30 Minutes


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30 minutes.

His meditation mantra resonated as he opened his eyes. Closing them and taking several deep breaths Adam slowly lifted to his feet and canted his neck from side to side stretching. His mind energized, he moved through a series of slow stretches atop the bamboo deck that extended off their small private villa. A pair of loose linen yoga pants hung off his hip accenting the v-shaped muscle below his abs. Shirt-less, his lean arms reached up to a cross beam above the deck's entryway; his tall form accented by the rising sun that silhouetted him as he turned to face her.

Long white curtains gently lifted with the growing breeze from the ocean, his bare feet pressed to the clay tile floor. His flesh was dark olive tone from the hot Caribbean sun. Adam stood at the foot of the bed, before resting on the seat of the small fabric couch at the foot of the bed. Resting his arm on the back of it, he adored the site of his lover. Pushing back his chin length hair behind each ear, his dark brown eyes ran their coarse over her slender ankle up to the majesty of her smooth thigh.

The warmth and humidity in the air allowed for her to sleep nude, barely covered by the thin Egyptian cotton that barely covered the arch of her soft round ass. Jessica's angelic form sprawled over the large king size bed. The smooth cotton sheet slithered up her bare thighs and climbed to the small of her back. Her spine snaking upwards towards the locks of golden hair that generously fell over her shoulders to her mid back.

Adam and Jessica were on the volcanic island of Montserrat, in the heart of the Caribbean. Their simple bamboo villa was perched on a cliff face overlooking a private inlet. A small beach rimmed the interior reaches of the inlet as it met the short cliffs. A handful of similar villas rested against and atop the wall of volcanic rock. A network of trails connected the villas to the beach and climbed the short face to an overlook and road that accessed the rest of the island. The seclusion and simplicity of the setting brought them back for their second year. They were what most would term new-aged hippies. Spiritual, Yoga practicing, environmentally conscious young professionals; who would prefer to discuss the impact of modern society on the living earth than debate political discourse. Montserrat allowed them to disconnect from the modern world.

Running water and a small propane two-burner cook top were the modern amenities that the villa afforded. Although electricity was available, the couple chose to utilize the lantern lighting fixtures when natural light wasn't available. The curtains danced with the warm breeze, you could feel the pending morning showers being called to the island. A soft chime filled the air, calling Adam's attention. Morning and evening meals were delivered daily by the staff. The earlier of the two typically consisted of an assortment of fruits and grains. Adam rose and walked the several steps towards the front entrance of the villa. As he opened the door, he could see the feet and legs of the staff member climbing back up the path. A kettle of hot water for tea and coffee accompanied a pair of covered trays. Small carafes of chilled juice and milk were perspiring on the trays visible under the clear covers. Adam ferried the trays and kettle over to a small table that sat before the fabric couch at the foot of the bed.

Jessica stirred as Adam approached the bed. He pressed atop the mattress, one leg tucked under himself as he sat, brushing her hair from her face. Her cheeks were sun kissed. She pushed her face to his hand kissing his palm as her slender legs stretched, the sheet twisting around her more as she turned to face him.


Jessica scooped the last of her oatmeal, the spoon sliding into the deep porcelain bowl with a sound. Cradling her coffee with both hands, she tucked her knees inward, resting rearward on the small couch. Adam separated the remains of each tray and consolidated the uneaten portions.

"The pineapple was amazing." Adam popped the last piece into his mouth after offering it to Jessica, and seeing her decline with a head gesture.

The rainfall started to decorate the bamboo deck with small speckles of warm dampness. Adam walked towards the entryway of the deck. Watching as the beaming rays of sun attempted to part the dark heavy clouds, the rainfall became persistent. The breeze carried the falling precipitation to the edge of entryway, undercutting the rustic overhang that protected half the deck and villa's entry. Adam felt the warm rain as it fell against the tops of his feet.

"Jesus, it's warmer than the shower." Adam stepped outward as the rain started to sprinkle over his bare torso.

Their rustic accommodations did provide a rather nicely appointed rainfall shower, but its water temperature wasn't regulated. So the warm rainfall was a surprising treat. As Adam walked out to the limit of the deck, his hands pressed to the rail, the rain became persistent, starting to soak his flesh and linen pants. He turned towards Jessica as she sat with a smile, adoring her boyfriend's free nature and enjoyment of the simple things. Setting the coffee aside, she stood and approached.

