecraft6801/29/164.73HOT

Mom's an Anal Slut

 — Mom and I do it where we might get caught. Do we? by fearthisss02/11/184.46

Mom's an Arctic Fox

 — Things go awry when Jason finds his birth mother in Lapland. by CavyConsultant11/18/154.61HOT

Mom's Anal Lust Ch. 01

 — Son becomes the centre of her lustful feelings. by Deadly Joker03/03/044.26

Mom's Anal Lust Ch. 02

 — She teases son till he gives her what she wants. by Deadly Joker03/29/044.56HOT

Mom's Anal Servitude

 — Political scandal and a revealed mother. by HeyAll11/29/154.49

Mom's Anal Submission

 — Kinky daughters anally dominate busty mothers. by patty_parker6003/20/043.40

Mom's Anger

 — A mother's revenge. by Momstheboss05/23/154.24

Mom's Anus

 — An incest story. by biglobow04/11/17

Mom's Attraction

 — Mom's late birthday present for son. by football_stud09/03/084.17

Mom's Aunt

 — My Grand Aunt Lil'. by Momstheboss05/26/124.32

Mom's Away Father and Son Will Play

 — A man and his son discover similar interests. by BrockHudson7412/01/174.59HOT

Mom's Backstage Pass

 — Mom's theater debut earns her son's rave review. by grayshade03/29/124.48

Mom's Bad Boy

 — Son seduces horny Mom while Dad sleeps. by J07/18/004.33

Mom's Beach House

 — Jim, his mother, and her neighbor friend Julie. by IsabellaSims05/26/084.19

Mom's Bed

 — A simple case of mistaken identity starts it all. by JoeDreamer11/21/094.60HOT

Mom's Bed Ch. 02

 — Lisa feels left out. by JoeDreamer11/28/094.71HOT

Mom's Bed Ch. 03

 — Their time together is almost over, or is it? by JoeDreamer03/05/104.62HOT

Mom's Bed Ch. 04

 — While mom's away, the kids will play. by JoeDreamer03/31/104.74HOT

Mom's Bed Ch. 05

 — Submissive Rhonda adds a new dimension to the mix. by JoeDreamer09/19/104.76HOT

Mom's Bed Ch. 06

 — Brian wrestles with what he's becoming. by JoeDreamer03/23/114.65HOT

Mom's BFF

 — Mother's best friend helps son score with mom. by bob0356709/16/134.66HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 01

 — Hippy mom catches son jerking and smoking her weed. by FOUNTAINPEN6706/07/143.90

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 02

 — Hippy mom suggests they masturbate together. by FOUNTAINPEN6706/08/144.32

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 03

 — Hippy Mom and Son Fap Together by the Pool. by FOUNTAINPEN6706/09/144.38

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 04

 — Hippy Mom and Son's Porn Watching leads to Oral. by FOUNTAINPEN6706/10/144.55HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 05

 — Hippy mom and her son end up in the big bed. by FOUNTAINPEN6706/11/144.58HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 06

 — Mom teaches son about anal intercourse with the morning. by FOUNTAINPEN6707/04/144.52HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 07

 — Mom lays out her plans to "develop" her son after a workout! by FOUNTAINPEN6709/19/144.64HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 08

 — Hippy Mom shares son with Grandma and the Aunts by the pool! by FOUNTAINPEN6701/05/154.65HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 09

 — Mom, Grandma, and the aunts take son to a swingers club! by FOUNTAINPEN6703/16/154.71HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 10

 — Mom, Grandma, and the Aunts share the Son with his Cousins. by FOUNTAINPEN6705/13/154.62HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 11

 — The family females take the son to a home swing party. by FOUNTAINPEN6709/30/154.67HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 12

 — The women of the family prepare the son for his first date! by FOUNTAINPEN6712/25/154.67HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 13

 — Ian has his "big date" and then comes home to big sister. by FOUNTAINPEN6705/09/164.68HOT

Mom's Big Bed Ch. 14

 — Its a Taboo Orgy on Wheels on the Highway to Lake Havasu. by FOUNTAINPEN6703/07/174.70HOT

Mom's Big Day

 — Jen helps Mom get ready for a big night. by Jenny C.06/25/004.52HOT

Mom's Big Legs

 — Muscular mom scissors son into sexual submission. by kandor08/18/023.69

Mom's Big Plunge

 — Playing with his tool in the cool pool was hot! by oediplex08/19/154.24

Mom's Big Present

 — Mom gives the the best present he could've wished. by theincestlover05/14/033.93

