tagLoving WivesA Big Birthday Treat

A Big Birthday Treat


I just turned thirty-five, but I must say I'm a sexy, youthful thirty-five with a hell of a body and a scorching libido. The latter should be no surprise since it's no secret that a woman in her mid-thirties is often at her sexual peak. I certainly am, and was when two years ago I finally divorced my quite unexciting and less than satisfying husband, who was some years older than I was. He was replaced him with a much younger man, ten years younger than myself, in fact. And that man, Rick, became my new husband a year ago. A terrific guy and like me, sexually daring and playful. One thing I especially enjoy with Rick, and enjoyed almost from the start, is that he lets me experiment with expressing what I'll call my 'penis envy, side. For years I'd wanted to work a guy over with a dildo and, most of all, to strap one on and use it like it like some strong, horny stud would use it. My first husband was shocked when I told of him of this desire of mine; he was so straight-laced, so undaring and bound by straightlaced sexual conventions. Rick, on the other hand, was adventurous and game from the start. Especially after we watched a certain porn video together on night.

See, that's something else we both enjoyed, porn. My ex-husband was actually one of those few men who had no interest in porn; and I was one of those wives who enjoyed porn as much as most men did. So as part of our expanding range of sexual interests, my new husband and I enjoyed watching porn together. And one day we watched a very blunt and sexy clip of a gorgeous woman strapping on a thick one and fucking a very masculine and good-looking guy up the ass. This duo, unlike so many porn 'actors,' really seemed to be liking what they were doing. Inspired now, I was soon strapping one on myself and having Rick suck it, then turning him over and fucking his very willing ass, or, as I liked to call it when I fucked him, his 'mancunt.' Damn, he really loves sticking it out for me! But it's not like he's deeply passive or submissive, just versatile in his tastes. In fact, Rick is a strong, confident young man, a sexy, great-looking and virile twenty-five year old professional ski instructor. That's how we met, on the slopes, with him teaching me some advanced moves down Colorado powder trails. And when it got dark, and the skis came off, I took him back to the lodge and taught him some advanced moves of my own, in my bed!

The longer we were together, the more I used my strap-on on my husband, and the more he seemed to crave it. I replaced the first one I used on him with a larger one, and then replaced that one with an even bigger one, longer, thicker. Pretty soon Rick was taking a fat rubber cock up his ass every week and looking forward to every fuck. I loved fucking him as much as he loved fucking me, and we both loved getting fucked.

Then one day, out of the blue and very casually, I asked Rick what he'd think about trying a real cock someday, a flesh-and-blood cock that was attached to a stud rather than a rubber one attached to his wife. He was taken aback but I could read that look in his eyes, could see he was intrigued by the idea, very intrigued. Now Rick is pretty much straight. He'd admitted that back in college he tried it a few times with this friend he skied with it, and both liked what they tried. But that was about it. So now I asked whether he was ready for another go at a real cock, this time with his wife there, encouraging him. He looked me in the eye for many long seconds and then nodded that, yes, he would. Inside I was thrilled, loving the idea. It turned me on so much to watch my husband sucking my rubber cock, then taking it up his ass. And now I just knew in my gut that I'd love watching him take the real thing even more, a hell of a lot more. I was sure of it!

Once I realized that my husband was really keen and eager to do it, to try it, to try out a real cock, I made it into my mission. Rick wondered just how and where we'd find the right guy to join us. I told him to just leave it up to me. Soon that's about all I could think about, finding that right guy, the right stud, the right cock. Rick's birthday was still a few months away, and so I was going to aim for that day as my target. This gave me plenty of time. And the internet made it all so much more possible for a wife to find a man for her husband to enjoy; something that in the old days probably would've meant endless ads in alternative papers, visiting swinger and gay bars and clubs, that kind of thing, all very time-consuming and awkward, and apt to end with nothing but disappointment. Now I could begin my search in the comfort of my own home.

From the start I knew what I wanted for my husband, who I wanted. The guy, or 'the kid,' as I began to think of him, had to be beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. I say 'kid' because I was looking for someone young, over eighteen, of course, but hopefully not too much over. I myself had just married a much younger man and youthful males somehow especially excited me at this stage of my life. So if I was getting off on having a much younger husband, Rick was going to get off on having himself a much younger male partner. Somehow the idea of it started to make my head spin – some virile eighteen year old kid fucking my twenty-five year old husband!

