How do I publish Interactive Stories or Story Games on Literotica?

Publishing Interactive Sex Stories - also known as Story Games - on Literotica is simple. If you’ve already published Stories, Audio, or Artwork on Literotica, you’ll find publishing Interactive Stories works the same. If you’re a first time Literotica Author, this short guide will help you get your Interactive Stories online quickly and easily.

Note: If you’ve already published a Story Game and you want edit/update it, please check our How Do I Edit My Story Game FAQ.

Publishing a Story Game on Literotica

  1. The first step is to click on the “New Story” icon on the Literotica header (the Pen & Paper Icon at the top of every page).

  2. After you click on the New Work Icon, you’ll see an option for creating a new Interactive Story (right after the New Artwork option). Click on “New Story Game”.

  3. You’ll be taken to the New Story Game Page (in the User Control Panel) where you’ll enter the Title, Description, Introduction (see our Story Game Introduction FAQ), Tags, and other relevant data for your Interactive Story.

  4. The first thing you should do on the New Story Game Page is to enter the Title (or a placeholder Title), agree to the TOS, and then click the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the page. You must click the “Save Draft” button once before the “Story Game Editor” button will appear on the page. See this image for reference:

    Save Draft For Story Game Editor

  5. After you have saved your draft once, a new “Edit Story Game Code” button will appear allowing you to edit the actual text and code of your Interactive Story/Story Game. Here is what the button should look like:

    Story Game Editor Button Appears

  6. Click on the “Edit Story Game Code” button to open the Story Game Editor. The Story Game Editor is where you’ll write (or paste) the code for your Interactive Story. The Story Game Editor is a text editor with special tools and a preview window to help you write your story in the Ink Interactive Fiction Scripting Language (read our Getting Started Writing Adult Interactive Stories (Story Games) article explaining how to format your story). Here is what the Story Game Editor looks like:

    Story Game Editor by Literotica

  7. The Literotica Story Game Editor is a minimal version of the free open source Inky Story Editor (created by the developers of the Ink Interactive Fiction Language). The Story Game Editor features a side-by-side interface allowing you to edit your story on the left side and see what it will look like to readers on the right side. Changes to Story Game Code are autosaved as you type. While the Literotica Story Game Editor does not support all features of Inky, it does support alerting you to any errors in your code in real time. We highly recommend that you download the full featured Inky software from GitHub (Windows, Mac, or Linux) for a more powerful editing experience with additional tools.

  8. You can easily go back and forth between the Edit Story Game Page (with information on the Story Game) and the Story Game Editor (where the code of the actual Story Game is shown) by using the buttons near the top of each page that say “Edit Story Game Code” and “Back To Story Info”.

  9. After you’ve finished working on the text/code of your Story Game, return to the main Story Game Page (shown in the image in step 4 above) by clicking on “Back To Story Info”. This is the page where you will add all of the information about your Story Game and the page where you will submit the Story Game for review and publication.

  10. The main Edit Story Game Page is the place to enter a great Title for your Story Game, along with a Story Introduction, Short Description, Story Tags, Category, and the Language it’s written in. Make sure to click “Save Draft” regularly so that your changes are saved on this page.

  11. After entering all of the required information about your Story Game, using the Story Game Editor to check for errors, and agreeing to our Publishing Guidelines, you can click the “Publish Game” button at the bottom of the page to send the game to Literotica’s moderators for review. As soon as the game is approved, it will be published on Literotica for millions of readers to play. Once the Story Game is published, you should monitor your game for feedback from readers.

  12. If the site moderators find any issues with your Story Game, they might send it back to your for more editing before publishing. In that case, please check our Sent Back Story FAQ for help.

For additional information on publishing Story Games, check our “Story Games Help Articles” as well as the general Literotica Publishing FAQ.

If you’re an author or a reader who would like to talk to other Interactive Fiction fans about Story Games ideas, technology, or anything else, please visit the Literotica Interactive Adult Fiction Community Forums.

Literotica Interactive Adult Stories (Story Games) are required to follow all of the same content rules (all characters must be 18+, etc.) as other stories published on Literotica. Please review our site wide Content Guidelines for more information.