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  • Very nice drawing of this wonderful looking woman. I love how you captured the perk breasts and the perfect curves of her body. Keep up the good work!

    on Denise (4)
  • Blessed are the bully's one day they will have to stand up to themselves. Blessed are the arrogant for theirs is the kingdom of their own company. WHAT MAKES ME THINK my work is erotic would be all the amazing and POSITIVE feedback I get on a daily basis from my fan base. May we see your erotic art work ?

    on James and Lily IV (2)
  • That's one happy dragon!!!

    on Laughing Dragon (4)
  • Done with great style and in good taste. Congrats!

    on Pretty, ain't I pretty (8)
  • That is great!

    on BBC (1)
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The Birth of Aphrodite

The love-goddess of Greek myth is alive! by  in Erotic Art

artistic nude on beach

draw with sanguine pastel by  in Erotic Art

Fairy Tales: The Milfmaid

A lusty milf decides it's feeding time for her stepdaughter. by  in Adult Comics


A quick sketch I did in anticipation of fun. by  in Erotic Art

Sallie - Queen-Bee

Sallie in bee-themed lingerie waiting for Rocky~ by  in Erotic Art

Pimp The Wife

I find men for my wife. by  in Adult Comics

Javier and Melissa VII

Javier fucking my wife by  in Adult Comics

Nerd Sex III

Wife on a sex date by  in Adult Comics

Brother Troubles

2 brothers struggle with each other by  in Erotic Art


This is Diana from the stories by  in Adult Comics

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