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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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Fitting Room

 — A young man finds unexpected lust. by Goeffery4204/04/074.36

Five Guys - the First Time

 — I met five different guys in the park one night. by kayla6905/29/153.69

Five Into Three Does Not Go

 — A new year's retreat with intriguing match-ups. by scribbledehobble12/07/054.46

Five Years Gone

 — A date with a hot and hard Latina TS. by lilblkboy12/08/104.44

Fixing The Car

 — Crossdresser's first time with a man. by pup1206/28/034.26

Fixing The Car Ch. 02

 — He's a cross-dressing, bi-sexual cock sucker. by pup1201/17/064.59HOT

Flashbacks - New Years

 — A New Years Shemale Party. by fraubleucher01/18/164.47

Flashbacks Pt. 01

 — I think about becoming a tranny lover while being taken. by fraubleucher12/05/154.53HOT

Flashbacks Pt. 02

 — Sex, money, power - That's how she ran it. by fraubleucher12/11/154.52HOT

Flashbacks Pt. 03

 — "Just one of my many quiet crimes," she said calmly. by fraubleucher12/23/154.57HOT

Flashbacks Pt. 04

 — "It's in the hole!" by fraubleucher01/26/164.55HOT

Flashes of Eternity

 — Gender-bender and quantum physics? Oh yes. Very much so. by thechangedone05/23/113.46

Flavia's Secret

 — The sexual awakening of a ladyboy. by TimT197201/06/16HOT

Flight of Fancy

 — A long flight and an unexpected encounter with a sexy TV. by phoenix19606/05/084.18

Florida Vacation

 — Staying in a dive motel can be hazardous to one's ass. by dysfunctionaldreams10/02/084.33

Flowers For Pansy

 — A delightful little pansy meets her secret admirer. by AmberFemXD02/27/134.10

Flowers in the Heart

 — Fauna is a special girl. by JimBob4403/27/124.51HOT

Flowers in the Heart Pt. 02

 — An alternate ending to the original. by JimBob4404/08/124.52HOT

Flying Together

 — A daydream about meeting a surprise love on a flight home. by fyredreams02/06/054.41

FMDM Inc - Jerry's Story

 — A new client is brought to the FMDM offices. by satinmarabana08/29/094.46

FMDM Inc - The Interview

 — A reporter interviews the mysterious FMDM President. by satinmarabana05/16/094.32

Follow Your Heart

 — Longtime Facebook friends have in-person meeting. by Dar_Jisbo03/06/174.38

Fooled by the Wrapping

 — MILF is surprised by gorgeous tranny by MsHoudini03/22/134.40

For a Friend

 — Becoming Tori. by Torigurl09/30/174.14

For Her Pleasure

 — Two pantyboys put on a show. by HConway04/12/174.49

For Love Ch. 03

 — Finally with Renee. by Wonderlusting06/02/084.57HOT

For Love Ch. 09

 — Renee. by Wonderlusting06/18/084.40

For Love Ch. 11

 — A day with Renee. by Wonderlusting06/24/084.41

For Passion Conquers All Ch. 01

 — Friendship is born in the locker room. by TheRisenStorm02/08/134.21

For Passion Conquers All Ch. 02

 — Mike defends Eli. by TheRisenStorm02/10/134.20

For Passion Conquers All Ch. 03

 — Things heat up in the car. by TheRisenStorm02/11/134.58HOT

For Passion Conquers All Ch. 04

 — A wet dream and the party begins. by TheRisenStorm02/22/134.62HOT

For the First Time

 — Taking a deep breath and the beginning of a new life. by Christy704/04/154.00

For the First Time Ch. 02

 — Will I finally take the big step? by Christy704/24/154.31

For the First Time Ch. 03

 — Walking into the real world. by Christy705/09/154.36

For The Love Of Breast...