Mom's Birthday

 — Son has a special gift for Mom. by standingstones06/29/144.34

Mom's Birthday Gift

 — Son gives his mother a gift she will never forget. by Jay62606/17/044.40

Mom's Birthday Gift

 — A gift from son to Mom that Dad ordered. by cliteroticized12/12/144.38

Mom's Birthday Panties

 — Son makes a bold move on his mother. by panty_lover_197104/01/074.49

Mom's Birthday Present

 — Son finally becomes a man. by standingstones12/16/163.86

Mom's Boob Job

 — Son enjoys mom's new funbags. by AlwaysFalling2111/30/024.35

Mom's Boob Job Ch. 02

 — Son shares mom's new boobs with friends. by AlwaysFalling2103/28/034.35

Mom's Boy

 — Mom's make me happy. by msboy01/19/163.91

Mom's Boy Ch. 01

 — Returning from college is more fun that Jordan thought. by cockpilot2110/06/144.41

Mom's Boy Ch. 02

 — J, still home from college, explores his sexuality with mom. by cockpilot2110/08/144.43

Mom's Boy Ch. 03

 — J & his mom try something new, Claire joins the family fun. by cockpilot2110/12/144.50HOT

Mom's Boy Ch. 04

 — J & his mom seduce J's best friend. by cockpilot2110/17/144.59HOT

Mom's Bra

 — Adult son & 50+ mother find love in friend's backyard. by bayisle6612/26/044.46

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 01

 — A busty mother discovers her son's lurid obsessions with her. by rmdexter02/12/164.56HOT

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 02

 — Busty mom can't resist teasing her well-hung son. by rmdexter02/26/164.69HOT

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 03

 — Stacked mom shows off her wedding dress to her obsessed son. by rmdexter03/11/164.79HOT

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 04

 — Lingerie-clad mom + horny son = perfect sex. by rmdexter03/25/164.80HOT

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 05

 — Mom Nicole serves son Mitch a tasty lunch. by rmdexter04/08/164.73HOT

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 06

 — Busty Nicole rewards her son with a special dinner. by rmdexter05/06/164.71HOT

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 07

 — Busty mom and hung son are all tied up with each other. by rmdexter05/20/164.67HOT

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 08

 — What do Nicole and Mitch do once Dad gets home? by rmdexter06/03/164.70HOT

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 09

 — Nicole and Mitch face the consequences of theirs actions. by rmdexter06/19/164.40

Mom's Bridal Lingerie Ch. 10

 — Stacked mom Nicole has a change of heart. Mitch is thrilled. by rmdexter07/03/164.32

Mom's Call Ch. 01

 — Mother & son story. by Momstheboss12/14/144.40

Mom's Camping Trip

 — Mom has three tasks for her son. by SmithCommaJohn12/11/054.57HOT

Mom's Card Night

 — Mom's friends come over to play cards. by bobbysday10/09/064.22

Mom's Catfight Goes Very Wrong

 — Mom's sexy fight with sister in front of family. by momandwife12/31/114.11

Mom's Changing Room

 — Son watches, then joins parents' kinky swinging activities. by JayPierce9508/21/174.53HOT

Mom's Christmas Tradition

 — Matt's mother lets him in on a very special tradition. by lovecraft6812/26/114.67HOT

Mom's Christmas Tradition-Redux

 — My alternate ending to one of Lovecraft68's stories. by payenbrant03/12/154.03

Mom's Christmas Treat

 — Sex-crazed mom takes teasing to the next level. by Jackcarter09/17/094.33

Mom's Closet

 — The Lesser of Two Evils? by Tx Tall Tales03/21/174.74HOT

Mom's College Visit

 — Jenny visits her son at college and then drinks too much! by sethp03/02/104.43

Mom's Computer

 — Son sets up Mom's computer and more. by KEaster4606/16/114.36

Mom's Cure

 — Mother and son are drawn together by her condition. by Mikelh11/23/034.53HOT

Mom's Curves Ch. 01

 — Aunt Susan and I give mom an attitude adjustment. by newfield198111/26/174.44

Mom's Curves Ch. 02

 — Mom with curves gets used at the mall and other places. by newfield198105/15/184.40

Mom's Dance Moves

 — Ken's mom does a striptease. by daughtermother201301/07/144.21

Mom's Desert Photos

 — Mother & son brief stop in the desert. by svensyn09/19/043.74

Mom's Desire

 — Mother is naughty, and son must take care of it. by bondmaster10/02/014.26

Mom's Desire

 — Mom asks son to apply lotion. by Rockyhardy04/10/043.94

Mom's Desire Ch. 2

 — The conspiracy is revealed, & retribution is swift. by bondmaster10/11/014.45

Mom's Diaries

 — Reading his mother's private thoughts changes his life. by Many Feathers09/12/094.76HOT

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