A print fabric smock was all that adorned her slender build. Falling just below her waist, the imprint of small perky b cup breasts lifted gently under the top. Slightly hidden by her cascading blonde locks, her smooth slender bare legs lead up to widen hips and her bare ass. The hint of her curly pubis was visible as the smock shifted.

Adam welcomed her with open arms, as the rain began to matte and dampen her hair. She reached up with her lips gently kissing Adam's chin, then his lips. The damp warmth embraced them, as Jessica's arm slide around Adam's waistline, her fingers curled against the low waistline of his pants. Adam's left hand traced upward along her bare arm, then departed to cradle her face, as their kiss deepened. Her body pressed tighter to Adam, as her free hand came to rest on his chest, nails curling against the sporadic hair atop his widen chest. They melted into each other as the rain fell atop, embracing, kissing as their tongues moved with a familiar dance. Adam's hand pressing into the small of Jessica's back, as the other remained supporting her face.

As her body pressed closer, she felt Adam's urging manhood starting to rise against her through the fabric of his pants. She paused from the kiss, eyes opening. They were both being soaked by the warm rain. She lowered her hand to Adam's and interlaced her fingers as she turned and guided him towards the entryway of the villa.

Their hands broke away from each other, as Jessica slowly pulled the wet smock over her head, the long trusses of hair lifting and falling, as her naked torso, slightly protected from the driving rain shower was not as damp as her lower half. She sauntered towards the side of the bed, pausing as she adjusted Adam's watch on the nightstand. The large face of his Omega read 11:20. Adam soaked in the view, as he pushed his damp hair rearward. He slowly followed his lover with a deliberate slow stalk. As she faced the bed, his hands rested on her hips, his pelvis pressing to her bare heart shaped ass as his chest pressed to her back. Jessica's head fell back to Adam's chest, his arms wrapping around her waistline as he planted a kiss at the base of her neck.

They both lowered to the bed, Jessica's naked form first sliding to the middle of the bed, and turning to face Adam as he pushed the yoga pants down of his hips. His naked form was statuesque. Tall, lean, not overly muscled but very fit, inward flexing abs. He was not your typical millennial, his chest and pubic hair were untailored. He slide beside Jessica on the bed pressing his large hand to her hip, then letting just his fingertips dance up the gentle curve of her hip to the downward taper of her waistline as she laid on her side.

Jessica moved against Adam as he pressed closer, she nibbled at his lower lip.

"Mmm remember, 30 minutes big boy." Jessica teased as she tickled Adam's neckline with her nose.

It was their unwritten vacation rule and a mutual understanding of their lovemaking while on the island. The prelude to intercourse was foreplay that was limited to physical contact that didn't involve direct genital touching. It was a delicious and erotic tease, and most importantly a mutual discovery of their sexual selves.

Adam nodded. His right arm lifted and slid under the pillow that her head rested, his left hand still resting just above her hip, their lips meet again. Both of their mouths were familiar with their usual dance. But as things slowed down, the anticipation of each touch grew. Their flesh still damp from the warm rain, started to grow taut as it was cooled by the gentle breeze entering the villa. They pressed closer to relieve the symptoms, Jessica's right hand climbing the rear of Adam's neck, the nails teasing the base of his scalp. Their noses brushed, eyes closed. As the sensation of Adam's fingertips snaking up her spine made Jessica arch slightly. A long exhale invited more.

The pace was agonizingly slow, the tips of Adam's index and middle finger gliding atop the surface of her stippled flesh. The goose bumps tightened her skin and electrified the sensation. The warmth of their naked bodies pressing closer, Adam manhood throbbed against her thigh as his body pressed near. His lips teased along the soft flesh under her right earlobe, as his fingertips glided over her shoulder. His kiss deepened along her neck, her head drifting back as her nipples extended outward against his chest. Inherently, his hips rocked forward driving his thickness towards her core, the blunt tip of his engorged head brushing over the petals of her core.

She twisted away with a playful giggle. "No, No, No."

Jessica's back was to Adam. He leaned up looking at the watch hands- 11:28. Adam pressed forward so that his chest was close to her, spooning against her.

