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  • The cartoon look your character looks really good, not shitting you. However I wished you drew her differently because I don’t know what she is doing, she looks like she looks like she is singing but at the same time she is not holding mic., but that is only a minor complaint. I think the only major complaint is the I also wished that you either enlargen her to cover the distractingly purple or of course change the color, because I find it distracting of course, but also it not only distracts from the main image (your character) but also to me it makes the background and possibly the picture as a hole, ugly sadly to say. But overall it’s still a good image.

    on Maya (4)
  • Your sketch is very great, I understand it takes place in the laundry room but for some reason I find those laundry products a little bit distracting. And the washing machine and the dryer kind of looks like they are one machine. I really love the idea behind it, and it really sparks the imagination. And finally she looks life like almost like she is an actual person in real life that you know. But over all good image. Keep on going don’t quite.

    on mature nude (8)
  • I like the visual idea behind but I feels it lacked in the imagination department. And I’m not sure hoe I feel about the image itself. Unfortunatlly that is all I can say about it.

    on Marilyn (2)
  • I love the color of the image it’s so vibrant and colorful, and the as for the image itself is good, not great but just good. The bad is the idea behind it is dull and very unimaginative. And finally the image: I already spoke of the lack of imagination, but it also doesn’t arouse anything.

    on Lollypop (2)
  • Why a bathrobe? I’m sorry with a bathrobe it just feels like sexy adventure, on an unexplored alien planet, kind feels like a porn plot. And as for the design of the characters themselves they look like something out of the Cartoon Network or something. But aside from that I wouldn’t say great but good drawing. So with that said I would still loved to read this eBook. And I could already guess what ‘secret’ Megan is hiding. So in conclusion still as pass in my book.

    on Lily and Megan (1)
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