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  • "Wow" is right, if you have been lucky enough to have done this even once before.
    So far, I never have. Perhaps some day, if the right people and circumstance arise.


    on Two Places (14)
  • Tcs1956 wrote: "I love women who love cock. I love women who love men who love cock. I love cock. I'm not "hard" to please. I would love to see you do some MMF cuckold drawings with such detail."

    I agree with your 1st two sentences! The cuckold thing isn't really my bag, though.
    (not that I haven't drawn images that are for someone else's amusement)


    on Hard at Work... Time to Get Off (10)
  • I am guessing from the dates that you are the same "Anonymous" who commented on some other images of mine.

    I am also guessing that "gold" was a typo. :)

    I appreciate the "mood review" — I like to hear how people react/feel about the imagery as much or more than a critique of technique or physiology.

    on Dancer (14)
  • Wow! That was an expansive review. :) It is extra nice when someone is inspired or moved enough to voice their own reactions.


    on Clear the Desk (15)
  • Thank you for your feedback. More often than not, we do not hear anything from viewers.


    on 4x Fan (4)
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Kink vs. Abuse

Kink vs. Abuse infographic by  in Adult Comics

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Mila relaxes at the end of a long day by  in Erotic Art

Tan Line

Tan lines. by  in Erotic Art

Laughing Dragon

Female warrior vs dragon by  in Adult Comics

Content Brunette

Brown haired girl provacatively posed by  in Erotic Art

Fairy Tales: Rumpled Foreskin

A punky teen gets pimped out by her thick-thighed stepmom! by  in Adult Comics

Fours company

Cover page to my catfight comic by  in Adult Comics

Just Her Jeans

woman topless in low-tugged jeans by  in Erotic Art

Take it!

from my comics story "My gardener's Diary" by  in Adult Comics

Tiffany Topper

by  in Erotic Art

Michelle's Naughty Hitch Hiking

When the husband cannot deliver, always someone else will by  in Adult Comics

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