 — About how far one man would go with his obsession for boobs. by Sabrinaseales02/01/164.00

For The Money

 — A young man in need of money takes a job as a model. by SexyPenelope02/26/144.42

For The Money Ch. 02

 — He gets an opportunity in a play. by SexyPenelope02/26/144.55HOT

For The Sensual

 — Sydd and her friend 'R' attend a fetish party. by sydian07/27/054.45

For Their Pleasure Pt. 01

 — A down on his luck boy might like being a girl. by DanteDidIt02/11/164.47

For Their Pleasure Pt. 02

 — Mr. Grant explains all and makes his move on Alexis. by DanteDidIt02/25/164.68HOT

For Their Pleasure Pt. 03

 — Alexis awakens and meets her first new man, Mr. Nail. by DanteDidIt04/25/174.58HOT

For Want of a Heel

 — Sally breaks a shoe & meets a most unusual store owner. by patricia5107/26/064.67HOT

For Womanhood

 — Finding a new lover, as a marriage is ended. by MadQuill06/30/154.74HOT

Forbidden Lovers

 — Private Taylor "Danish" Barrit loves femboy pilot. by NotAGreatWriter06/02/163.80

Force Feminized Up Ass

 — Trannies get revenge on a pansy boy. by Cumfusion01/20/114.23

Forced Entry

 — Transvestite caught in her hotel room is forced into sex. by MicheleNylons02/13/094.52HOT

Forced Into Change Ch. 01

 — A guy is forced to become a completely different person. by NewWriter12306/10/133.96

Forced Into Change Ch. 02

 — A guy is forced into change and more. by NewWriter12306/19/134.02

Forced Into Submission

 — Young black man gets taken by tranny. by lonejackman04/07/134.41

Forced Out

 — One dickgirl reacts to being forced out of the closest. by KuroshioX07/16/154.44

Forced to be Feminine

 — Forced feminisation by a domme. by nikkiwest07/18/124.34

Forced To Get Dumped

 — A curious sissy forced into the life he really wants. by footcucknerd05/01/143.45

Forcing my Cross-dressing Neighbor

 — Frustrated man finds a "damsel" in distress on his doorstep. by Dracthyus03/17/174.49

Forever Like This

 — After clubbing, Sam isn't quite ready to let me sleep. by FeatherQuill06/17/093.70

Forgiving Wife Pt. 01

 — A secret crossdresser and an understanding wife. by manatdawnrise01/05/184.15

Forgiving Wife Pt. 02

 — A cd, an understanding wife and a possible future. by manatdawnrise01/07/184.26

Forgiving Wife Pt. 03

 — An exposed cd, a wife and uncertainty. by manatdawnrise01/11/184.28


 — Story of a crossdresser being found and used. by BufordTJusticeTX11/11/164.28

Found - Again

 — Continuing story of being found by my neighbor and co worker. by BufordTJusticeTX02/18/174.46

Found by a Nomadic Shemale

 — She nurses a young villager back to health. by SugarandSalt02/26/134.76HOT

Found Out Ch. 01

 — Wife discovers why he wants her to date others. by Lonicd12/09/084.11

Found Out Pt. 01

 — Husband is caught out crossdressing... and accepted. by Theta_Welt05/30/144.46

Found Out Pt. 02

 — Things progress a little further for Sally and Chris. by Theta_Welt06/03/144.46

Four Black Men

 — A young man becomes a willing girl. by Secsfiend06/13/134.42

Four Play

 — Weekly golf bet pay off. by grgy5607/20/174.06

Fourth Slave

 — A story of lost and found sexuality. by RubberBudcus03/26/124.47

Francis Meets a Black Stud

 — Unintended Consequences. by FrancisAlba10/22/094.57HOT

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 02

 — More unintended consequences. by FrancisAlba11/01/094.65HOT

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 03

 — Learns respect. by FrancisAlba01/20/104.64HOT

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 04

 — Even more unintended consequences. by FrancisAlba11/23/104.72HOT

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 05

 — Frances takes another step. by FrancisAlba05/20/114.76HOT

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 06

 — Full Steam Ahead. by FrancisAlba07/02/124.61HOT

Francis to Frances

 — Aunt Martha changes Francis to Frances. by pietermocks08/18/124.00

Frank & I Call On Jill & Mary

 — Foursome with two men, a woman & a TS. by Boxlicker10110/25/034.43

Frank Wisdom

 — A morning in the life of a TS's slut. by tadaj04/17/114.23

Frannie's Femboy

 — A Feminine Transformation. by BiDrew4204/02/144.72HOT

Frat Party

 — She tricks him good. by thestargazer10/26/074.31


 — Not all men are alike. by AngelaK08/20/164.16

Freddy and Lara

 — She dresses as Freddy Krueger to pick up girls. by Sean Renaud10/13/054.21

Freddy Gets Two Cocks

 — Two tops - one bottom. by freddy200110/20/094.35

French Frolic

 — A man's first experience with a transsexual while on vacation. by Secsfiend02/19/134.53HOT

