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Something Different

 — A holiday in Rio takes an unexpected twist. by deliciousthoughts09/19/144.60HOT

Something Extra...

 — A businessman gets a surprise from a hooker he picks up. by Pussrider02/25/144.16

Something For Everyone

 — His dream threesome didn't go as expected. by TwistedPlayr03/17/054.71HOT

Something For Everyone Ch. 02

 — Josh sucks Shemale for the first time. by TwistedPlayr08/02/054.67HOT

Something Had To Change

 — Wife's acceptance of his crossdressing gets complicated. by sublocked04/17/124.18

Something Had To Change Ch. 02

 — Wife's anger results in new dominance roles for marriage. by sublocked04/23/124.45

Something in the Water

 — Wife's acceptance of husband's cross dressing. by sublocked03/19/124.39

Something in the Water Ch. 02

 — Wife coaxes her bashful husband to be feminized. by sublocked03/22/124.41

Something in the Water Ch. 03

 — Husband/wife deal with realities of cross dressing fantasies. by sublocked03/27/124.54HOT

Something in the Water Ch. 04

 — Jen and Jake evolve in new gender roles in relationship. by sublocked04/04/124.53HOT

Something in the Water Ch. 05

 — The final phase in Jen and Jake's transgender experience. by sublocked04/08/124.64HOT

Something like a Love Story Ch. 00-02

 — An established divorcee and a troubled, beautiful TS collide. by ExperimentalAuthor02/16/164.74HOT

Something like a Love Story Ch. 03-04

 — An established divorcee and a troubled, beautiful TS collide. by ExperimentalAuthor03/09/164.67HOT

Something New

 — First time with transgendered woman. by JohnLhung01/28/144.05

Sometime Things Change

 — Husband is taken with a strapon. by hottiehunter03/10/054.48

Sometimes a Cigar...

 — In which a psychologist uncovers his own interesting quirks. by Lacey_Peters09/11/154.59HOT

Sometimes I Get A Craving

 — Marlene does nasty things at a bookstore. by Marlene01/23/034.56HOT

Sometimes, Just Go with the Flow!

 — A married man is intrigued by a gorgeous woman. by FullMetalClockwork09/29/134.64HOT

Sonya Switches

 — A "Hot Rags" story. by Inosolan11/10/114.12

Soon Again

 — Compassion goes too far? by Vampiress939912/08/133.66


 — Dominant shemales take a guy in New Orleans. by ruwild06/27/074.66HOT

Soonlee Ch. 02

 — More domination in New Orleans. by ruwild11/22/074.72HOT

sophie Meets Mistress for the 1st Time

 — A day of service to a new Domme. by sophie_d6901/12/114.71HOT

Sophie. Black Master's Pet

 — Bound to a frame, a Sissy schoolgirl is owned. by Sophiesweets12/12/114.17

Sophiesweets: A Recent Trip To My F

 — I going to a T-Gurl Sex club. by Sophiesweets03/22/154.38

Soul Sisters

 — Jan becomes a sister to his wife and her lover. (novella) by frezrevup12/09/114.53HOT

Southern Belle

 — A proper southern belle with a little extra. by SemiStraight06/23/184.52HOTNEW

Southern Hospitality

 — Milfy seductress does all she can to score the boy next door. by XtinaSmith201703/03/174.73HOT

Southern Hospitality Ch. 02

 — Ash continues his journey of discovery with Laura. by XtinaSmith201704/14/174.79HOT

Southern Hospitality Ch. 03

 — The big date goes ahead, bringing many tensions to light. by XtinaSmith201707/26/174.81HOT

Southern Hospitality Ch. 04

 — Ash finally goes on a date with Laura's niece. by XtinaSmith201711/26/174.81HOT

Southern Nights

 — Techie becomes aware of his bi side. by jjjshmidt04/26/074.70HOT

Spank the CD

 — A Personal Ad. by blue424206/30/114.16

Sparra the Futa Superhero

 — An old enemy isn't quite so dead. by AlinaX04/09/154.52HOT

Special Delivery

 — My true enfemme adventure with the pizza guy. by edm_amanda101/12/154.10

Special Gift for a Special Bride

 — Groom gives his new special bride a hot and erotic gift. by kinkydesire88804/18/154.39