"Oh I swore it had been thirty minutes." Adam goaded as he nibbled on her left earlobe.

Adam's left hand pressed along her flank and to her raised hipbone, as he spooned behind. His fingers teased off her hip to the small dimple on the left side of her lower back, the slight depression accented by her bare ass pushing back.

Jessica reached back, her nails dragged along Adam's left raised thigh that now pressed atop her own. Her eyes closed as she felt his body press to hers, the evidence of the warm rain only lingered in the length of her blonde trusses. Her smooth firm ass rocking back against him, she was beginning to ache for his penetration. The thickness of his rigid cock pressing between the valley of her ass had made her her moist and wanton. Adam's face buried into the dampness of her hair, kissing the back of her neck, as his hips leaned inward.

His hand slowly climbed up her flank. Large digits splayed as they glide forward towards her inward navel, teasing downward and pausing as his middle finger felt the curly short crop of her pubic hair. Her own pelvis pressed inward with the movements. Adam lifted from behind her, and perched on his knees beside, allowing Jessica to roll onto her back. Her beauty on full display with every inch of her naked flesh within reach.

His eyes basked in the youthful beauty of her golden flesh. Jessica before him, her eyes closed to savor each touch. Leaning downward, Adam pressed his lips to her navel. Slowly running a circle around the depression, Adam's hands moved began descending down Jessica's thighs. Both hands pressing over the tops of her thighs as his kisses descended towards her sex. The vibrant blonde curls neatly cropped atop her pubic bone, the puffy folds of her sex cleanly shaven as his mouth pressed lower and lower. His nose teased by the tight curls of her pubis, before his lips diverted to her right thigh. She quivered from the proximity to her sex.

Jessica's head fell to one side, as her hand teased the back of Adam's scalp. Adam's legs folded under him as his torso twisted, shoulders squared perpendicular to the position she laid. His large hand pressed atop her thighs, then slowly drug upward but gliding towards the inner dimension of her thighs. Jessica's legs parted slightly with the tease. His nose brushing along her inner thigh, the scent of her want vibrant as his nose brushed downward toward the interior of her right knee. His tongue dragged slowly behind, as he retreated back up the interior of her thigh as she splayed it slightly outwards.

Jessica's breath quickened as his lips and tongue teases upwards. Her hips slightly lifting, as he paused just beside her vibrant sex to press slow deliberate teasing kisses on the joint of her thigh and pelvis. As Adam leaned upwards still pressed on his knees beside her, his efforts were rewarded with the site of Jessica's engorged clitoris. Her labial folds were starting to part as her excitement glistened on their inner walls.

As he turned his shoulders towards Jessica, her eyes slowly opened with a tantalizing smile. They adoringly met Adam's until they diverted down to Adam's thick cock standing tall between his folded legs. The bulbous head was pushing outward from the tethered foreskin, drooling precum glistening from the plum shaped head.

Jessica slowly moved to her knees in front of Adam. Both facing, her hands pressed to his thighs as she moved closer, the site of her youthful perky breasts lifted high on her torso, her ribcage pushing out against her flesh. Her usually soft inverted nipples were standing at attention atop the perky flesh, thick and aching outwards nearly an inch off the soft curves of her breasts. Her hands guided up over his abs, both following slowly to his chest, as she lifted high on her knees before him in the middle of the bed. Her hands wrapping around his neck as she leaned in for a kiss, leaving his mouth after a moment to move her lips along his neck and up to his ear.

As they knelt before each other, Jessica's wandering hands slide down to Adam's splayed thighs. With each slow stroke of her long nails atop his thighs, Adam's cock twitched with need and excitement, the trail of precum was dripping down the backside of his length. Jessica pressed closer, as her teasing fingers moved closer to the veiny length of Adam's twitching cock. Adam's head turned, as Jessica lean inward to kiss his collarbone then his neck. His back arched as his eyes fell lazily closed, they caught the site of the watch face- 11:38.