Now I say fucking because though Rick had that one fling with another guy years ago, all they did was suck each other's cocks. The only way Rick had ever been fucked, the only 'cocks' he'd actually taken up the ass, had been my cocks, my dildos. So this would be a first for him, a fact that thrilled the shit out of me, thrilled Rick too, I could tell. And though he'd never taken a real one inside, I didn't have to worry too much about him being a first-timer and having to get used to it. No, not at all. He'd taken some pretty big dildos, and always acted like he wanted to go one size up. So I was looking for a seriously endowed young stud, one who had plenty of hard meat to pack inside my husband's ass.

And finally I found him, after scanning quite a few gay sites and becoming something of a connoisseur of sexy, good-looking gay and bisexual men offering themselves up for casual sex with other men. In my replies to the 'candidates,' I explained that I was a wife and was seeking someone to 'do' my husband. The guy could be bi or he could be gay. This treat was just for Rick. If I got a piece of the other stud, fine. If not, that was fine too.

But as I said, I finally found him, found Ken, found him in a section of a site devoted to 'twinks,' who I now learned were smooth, sleek young males, obviously a very desirable category. There he was in all his glory, stark naked, the vivid photo accompanying a no-nonsense description of who he was. Ken was a college freshman, he said, just turned eighteen. And he was an absolute adonis, gorgeous, perfect, like a young fashion model for some male style rag. His body was sleek and smooth and fit and athletic without being overly muscled (grotesquely so, in many cases), as so many gym-addicted guys were these days. His face was lovely, with big, brown eyes and a chestnut hair. The smile was friendly, but also quite sexy and seductive. He described himself as 'extremely well-endowed,' and though his pic didn't show his cock erect, his penis was a real standout, thick and meaty and beautifully formed. I wrote and explained that I was looking to get a very special 'gift' for my husband, describing Rick and telling Ken just what I had in mind, that Rick would be servicing him and his cock and he didn't have to reciprocate, unless he wished. Also, I said my role was just to be there and watch, so it was fine if he were gay. He wrote back, saying it all sounded good to him, that he was in fact bi, but mainly had sex with other guys. He explained that college tuition was a burden for him and that he expected 'help' and a 'donation' to his college fund. I smiled; expecting this. After all, I was looking for a stud for hire, a cock for hire, not a friend or a long-term partner for me and my husband.

When he wrote back he attached a more explicit photo of himself. In this one his cock was fully erect, and I mean fully! Maybe super-erect is the way to put it. That cock of Ken's was absolutely huge, but maybe even more impressive was just how hard it seemed, how it stood up straight at a forty-five degree angle from his smooth, sleek washboard belly, like a magnificent sentinel of youthful, teen virility. He also added in his reply that he was 'exceptionally long lasting.' And this, of course, was a big, big plus, and a pleasant surprise. Since young males, though often impressively virile, were just as often not especially long-lasting. That was a knack, a quality or skill, men usually picked up over time. When I shared all this with my husband, Ken's post on the web site, the description, the pics, the deal, Rick took a deep breath, gulping as he stared at that photo of Ken's massive tool, then smiling and licking his lips, followed by a gleeful laugh we both shared.

So everything was arranged and at eight in the evening of my husband's birthday, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood Ken, even more impressive and gorgeous in life than in his photos. Ken and Rick took each other in, eyes meeting, then scanning, obviously both happy with what they saw.

"Can I take a shower?" Ken asked, his voice smooth and sexy, and courteous.

"Of course," I told him leading him and Rick to our bedroom suite, pointing to the bathroom and telling Ken that we'd be right there, in the bedroom, when he stepped out of the shower. The three of us shared a very knowing smile, aware of exactly what that smile implied. And so while Ken showered and we heard the water run, my husband and I undressed, and dropped down on our big king-sized bed, stark naked, waiting for Ken to join us, showered and ready for a night of sizzling male-male sex.

"This is going to be so hot!" I purred sexily, giving my husband a big kiss.