Speed Freak

 — Speed cop pulls over driver for a big surprise. by xmax01/04/173.87

Spy Girl

 — T-Girl spy uses her unique abilities to break an informant. by ruwild01/17/064.49

St. Agatha's School for Herms

 — A group of hermaphrodite girls interact at a special school. by YKN494902/25/134.72HOT

St. Clair Ladies Circle: Beginnings

 — Valerie & Naomi join a unique circle of married CDs. by 1946EW03/03/07

St. Clair Ladies Circle: Leonard

 — Valorie and wife Naomi have dinner with a CD admirer. by 1946EW08/23/06

St. Clair Ladies Circle: Leonard Pt. 2

 — Valorie goes on a date with Leonard. by 1946EW04/11/07

St. Clair Ladies Circle: Marlena

 — How Marlena started the most fashionable transgendered shop in town. by 1946EW07/07/06HOT

Stage Act

 — Her on-stage exotica leads to shemale discovery. by willana02/07/083.77

Stairway to Heaven

 — His wife helps him become a shemale. by smileymanav09/24/063.96

Stan to Stella Pt. 01

 — Like any story, the beginning for Stella formerly Stan... by Maximus_eros02/24/164.55HOT

Star Wars: The Futa Awakens

 — Rey sprouts a cock and femboy fucking ensues. by TheOrcKing06/15/174.45

Starlit Petal Ch. 01

 — Petal goes after another girly boy. by Certeis03/17/184.67HOT

Starlit Petal Ch. 02

 — Xisha meets Petal's femme side. by Certeis06/12/184.20

Start of the School Year

 — Julioe has a strange dream... or is it a dream? by Sarahcheer02/23/104.30

Start of the Summer Ch. 01

 — Kenny is caught wearing panties in the frat house. by emelle7806/13/164.75HOT

Start of the Summer Ch. 02

 — How Katie became Katie. by emelle7806/19/164.75HOT

Start of the Summer Ch. 03

 — Katie starts her new job. by emelle7807/03/164.63HOT

Staycation Ch. 01

 — We find a rare spot of time together at his place, and settle. by IcelandSpar05/06/173.60

Staying Together

 — Compromises lead an unhappy couple to true happiness. by komrad115611/05/154.58HOT

Steam Room Surprise

 — Mysterious woman catches Steven enjoying himself. by BebopJet08/12/054.52HOT

Steam Room Surprise Ch. 02

 — Things get hotter in the steam room. by BebopJet07/27/104.63HOT

Stella Steps Out

 — She/male seeks masculine validation of her femininity. by Da_Vida10/13/094.60HOT

Step by Step Sissification Ch. 01

 — A detailed feminization of a sissy. by satinmarabana08/29/094.12

Step by Step Sissification Ch. 02

 — More feminization of a sissy. by satinmarabana08/30/094.43

Step Sister Moves In

 — Step sister moves in my apartment. by Desirableauthor11/26/164.13

Step-Mother's Sex Slave

 — Cross-dresser blackmailed by step-mother gets gang-fucked. by StephanieSeymour6902/11/104.44

Stephan Becomes Stacy

 — Stephan gets to become a real woman and get her man. by JuanVato04/25/124.46


 — He begins his transformation. by Dawns10/18/073.87

Stephanie's First Time

 — Stephanie find out what life will be like from now on. by swinship2803/31/184.30

Stephanie's Toy

 — A man is blackmailed and feminized by a co-worker. by cuckoldwishes07/25/144.17

Stephanie's Toy Ch. 02

 — Stephanie continues to feminize her toy. by cuckoldwishes07/29/144.21

Stephanie's Toy Ch. 03

 — Stephanie takes her girlfriend into public. by cuckoldwishes08/18/144.38

Stephanie's Toy Ch. 04

 — Huge steps are taken toward permanent feminization. by cuckoldwishes09/04/144.29

Stepmom's Sex Shocker

 — Son dresses in stepmom's lingerie. by StephanieSeymour08/21/054.25

Stepmom's Sex Shocker Ch. 02

 — Son goes shopping for dress with stepmom. by StephanieSeymour08/29/054.44

Stepmom's Sex Shocker Ch. 03

 — Step-mom and neighbors get down and dirty. by StephanieSeymour06/10/064.46

Stepmom's Sex Shocker Ch. 04

 — Sexy stepmom pimps out adult stepson. by StephanieSeymour07/19/064.46

Stepmom's Sex Shocker Ch. 05

 — Step-son tries to get revenge on step-mother. by StephanieSeymour03/19/074.41

Stepmom's Sex Shocker Ch. 06

 — Ann sexually humiliates cross-dressing stepson. by StephanieSeymour03/09/084.31

