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  • Benny James from Croydon says he's bored of sex after sleeping with 400 women

    Some bloke claims he's slept with more than 400 women and now he's bored of sex. Benny James, 22, of Croydon, says he woos women on Twitter but the amount of intercourse he's endured has ruined his life. The builder said: 'I want to settle down and ...

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  • Steven Joyce hit by sex toy thrown by protester at Waitangi

    Steven Joyce might have been expecting some argy-bargy at Waitangi this year - but he couldn't possibly have anticipated getting a sex toy thrown at him. The Economic Development Minister took it on the chin, as it were, joking later that it was simply ...

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  • Police: Registered sex offender lived at all-female dorm at Carson-Newman

    DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- According to the Jefferson City Police, a registered sex offender was living with his girlfriend at an all-female dorm at Carson-Newman University. Investigators say Justin Shepard was arrested Wednesday. Investigators say he ...

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  • CDC Issues Zika Advisory for Pregnant Women and Sex Partners

    Pregnant women whose male sexual partners have spent time in a country with confirmed transmissions of the Zika virus should either abstain from sex or use condoms during intercourse for the duration of their pregnancy, the Centers for Disease Control ...

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  • Rare Victorian raunchy sex manual, erotica galore, is set to go under the hammer

    A rare raunchy Western sex manual is set to go under the hammer - filled with 17th century erotica and graphic love-making tips. 'Aritstoteles Master-Piece' - dubbed the dirtiest book of the time when published in 1684 - was sold secretly from under ...

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  • Nikki Glaser Is a Blonde Comedian Talking Frankly About Sex, But Don't Says She's Trying to Be Amy Schumer

    Loosely speaking, Not Safe with Nikki Glaser is about sex. The talk-show hybrid will investigate American eroticism through panel discussions, guest interviews, field pieces (Glaser attends a foot-fetish convention carrying head shots of her feet), and ...

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  • Cory Bernardi: recognising overseas same-sex marriages subverts Australian law

    The bill to recognise marriages overseas is timely and follows the death of British man David Bulmer-Rizzi, whose same-sex marraige was not recognised following his death in Adelaide while on honeymoon. Marco Bulmer-Rizzi had been fighting to be ...

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  • Los Banos teacher and girlfriend arrested on sex with student charges

    Los Banos teacher and girlfriend arrested on sex with student charges. You need Flash to watch this video.Sorry, your browser doesn't support Flash, needs a Flash update, or has Flash disabled. Los Banos teacher and girlfriend arrested on charges for ...

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  • Census will allow Australians to identify as 'other' for both sex and gender

    But identifying as of “other” sex will not be as simple as ticking a box. Both the paper and online version of the 2016 census will only display male and female options, as in previous years. The ABS spokeswoman told Guardian Australia those who wished ...

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  • Sex and the City Almost Had a Very Different Carrie Bradshaw

    In 1998 when Darren Star was trying to get his HBO show Sex and the City off the ground he hadn't yet locked down his leading lady, Sarah Jessica Parker. But in an interview last month, Star reveals he had a backup actress waiting in the wings. Now ...

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  • Man arrested for sex act with 3-year-old girl

    ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) - A registered sex offender has been arrested after his girlfriend reportedly caught him performing a sex act on her 3-year-old daughter. St. Pete police say they received the call around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, after the woman said ...

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  • Grab a Lotto Ticket With Your Indie Erotica at This Bookstore and 99-Cent Shop

    “Retail diversity” is taking on a whole new meaning in the Lower East Side. Scrappy indie publishers Badlands Unlimited, launched in 2010, recently moved from a studio in Sunset Parks' Industry City to a real five-person office on 24 Rutgers Street (ok ...

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  • Liv has erotica on the brain on iZombie

    “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” is one of those iZombie episodes where the rest of the stories are so interesting that every time they cut back to the case of the week, it feels like a bit of a letdown. Not that the case was terrible—its biggest flaw is ...

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  • Jeremy Irons doesn't want to talk about sex

    He was discussing his role in Jesse Owens biopic “Race” at the 92Y Sunday when pint-sized sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer “piped up from the second row,” says a spy. “Irons said, 'Oh my God, Dr. Ruth, just don't talk to me about sex, all right?'”.

    - Read the full story at Page Six

  • Virginia Man in Same-Sex Custody Case Ordered to Prison

    A pastor convicted of helping a Virginia woman flee the country rather than share custody of her daughter with her former Vermont same-sex partner has been ordered to federal prison after a court rejected an appeal of his 2012 conviction. U.S. District ...

    - Read the full story at ABC News

  • Zika Infection Transmitted by Sex Reported in Texas

    Men having sex after traveling to these areas should consider wearing condoms, officials said, although they did not indicate for how long this would be necessary. Pregnant women should avoid contact with semen from men recently exposed to the virus, ...

    - Read the full story at New York Times

  • Condoms compulsory in German sex industry under new law

    They would also be required to meet regularly with “counsellors” from the health services. Prostitution was made legal in Germany in 2002 and the legislation in place offers sex workers a right to public unemployment insurance as well as medical coverage.

    - Read the full story at The Guardian

  • Kristen Bell Recalls Funny Erotica Mix-up with Husband Dax Shepard

    “Thank goodness he told me about it, because otherwise he would have thought someone on the set of 'CHiPS' was writing erotica and slipping it into his trailer… in hopes that, I don't know, he would enjoy it or give notes or become his protégé. I don ...

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  • A Rethink on India's Gay-Sex Law

    In 2013, the Supreme Court overturned a landmark ruling by the Delhi High Court in 2009 that decriminalized gay sex. The lower court had ruled that Section 377 violated the fundamental rights guaranteed by India's Constitution. But its decision was ...

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  • Should ban on sex-determination tests be lifted?

    Women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi has called for mandatory tests to determine the sex of an unborn child in a bid to counter high levels of female foeticide. (Reuters File Photo) ...

    - Read the full story at Hindustan Times

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