Freshman Surprise

 — A freshman in college meets the perfect girl, or does he? by Pryde01/28/074.13

Friday Girl

 — He is lured to the edge of his limits as a man. by alessi nada11/01/023.83

Friday Night Snow Storm

 — He crashes his car in the snow, and meets his destiny. by WhiskeyIsGood03/08/154.67HOT

Friday the 13th Pt. 01

 — Bad luck befalls a self-bound crossdresser about to have fun. by Slave_Georgina11/21/154.20

Friday, March 11

 — (s)he takes him home to get what (s)he wants. by sfla04/08/113.42

Friendly Neighborhood

 — Cross Dresser entertains. by dani_boi04/29/084.32

Friends Always

 — A football player breaks with social convention. by trigudis09/02/164.38

Friends United

 — He confesses his inner feelings only to be made to dress up. by Tomsparty06/29/063.96

Friends with Benefits

 — When Eric befriends Dave, the sissy in him comes out. by KittyandBear07/26/174.61HOT

Friends, Roommates, and Lovers

 — Jamie meets his dream girl, only to find out it was him. by shouldntbeheretoday09/23/134.59HOT

Fringe Benefits

 — Airport custodian bangs faggot asses. by puzziboi10/15/124.08

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 01

 — How I went from a loving husband and to a sissy for my wife. by Sissy_Chantel06/14/174.36

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2 of this Mistress wife, sissy husband, lifestyle. by Sissy_Chantel06/18/174.22

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 03

 — My new sissy life to my Mistress wife grow more entrenched. by Sissy_Chantel06/23/174.37

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 04

 — Chantel moves deeper in life as a sissy including slut work. by Sissy_Chantel06/30/174.48

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 05

 — I begin my career in sissy pornography. by Sissy_Chantel07/10/174.51HOT

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 06

 — Chantel moves on to contracted out maids work. by Sissy_Chantel07/18/174.38

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 07

 — Chantel, A Trans???? What??? by Sissy_Chantel07/19/174.35

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 08

 — Chantel, Helen & Alan Celebrate her role as a transsexual. by Sissy_Chantel07/25/174.48

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 09

 — Chantel, works as a classy t-girl escort now, lots of fun. by Sissy_Chantel07/26/174.51HOT

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 10

 — Chantel meets Jack and things are great between them. by Sissy_Chantel07/31/174.40

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 11

 — Chantel's life its ups and downs. by Sissy_Chantel08/01/174.20

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 12

 — Chantel goes on a date and finds a new Beau. by Sissy_Chantel08/05/174.17

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 13

 — Chantel and Mikel are a couple in love, fun Christmas Party. by Sissy_Chantel08/06/173.79

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 14

 — Mikel & Chan go a music concert and more. by Sissy_Chantel08/10/173.87

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 15

 — Chantel lovingly tells Mikel what she wants. by Sissy_Chantel08/11/173.50

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 16

 — Chantel has her big surgery, true love is shown. by Sissy_Chantel08/22/173.87

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 17

 — The Wedding and a very Special Night of Love Making. by Sissy_Chantel08/22/173.85

From a Husband to a Dutiful Sissy Ch. 18

 — A hot Hawaii Honeymoon and a future together. by Sissy_Chantel09/11/174.00

From Dom To Sub

 — A CD Domme's one night stand gets a bit out of her control. by ScarlettCD06/11/144.41

From Eric to Ami Ch. 01

 — He's forced to be a woman. by eric2ami08/07/033.46

From Heels Fetish to Cock-Sucking

 — A crossdresser's meeting with online chat buddy. by heelsfan198012/07/124.02

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch

 — An employee turns her straight married ex-boss into her bitch. by His_fag_wife02/16/174.51HOT

