tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Beach and...

A Day at the Beach and...


A Day at the Beach... Nude that is...

When it comes to going to the beach, we have become very spoiled with having clothing optional/nude beach within driving distance. It has become the only way to do the beach, naked, naked, naked!

Carolyn came to visit and of course, where is our first stop the morning after her arrival, the beach. She has once again chosen to visit without even the thought of a bikini of any kind. I dare her to wear just one of my t-shirts to the beach, nothing else. She gladly accepts and is more than ready to walk out the door. It covers her ass, just barely, by about 3-4 inches. She walks right out the door without a thought, the morning air running up to her bare pussy. She says as long as it covers her ass, she's fine. I ask about showing her pussy, she says it's no big deal if it shows.

We get all of our beach stuff out to the beach and set up as quickly as we can. We put our chairs close so we can feel each other as we have most of the beach to ourselves. She's out of her shirt and ready for our day at our favorite beach. It doesn't take long for Carolyn to reach out for my firm dick. The grasp of her hand makes me harder and the thought of having her hand on my dick out in public is an exhilarating feeling. As she has told me in the past, having a dick in her hand is a natural feeling to her, wanting one in her hand anytime possible.

It's my turn now, reaching my hand over to her thigh and down between her well spread legs to her juicy pussy. It's amazing. We haven't been out on the beach 10 minutes and she is sopping wet inside. She says she been getting juicier ever since we left. I begin with one finger, then two, then three. She is so wet and her legs so spread that 3 fingers are easy. She then tells me how better to please her. I have one finger in search of her clit, to directly play with it and make it come out to play. She says to take it between my index finger and my thumb, to rub it between my fingers for more enjoyment. Since we have the beach all to ourselves, we can do this as long and as much as we want. We have been sitting side by side this whole time and no one to interrupt us.

I haven't been able to make her come sitting side by side so I tell her it's time to turn our chairs, something I had seen a couple do years before, where we would sit facing each other, with closer reach to each other. The couple I saw freely had each other in their hands and I even swore I saw the woman give the man a blow job right there on the beach.

Once we were facing each other, I had a much better ability to be putting two fingers inside of her dripping wet pussy while using my finger and thumb to rub her clit vigorously. I don't recall a time when my fingers spent more time in Carolyn's juicy lips. The whole time my fingers and thumb were in her, her hands were in solid grasp of my dick. We were at the beach almost 5 hours and I bet my fingers and thumb were in her pussy at least 2 of those hours and her hand was on my dick even longer.

We haven't perfected it yet. No one came at the beach so we are still a work in progress. Being naked at the beach is the only way to go. Having her hands on my dick and my hands in her pussy make a day a the beach an even better day. If you haven't been to a clothing optional/nude beach, you're missing a whole different experience. The only way to take in the sun, the wind and the ocean is to be naked and feel it all on you!

After such a stimulating day, we headed back to the hotel. Of course, Carolyn was still bare assed, just wearing that t-shirt of mine. When we got back to the hotel, I was very horny so I tried something I haven't done before. I stood behind her and I reached up and grabbed her bare ass. She was a little caught off guard but adapted quickly. She stepped back and even pressed to move my hand between her legs, spreading them open and letting me slide my finger into her dripping pussy, to show she was more than ready for us to fuck once we made it off this elevator.

As we left the elevator, she had that you better fuck me and fuck me hard look on her face. As we got closer to the door to the room, off came her shirt as we were halfway down the hall and she just left it on the floor, not caring if anybody saw her completely naked in the hotel hallway. My dick, by this time was about to burst through the little shorts I wore to the beach. Once through the door, I joined her and shed my shorts so I could thrust my rock hard cock into her willing juicy pussy...

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