Stepsister's Surprise

 — His new stepsister is pretty but is he ready for her? by PantyWarmer01/27/034.22

Steve to Stephanie Ch. 01

 — A cross dresser finds himself on a magical journey. by bad_boy_good_girl01/21/134.30

Stevie's Black Lace Adventure

 — He is forced to wear sexy black lacy nylon lingerie. by noisymother11/14/084.27

Stevie's Coming Out

 — He loves dressing up, things move on when he is discovered by michaellajones11/11/144.43

Stevie's Coming Out Ch. 02

 — Young crossdresser's first steps. by michaellajones01/14/164.37

Stevie's Coming Out Ch. 03

 — Young crossdresser goes out for the first time. by michaellajones10/04/174.38

Stiff Sentencing For A Young Man

 — Sentenced to a night with an imprisoned giantess. by SugarandSalt07/29/114.58HOT

Stiff Sentencing For A Young Man Ch. 02

 — After escaping, Tess and Ellis find an old pal, and sex too. by SugarandSalt05/16/124.58HOT

Stockings & Stalkings Pt. 01

 — Tranny goes out for some fun but is forced to submit. by MicheleNylons02/17/154.23

Stockings & Stalkings Pt. 02

 — Steve blackmails Giselle into having sex with a surprise end by MicheleNylons03/01/154.57HOT

Stockings and Heels

 — Gavin's first experience with drag. by PornoPriestess05/01/084.08

Stockings and Heels in Public

 — Newbie CD tries out stockings & more in adult theater. by stockingsheelsohmy09/15/074.30

Stolen Away

 — T-Girl meets a guy in a relationship and has to have him. by ruwild01/29/144.66HOT


 — Man has session with transgender Mistress. by Dar_Jisbo09/19/174.10

Stormie Pt. 01: Risky Reunion

 — A young adult CD reveals herself to a childhood pal. by RoryOmore12/22/174.60HOT

Stormie Pt. 02: Strange and Dangerous

 — Stormie introduces Mark to strange and dangerous pleasures. by RoryOmore12/28/174.54HOT

Story of Heather Ch. 01

 — How I became Heather throughout the years. by Skimpylilpanties01/15/134.24

Story of Sissy Blackmail Ch. 01

 — Actual Story of how I was first discovered and used... by richysissy3405/15/164.55HOT

Str8 to Bitch Ch. 04

 — Drew thinks he's escaped Mark, Drew is wrong. by GGandG05/25/104.35

Straight Guy Seduced by CD

 — Steve saved Rick's life, but it's Rikki who thanks him. by Dracthyus05/03/054.67HOT

Strange Brew Ch. 01

 — Ancient Asian concoction produces results. by grgy5605/09/184.51HOT

Strange Feelings

 — Recent sissy discovers new cravings she can't ignore... by ChrisLePaige07/15/174.34

Strange Love

 — LGBTQ-training brings a cop together w/ a CD woman. by komrad115608/01/164.68HOT

Strange Tales of the Deadslayer Ch. 01

 — 19-year-old Allan wakes up in an odd world with a new body. by RavynsLand11/30/174.48

Strange Tales of the Deadslayer Ch. 02

 — Allan -- now Allara -- begins to explore this strange world. by RavynsLand12/01/174.42

Strange Tales of the Deadslayer Ch. 03

 — Captured by the alien Xai, Allara must fight for her freedom. by RavynsLand12/02/174.64HOT

Stranger Fuck

 — A pegging encounter between two strangers at a sex club. by hfernandez198307/24/174.40

Strangest Bedfellows

 — Bi transexual moves in with a mother and her gay son. by walterio12/21/124.54HOT

Strap-on Fun with My Wife

 — Having strap-on fun with my wife. by riancd12/24/174.42

Stress Relief

 — Sweet TV Noreen finds stress relief after work. by Entrammeleur05/03/174.31

Stress Relief for Mike

 — "Anna" helps a stressed friend from work. by Anna Star07/14/064.34

Strip ...