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 02

 — A past employee seduces and turns her ex-boss into her bitch. by His_fag_wife02/22/174.50HOT

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 03

 — Hoping for some kinky fun, he was going to get much more. by His_fag_wife03/01/174.57HOT

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 04

 — An ex employees gets her Boss to admit he is a Sub Sissy. by His_fag_wife03/22/174.61HOT

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 05

 — A married man transformed into a Sissy slut by an ex employee. by His_fag_wife04/06/174.66HOT

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 06

 — The continued transformation of her Boss into a Sissy Whore. by His_fag_wife06/23/174.61HOT

From Her Ex-Boss to her Bitch Pt. 07

 — Ex-employee whores out her new Sissy. by His_fag_wife08/16/174.53HOT

From Homeless to Sexy Sissy Slut

 — Continued from homeless to sexy sissy. by Tonisshy05/02/173.96

From Husband to Castrated Sissy

 — Husband discovers his new place in life - on his knees. by meeah10/02/08

From Kyle to Kyla

 — Kyle gets caught by an angry girlfriend. by justsomefantasies02/13/164.27

From Roommates to Lovers

 — A college student discovers that his roommate is a CD. by boca19646111/14/154.36

From Stephen to Stephanie Pt. 01

 — A story of feminisation from the side of a submissive. by nikkiwest10112/10/154.41

From Stephen to Stephanie Pt. 02

 — Story of growing feminization. by nikkiwest10112/12/154.36

From Stephen to Stephanie Pt. 03

 — The ongoing feminisation. by nikkiwest10112/14/154.25

From Stephen to Stephanie Pt. 04

 — Forced Feminisation increases. by nikkiwest10112/15/154.28

From Stephen to Stephanie Pt. 05

 — Feminisation takes another turn. by nikkiwest10112/16/154.35

From Stubble to Foundation

 — A guy finds love only to be his boyfriends girl. by tre34harr11/26/154.29

From Tomboy To Boy

 — A girl becomes a man. by PredatorSmile05/25/063.77

From Virgin to Fuckslut

 — Fantasy first time with a man. by woman_inside09/29/094.13

FTM Fred Ch. 01

 — FTM hooks up with hot rocker girl. by WreckItRodeo02/20/174.18

FTM Fred Ch. 02

 — Part two of the FTM Fred series. by WreckItRodeo05/27/174.45

FTM Husband Longs For Cock

 — Maria's husband longs for a big cock to satisfy his pussy. by danielblue01/21/114.35

Fuck My Mouth

 — Met him and let him fuck my mouth. by GuyCD04/01/164.14

Fuck the Police

 — Transperson stopped by police.Orgasms ensure public safety. by genderqueerotic05/22/174.02

Fucked by a Stranger Ch. 02

 — My second time with a slim asian lover in Hawaii. by married_but_curious06/11/174.33

Fucked in the Park

 — First Jon and then the biker gang. by little sebastian01/15/064.26

Fucking a Storm

 — A guard hooks up with Storm cosplayer with something extra. by gentle50405/10/174.44

Fucking Ana in a Threesome

 — Fucking Ana a bit more, and then fucking a new girl. by bayareabar12/13/164.44

Fucking Ana in My Chair

 — Ana distracts Jenna while she's on the phone with a superior. by bayareabar11/27/164.44

Fucking Ana on My Desk

 — Jenna moves in to fuck Ana on her desk at work. by bayareabar11/16/164.14

Fucking and Getting Ass Fucked

 — Picked up a TS and fucked and got fucked. by iser2110/08/094.34

Fucking Insatiable

 — A man who loves getting gangbanged by fantasy futanari. by McCrow06/14/124.63HOT


 — Jenni has a surprise for Dan. by rick_oh02/16/064.48

Fulfilling a Fantasy

 — Jack fulfills his fantasy about meeting a sexy transsexual. by Brit198602/01/174.49

Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy

 — Jennifer has a surprise request for Jack. by starbelliedboy10/01/044.28

Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Jenny and her friends have a party with a surprise. by starbelliedboy05/25/054.48

