tagLetters & TranscriptsA Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 07

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 07


Part 7: Sharon and Joe play the dancing game.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing and group sex. If you don't approve of these behaviors then don't read on. Frankly I'm tired of receiving feedback from people that read every word and then call me a sick fuck. But if you enjoy the story, then by all means let me know.

Nov 11/13/08 10:47 PM


I glad you and Joe talked about the party. Good communication is very important in any relationship, especially marriage. I also can't help commenting on 'conservative' stereotype. I consider myself conservative, at least as far as my view on government, but socially I'm pretty open minded. For example, I'm not religious (although I am spiritual) and don't judge people based on their gender or ethnic background. I tend to be very rational about most things, and racism (or sexism) is just not rational; in fact it's stupid. I suspect that despite some differences on the role of government and some social issues that we probably agree more than not. Anyway, enough of that.

Remember I told you that he just might surprise you with his thoughts about the party. There is a subset of men out there that are excited by the idea of other men having sex wit their wife. Most can't handle the actual thing, so it just remains a fantasy, but some can and enjoy it immensely when it happens. I don't know which group Joe is in, but he definitely has the fantasy. I would suggest that you continue to talk to him about it and don't move too fast to turn the fantasy into reality. I know that with your past experiences you may think you are ready to open up your marriage a little, but you need to make sure the relationship can handle it first. With that said, have fun.

I thought that I would tell you something kind of fun that my wife and I have been doing lately. On a lark I decided to trim her pubic hair. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up shaving her completely bare. I like the look and feel -- it's so different. Maybe I'll get bored with it or get tired of keeping up with it (stubble is no fun), but for now we are having a lot more sex. I can tell you that she does not mind. I'm still trying to find the best and easiest way to shave her. So far the blade works the best, but it's messy and irritates her skin, so I've ordered a "personal shaver" on the Internet that's supposed to work much better than a blade. I'll let you know how it works out.

Best wishes,


Nov 11/14/08 6:29 PM


I had you pegged as a political conservative and I'll be honest and admit that my political thoughts are somewhat left of center. I'll just say that the center is my extreme right. Anything farther right then that causes an argument with me. Maybe we should stay away from political discussions. If you only knew of how many of Joe's conservative, Fox News, (fair and balanced) friends avoid me, you would know why. I'm the antitheses of Sarah Palin but with a brain. While they just saw the movie, I read the book and saw the play as well as the movie. Enough on that. As you can see, it doesn't take much to get me on a soap box. Well, just one more thing. Joe belongs to a lot of fraternal organizations. The two that I am the most unwelcome at are the Shriners and the Elks. I may only be 5'4" and 110 lbs but those big fat rich idiots fear me. Their social functions are like the local Republican convention. Joe always lectures me before we go about avoiding political discussion and all of the way home about why I didn't. They all want to look down my top but none want to know that those boobs have a brain. They just can't deal with that. My little body is only supposed to be good for two things. Cooking is one of them and I can't remember the other.

I think you just found out why those men only speak of the weather around me. (when they come close enough)

I want to thank you for trying to make me feel more comfortable about what I have been telling you by revealing intimate things about your wife and you. BTW (if you were fishing) I'm not shaved but not bushy either. Closely trimmed is the correct term. Joe likes some hair down there and I am much more comfortable with it. I'll be honest, shaving is just too much bother when the results are the same. I will add that if Joe wanted me shaved, I would be. Regardless, Thanks again for you effort. It was very sweet of you.

I've been off on so many paths that I nearly forgot the main context of this message. I wanted to continue telling about the conversations Joe and I had about the party. It is time I got to that. I'll start right where I left off.

We were having the conversation about men letting men feel me and him feeling other women. We both agreed that we would have been comfortable with that. Joe seemed very excited about that revelation. I was in fact wishing we would have had this conversation before we went to the party. Who know what would have happened. I only knew that we would have stayed instead of leaving.

As we talked, I did get Joe to admit that it was Diane's boobs he was most interested in. I was surprised to find out that he thought the girl named Connie was the most attractive. My guess would have been Diane. Connie was built similar to me and blond. Joe isn't normally attracted to blonds. She was probably the youngest one there. I thought all of the guys there were fairly equally attractive. When I was pinned down to name one I was most attracted to I picked Ron mostly on personality.

At that point of the conversation, Joe was getting a little too excited and I wasn't about to be left out. We made love. He was a little too quick on the draw but I expected that and it was still good. We talked a little afterward. He wanted to talk more then I did. I was tired. Sleep was next.

Sunday we spent at home together only because it was raining and he couldn't golf. Between football games, the subject of the party came up again. Joe told me that Ron always thought I was very attractive. His theory was that we were invited to the party so Ron could get a shot at me. Of course, that brought several question from me. What did he know that I didn't? Ron's wife has a nice body and big boobs. What would he want with me? I found out that Ron likes how "tiny" I am. Diane is probably thirty pounds heavier then me and six inches taller. Compared to her, I am tiny. I also found out that Ron had a thing for me.