His legs folded under him, his arms reaching back to support himself on the soft bed, abs flexing, as the thick curls of pubic hair did little to conceal his engorged excitement. Jessica pressed closer, as she slowly straddled him. Her bare needy core lingering above his harden shape, but not touching. Jessica's aching nipples pressed to his chest, as her fingers curled into the flesh of his back and arms. Her body moving in a slow rhythm but taking care not to press her pelvis to his, their bodies matching a gentle caress as they pressed close and embraced for a deep kiss. Adam's hands pressed to the small of her back then firmly sculpting over her delicious ass, as they consumed each other with the intimate flesh to flesh contact.

Adam moaned, "I can't wait any longer, I need you."

Jessica reciprocated, "I know baby, I know- me too, but..."

Jessica softly bite at Adam's lip, as her core pressed down to the curved rigidity of his shaft, the bulbous glistening tip pressed to her entrance. Her slender weight leaned against the length, making his thickness bend slightly to the resistance of her needy sex, before she lifted with a teasing glare of eye-to-eye contact.

"You have to wait." Jessica teased.

She slowly dismounted from her straddling position, his heavy cock arching thick and hungry towards his abs. Jessica guided Adam to slowly lay to his side then to his back, her body next to him cupping closer as she laid her naked form on his right side. As Jessica pressed to the bed on her side, her right hand teased along Adam's inward navel, down near his throbbing shaft, then dragging upwards to his widen chest. Her fingernails danced in the sporadic soft curls of his chest hair, before her mouth descended on his nipple.

Adam grunted, as his fingers curled into her bare thigh. The sensation sent shivers up his spine, as Jessica softly clamped her teeth against his nipple. Adam's hips lifted gently from the soft bedding, as her warm tongue replaced her teeth. She gently lapped at the stiffening bud of his nipple. As Adam's his rocked back to the bedding, his generous cock spanked his own pelvis, the string of precum sticking to his flexed pelvis and leading to the fat tip of his cock.

Adam's eyes pinched closed, as Jessica skillfully played ever nerve ending in his body. Jessica slowly slid her thigh over Adams form. Her knees pressing to the bedding, as she moved atop him. Her naked body close to him, her flesh dry from the rain, hair still wildly falling about her face and slightly damp, her core dripping with her need. Her eyes flashed towards the watch face, 11:43. She kissed his ear, nuzzling his neck, as her nipples dragged against his chest as she moved.

"mmmm just a couple more minutes, love", Jessica moaned in his ear, as her hands pressed along his forearms, leading to interlace her hands with his.

Jessica's body moved closer. Her core pressed down against his trapped cock. Pelvis to pelvis, she was breaking the rules, but the heat between them was intense. She rolled her hips forward, feeling his pinned cock aching against her folds, as she humped his bare shaft. Her want coating the underside of his shaft, as her hips rolled gently.

Adam grunted with delight, his arms extended upwards as Jessica pinned his hands back above his head. His long legs extended, as her body straddled his form. Although he hadn't penetrated her, the sensation of her wanton sex pressed against his length was bliss. The slow build of their dance, which had lasted nearly 30 minutes to this point had peeked every sexual nerve in his body. His hands persisted, as his hands turned against her.

Their bodies rolled as Adam pressed against the bed with his shoulder, turning the tables on his lithe girlfriend. Jessica moaned as she spun to her back. Her hips planted against the soft bedding, her legs splayed as her heels gripped the back of Adam's thighs. Their mouths eagerly finding each other's. Adam's hips rocked back, his cock pressing towards the damp heat of her entrance, the drooling tip nuzzled against her folds.

Her arms remained above her head, back arching as her slender body twisted under his with joy. Adam's large hands combed down her arms to cup her breasts, pushing her nipple outward with a gripping kneed of his fingers inward. His mouth clamping down on the taut flesh of her nipple and breast.

"Please Adam...Please I can't wait, please...please baby." Jessica begged.

Adam's movements were slow, persistent and deliberate. His hips rocked forward, feeding Jessica's need. Jessica's hands moved down, one gripping at his widen back, the other gripping the curve of Adam's tight ass, guiding his movements into her. Her nails curled into his muscled flesh. Her gasps only feed his own desire, as he drove slowly into her, feeling the quivering heat envelope his member, his pelvis grinding to hers as he slowly penetrated inch after delicious inch deep into her pulsing core.

Adam's eyes opened with the fulfillment of his sexual desire. The clock face read 11:50.

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