 — First meeting of a sissy with her Mistress. by seekingsusie04/08/083.95

Strip Pool

 — A day of feminization ends with an unexpected surprise. by bscorp88303/27/174.51HOT

Stripping for Master Nick

 — A submissive t-girl undresses for her Master. by BimboslutLeanne10/05/173.41

Stuck at a Stranger's House

 — I get stuck at a stranger's house after my car gets totaled. by cdsissybambi6903/09/164.61HOT

Stuck at a Stranger's House Ch. 02

 — Stuck and confused. by cdsissybambi6903/19/164.64HOT

Stud Bitch

 — Learning to be the bitch in lingerie. by movershaker07/21/08

Stud Bitch Ch. 02

 — A guy in pretty lingerie does his first BJ. by movershaker08/07/084.49

Stud Bitch Ch. 03

 — Two blowjobs on his second night. by movershaker10/07/084.57HOT

Stud Bitch Ch. 04

 — The lingerie shop owner trains him for anal sex. by movershaker10/09/084.38

Subliminal Obsessions

 — A lonely, loner guy meets a sissy that changes everything. by Sissyhalo05/24/174.54HOT

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 02

 — Nikki goes deep sissy and has a big, smouldery, guy. by Sissyhalo06/01/174.70HOT

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 03

 — Nikki learns to Sway, and quits Mark's job. by Sissyhalo06/10/174.71HOT

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 04

 — The rest of Nikki's day after quitting and getting paid. by Sissyhalo06/25/174.51HOT

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 05

 — Nicole finally goes to Josh's work and gets a date. by Sissyhalo07/01/174.77HOT

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 06

 — Nicole cooks for Josh, discovers oralgasms and herself more. by Sissyhalo07/27/174.67HOT

Subliminal Obsessions Ch. 07

 — Nikki's day after her evening with Josh. by Sissyhalo05/22/184.55HOT

Submission of Suzie

 — T-girl pain-slut meets her Mistress. by slutty_jannelle09/24/083.95

Submission to a Fantasy

 — Transsexual fantasy becomes a reality. by bulfinch07/29/044.59HOT

Submission to Lust Ch. 1

 — A night on the town becomes a test of values. by Thomie10/19/024.25

Submissive Futanaries Pt. 01

 — Brother finds out about his older sister's secret. by McCrazy2304/05/184.37

Submissive Sarah

 — Sarah submits to her man's erotic cravings. by MissJWhitney04/02/034.46

Submitting to My Online Domme

 — An aggressive reader of my first story takes control of me. by linseyCDslut01/29/114.37

Submitting to My Online Domme Ch. 02

 — Domme Mistress Stacey Lynne has instructions for me by linseyCDslut02/08/114.44

Submitting to My Online Domme Ch. 03

 — Stacey Lynne teaches me to cum like a woman; my gf fucks me. by linseyCDslut03/08/114.42

Subway Deepthroat - Toronto

 — Kinky public fun between a young woman and a transsexual. by G_reillyp05/30/184.35

Succumbing to the Charms Pt. 01

 — Straight man seduced by Transsexual Woman. by SteveR196803/14/184.03

Suck on This Ch. 01

 — Losing his job and finds fun with secretary. by steele36305/16/134.40


 — Crossdresser gets what she needs. by AtlantaCDslut05/22/074.04

Sucking It for Karen

 — Brad allows Karen to photograph him getting sucked. by BuckyDuckman10/15/144.20

Sucking My First Tranny Cock

 — My princess told me to do it. by SamTravis03/21/153.91

Sugar & Spice

 — Sugar & spice & everything...nice? by AngelCherysse07/26/044.69HOT

Sugar Momma

 — A girl in need finds a surprising new home. by XtinaSmith201710/04/174.72HOT


 — You accept a job as a woman's aid, but there's a catch! by Tomsparty07/22/074.49

Suleiman and Danica of St. Lucia

 — Saint Lucian transsexual bangs a Haitian Muslim stud. by Samuelx12/29/17


 — A virgin crossdresser searches for identity. by princessnocturne01/02/154.12

Summer Camp: Reunion

 — Years later, Sarah has certainly changed. by moonstormer11/02/064.29

Summer Ch. 02

 — The drama continues, harsh truths come to light. by princessnocturne01/05/154.51HOT