Fulfilling James

 — FTM James requires assistance. by tgemid04/25/164.78HOT

Fulfilling James Ch. 02

 — James offers some assistance of his own. by tgemid05/24/164.48

Fulfilling James Ch. 03

 — James wants to watch. by tgemid02/23/174.60HOT

Full Court Press

 — Damn, a whole basketball team at once. by Tammy_Nguyen_7703/07/134.39

Fun Afternoon In A Toilet Ch. 01

 — Gay oral sex fun dressed in lingerie. by whistful07/21/084.38

Fun Afternoon In A Toilet Ch. 02

 — Gay oral sex fun dressed in lingerie. by whistful07/22/084.56HOT

Fun and Games Ch. 07

 — Telly, my new friend by jm0220196008/17/104.72HOT

Fun at the Hotel

 — CD with 2 men at hotel. by katiecdsub04/05/174.54HOT

Fun at the Movies

 — 2 FTM guys duck into a bathroom at the movie theater. by Queerftmboi03/29/144.19

Fun at the Movies Again

 — Two FTM guys. Had so much fun we had to go back. by Queerftmboi04/19/144.48

Fun in Dallas with a TS

 — One of my two experiences with a transsexual. by Stryk01/29/13

Fun Times at Halloween

 — Talked into dressing up with a girlfriend. by dysfunctionaldreams01/10/084.53HOT

Fun Times at Halloween Ch. 02

 — After the Halloween Bash, he gets asked to the formal. by dysfunctionaldreams02/06/084.61HOT

Fun with Chrissy

 — A young man explores his fantasies. by WhiskeyIsGood02/06/184.57HOT

Fun With Friends

 — Telling Becca about my fetish changes everything. by HighHeeledHoney09/14/114.43

Fun With Friends Ch. 02

 — The fun with Greg & Becca continues. by HighHeeledHoney09/24/114.52HOT

Fun With Friends Ch. 03

 — Davina gets spitroasted by Becca and Greg. by HighHeeledHoney10/13/114.59HOT

Fun With Friends Ch. 04

 — Davina's First Taste of Public Humiliation. by HighHeeledHoney10/20/114.38

Fun With Friends Ch. 05

 — Davina goes shopping and is humiliated again. by HighHeeledHoney11/05/114.46

Fun With Friends Ch. 06

 — Davina Helps with an Act of Revenge. by HighHeeledHoney11/24/114.57HOT

Fun With Friends Ch. 07

 — 6 Months on and a Proposal is Made. by HighHeeledHoney04/23/124.44

Fun With Kelly

 — First shopping, then a lapdance. by Master Jim03/16/044.06

Fun with the Mechanic

 — CD caught dressed by mechanic. by katiecdsub04/07/174.51HOT

Further Education

 — Fresher's fun and a lez tg experience. by Sweetlisatv10/14/174.23

Futa for Christmas

 — A young couple help Santa and their futa wishes come true. by Lara_Longstaff09/20/164.67HOT

Futa Huntress Ch. 01

 — A futanari bounty hunter and a knight battle an evil witch. by Lara_Longstaff04/22/164.69HOT

Futa Huntress Ch. 02

 — Minotaur Menace! Veran and Barrik save a town from minotaurs. by Lara_Longstaff05/25/164.69HOT

Futa World 03: Research/Developments

 — Sheila persuades a reporter and meets an old flame. by Lara_Longstaff11/14/154.63HOT

Futa World 04: Coming Together

 — Shiela needs to get FDA approval for her drug. by Lara_Longstaff01/18/164.63HOT

Futa's Are Real

 — College boy finds out Futa's are real. by Xstucee07/19/113.54

Futanari Academy Ch. 01

 — My teacher has a dick! by TheOrcKing05/15/174.66HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 02

 — My Teacher Has a Dick! by TheOrcKing05/16/174.60HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 03

 — My teacher has a dick! by TheOrcKing05/18/174.66HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 04

 — My Teacher Has a Dick! by TheOrcKing05/19/174.76HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 05

 — My Teacher Has a Dick! by TheOrcKing05/20/174.63HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 06

