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  • My wife is glad you like her tits.

    on Wife Cradling Her Tits (3)
  • First one is the best.

    on Lighting Experiment (3)
  • This is very good for Alisha. I would love to see a movie of Alisha sent to the farm to work as a beast of burden. I know she and the two men will enjoy this very much. Please make a movie of this. Every gorgeous pretty black woman should be a beast of burden to 2 handsome strong white men. She may try to.fight off or resist one white man but she won't be able to fight off or resist 2 of them at the same time. The two men can use her one at a time or use Alisha at.the same time taking turns with her.... using her vagina or releasing themselves in her mouth and throat. This will help Alisha to be a better woman who is Disciplined and realize her true calling as a beast of burden for two white men on the farm because a black woman and women in general are created for man's pleasure and amusement. I'm sure she will amuse them and make them happy. If her vagina is hurting after the two men have taken turns having sex with her, they lovingly massage some vaseline on her vagina and penetrate her again or if she is crying and begging for them to stop, they will use her mouth and throat for their pleasure nstead, if her vagina is still sore. These two men will teach beautiful Alisha to become accustomed the taste of protein and how to swallow protein as they Cum in her mouth. She and the two men will have lots and lots of fun together and the more they use her as their beast of burden, the more she will like it and want to be used more and the more she enjoys it, the more they will enjoy using her as their beast of burden. A beautiful gorgeous black woman being used as a beast of burden by wo strong handsome LUST FILLED white men is a match made in Heaven. What more could two white men ask for? Please make a movie or video of this. It's a beautiful story.

    on Alisha is Sent to the Farm (2)
  • Looks like Alisha will be of very good use to these two men on the farm and is ready to be put to work as her true calling as a beast of burden. Alisha is a very beautiful, sexy black woman. She looks like she is ready to submit herself to work as these 2 men's beast of burden. If she does not understand submission or is not ready to, I am sure these two strong young men will teach her submission and she will learn all the joys of submission in her natural role as beast of burden to these 2 men. She won't resist learning to submit to them as their beast of burden, as there are two of them and one of her. I know these 2 white men will love the feel and taste of her soft chocolate skin and the curves of her beautiful body. The look like they have lots of pent up desires that she will have to sayisfy. They will use her well, keeping her very busy working on the farm as their beast of burden. These men will teach her to enjoy all the things they enjoy. The men look very strong and ready to use her over and over. Imagine all the ways these two strong men will use her UMPH!!! Being USED on the farm by these two strong white men will be very very good for her as a black woman. She can work and please them and keep then happy and satisfied as these 2 strong handsome white men's beast of burden. She they can touch on her, feel her up, fondle her, kiss her, rub on her, luck her and suck on her to their satisfaction. They can also teach her to suck on them and how to relax her gag reflex and her throat muscles while she gets used to her new protein diet. She will also enjoy being repeatedly broken in by them as they gradually stretch out her tight vagina to accommodate their penis over and over and over and over and over. These two men will have lots of fun with her and she will understand how good it feels to have her vagina stretched out two sizes bigger. She will also know how good protein tastes and she will come to know the difference in the taste of the protein from each man. I think every woman can benefit from a trip to the farm to be a beast of burden because like the old saying goes A WOMAN'S WORK IS NEVER DONE!!!!!

    on Alisha is Sent to the Farm (2)
  • Thank you. We appreciate that.

    on Private Booth Wife (2)
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