Summer Of '68

 — First times can be a bitch! by ToniLittle6907/10/143.73

Summer Of Samuel

 — Bisexual black man seduces Black BBW Transsexual. by Samuelx07/02/083.88

Summer to Remember

 — Alex gets caught wearing his friend's sister's lingerie. by SummerDreams03/31/164.65HOT

Summer to Remember Ch. 02

 — It was harder to hide at college. by SummerDreams05/31/184.62HOT

Summers In Mexico Can Be Trouble

 — He ends up on the wrong side of three chicks with dicks. by SugarandSalt04/11/124.35

Summertime Cross Dresser Confession

 — Aging cross dresser gives into the life he's wanted to live. by andtheend09/06/103.40


 — A day outing with Mistress by Stillherer12/14/123.83

Sunday Afternoon

 — Old friends expand their cross-dressing fantasies. by millieteases05/13/064.50HOT

Sunday Afternoon

 — A sexy afternoon of day drinking and grinding. by Camilleboston01/18/174.19

Super Hero Ch. 01

 — It started as a joke by his friends… by BothWorld11/24/114.43

Super Hero Ch. 02

 — Living with a super hero has its perks. by BothWorld11/29/114.63HOT

Super Hero Ch. 03

 — A super hero calling card… by BothWorld12/05/114.55HOT

Super Hero Ch. 04

 — He was no match for a super hero. by BothWorld12/10/114.74HOT

Super Hero Ch. 05

 — "Smitten by her super powers." by BothWorld12/16/114.67HOT

Super Hero Ch. 06

 — You can be a super hero too. by BothWorld12/21/114.63HOT

Super Hero Ch. 07

 — Commandress Penis and her trusty sidekick, Penis Boy. by BothWorld12/26/114.71HOT

Super Surprise Ch. 01

 — Meeting a new friend turns into more than she bargined for. by HotSweetNRed01/10/084.38

Super Surprise Ch. 02

 — The night gets more interesting. by HotSweetNRed01/11/084.45

Superbowl Party 2014 in Ottawa

 — Black transsexual fucks macho guy over Bronco's loss. by Samuelx02/07/142.98

Suprised at the Park!

 — Watching others gets him so horny. by kristycross04/28/084.24

Surfer Dude and Beach Babe

 — A vacationing couple were more than Justin expected. by bi_justin01/17/154.32

Surfer Girl

 — Making new friends can have unusual results. by Dugfunny04/13/103.91


 — Older man seduces lovely gal. by Grey Eagle 28611/20/054.60HOT


 — Brad didn't think this was going to happen to him. by Tammy_Nguyen_7703/02/134.25

Surprise Ch. 02

 — Casey and Taylor's story takes a new turn. by theilluminaughty02/28/144.18

Surprise Ch. 03

 — The Castles have a great time in Hawaii. by theilluminaughty04/09/144.00

Surprise Ch. 04

 — The Castles start their new lives in Hawaii. by theilluminaughty08/19/143.94

Surprise Ch. 05

 — The Castles gear up for their incoming children. by theilluminaughty09/02/144.15

Surprise Ch. 06

 — The Castles make an important decision. by theilluminaughty10/01/143.88

Surprise Dare With An Unexpected Result Ch. 01

 — Surprise dare with an unexpected result. by tomc32703/10/134.27

Surprise Dare With An Unexpected Result Ch. 02

 — Surprise dare with an unexpected result. by tomc32703/11/134.51HOT

Surprise Dare With An Unexpected Result Ch. 03

 — Surprise dare with an unexpected result. by tomc32703/12/134.47

Surprise Guest

 — Meeting a friend at a hotel comes with an extra surprise... by UnusualScenario06/20/154.40

Surprise Party?

 — He gets a suprise after a party by JustinRides08/18/034.18


 — Surprising my straight hubby with a bi guy in drag. by Mrs_Cumming06/24/114.56HOT


 — Transexual Fun. by ashleighswift04/13/184.29

Surprise, Durprise!

