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  • Hi Turk7Sr.
    Following your email, I'm putting this up on patreon. I just thought I'd let you know that the link you posted in Chapter 10 is broken, there's a space in it.

    I'll try to send you what I had done previously (not nearly as tidy) so you can can see what I was thinking.

    on Endangered Chris's Cave Home (3)
  • Not my fetish, but I applaud your imagination.

    on Fairy Tales: The Milfmaid (4)
  • Your artwork is simply fantastic. I'm not super impressed by most of the artwork here...this submission... wow. honestly, it aroused us both quite quickly. Really, really, well done.

    on Hubby watches wife (4)
  • Chali aana tu paan ki dukan pe... Sadhe teen bake... Chali aana... Panpanpanpanpan..pannnn..pannnnm..pannnn.. Panpanpanpanpan paannn..paannn..
    I wanna play these lyrics on your stomach by attaching your stomach on my truck horn. And gives you a nice ride on busy Highway at night blowing this song and your name ponnnponnn ponnnponnn again and again. I have sent you mail on my contact and location if you wanna enjoy your fetish our trucks ready for you baby.

    on Strange fetish of truck horn sound (3)
  • Hallo Kat P!

    I love your new (Erotic Art...Nicole held her breath), and the brief story that goes along with it, the Art and the story, is just plain fucking hot,,, yes!

    I'm giving you 5-Stars and 5-Hot Wet Orgasms!

    Your kinky dyke friend,

    Gay Kat..

    on Nicole held her breath (1)
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