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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Daughter-In-Law Ch. 02

 — Grampa gets it on with granddaughter & her friends. by Don Grampa10/26/034.58HOT

Daughter-in-law Ch. 02: The Initiation

 — Wife relents. by james_india10/31/173.62

Daughter-In-Law Ch. 03

 — Daughter-in-law's sister is former Penthouse Pet. by Don Grampa02/05/054.67HOT

Daughter-in-Law Ch. 2

 — Father and friends take advantage of son's wife. by coleman08/11/024.48

Daughter-In-Law Full of Surprises

 — She opens father-in-law's eyes. by hornydog5104/16/064.15

Daughter-in-law: The Beginning

 — Married guy tries to convince his wife to sleep with father. by james_india10/26/173.54

Daughters - Rebecca Ch. 01

 — No man saw the greatest conspiracy of all time coming. by Lisa Summers03/17/104.53HOT

Daughters - Rebecca Ch. 02

 — The sexual conspiracy becomes very personal. by Lisa Summers03/24/104.50HOT

Daughters - Rebecca Ch. 03

 — Rebecca indulges her darkest desires with Karen. by Lisa Summers04/07/104.60HOT

Daughters - Rebecca Ch. 04

 — The four women celebrate their mutual sexual attractions. by Lisa Summers04/16/104.66HOT

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 01

 — Two sisters with their father at their mountain cabin. by leBonhomme10/04/134.18

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 02

 — Father stops worrying about sex with his daughters. by leBonhomme10/05/134.47

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 03

 — Wouldn't you stop worrying, just fucking your daughters? by leBonhomme10/06/134.30

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 04

 — Sketching, but model wants to suck; fucking; taste that too. by leBonhomme10/07/134.23

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 05

 — He blushed slightly at having used the word "daughters"... by leBonhomme10/08/134.50HOT

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 06

 — A night at home alone with Maren, but Britta is with Lars. by leBonhomme10/09/134.59HOT

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 07

 — Alone with Britta, pleasing Maren, talking, and then... by leBonhomme10/10/134.41

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 08

 — Sex with just one girl is more intimate, but with both - !!! by leBonhomme10/11/134.62HOT

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 09

 — Can't do anything they haven't already, but just as good. by leBonhomme10/12/134.53HOT

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 10

 — It must run in the family; the girls' Mom, uncle and Gramps. by leBonhomme10/15/134.56HOT

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 11

 — Mom: 3 men in 3 nights; girls: 2 men each in 2 nights by leBonhomme10/28/134.34

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 12

 — Another weekend, more with Maren than Britta by leBonhomme10/29/134.48

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 13

 — More incest, and Lisbet discovers with Randi what girls like. by leBonhomme11/02/134.53HOT

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 14

 — Only girls who sleep with dad could tell him all this. by leBonhomme11/09/134.23

Daughters Are for Fucking Ch. 01

 — Jo and Salma demonstrate a daughter's best and highest use. by MaryAnderson02/25/184.50HOT

Daughters Are for Fucking Ch. 02

 — With help from her friends, Salma shows Daddy the way. by MaryAnderson03/19/184.60HOT

Daughters Are Not For Giving Away

 — Karbardians are not aliens-they are of Planet Earth. by earnie6506/29/084.17

Daughters Compete For Attention

 — Two daughters daringly compete for father's attention. by BritWriter08/09/104.23

Daughters Compete For Attention Ch. 02

 — Two daughters push each other all the way! by BritWriter08/28/144.43

Daughters Doing Daddy

 — Fathers and their daughters. by patvitale12/08/144.21

Daughters Dominate Dads

 — Three kinky daughters compete at fucking their dads. by daddyslittlebitch04/30/154.14

