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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Another Letter From Daddy

 — Christy is watched while she changes her bikini. by theslutmaster05/04/013.55

Another Man's Treasure

 — After an argument Jake consoles his stepmom. by bee4904/13/184.30

Another Man's Treasure Ch. 02

 — Second installment. by bee4904/19/184.35

Another Massage for Mom

 — Dana now massages mom weekly, and it seems mom wants more by TerminusOmega01/27/154.60HOT

Another Meeting with My Niece

 — My niece Angie and I have a thing going. by uncledickme02/05/164.38

Another Mom & Son & Camera Story Ch. 01

 — Son gets to take photos of mom, she enjoys. by BardontheHill12/27/134.49

Another Mom & Son & Camera Story Ch. 02

 — Mom, son, and camera continue to interact. by BardontheHill01/03/144.56HOT

Another Mom & Son & Camera Story Ch. 03

 — Mom, Son & Camera story continues. by BardontheHill03/18/144.57HOT

Another Mom & Son & Camera Story Ch. 04

 — Mom, son, camera & more. by BardontheHill04/30/144.42

Another Mom and Son Story

 — Starts with a small stakes poker game that escalates. by BardontheHill01/03/114.65HOT

Another Mom, Son & Sister Story

 — Hot sister helps me fuck mom, joins in. by BardontheHill08/15/124.22

Another Night in a Strange City Ch. 02

 — He gets a mother and daughter. by blueyedsenior04/23/034.28

Another Night in a Strange City Ch. 03

 — Business man meets mother and daughter for a wild night. by blueyedsenior05/04/034.45

Another Night in a Strange City Ch. 04

 — Mother and Daughter pick up a strange man. by blueyedsenior06/09/044.35

Another Night in a Strange City Ch. 05

 — He and a mother/daughter threesome finish a wild night. by blueyedsenior02/13/064.38

Another Night Out Ch. 01

 — Many night of hard partying with her stepfather leads to more by TelecasterKid10/08/103.14

Another Place

 — Two cousins have gay encounter at the water's edge. by 200Strokes03/07/054.14

Another Place Ch. 02

 — Two male cousins take a bath. by 200Strokes03/16/054.27

Another Poke, Grandma?

 — Spying on his grandma skinny-dipping leads to incest. by Tattletale05/07/024.42

Another Poke, Mom?

 — College boy seduces his beautiful mother. by Tattletale07/22/014.48

Another Pussy Needs a Licking

 — Wife lets him lick her sister. by DiggerDave04/29/054.44

Another San Francisco Fantasy

 — Hot Amy gets big surprise in San Francisco. by okayjack04/29/164.29

Another Sexy Father In Law

 — His son's new bride gets it, and then her mother. by qualitywheat10/06/134.55HOT

Another Sexy FIL

 — and a beautiful sexy daughter in law get payback. by qualitywheat01/21/164.58HOT

Another Side of Her

 — A son catches his mother in the act and it surprises him. by marquis_de_smut06/10/154.54HOT

Another Sister's Surprise

 — Little Brother dares to peek again. by LittleBrother08/25/013.84

Another Spanking, Mom?

 — He spanks his mom while his wife spanks his dad. by Tattletale06/02/024.31

Another Successful Inroad

 — Surprise! by qualitywheat10/25/174.19

Another Taste of Mom

 — His wife wants to lick her mother. by receptive209/01/054.47

Another Taste of Mom Ch. 02

 — Seduction of the mother-in-law continues. by receptive210/22/054.50HOT

Another Top Up Maxine?

 — One thing leads to another with my mother in-law. by PurpleCrusader04/24/154.31

Another Visit From The Sisters

 — He's not sure he'll be able to walk again. by JANAMARIE11/17/064.53HOT

Another Visit With Son

 — Mother and son reunite in carnal knowledge. by Saml3112/05/104.01

Another Wednesday Night

 — A light hearted little story to fap to. by RibaldWriter10/10/164.52HOT

Another Wednesday Night Ch. 02

 — Moms do crazy things sometimes... by RibaldWriter08/25/174.52HOT

Another Week Away from Home

 — Businessman meets mother & daughter in a bar. by Peter Duncan06/28/074.42

Another Wild Birthday

 — Things get wild again on my daughter's birthday. by BarbKann10/15/154.30

Ansley Loves Zack

 — Zack and Ansley catch up over a mid-afternoon storm. by sweetthing78211/06/094.33

Anthology of An Alternative Lifesty

 — He leads his in-laws in an orgy. by Lustyspouse03/25/054.15


 — Brothers Anthony and Johnny work hard to satisfy Victoria. by Isabella_1978_UK07/08/16

Anthony's First Love Ch. 01

 — He loses his virginity to his sister. by mystickyfingers01/15/064.42


 — She describes her 'thing'. by dreamingtime01/09/084.16

Antique Doll

 — An aunt gives her nephew a gift that starts something. by cvillerook05/18/174.07


 — A Father-in-Law fucks his daughter; a son fucks his mother. by Nils Huim06/23/183.78NEW

Anu My First And Still The Best...