 — "...don't think you're the only ex-heterosexuals around..." by BethanyJ12/27/114.56HOT

Surrender: An XChange Story

 — A dominant alpha male struggles to keep his masculinity by Treylot11/25/154.47

Surrendering Virginity

 — First step into a new life as a cock slut. by 1mbibry12/28/164.41

Susan's First Time

 — Was he/she ready? by sarge1302/16/074.47

Susan's First Time Ch. 02

 — Three men and a T-girl; will it be enough? by sarge1303/10/074.42

Susan's First Time Ch. 03

 — The big party. by sarge1304/24/074.43

Susan's First Time Ch. 04

 — The training continues. by sarge1305/09/074.41

Suzie Meets Desiree

 — Suzie meets Desiree, "The Hot To Trot Transvestite." by desireethtttv12/09/084.43

Suzy and 'Mistress' Danielle

 — Suzy is spanked and filled by a cross dressing mistress. by LucyCanyon05/11/174.41

Swallow Our Cum!

 — Cross-dresser drinks cum from sister's mouth. by StephanieSeymour09/06/074.51HOT

Swallowing My First Shemale

 — A newbee fulfills his fantasy of swallowing shemale cum. by Nitromethane09/13/174.52HOT

Sweet Alice

 — Friend uses cosplay and beer to seduce me. by Akito0105/01/154.53HOT

Sweet Alice Returns

 — Sweet tells me a story of seducing a reluctant guy. by Akito0101/19/164.14

Sweet Awakening

 — Unknowing sub wakes to an orgy. by Tlong02/21/174.48

Sweet CD Lovemaking

 — Two CD's enjoy each other. by WildCardBuddy05/04/154.50HOT

Sweet Dreams for a Dickgirl

 — Sam recalls a French encounter. by Summerbreeze9009/14/174.24

Sweet Julie Birth of a Shemale

 — Young drama student falls into HER role, with consequences. by tawnysuede08/27/114.54HOT

Sweet Sherri

 — ...and in so many different ways is she sweet! by BrettLynn10/26/084.44

Sweet Smell of Jasmine

 — College professor enters into an unplanned retirement. by eightballbum03/13/064.02

Sweet Surrender

 — When fantasy meets reality. by mdp_200402/08/084.31

Sweet Surrender Ch. 02

 — Fantasy turns reality. by mdp_200402/18/084.47

Sweet Surrender Ch. 03

 — Husband commits to ever lasting love. by mdp_200403/01/084.36

Sweet Transvestite

 — Backstage sex at Rocky Horror. by al_Ussa07/11/104.13

Sweet Treat

 — A secret crossdressing husband comes out. by SaucyMasquerade07/26/164.48

Sweet Treat Ch. 02

 — The Crossdressing husband has his first sexual encounter. by SaucyMasquerade08/05/164.58HOT

Sweet Treat Ch. 03

 — The crossdressing husband heads to the photography studio. by SaucyMasquerade09/25/174.46

Sweet, Young Stephanie

 — Delicious girl next door has a big surprise. by RegularGuyinOly09/24/134.72HOT

Swimming Pool Change

 — Went in for a swim, came out crossdressed. by bobberjob03/24/183.81

Swimming Pool Encounter

 — A surprise encounter at the swimming pool. by ABC4008/03/154.41

Swimming Pool Encounter Ch. 02

 — They meet again... by ABC4009/03/154.59HOT

Swipe Right

 — A normal guy's life is changed forever when he swipes right. by amb_anonymous07/08/154.33

Swiping Right for Susan

 — Temptation in a transgendered beauty on Tinder. by aussie_10109/30/144.73HOT


 — Sydd and Tina go clubbing. by sydian09/15/054.00

Sydd: Beauty and the Beast

 — A big beautiful black woman and Sydd. by sydian05/18/084.24

Sydd~Big Dog

 — Sydd walks her big dog. by sydian03/22/054.25

Sydd~Niobi: A Public Affair

 — Sydd and niobi go to the club. by sydian05/12/083.83

Sydd~Playing The Other Side

 — Sydian turns the tables on a stalker. by sydian12/12/054.88HOT

Sydd~The Dare Ch. 01

 — Sydd's early dance career; prequel to pre-nup party. by sydian03/26/063.67

Sydd~The Dare Ch. 02

 — Sydd is the feature at a pre-nup party. by sydian04/29/064.29


 — Adventures of a black crossdresser. by sydian03/11/044.27

Sydian - Angela

 — An adventure w/ Sydd and Angela. by sydian10/17/044.75

Sydian Ch. 01-08

 — Adventures of a Black cross-dresser. by sydian03/29/044.56HOT

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