 — Games Cheerleaders Play. by TheOrcKing05/21/174.53HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 07

 — Games Cheerleaders Play. by TheOrcKing05/22/174.66HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 08

 — Games Cheerleaders Play. by TheOrcKing05/23/174.60HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 09

 — Games Cheerleaders Play. by TheOrcKing05/24/174.68HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 10

 — Games Cheerleaders Play. by TheOrcKing05/25/174.59HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 11

 — Games Cheerleaders Play. by TheOrcKing05/28/174.79HOT

Futanari Academy Ch. 12

 — Halloween 2017. by TheOrcKing12/24/174.66HOT

Futanari Birthday

 — Jess grows a dick for her birthday wish. by MyPenIsMighty07/20/134.33

Futanari Birthday Ch. 02

 — It's Nick's turn to enjoy Jess' b-day candle. Meaning penis. by MyPenIsMighty01/21/144.60HOT

Futanari Breeding Agency

 — Young futa making money for college by breeding older woman. by Sonatatre01/14/184.70HOT

Futanari Club

 — A young shy woman learns it is not so bad having a girl cock. by Sonatatre04/15/134.62HOT

Futanari Club Ch. 02

 — A young shy woman learns it is not so bad having a girl cock. by Sonatatre05/10/134.68HOT

Futanari Club Ch. 03

 — A young shy woman learns it is not so bad having a girl cock. by Sonatatre06/08/134.66HOT

Futanari Club Ch. 04

 — A young shy woman learns it is not so bad having a girl cock by Sonatatre02/13/144.71HOT

Futanari Cowgirl

 — Futa roams the countryside fucking everyone in her path. by ocuous09/14/164.61HOT

Futanari Dream

 — A second-person voyeur futanari dream. by FemmasXXY03/25/154.47

Futanari Fantasy

 — Two ladies share a secret and a slave. by djinnrummy04/21/164.62HOT

Futanari Fun

 — Nushina tries to make money. by SaiShadow10/16/113.89

Futanari Housemaid

 — A futanari maid has to serve while they watch. by femmevivante07/31/144.31

Futanari Housemaid Ch. 02

 — A Futanari Housemaid relives the day her secret came out. by femmevivante08/09/144.42

Futanari Housemaid Ch. 03

 — Futanari housemaid gets publicly milked. by femmevivante09/23/144.45

Futanari Housemaid Ch. 04

 — Katerina takes the next step into submission. by femmevivante11/08/144.45

Futanari Housemaid Ch. 05

 — Katerina tries on her new cage. by femmevivante11/27/144.31

Futanari Housemaid Ch. 06

 — Katerina receives her cock cage. by femmevivante02/26/154.50HOT

Futanari in Lace

 — Katie gets special service at the futa-run lingerie store by Lara_Longstaff12/26/174.82HOT

Futanari Wife

 — Lucas' wife becomes a futanari and he's pretty sure he likes by gabrielleprevot08/19/164.66HOT

Futanari Workout

 — An assertive futa picks up a blonde at her gym. by Lara_Longstaff06/15/164.66HOT

Future Mother-in-Law is My Mistress

 — Mother in law catches me with panties and takes control. by gregorymike4005/22/134.21