Here I have to stop and ask you something because I'm not sure I understand. Would two men actually talk about wanting to have sex with the other man's wife? Women would never do that. From what Joe was telling me, Ron had indicated to him on more then one occasion that he would like to have sex with me. Are you guys really comfortable talking about things like that? I still don't know whether to believe Joe on that or not. I think he was just saying that but he insists Ron has told him that and on more then one occasion. I did remember a remark Diane made when I hesitated about the "dancing in the dark". She did say "Ron will be disappointed." I didn't think much of it then but if what Joe said is true, I understand why she said it.

We also went thru a little charade where Joe would feel a different part of my body and ask "Would you have allowed that?" He hands went everywhere on me and each time he asked the same question.

Each time I gave the same answer "Of course."

Then we went through a series of would you have allowed this guy to do this? And went through each guy at the party. My answer remained the same. Hey, for the first time in a long time, I was getting more attention then the football game. He could have named Dracula and I would have given the same answer. Off to bed we went. (Pretty good too)

That evening, during the days THIRD football game, the question came up "What if the dancing got more involved then just touching?"

I was assuming that he was referring to him and Diane since I felt she would have been willing and ready to do about anything. I told him I wouldn't mind as long as he wouldn't mind me having fun too. He wasn't referring to himself. He wanted to know how far I would have been willing to go. I gave the safe answer and threw it back at him with "and how far would you have liked it to go?"

Of course he picked his friend Ron and said "If Ron would have kissed you like this?" (a deep tongue darting kiss)

I said I might have liked that. From there were went through the touching process again with him undressing me along the way. I told him I would have been OK with everything he did as long as he was OK with it. (Meaning Joe) My answers excited him to the point where the twenty questions game we were playing went back to the bedroom.

In bed he asked if I would have been willing to give Ron a blow job. I showed him how I would have done it. Then we started making love again (rare) but only after he asked the question "Would Ron have been allowed to do this?" as he entered me.

My answer was "yes." The sex that time was incredible.

We have talked on and off about it all week and I'm not complaining because it always ends in the bedroom. We have had more quality sex this week then we have had since I can remember. Boy am I glad we went to that party.

Joe has spoken with Ron a couple of times this week and I'm wondering is something is in the works. He hasn't said anything.


Nov 11/14/08 8:06 PM


As I said in my previous email, it's good that you and Joe are talking about the party. It sounds like you are both enjoying all the saucy talk, and that's good too. I'd just like to caution you to not take things too fast. It takes time to process such powerful feelings as you both have recently uncovered in each other. You may think that neither of you would be jealous in a real partner swapping situation, but it may be more difficult to predict than you think.

It's possible that Joe has had this fantasy for a long time, so there may be some pent up desire there. This whole wife sharing thing may be a bit confusing to you, and indeed it is sometimes for us men that have that particular fantasy, but it's probably more common than most believe. Sometimes men want their wife to act completely different from their normal persona; to lose control and go wild. Time will tell how powerful this fantasy is for Joe.

Your friend,


Nov 11/16/08 10:00 PM

Hi Paul

No time right now but I have a lot to tell you. Last night Joe and I went out to dinner with Ron and Diane. I'm not teaching tomorrow so I'll tell you all about it. There was a lot of confusion and mixed emotions on my part. I'm dying to tell you now but only have a minute. save some time in your schedule for a long e-mail.


Nov 11/16/08 10:35 PM


I have some concerns about you and Joe doing anything with Ron and Diane so soon after the party, but it's your life. Hopefully you are both OK about what happened. I'm looking forward to your next email.



Nov 11/19/08 2:33 AM

Hi Paul

Sorry I couldn't get this to you earlier but I had a rough day on Monday and worked Tuesday. The husband of an old friend of mine lost his job because his plant closed. It is a sad situation that is exaggerated by this time of year. His company opened a new plant in Mexico to "keep up with demand." When demand slowed, the local plant was closed. She just needed to talk so I spent most of the day Monday with her.

Enough on that. I have more stimulating topics to discuss.

To begin with this past week has been more like a honeymoon. The sex has been frequent and fantastic. I am now glad I wanted to go home and not stay for the "dancing in the dark." The anticipation of what could have happened has actually been more exciting.

Joe and I have talked all week, both in and out of bed, with the talk outside of the bedroom leading us back into it. What is curious to me is that he is definitely more turned on by what other men might have done with me then what he could have done with the other women.

I would think it would be the opposite but that does not appear to be the case. He is clearly more interested in another man's hands on my breasts then putting his hands on another woman's breasts. Sometimes (rarely) the male mind is difficult to understand. Either way, I'm not complaining. As long as he is turned on, I'm reaping all of the rewards.

Our conversations began to include talks of not only what could have happened but what would happen if a similar situation came up again. I was reminded that Ron and Diane have get togethers with the same group several times a year. I informed him that now that I knew what to expect, I could enjoy the party even more. That was the answer he was hoping to hear.

Remember, Ron and Diane are not close friends. Joe and Ron are but I barely know them. The other 4 couples that were there, I didn't know at all until that night. It isn't like it is a group of friends getting together to socialize. If this were a group of close friends, I don't think I would be at all interested in any kinds of sexual games.