Daughters Party Ch. 01

 — Graduation sleep over becomes fun for dad. by Obaki03/05/034.52HOT

Daughters Party Ch. 07

 — The party ends in dad's bed. by Obaki04/30/034.73HOT

Daughters' Revenge

 — Her daughters turn the tables on her. by DaktoRto12/22/104.05

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 02

 — Daughters turn the tables on mom. by DaktoRto12/26/104.19

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 03

 — Mother submits. by DaktoRto12/29/104.29

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 04

 — Mother breaks. by DaktoRto01/01/114.42

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 05

 — Now she gets it. by DaktoRto01/04/114.45

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 06

 — They make her do what she made them do. by DaktoRto01/10/114.46

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 07

 — Punishment continues. by DaktoRto01/13/114.42

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 08

 — Dad and Daughter in front of Mother. by DaktoRto01/16/114.38

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 09

 — The Verdict by DaktoRto01/19/114.24

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 10

 — Mother begins her sentence. by DaktoRto01/22/114.34

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 11

 — Mother gets more. by DaktoRto01/26/114.47

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 12

 — Mom satisfies daughter's husband. by DaktoRto01/31/114.37

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 13

 — Daughter learns something new. by DaktoRto02/03/114.37

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 14

 — New house, wife's assistance. by DaktoRto02/12/114.45

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 15

 — Wife gets Daddy' Monster Cock. by DaktoRto02/22/114.35

Daughters' Revenge Ch. 16

 — My punishment. by DaktoRto03/30/114.23

Dave and Alicia Ch. 01

 — Dave fights his feelings for his sister. by chargergirl11/13/07HOT

Dave and Alicia Ch. 02

 — Can Alicia forgive her brother? by chargergirl12/07/07HOT

Dave and Alicia Ch. 03

 — Stephanie has a surprise for the siblings. by chargergirl12/22/07HOT

Dave and Alicia Ch. 04

 — Devastation and renewal. by chargergirl01/02/08HOT

Dave and Sara

 — A Lifetime ambition. by Jena12105/20/104.18

Dave Makes Debbie Beg

 — Brother makes slut sis beg for his cock. by deepemerald04/24/044.31

Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 04

 — Stepmom Denise wakes up Vicki. by Rick_A10/08/004.34

Dave Needs Help

 — Daughter gives Dave what wife won't. by Lovely_Emma_2112/02/034.51HOT

Dave Needs Help Ch. 02

 — Nadine helps her dad & brother. by Lovely_Emma_2112/20/034.57HOT

Dave Needs Help Ch. 03

 — Nadine makes sure even big sister Sarah has fun. by Lovely_Emma_2101/31/114.53HOT

Dave's Dream: Caught By Sis

 — She hears his moans from the bathroom. by Intoxicating_Tales08/22/063.92

Davey and Mommy: Snowed In

 — Son discovers sex with his mom while snowbound. by redkissy08/21/174.29

David & His Mom After the Party

 — He catches her fooling around; she convinces him not to tell. by EnCarta10/04/064.34

David & Lucy Ch. 1

 — The have their first time together. by fuckingsis03/25/024.44

David and Eve Ch. 01

 — David and his cousin catch her son and his niece together. by JoeDreamer07/23/094.57HOT

David and I

 — A little tale about my brother and stuff. by jus8tine10/15/074.70HOT

David and Jessica

 — Mother and son. by GotBacon11/19/144.32

David and Kari (and Tiffany)

 — David rekindles an old relationship with sisters. by invisibleman9021001/28/114.51HOT

David Comes Home Ch. 01

 — Son learns mom embraces nudity...and more. by karenmom11/24/094.11

David Comes Home Ch. 02

 — A mother and son masturbate together. by karenmom12/06/094.48

David's Cage Pt. 01

 — Mom tries to save slacker son's future. by DerpyAmish01/05/154.26

David's Mother

 — College son takes mother during a massage. by hungten05/30/024.19

David's Sexual Adventures

 — David, his tutor, his loving mother, and special 'Auntie'. by wunderboi04/05/183.71

David's Sister Tells Her Story

 — She tells how she got her brother to fuck her - and more by MichaelPeterson12/23/134.38

David's Stepmom Ch. 1

 — David's first time with Stepmother. by Dave W.11/29/004.09

David's Stepmom Ch. 2

 — Stepmom joins him in the bath. by Dave W.11/30/003.98

David; His New Girl or His Mom

 — Mom convinces David she's better than his girlfriend. by EnCarta10/26/064.25

Davie Ch. 02

 — Davie's sister Bette joins Debbi by 12to811/03/064.57HOT

Davin's Teasing Sister

 — He realized just how hot (and naughty) his big sister is. by Madmax77_197705/10/094.36

Davin's Teasing Sister Ch. 02

 — Davin gets more of his sis than he ever thought he will. by Madmax77_197705/14/094.57HOT

Davin's Teasing Sister Ch. 03

 — Davin finally loses his virginity - to his sister. by Madmax77_197705/31/094.60HOT

Davin's Teasing Sister Ch. 04

 — More than just sex. by Madmax77_197707/12/094.63HOT

Davis & Connie

 — While the parents are away, the kids shop & play. by wellhungbrother06/25/014.45

Davis & Connie Ch. 2

 — Getting caught doesn't stifle their passion. by wellhungbrother06/29/014.43

Davis Twins Ch. 01

 — The twins have their 18th birthday. by mcfbridge09/01/044.07

Davis Twins Ch. 02

 — The next evening. by mcfbridge09/08/044.23

Davis Twins Ch. 03

 — Jenna's Punishment. by mcfbridge09/12/044.50HOT

Davis Twins Ch. 04

 — Mom is punished. by mcfbridge09/21/044.35

Davis Twins Ch. 05

 — Mom's ordeal continues. by mcfbridge09/25/044.44

Davis Twins Ch. 06

 — Punishing the others. by mcfbridge10/01/044.58HOT

Davis Twins Ch. 07

 — Alex continues with the ladies. by mcfbridge10/11/044.64HOT

Davis Twins Ch. 08

 — Punishment night concludes. by mcfbridge10/23/044.60HOT

Davis Twins Ch. 09

 — The next night. by mcfbridge11/01/044.76HOT

Davis Twins Ch. 10

 — A party for everyone. by mcfbridge11/07/044.69HOT


 —  A mother is distressed by her son's desires. by stevie362409/16/064.60HOT

Dawn & Son Come Together

 — Hard decisions for mother and son. by Mikelh04/07/024.39

Dawn and Jim: First Time

 — Sister and brother find love. by gatorfictionwriter09/23/084.34

Dawn and Marie Ch. 03

 — Play time, family time, isn't it all the same? by BogartsBoss08/29/124.52HOT

Dawn and Me

 — Father in law helps his daughter in law. by timjac209/18/084.14

Dawn and Me Ch. 02

 — The fun continues. by timjac210/26/084.42

Dawn Breaks

 — Brother and sister submit to their darkest desires. by MelodyStrafford09/23/084.31