A few minutes later we heard the water being turned off and knew Ken was inside there drying himself. Our eyes were glued to the bathroom door when it opened, and out stepped the most beautiful, naked, eighteen year old you could ever imagine. Still holding the towel in his hand he looked over at us and smiled as we lay in bed, languidly entwined, ready to receive him in all his glory. Then he dropped the towel and walked over to us. We'd seen the photos, but now we were seeing him naked in the flesh, gazing at that silky, smooth, lanky body, the thick meaty cock, the big sexy eyes, the seductive grin. He stood there, by the foot of the bed, waiting for us to make a move.

I threw off the covers and grabbed hold of two pillows, laying them on top of one another in the middle of the bed. Then I got up and gently pushed Ken down on the bed, on his tummy with his ass up, that ass of his raised nice and high now since he had two pillows under him.

I looked over at my husband and he looked at me, and then we looked down at that incredibly cute, absolutely beautiful ass of Ken's, as he just lay there, waiting for our attention.

"What an ass, what a gorgeous ass!" I said to Rick as I took his hand and brought him down on the bed behind Ken. Now one thing I need to say is that both me and my husband are more than a little ass crazy. You could've guessed that already from my talking about how much I loved doing Rick's ass with my dildos and how much he loved getting it done. But one more thing we both loved was that sublime meeting of tongue and ass. We loved to lick each other's assholes. And though it was a deeply sensual act for the both of us, I must admit that when Rick licked mine it had something of the feel of oral devotion. Whereas when I licked his, it was most often a prelude to a good solid fuck of his ass with my dildo.

Now I reached down and laid my hands on Ken's buttocks, spreading them apart and exposing his cute puckered asshole, Rick and I gazing into the crevice to see the hole winking at us.

"You don't mind, do you?" I said as I held him open, knowing that he wouldn't. I had made a big point of telling Ken how he would be a 'gift' for my husband but I also knew he was bi, so having a woman's hands on his bare ass wouldn't be strange to him. He looked over his shoulder at the two of us, the sexiest smile imaginable on his gorgeous face and nodded that he didn't mind one bit!

"Care to have a taste, baby?" I said to my husband as he leaned down and pressed his face between Ken's cheeks. Then looking me right in the eye, Rick eagerly snaked his tongue into Rick's asshole and began to rim him. I love that word, 'rim.' Mainly gay guys use it. But, believe me, I've done plenty of rimming in my life, and not just of male asses! My husband, however, though he had sucked his buddy's cock, never ate his ass, or any other guy's. So this, I knew, would be a first for him. Though by the way he was lapping away so hungrily at the teen's asshole you'd think my husband had been wolfing down male ass forever!

I leaned down and whispered in Rick's ear, "Lick that hole, baby! Eat Ken's ass! Show your wife how much you love to eat a sexy boy's sexy ass."

He showed me alright, lapping away, really digging in as Ken moaned softly, obviously enjoying all the attention back there. Then Rick pulled away and looked up at me.

"You have a taste too, honey," Rick said, as I now leaned down and dug my tongue into Ken's crack, rimming him, my eyes locking with my husband's as I lapped away. God, I just loved this! Husband and wife, together eating out the perfect ass of this beautiful teenage boy. Then Ken took over again as I reminded him that, after all, it was his birthday, and Ken was a feast meant mainly for him today. After devouring Ken's asshole, Rick dragged his tongue down and started running it over the rough skin of the teen's scrotum, now licking his balls with the same relish with which he had been licking his ass.

Finally, after having Ken on his tummy and letting my husband enjoy and arouse his rear orally like this, I nudged Ken and had him turn over on his back. He did it slowly, tantalizingly, knowing full well what he would now be exposing.

There it was, an astounding sight! We both gazed in wonder at Ken's tool, the young adonis's spectacular tool, his log, his prick, his shaft, his cock, his dick, his awesome, magnificently erect, massively thick, teen penis! Just shaping those words in my mind, silently whispering them to myself -- his awesome, magnificently erect, massively thick, teen penis! – brought a jolt to my pussy as I felt that delicious moist heat build between my legs, my cunt coming alive, engorging. And looking over at Rick I could see that he, like Ken, was vividly erect, his arousal already at a fever pitch from eyeing Ken's sleek, naked body, from having orally serviced his smooth, muscled and yet boyishly appealing ass and his full, semen-loaded balls. Now Rick gazed, absolutely mesmerized, at Ken's shockingly oversized cock, the stunning instrument he knew he would soon have planted between his hungry lips, would relish in the humid depths of his greedy male bottom, reaming out his cock-craving manhole, screwing him, screwing my own husband's ass! God! It turned me on so fucking much to see Rick greedily eyeballing this astoundingly massive, sculpturally perfect teenage cock, knowing that it was meant for him, that this phallic wonder was my birthday present to my young husband this day.