I got curious about that group. It seemed pretty clear at the party that "dancing in the dark" was a game that had been played before and I doubted that it was the only sexual game. All of the other couples seemed familiar with everything and each other. Joe and I were the new kids on the block. It was also clear that at least two of the couples had shared each other's wives before and seemed unconcerned. My question had to be "Was this a swapping group?"

If it was then I wasn't sure I wanted to get involved. Joe said that he wasn't really sure. All he knew was that Ron had told him past parties had gotten pretty wild. That was the warning we received before attending the last party. The question there was the definition of the word wild. Joe said he would try to find out because he was just as curious about it as I was.

The very next day following that conversation, Joe called me to say he was going out to have a beer with Ron. That was nothing unusual and I really didn't put them having a beer and our conversation together. When Joe came home, he asked if I had plans for Saturday night. Ron had invited us to have dinner with him and Diane. I was OK with that.

Joe had asked Ron about what had happened at the party after we left. Without giving Joe too many details, he said that "things got pretty naked in the dark."

He also confirmed that he had sex with Sally. Ron also said that they were not swappers but some swapping had occurred in the past. It wasn't often but had happened. Trading your partner off was not a requirement but completely acceptable if that was what you wanted to do.

There was never any group sex or anything like that. Joe explained that they just had fun and sometimes people got carried away. He hinted that it was usually Diane that got carried away. Apparently, Ron was comfortable with that. Diane didn't seem to me to be that way but then again, the Diane I saw at the party was a lot different from the one I knew from dinner dances.

Joe came home with no definitive answer to the question about them being a swapping group. My understanding is that it isn't always the same couples at these parties and different people participate in the activities at different levels with some choosing not to participate at all.

He did find out that the "no holds barred" designation for any activity meant it was to involve sex. Everyone at that last party knew that (except us) which is why some of the couples left.

The questions that night were all around whether I would have been willing to have sex with the men there. I wouldn't give a definite answer and deferred to the fact that it depended on the situation and my mood. I did leave him with the impression that I would seriously consider it but only if that was what he wanted. That was my answer to him. To you I can say unequivocally "yes I would."

That brought the question from me about why we were suddenly going to dinner with Ron and Diane. Was more planned then just a dinner?

Joe got a little sheepish about that question and I knew right away that more was planned. I got right to the point and asked "Do you want me to have sex with Ron?"

That question made him very uncomfortable. He said he wasn't expecting that which brought the question "Then what do you expect?"

He said he wouldn't object to some "fooling around" but it didn't have to get to the point of actually having sex.

We had finally gotten out of the fantasy and had just arrived at the hard reality of the situation. I wasn't angry but I was very confused. We had a lot of fun all week but that was complete fantasy. I honestly never thought Joe would actually want it to become reality and so soon after the fantasy started.

I suddenly realized that all of the teasing I had done all week had encouraged him to want to move things along. I had been suggesting all week that I might allow a lot to happen in a real situation. I will admit that I had said a lot of things without thinking it would ever happen. I honestly felt that perhaps at some future party months from now, the situation may come up again but that was too far away to worry about. This dinner was just too sudden and now I had to make serious decisions.

I needed to determine just how far I would go and what Joe was wanting or expecting. From what I had told him all week, he was probably expecting a lot. I was also very concerned about how this would affect our relationship in the long term. I wondered if he really wanted this or if he was just so caught up in the fantasy that he thought he wanted it and really didn't. Would fooling around with another couple bring us closer or prove devastating to our marriage? Joe and I had a lot of serious talking to do.

In many ways, you know more about me then Joe does. You know about the horny girl that hides inside of me. He doesn't because I never thought he wanted that girl. To him, I have always been the cute little school teacher he could proudly take home to mother. I promoted and have maintained that image with him. I honestly feel that a large part of this fantasy turning him on so much is the fact that it is so out of character for me. No, I know it is.

You know a different me that is the real me. The real me would have no problem with having sex with Ron. I know I would enjoy it. The innocent little me that I created for Joe years ago should have a problem with it. I think you can see my dilemma.

Joe and I did some serious talking over the course of an entire evening. It was all we talked about. I did get him to admit that he had a certain sexual curiosity for Diane. I couldn't blame him. She has big boobs and built like a centerfold model. I'd have to question his manhood if he wasn't interested in her.

I'm not a jealous person. I really wanted to determine if it was his desire for Diane or his desire to see me active with Ron that was driving him. To my surprise, it seemed to be his desire to see me with Ron that motivated him. I got the impression that anything between him and Diane would be a bonus but not the main attraction.

You may be right about men wanting to see their wives lose control and go wild. He wanted to see the school teacher acting unlike a school teacher. That was what he really wanted.

We talked about jealousy and that didn't appear to be a concern by either of us. We agreed that we both felt secure enough in our relationship to not let that bother us.

After a long conversation, we both agreed that some "fooling around" and possibly even sex was OK with both of us if the situation was right and we felt comfortable at the time. The Saturday night dinner was back on.

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