Dawn Likes To Help

 — Dawn takes her daddy's problems in hand. by NaughtyWendy04/11/103.88

Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 02

 — The invasion continues at Ben's school. by bt12712/30/024.45

Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 03

 — Ben comes home to a few demon surprises. by bt12701/23/034.42

Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 04

 — Ben finds out who's responsible for the invasion. by bt12704/14/034.58HOT

Dawn's Dark Desires Ch. 01

 — I couldn't believe my step-daughter's secret. by Belgarion1003/14/144.39

Day 01: Mike

 — Mike uses compromising pictures to blackmail his mother. by ADeviousAuthor02/06/154.12

Day 01: Sandy

 — Sandy's cheating father inspires her to explore sexually. by ADeviousAuthor02/06/154.14

Day by Day

 — A busty mother and well hung son get closer over a week. by SirSinn12/31/154.80HOT

Day of My Son's Wedding

 — Father and the best man help nervous groom relax by gustavca11/29/134.38

Day Off

 — Mom isn't completely honest. by rufriter06/10/164.11

Day with Daddy

 — Lex and her father spend an intresting day together. by Elextra02/14/064.01

Day with Daddy Ch. 02

 — Lex finishes her day with her father. by Elextra05/15/064.48

Dayna's Daddy Ch. 01

 — Daddy lusts after daughter but gets his mom. by ChessireGrin04/30/104.39

Days Inn Daddy

 — Liz meets Daddy for some family fun. by libgirl91806/05/024.31

Days Long Past

 — Grandson help. by DarkDevine03/16/064.35

Days of Our Lives: A Mother's Touch

 — Kate goes to see her son, Phillip. by CLorenzo205/29/064.14

Dazed, Cuckolded and Confused

 — First time cuckold humiliation. by LucianSara02/27/173.17

Dead Batteries

 — Unexpected early dismissal leads to an unexpected rendezvous. by John_Spivey196608/25/144.27

Dead Mountain

 — Mother comforts son's urges in zombie apocalypse. by rockstar1307/04/094.01

Dead Taboo Ch. 01

 — Vampire: The Masquerade-inspired Giovanni Family tryst. by Osiram12/23/093.47

Deadly Bridges Ch. 01

 — A father's love of his daughter has deadly consequences. by JSmith8207/16/094.08

Deadly Bridges Ch. 02

 — Paternal love takes another deadly turn. by JSmith8207/17/093.89

Deadly Bridges Ch. 03

 — More deadly consequences of paternal love. by JSmith8207/18/093.98

Deal 'Em!!

 — A card game for siblings. by bassbelly05/14/084.31

Deal or No Deal Ch. 01

 — Patty experiences ultimate sex and helps her Daddy. by leagally_blonde01/27/094.34

Deal, Bro!

 — Patti's friend wants Patti's brother, and so does Patti! by book_man_0304/13/064.67HOT

Dealer's Choice

 — A very short story about a brother and sister. by poptartdc10/07/063.89

Dean and His Family

 — Dean's masturbatory habits curtailed by mother in law. by tiez05/06/053.61

Dean and His Family Ch. 02

 — Dean's wife now starts training Dean to curtail his habit. by tiez01/01/173.83

Dean Wasn't The Family First

 — Father and daughter break new ground on annual fishing trip. by dkbeasley12/08/144.47

Dean's Delight

 — Sisters finally stop teasing their brother. by Nemasis Enforcer05/21/044.70HOT

Dean's Delight Ch. 02

 — Dean has more fun with his family. by Nemasis Enforcer05/29/044.67HOT

Dean's Delight Ch. 03

 — Devon's pregnant. by Nemasis Enforcer06/24/044.67HOT

Dean's Story Ch. 01

 — Dean and his teasing sister. by daniellesadvisor09/22/044.46

Dean's Story Ch. 02

 — Dean and his mom. by daniellesadvisor10/12/044.53HOT

Dean's Story Ch. 03

 — Dean & both of his sisters. by daniellesadvisor12/23/044.61HOT

Dean's Story Ch. 04

 — Dean and his whole family. by daniellesadvisor02/24/054.67HOT

Dean's Summer (Special Edition)

 — All of Dean's memorable summer, with bonus fifth part. by hungten06/19/014.60HOT

Dean's Summer Ch. 1

 — Dean satisfies his mother's hidden desires. by hungten03/02/014.49

Dean's Summer Ch. 2

 — Dean moves on to his older sister. by hungten06/14/014.48

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