 — I was almost 21 & still a virgin. by huntgoodtime07/21/104.14

Anula Akki

 — College boy falls for his sister. by keriya08/23/04

Anula Akki Ch. 02

 — She teaches him more. by keriya08/25/04

Any Chance We Could

 — Scott and Veronica find love and lust with their children. by Reindeer5812/20/084.44

Any Chance We Could Ch. 02

 — Katrina, Ashley, Veronica and Scott at the club. by Reindeer5812/23/084.61HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 03

 — Katrina & Ashley in topless photos at the pool. by Reindeer5812/26/084.72HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 04

 — Another topless day at the pool with more intimacy. by Reindeer5812/29/084.68HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 05

 — Katrina and Ashley sleep with their parents. by Reindeer5801/01/094.68HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 06

 — Ashley and Katrina spend a loving evening with Scott. by Reindeer5801/05/094.65HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 07

 — Scott and Veronica inadvertantly give health lessons. by Reindeer5801/09/094.70HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 08

 — Katrina practices for her orals. by Reindeer5801/13/094.74HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 09

 — We meet Carol, Katrina wants sexy photos. by Reindeer5801/17/094.77HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 10

 — Quality time with Ashley and a proposition. by Reindeer5801/21/094.66HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 11

 — Sexy afternoon posing at the pool. by Reindeer5801/25/094.68HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 12

 — Health lesson and two friends visit the girls. by Reindeer5801/29/094.78HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 13

 — Carol's photo session, and nude in the hot tub. by Reindeer5802/02/094.78HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 14

 — Rings are purchased, one given and a foursome ends the day. by Reindeer5802/09/094.73HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 15

 — A moving party, and all four come. by Reindeer5802/14/094.72HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 16

 — Mystery Room and a deal in the works. by Reindeer5802/20/094.60HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 17

 — Packing boxes, cardboard and Veronica's. by Reindeer5802/26/094.65HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 18

 — Meet Hazel and Kim, end the day with a foursome. by Reindeer5803/07/094.76HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 19

 — Pool party! by Reindeer5803/14/094.70HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 20

 — Hazel learns, Kim gets curious, Cindy spends the night. by Reindeer5803/21/094.75HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 21

 — House takes a hit, Veronica and Hazel shop, Kim calls. by Reindeer5803/29/094.74HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 42

 — Amy Anne reconnects, dates are made. by Reindeer5812/02/104.83HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 44

 — Another good day of retirement, with a flashback to 2001. by Reindeer5802/06/114.76HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 45

 — Lunch with Kim and Gwen, Hazel loosens up. by Reindeer5803/17/114.80HOT

Any Chance We Could Ch. 48

 — The Appleton saga continues. by Reindeer5808/20/124.77HOT

Anya Ch. 07

 — He watches Anya lick her sister. by Simplton12/27/034.55HOT

Anya Ch. 08

 — He screws Anya's sister. by Simplton12/28/034.45

Anya Ch. 10

 — Anya comes home to find him with her sister. by Simplton01/03/044.43

Anya Gets Another Sibling's Satisfaction

 — Once again, Anya indulges in the taboo. by smokinghottbabe06/03/064.35

Anya Seduces Uncle Jared

 — 18 year old seduces endowed uncle. by smokinghottbabe05/16/043.86

Anyone for Cards? Ch. 01

 — Filthy playing cards pose problems for stepmother. by adoration09/16/054.42

Anyone for Cards? Ch. 02

 — The judge orders a punishment competition. by adoration10/14/054.31

Anyone for Cards? Ch. 03

 — Stepmom endures a punishing competition. by adoration10/24/054.46

Anyone for Cards? Ch. 04

 — Punishment court verdict and sex shop interlude. by adoration11/02/054.45

Anyone for Tennis?

 — Tom and Fiona lost the match, but he won his mum... by CharleneBarr03/15/164.43

Anything Done in Love is a Good Thing

 — A story of father daughter love. by dr mabuse SOI12/01/044.46

Anything For Billy

 — A grandmother's love for her grandson is tested. by MisterReason01/01/154.34

Anything For Family

 — A sequel to the 'Help My Wife' stories. by NaughtyWendy02/25/104.31

Anything For Mom

 — A vacation to remember. by naughtymom432109/23/034.52HOT

Anything For Mom Ch. 03

 — A mother and son carry their passion to new heights. by naughtymom432111/04/034.62HOT

Anything For My Baby Girl

 — Daddy wants a child, and baby loves to make her daddy happy. by fkfk705/21/14

Anything for My Daddy

 — What if he wants it so bad and only I can give it to him? by pghpa06/10/17

Anything for My Mother-in-law

 — Wife gives him to mom for Christmas. by pastoraldreams04/05/044.48

Anything For My Sons

 — Mom would do anything for her sons. by Seethru5703/05/094.38

Anything for You Ch. 01

 — A family vacation turns interesting for estranged siblings. by NykkiLeigh07/11/153.90

Anything Goes

 — Father and daughter. by fadedgiant12/01/134.11

Anything Means Anything

 — Be very careful with what you tell your son. by FireCrotchWriter10/10/174.27

Anytime Lisa

 — Lisa enlists her brother to cure her Fucking Hornies. by nomdeplume8501/13/064.38