"Hold it, Rick," I said, placing my husband's hand on the hot, steely shaft, "I need to get myself a ruler and see just how big this baby is."

"You're such a size queen, Julie!" my husband said, laughing. And he was right. But I wasn't the only one. We were both size queens. Whenever we watched a porn flick and an extra-hung stud would show up on screen we'd perk up and pay attention, commenting on the size, the length, the thickness of the cock in question. So now I quickly scampered over to the kitchen, nude and barefooted, to retrieve a ruler from the tool drawer. Then raced back to the bedroom where I stood it up against Ken's shaft as Rick held it, placing one end against his balls.

"There it is, 10.5 inches," I said, taking my first measurement, then turned the ruler to measure its girth "and just a touch more than 2 inches wide."

"Now that's what I call hung, right sweetheart?" I said to my husband, setting the ruler aside and taking hold of the cock myself now.

"Damn right," Rick said, just about drooling at the sight of it.

"This is your birthday gift, babe, so now I want to see you enjoy every one of those thick ten and a half inches," I told my husband as he smiled at me, licked his lips, then lowered his face again and very slowly, almost lewdly, dragged his tongue along the underside of Ken's cock, from the balls to the tip. I held it as he licked it, then kept holding it as he wrapped his mouth around the smooth, bulbous cockhead and began sucking that luscious teenage cock of Ken's with a true, ravenous hunger. My heart skipped a beat as I savored the delicious sight of my husband's mouth stuffed with cock, with young, steel hard cock, his lips straining to engulf the stunning girth.

"Suck my dick, suck my big teenage cock!" Ken growled. I just about went dizzy hearing Ken saying this. He couldn't have said anything more arousing, and in a more arousing way, had he been rehearsed.

"That's right, suck it, Rick! Suck that thick, juicy young cock of Ken's, suck it like you mean it, you cock-loving cocksucker!" I hissed, holding it and feeding it to him as he showed off for me, showed off that he was as adept sucking this flesh-and -blood cock as he was sucking my rubber dildos. He'd sure had plenty of practice sucking on those, and it was all paying off now as he wrapped his mouth around the real thing. Now I pulled my hand away and let my husband hold that cock as he sucked it. Ken, meanwhile, just laid back with his eyes closed, arms lazily crossed behind his head, enjoying the expert blow-job he was getting courtesy of my husband. If I were to be absolutely frank with myself I'd admit that Ken was a male whore, a whore I had hired for Rick's enjoyment. How many wives would do that for their husbands? Oh bullshit! This was all my idea, after all, my selfish idea. I really craved to see my husband get done, get well done, by a male stud. Luckily Rick was game, more than game. So this young male whore, this extravagantly hung college student offering his cock in exchange for help with his tuition, was hired to please my voyeuristic lusts as much as my husband's lust for cock.

"More! Suck it down!" I ordered my husband, pushing down on the back of his head. I did this to him when I wore my strap-on, forced him to mouth and suck down as much as he could until tears ran out of his eyes and he had to gasp for breath. Now I did it again, except what he had in his mouth and down his throat was thicker and longer than any dildo I had ever fed him. But the cocksucker did not disappoint, hungry for cock as he was, straining to mouth as much as he could.

I'd made sure to leave it in arm's reach, right by the bed, a fresh tube of lubricating jelly. Now I squeezed a big dab onto my fingers and slapped the dab between his cheeks, spreading the jelly over his asshole, then working more inside with a couple of stiff, slippery fingers. God, I always love this part, getting my husband's ass ready for a nice, solid fuck. The difference was that this time that ass of his would get fucked by some real cock, thick, steel-hard, teenage cock.

"Okay, babe, time for the main course," I said, wiping off my fingers. He knew just what that meant, pulling his mouth away and assuming the position, the position he knew I loved so much. It just always drove me crazy to see my husband, his lean, lithe body stark naked, up on all fours, on elbows and knees, sticking out his ass like a slut in heat, offering that ass up like a hot bitch to a horny dog. And there was the bullseye, his greased hole, ready to get filled and plowed!

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