Future Mother-in-Law is My Mistress Ch. 02

 — Mother in law advances the relationship. by gregorymike4007/05/134.44

G Is for Gemma

 — Just the 'Girl Next Door' by BethanyJ02/27/124.46

Gains and Losses

 — Seth loses a friend but finds a lover. by DaniW12/16/164.72HOT


 — A boy dressed like a bitch and hard men. by little sebastian12/15/054.23

Gangbang: A Stroll in the Park

 — Erica awakens trying to remember what has happened. by Fire2203/26/144.40

Gangbang: Daddy's Girl

 — Erica is daddy's special girl with Uncle Lenny too. by Fire2209/08/054.36

Gangbang: Good Girl, Bad Cop

 — Erica finds herself behind bars, trying to get out. by Fire2205/12/144.33

Gangbang: Starring Erica Raines

 — Eric becomes Erica to star in surprise gangbang. by Fire2202/22/054.58HOT

Gangbang: Starring Erica Raines Ch. 02

 — Erica Raines' story continues. by Fire2202/27/054.62HOT

Gangbang: Train Full of Dicks

 — Erica rides the train trying to make it home. by Fire2206/07/054.59HOT

Garnet: a Story of Submission Ch. 02

 — Garnet continues to submit feminization. by frillypanty02/15/084.30

Garnet: a Story of Submission Ch. 03

 — A fourth Mistress is appointed. by frillypanty03/25/084.40

Gary to Gigi Ch. 01

 — A young guy goes to college and finds and finds himself. by steviet04/02/164.72HOT

Gary to Gigi Ch. 02

 — Gigi. by steviet07/05/164.58HOT

Gay Banged

 — He is gang banged by neighbor and friends. by fun4all696902/01/093.97

Gay Club DJ

 — A young DJ at a gay nightclub gets to know his boss. by oberon_5201/09/084.28

Gay Fem Boy Finds His Man

 — Feminine gay guy and gay masculine man. by Clintdear07/25/164.68HOT

Gay Like Girls

 — He discovers his best bud's "secret" and then some. by ThomX03/30/094.42

Geek Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — Jack makes a masturbatory mess all over his laptop. by Olivia_Palmer06/11/174.12

Geek Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Jack learns more about his new girlfriend and her kinky ways. by Olivia_Palmer06/13/174.33

Geek Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — They do it on the front porch and make a mess in the kitchen. by Olivia_Palmer06/14/174.06

Geisha Training Ch. 02

 — Nikki shows Naoko how to become a 'man'. by velvetpie06/28/044.35

Gemini Strike Ch. 01

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/02/174.56HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 02

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/06/174.81HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 03

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/09/174.75HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 04

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/10/174.76HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 05

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/11/174.81HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 06

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/12/174.75HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 07

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/13/174.66HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 08

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/14/174.62HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 09

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/17/174.57HOT

Gemini Strike Ch. 10

 — Femboy x Futanari Space Opera. by TheOrcKing06/18/174.77HOT

Gemini Triad Ch. 01

 — Domino & Gemini get to know each other. by JordonLynn04/03/044.62HOT

Gemini Triad Ch. 02

 — A kinky incestuous 3way. by JordonLynn05/07/044.43

Gemini Triad Ch. 03

 — A new participant in the ongoing games is hinted at. by JordonLynn10/10/044.67HOT

Gemini Triad: Prologue

 — A "little different" serial story. by JordonLynn03/22/044.38

Gender Bias Ch. 01

 — Steven, meet Sarah - she's a helluva gal. by diamonddbb09/10/064.30

Gender Bias Ch. 02

 — The next day... by diamonddbb09/18/064.36

Gender Bias Ch. 03

 — After a long days work... by diamonddbb09/26/064.50HOT

Gender Bias Ch. 04

 — Steven becomes Steff for the first time. by diamonddbb11/23/064.39

Gender Bias Ch. 05

 — Steff had an encounter. by diamonddbb11/29/064.48

Gender Bias Ch. 06

 — Everything is different after anal sex. by diamonddbb12/22/064.36

Gender Bias Ch. 07

 — Steffie's surprise. by diamonddbb01/05/074.55HOT

Gender Bias Ch. 08

 — Steffie meets Amber. by diamonddbb01/25/074.58HOT

Gender Bias Ch. 09

 — Steffie takes a BIG step. by diamonddbb02/19/073.98

Gender Blender

 — Stevie becomes Evie, and enjoys new experiences. by sirhugs12/08/024.46

Gender Fluid Pt. 01

 — A life rearranged. by DeadSince200111/14/174.64HOT

Gender Fluid Pt. 02

 — More uncertain steps are taken. by DeadSince200111/23/174.63HOT

Genn Tricked by Master Braxton

 — Transvestite becomes a Master's slut. by GenOral02/16/084.11

Gennifer Property of Master Braxton

 — Continuation and perhaps the end. by GenOral11/04/084.21


 — Sometimes love is just a matter of geography. by velvetpie01/16/054.48

Get Ahead, Give Ahead

 — His intern dresses like a sexy slut to get ahead in business. by johnnysdirtysecret11/25/114.52HOT

