What is the Literotica Volunteer Editor Program?

The Literotica Volunteer Editor Program is a way for Literotica authors to connect with editors interested in helping them improve their writing. The program was designed as a way to match up community members who want to help each other.

A Literotica Volunteer Editor is a member who has volunteered their time to read stories and give feedback to Literotica authors - like a traditional book editor, article editor, story editor, etc. Volunteer Editors are volunteers, they don’t “work” for Literotica - they donate their time for the benefit of Literotica writers.

Volunteer Editors have varying backgrounds and levels of expertise. Some may be professional editors volunteering to help aspiring authors in their spare time, many are published Literotica authors themselves, some are readers wanting to contribute to the community. The two things they all have in common is a big heart and a willingness to volunteer their own valuable time to improve the quality of writing by Literotica’s author community.

The Literotica Volunteer Editors Program provides a list of editors, along with a short description of each editor’s qualifications and what they’re willing to help with. Editors can be browsed by Category, Language, File Type, and more.

Once an author finds an editor whose description looks like a match, they may contact the editor via the Editor’s Program online form and let them know they are interested in having the editor proof their work. The author should let the editor know up front how much editing needs to be done. The author may also ask the editor how long it would take to have the piece edited, and what format they editor prefers to work in.

If the editor is interested, they will reply to the author by email with a time frame and relevant comments. The author then sends the editor the work to be edited. The editor will do any necessary editing, then return the work to the author. Once the author gets the work back, they will look it over, note what changes were made, and continue communication with the editor for as long as needed. Once the piece looks good to the author, they can then submit the work for publication on Literotica.

Authors are welcome to thank/credit the editor in the author notes at the start or end of the published story. In the future, we plan to allow Editor credit as an option on all published Literotica stories.

If you’re a writer looking for someone to help you with your story or poem, check the Finding A Volunteer Erotica Editor For Authors FAQ.

If you’re an editor interested in joining the program, check the How Do I Become A Volunteer Erotica Editor? FAQ.

Please note that all Literotica Volunteer Editors are doing this out of kindness and they are offering to help you at the expense of their free time. Please be kind and appreciative of their hard work.

All contact between Literotica Authors and Volunteer Editors is done directly between the two parties, without Literotica being involved. However, if you have a serious problem with a Volunteer Editor, or if you’re a Volunteer Editor that has an issue with an author, feel free to contact support and let us know.