Apartment Fight

 — Student vs tutor to the death. by Ha27507/16/162.24


 — A powerful, air born chemical invades a family gathering. by Fuzzypen02/09/16

Aphrodisiac Mother & Aunty

 — Indian stud impregnates mother, aunty, & grandma. by xyshiva06/08/014.20

Aphrodisiac Mother & Aunty 01

 — Indian guy impregnates his aunty, mom, & granny. (Telugu) by sukkerboy_00710/25/063.33

Aphrodite and Eros

 — Goddess & God of Love share incestuous romp on Mt Olympus. by Aphroderos6909/06/08

Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 02

 — Loser is humiliated in store, forced to wear thong. by markydaysaid05/21/124.15


 — Just saying sorry isn't enough by SueBrasil05/07/144.54HOT

Apologizing to Mom

 — Saying sorry after a fight the best way I know how . . . by MommyIssues7711/25/134.32

Appalachia Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a good morning around the Tanner cabin. by The_Darkness06/24/094.17

Appalachia Ch. 02

 — Both Mamma and Cody take a hot shower. by The_Darkness06/26/094.30

Appalachia Ch. 03

 — Sally Mae is running late and gets delayed by Cody. by The_Darkness06/27/094.42

Appalachia Ch. 04

 — Pappa and Sally Mae take a ride in the truck. by The_Darkness06/29/094.45

Appalachia Ch. 05

 — Cody gets a new chore added to his list. by The_Darkness07/05/104.25

Appalachia Ch. 06

 — Sally Mae can really drive a stick. by The_Darkness07/12/104.27


 — Brother gives his tease of a sister exactly what she wants. by Sweet Daisy12/02/034.44

Apples Fall Not Far... Ch. 04

 — Peter gets a surprise. by Stardog Champion12/27/084.75HOT

Apples to Apples

 — Andrew runs into his sister and offers her shelter. by Slappy10104/30/104.47


 — Each year on Valentine's Day I left work early for lunch. by Algonquin Twit01/24/104.24

Appreciating a Woman

 — A mother's lust is fulfilled. by bigpapabare08/06/074.43

Appreciating a Woman Ch. 02

 — Lesson in lust from Mom. by bigpapabare08/24/074.59HOT

Appreciating a Woman Ch. 03

 — Mother finishes the education of her son by bigpapabare09/09/074.58HOT

Appreciating Mother

 — Guilt over neglecting mum leads to passionate love. by Zero_Nullnix02/17/124.62HOT

Appreciating Mother Ch. 02

 — Mum is no longer neglected! by Zero_Nullnix02/26/124.71HOT

Appreciating Mother Ch. 03

 — Son and mother's love grows ever deeper and hotter. by Zero_Nullnix03/17/124.65HOT

Approaching Certainty

 — She helps little sister figure out what she wants. by Xarth12/08/114.59HOT

Appropriately Inappropriate

 — Son 'meats' his mother. by rufriter02/06/143.75

April Blossoms

 — Parents teach naive young woman the fine art of lovemaking. by Aprilshowers09/27/014.43

April Blossoms Ch. 3

 — Mom, daughter, & son-in-law enjoy steamy afternoon. by Aprilshowers10/03/014.52HOT

April Blossoms Ch. 4

 — Mom, step dad, daughter & son-in-law enjoy steamy afternoon. by Aprilshowers10/05/014.49

April Cumming Home

 — A daughter comes home from juvenile detention when she's 18. by dididothat05/31/144.60HOT

April Enslaved Ch. 01

 — Daughter protects sisters by giving in to daddy by kellie_green_eyes05/14/094.21

April Enslaved Ch. 02

 — April is told the Rules. by kellie_green_eyes07/21/094.39

April Enslaved Ch. 03

 — April is shared with another family. by kellie_green_eyes10/25/094.48

April Flowers

 — April and Nicola get wet. by mingeeter05/09/074.22

April Fool's Revenge

 — A brother and sister seek revenge on her pranking ex-BF. by MarcNagol03/07/164.69HOT

April Fool's Surprise

 — Brother learns that sister wants to give him her ass. by SEVERUSMAX09/23/173.67

April Homecumming

 — A daughter comes home from juvenile detention when she's 18. by VanillaExtract08/16/134.66HOT

April Showers

 — April loves the men in her life. by Ahornybrat05/31/174.31

April Showers Ch. 02: Daddy's Girl

 — She really is Daddy's Girl. by Ahornybrat06/09/174.36

April's New Curves

 — April's daddy enjoys her new body. by ReginaFilangie03/03/174.46

April's New Curves Ch. 02

 — April's adventure continues. by ReginaFilangie03/10/174.45

April's Problem

 — What Do I Do? by lover198804/20/164.13

Arbretia - The Crown Prince

 — The Crown Prince decides to dominate his mother. by bumblegrum03/22/154.32

Are We Prostituting Ourselves?

 — A mother and son open a door to unbelievable pleasures. by ronnie1109/28/144.44

Are You a Whore, Aunt?

 — Nephew asks from his aunt a favour. by sotosasotos01/30/183.42

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