Getting a New Car

 — I thought I was getting a new car, turns out I was wrong. by kd7qoa04/11/134.13

Getting Caught Isn't Always So Bad

 — Evan gets caught by his best friend. by dani_boi04/21/084.49

Getting Caught Isn't Always So Bad Ch. 02

 — Their encounter continues. by dani_boi04/27/084.60HOT

Getting Help Ch. 01

 — Seeking professional help for his fetish will lead to... by azkelkel07/31/124.01

Getting into Her Pants

 — A new girlfriend for her after he mistakenly tries her pants. by britasveritas102/15/114.31

Getting Rid of Male Clothing

 — Forcing myself to only wear female clothing. by TammyPanty10/22/154.10

Getting to Know Her Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife enjoy a 'girls night out'. by britasveritas111/12/114.49

Getting to Know Her Ch. 02

 — We experiment with 'lesbian' strap-on play. by britasveritas111/13/114.36

Getting to Know Her Ch. 04

 — The rest of the story for 'girlfriend' and wife. by britasveritas111/14/114.50HOT

Getting to Know the New "Family"

 — Continuing saga of Anastasia Messier & her adventures. by wifestoy11/10/054.65HOT

Ghost Stories

 — Sydd and old friend Perri go undercover. by sydian09/12/114.56

Giant-Size New Half Ch. 01

 — Two teens join a super team with a big secret. by Armphid03/25/144.65HOT

Giant-Size New Half Ch. 02

 — Stake outs are so boring. by Armphid06/23/154.52HOT

Giantess on the Subway Ch. 06

 — They go camping. by kathryn9402/09/184.46

Gift Never Forget

 — Lady who gets the pleasure from her friend unexpectedly. by rathna09/20/114.00

Gifted Courtesans

 — How do you turn a boy into a man? Not like this. by XtinaSmith201712/25/174.64HOT

Ginger the Living Sex Doll

 — Crossdressing curiosity goes too far. by njcaptionlover05/08/153.81

Ginger's Makeup Ch. 01

 — A young man is Seduced. by MadQuill08/26/154.62HOT

Ginger's Makeup Ch. 02

 — Did Ginger help Charlie? Thelma takes Charlie shopping. by MadQuill10/01/154.71HOT

Ginny and Jake

 — Ginny and Jake explore their odd relationship. by JakeZ05/30/104.46


 — Gender bending friends find themselves in each other. by caeneus02/11/173.88

Girl Flu

 — Don't be such a girl about not feeling yourself. by LadyDimorphic10/25/094.19

Girl for Charlie

 — Unexpected gay visitor gives him a chance to dress up. by Jamie_in_dresses12/28/124.53HOT

Girl for Charlie Ch. 02

 — He takes her viginity in the bedroom. by Jamie_in_dresses01/20/134.69HOT

Girl Inside

 — It's what's on the inside that matters most. by JimBob4409/02/164.70HOT

Girl of My Dreams

 — Girl who saved his life was different indeed. by Samuelx04/18/064.15

Girl on Girl Surprise

 — His girl on girl fantasy has a big suprise. by uke7301/25/064.02

Girl with Something Extra

 — Transsexual woman plays with married couple. by JonThomas_02/07/174.18

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 02

 — Daisy shares her inner feelings and also meets a new man. by JonThomas_03/15/174.42

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 03

 — Fun loving younger woman and Daisy seduce each other. by JonThomas_05/31/174.44

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 04

 — Daisy discovers the joy of being nude in public. by JonThomas_08/14/174.28

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 06

 — Daisy makes the biggest decision of her life. by JonThomas_10/11/174.29

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 07

 — Daisy begins living her life after she's had SRS. by JonThomas_10/15/174.50HOT

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 08

 — Daisy loses her virginity after SRS. by JonThomas_11/03/174.25

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 09

 — Daisy and Chandra meet-up at the mall. by JonThomas_01/24/184.38

Girl with Something Extra Ch. 10

 — Daisy needed to show Tommy that she was all woman. by JonThomas_01/25/184.50HOT

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